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Book Review Inspired Design (First Edition) by Roxanne Hughes Packham and Hannah Packham

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“As women, nurturing our families is the most important job we have. That is why most women I know are always trying to make their home more welcoming.” The mother-daughter team in Inspired Design shows off Roxanne’s own compilation of much-admired designs and family traditions with observations by Hannah.

The beginning of the book displays old family photographs, which include Roxanne’s father and grandfather, renowned silversmiths Allan Alder and Porter Blanchard.

The remainder demonstrates beautiful home settings, including narrative. For example, the authors say: “Think of the five senses as five ways to envelope them in warmth.” Then they give examples of how to incorporate all the senses into the home.

I specifically liked the chapter titled “Uniquely You.” The Packhams say: “Just as you were masterfully created like no other, your home should be unique! Not only should your family history be represented in some way, but your true loves – people, places and things – should be reflective and unrepeatable.” I totally agree with them and appreciate the encouragement from them to create my own unique surroundings.

Inspired Design  is a beautiful book, laden with inspiring photographs to help create your own environment that is comfortable and place that you want to spend time in. The Packham’s mission is to change lives one heart at a time with the proceeds of the sale of this book going to Heart of Hope and other charities.

Beautifully designed, beautifully constructed, Inspired Design is a welcome addition of inspiration to any person wanting to make their home more welcome, not only to guests but to themselves.

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