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Book Review: Incubus Moon by Andrew Cheney-Feid

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In Incubus Moon by Andrew Cheney-Feid, we meet Austin Iverson who is thirty-years-old and in the prime of his life. Living a hedonistic life that involves erotic pleasure with both men and women, he never lacks finding a willing partner. His world is rocked shortly after the death of his beloved mother when he discovers that he was adopted. An inner voice encourages him to seek out his birth parents. He finds little time to do so because his sexual needs constantly need to be sated. He soon discovers that not only is he an incubus, but he is one of the few remaining ones that hasn’t been wiped out of existence. Feeling the presence of darkness within him, Austin feels very threatened.

Not only does this put him in danger, but also those around him whom he cares deeply about. After he meets an enigmatic man named Dimitri, he starts finding out the truth about his existence and his heritage. Dimitri has reasons for wanting to destroy Austin, however, he finds himself unable to do so. As the two become more connected, their relationship remains tenuous because neither can be sure if they can truly trust the other. Austin’s powers as an incubus are becoming more powerful. He has very little time to learn how to use his gifts so that he can protect himself from powers that are greater than his.

Austin’s tale is incredible. In spite of his demonic heritage, his ability to care for others helps him hold on to his humanity. As he is trying to learn about who he is, he is also awakened to the fact that there are otherworldly creatures out there with a great deal of power. They also have a desire to harness his abilities. Not being quite sure whom he can trust and then suffering from horrible betrayal plays a role in changing how he views others in this world. In the end, one man has the ability to help him hold on to what is left of his humanity. Austin travels through portals between different dimensions as he fights for his life and battles to save his powers. These dimensions open his eyes to the enormity of the battle that is being waged over him.

Incubus Moon held me completely spellbound while I read it. I loved that the author kept the story fast paced and constantly changing. I never had time to figure out what was going to happen next, because the scenes kept moving. Incorporating incubi and vampire legend into the plot also made for more interesting reading. The incubus aspects of the main character involve a great deal of intensely erotic scenes that make this story for adults only. I highly recommend Incubus Moon for readers who think that they can handle it!

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