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Book Review: In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost by Laura Smith

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Words cannot describe how wonderful Laura Smith’s In All Things: Giving Thanks When Hope Seems Lost is to read. It is a book that requires the reader to read with a box of Kleenex. Yet, a cleansing and purifying feeling will come to the reader after reading such a book.

Laura Smith has seen hardship from so many different angles. And this memoir-type book encapsulates her journey, from the gut-wrenching beginning to the emancipatory ending. She shows the reader that most bad experiences have tremendous opportunities for growth. We just have to have faith and believe that God has much better plans for us, and sometimes He sends things so that we can learn some important life lessons.

In All Things is specifically geared towards anyone who has suffered any kind of loss, especially the loss of a baby through miscarriage or abortion. Laura Smith shows the reader how to find peace and healing after a loss through the grace of God. Laura Smith’s story is anything but happy. Her first marriage was to an abusive husband when she was very young. She had to leave him with two young kids because she was no longer willing to put them through any more abuse. Despite these early negative experiences, Laura soared and excelled by the Grace of God. What a true testament to faith and healing!

I absolutely loved this moving and inspiring book. I couldn’t stop reading it. There were moments when I cried with the author. Other times, I was so happy and peaceful because of all Laura Smith has accomplished against all odds. The book is a wonderful testament to perseverance and hope by believing that God will right all of our wrongs and cleanse our hearts from all our difficulties. All we have to do is to ask, be patient, and have faith.

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