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Book Review: Incubus by Carol Goodman

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I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but this one is just so well done that I had to mention it. I was intrigued straight away by the imagery, the one word title and the teaser line, “This is where all stories start, on the edge of a dark wood…”

The book is equally as intriguing as its cover, if not more so. Incubus is a fantasy/urban fantasy type novel set in New York State. The main character, Dr. Callie McFay, has an interview at the college of Fairwick in their Folklore Department. Despite the fact she’s really looking for a job in the city of New York, she goes along and is quickly drawn in by the town and its inhabitants. Callie becomes fascinated by an old house in the woods which belonged to one of her favourite Gothic novelists. Before she knows it, Callie has accepted the job, bought the old house and is starting a new life.

However, despite her new house and the beautiful setting, everything is far from idyllic. Callie starts to have erotic dreams about a man who appears to be made out of shadows and moonlight. The dreams are so vivid that they feel real, right down to her physical state the following morning. Naturally, she says nothing, fearing everyone would think she was crazy. But the more she gets to know her colleagues and neighbours, the more Callie realizes there’s much more to Fairwick than meets the eye.

This is a fabulous book. It’s intriguing, well-written and a real page turner. I’m so pleased that it’s part of a series, because I definitely want to read more! Even better, there were some excellent twists and turns that I didn’t see coming… always a bonus. So if you’re looking for a paranormal thriller with some erotic elements (and it’s fairly erotic in places, though far from graphic) then you should definitely check out Incubus. 

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