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Book Review: In the Land of the Unknown

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In the Land of the Unknown, by Tarek Al-Duaij, is a selection of eight short stories which create a parable for modern times. Each work is unique in its own right.

“Nomadic Rhymes” focuses on a man who is so busy that he neglects his own family. When questioned as to why he thinks this is working out, his only response is that there is nothing he can do about it.

“Beyond the Land of the Unknown” shows readers that sometimes one has to go through trials in order to learn lessons which will be useful down the road.

While using a basic premise of one taking responsibility for one’s own choices, Al-Duaij engages the attention of readers with interesting characters and individual plotlines.

Okay, okay.

This is unlike other books which I have read.

Each “story” in this collection contains one to three characters with nothing but pure dialogue, plus some descriptive words to indicate story flow.

Actually, the descriptive wording indicates stage direction. If these were going to be performed, the director as well as the actors would be able to create an experience onstage which would draw audience members in.

However, if these are meant to be short stories, I would have liked them better with some additional character depth.

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