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Book Review: Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know by Jon Leland

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Bookshelves are full and running over with marketing books that promise to deliver instant or overnight success with “one trick” that will push you over the top and make you a millionaire. Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concpets Every Business MUST Know is NOT one of those books. Instead, the author Jon Leland lays out a systematic approach to marketing that both encompasses a strategic vision for authenticity married with practical, functional tactics.

The eight key concepts build upon each other and are part of a big-picture marketing strategy that works every time for one simple reason: it’s built around authenticity, not simplistic approaches to quick selling or bait-n-switch techniques. The author argues passionately for an engaging marketing campaign that carefully targets a specific market and creates engagement.

According to Leland, relevance is another key to the kingdom. No matter how authentic you are, if you don’t engage your audience in both a relevant manner and with relevant solutions, you’ll quickly lose them. And he provides many examples of how to stay engaged.

Beyond the high-level discussions of being authentic and relevant, Leland also introduces you to his vision for where marketing is going through PPC and social media. His extensive experience in these arenas shines through with his pragmatic approach.

Finally, Leland drives home the importance of value. What are you doing for your customers that makes them feel you are far more than your dollar worth to them? This is where the value rubber meets the business road, and he delivers a number of practical applications for transitioning your business to that of value-based decision-making.

Internet Marketing is a short read at about 85 pages, but you’ll find that every page is packed with powerful information. It’s a distilled version that could be hundreds of pages if Leland wanted to fill the book with fluff. Instead, he provides a very refined and focused piece that is brimming with uniquely centered and balanced approaches to both big picture strategy and down-to-earth tactics for Internet marketing.

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  • Exactly! Clients are the most important piece of the puzzle to success. 🙂

  • Peter Zmijewski

    The 8 keys concept are more useful and important for the users.Tur goal is become a leader in outsourcing design and marketing services, but the only way we stay ahead is by completely satisfying our clients needs.