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Book Review: Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence by Richard M. Moss

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Too many of us go through life on autopilot. We seem to be too busy and preoccupied to really focus on what is most important and available to us right this very second. Instead, we focus on the past and the future and continuously tell ourselves stories about different aspects of ourselves, our situation, and others.

Dr. Moss’s book is a goldmine of information and wisdom on how to break this vicious cycle of unconsciousness. The book is inspiring, and it presents many powerful principles and tools to transform our self-limiting thought patterns and behaviors. Dr. Moss shows us the importance of staying anchored in the present. The present moment is all we have, after all. And if, according to Dr. Moss, we fail to live in the present, we are not living consciously at all.

Inside-Out Healing will show us how to shift our consciousness from the past and future to the present. It will show us how to become aware of ourselves in this moment, and how to fully interact with this moment. Most of us suffer because we live in realms that don’t allow us to experience life to the fullest. We live in a shadow, and we wear masks that not only stifle who we truly are to others, but what’s especially important is that we lose a sense of who we truly are.

There are many books on how to live in the Now out in the market. However, no book to date has showed the reader how to actually live in the now. Dr. Moss outlines the precise steps we have to take to free ourselves from the chains of living in the past and future and how we can fully live in the present. Each reader can take the plunge. All the reader needs is honesty and a lot of courage.

I recommend this book to anyone who feels trapped in a cycle of activity, is exhausted and unhappy. After reading the book, their life will be completely transformed.

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