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Book Review: If I Did It – Confessions Of The Killer

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After reading the "confessional" story behind the infamous Simpson murder case, you might find yourself both perplexed and most definitely disturbed by its tale. The events surrounding the brutal murder case have become legend, and now Simpson has released a book, detailing his side of the story and what happened. Sort of.

If I Did It is the book that almost didn't happen, as this project has been milling around for quite a while. The furor that erupted, when the word of its release hit the industry, led to even more drama behind the scenes. Harper Collins had it at first, but then the Goldman family went to court and fought its release. O.J. eventually denied even writing it, calling it fiction and the work of a ghost writer.

Before the book could be released, it was pulled. So was the televised interview between Simpson and Regan. People backed away from it and it looked like the book would never be. The story of how it finally came to life is detailed in the foreword, written by The Goldmans. Their words and insights of Pablo Fenjves, who retells the writing of the book, and Dommick Dunne, ultimately gives us three stories in one book, all focusing on the same notorious incident. In the end, The Goldman family estate won the rights to the book, and have now re-released it, with proceeds going to the Ron Goldman Foundation For Justice.

If I Did It will raise the hairs on your neck, as the words of O.J. show how intense his relationship with his wife was. You hear his feelings toward her, often sounding bitter, cold and unforgiving. Once he gets into the chapter that details the murder and his depiction of the actual crime, his murky memory and outer body explanation is mild and light on emotion. His suicidal breakdown in his Bronco is only stalled by his anger, as he returns to face the authorities more in defiance than atonement. He returned to tell them what really happened and get the story right, not to grieve or pursue his ex-wife's murderer.

I read it until it started to bother me, and had to put it down for a few days. I returned to finish it quickly, like a class assignment gone wrong, eager to get past the one-sided admissions of Mr. Simpson. Whether or not he actually 'wrote' the book and his true connections to it, are all new sub plots to the continuing drama of the Simpson murder case.

Youtube clip
Confessions of a Killer – O. J. Simpson Reveals

Newsweek article – A Friendly Ghost:When a naughty celebrity wants to write a memoir, he calls Pablo Fenjves.

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  • Dino




    “NOTWITHSTANDING, the fact that twelve members of his peers returned a verdict of not guilty, contrary of course to the one alluded to – having been so well convoluted, notwithstanding; was not acceptable.”

    “THUS,” being the official rally of the mp’s – (media pimps); and their entourage of clones and drones: apocalypse bloodhounds, if you will. IN their malign judgment, they have chosen subversive attitudes: Drenched with incessant and insidious defamation of honorary jurors. The assigned extension of the court: His/Her honor. A young man of old reportedly said: “Nothing is as it appears to be,” with respect to the twelve standing jurors: In essence there are thirteen judges; the statute equation of thirteen is one (1) plus three (3) which equals to (4). What, if anything does that have to do with law…? The same thing that the law of gravity has to with keeping man’s feet on the ground. A JUST BALANCE.

    CONCEIVABLY, OJ could have landed on either side of the pendulum, and the jurors would’ve, again, been just in their decision. Translated: Life-imprisonment or lethal injection. Make no mistake about it, the State will, and has murdered the innocent; “for little or nothing.” And did so in accordance to the will of the people. Jesus, that young man of old is evidence of that. Had Christ, the benefit of twelve jurors instead of the blood thirst of the masses, I’m sure life would be different.

    INDIVIDUALS or groups engaging in or promulgating, even rudimentary persecution, slanted at OJ: YOU; or myself, is a perpetration of non other than a very sick campaign of psychological warfare – terrorism; home grown – an attack against the free peace of mind and dignity in the social order of the State. The undermining, and immoral deprivation of his children’s innocence: A bell that cannot be un-rung. This threatens the natural growth in the psychological development of child welfare, everywhere.

    “THE children indeed, aren’t deft or blind.”

    THIS precipitated cloud of vengeance; orchestrated – presumptuously and irresponsibly by self ordained persecutors, mp’s and the entourage of hounds, by sheer design in malign perforation as to facilitate total disruption of OJ Simpson’s life and family’s unity. Totally, has nothing to do with a proclamation of justice.

    JUSTICE is what one would expect to find in Christ’s DNA: 1. The attribute of being righteous; uncompromising principles of moral character 2. Without prejudice or bias; fairness 3. Fundamental excellence accorded humanity 4. Coherent reasoning; rightness; validity 5. Honorarium or penalty as deserved…

    NONE of which has ever been applied in the indictment of the (man); somebody’s father or the legend (OJ Simpson) who stood ACCUSED. All that mattered was the fact that, the hounds literally saw a preponderance of raw meat – certainly a furlong of prime amenities: The Chalice of a champion; the race was on.

    THE immediate dissemination of dress rehearsals – optimizing solicitous camaraderie to consummate the people’s unanimous approval of what would ultimately mutate into arbitrary decisions that would determine OJ’s fate: Deserving of punishment [FORTHWITH], penalty; or either an equivalent – (hound him), for just simply; having been, accused. [“Indeed a miscarriage of justice.”]

    WHATEVER of OJ’s deserving, the reality of it all is that, and by reasons of: The overall urgency and willingness to punish a champion; extradited by counterfeit journalists, bearing an imitation of truth and reality – the people (“all the people”) never got to know OJ Simpson. Whose deserving in consequence was misdirected in the immoral and collateral damage of his children. Whose innocence was never a part of the equation.

    JUSTICE however, took the fall notwithstanding. As need be. As in rule by the ruled: Democracy at its best; WE – ALL – THE PEOPLE. Layer upon layer, social strata, if you will.

    WHEREFORE, bringing to bear a more righteous DNA (JURISPRUDENCE). Referenced in the Light of Christ, with His choice of twelve disciples in representation of the laws, which He embodied. In that, they would serve to balance all that may come before man and woman. And like it or not we are still here: Direct descendants of Christ’s generation and Heritage – as quiet as it’s kept.

    THE inherent virtue of His wisdom and integrity, enshrined in the dignity of true champions, predicates the tenacity of hope and goodwill. It is not a coincident that the balance that permeated the original twelve continue to flow through the descendant, the appointed heir (the twelve elect) jurors. It is by this virtue of collective wisdom that we inherit a paradigm of immense power inherently balanced on pillars of honor, [JURORS].

    NEVER serving as a juror, I wouldn’t presume to speak for them. Conversely, I would be remiss if I turned a blind eye to the continued abuse and scorn directed at them. Christ was the first to recognize this paradigm of justice, if I may: Balancing every facet of endeavor, and it worked for Him. He put His complete Trust in it, and with the ultimate gesture in support of it, His Life.

    HATING or disliking OJ Simpson is a prerogative. But, it is a personal choice. And if such is the sentiment of the twelve elect; they are still compelled to judge by the Light in Christ [TRUTH]: By the inherent virtue in the sanctity of their own intelligence: In that, “at the end of the day there will be no Abraham.”

    [“NOT ONE” of the media pimps nor the entourage would be willing to place his or her offspring upon the alter in a gesture of a sacrifice to be made in an affirmation, along with the gesture of a raised staff – with a personal conviction, based on absolute truth that OJ Simpson is guilty as accused. Unwillingness, however, is based on fact: Belief is a contingency, supported by it’s interdependency upon faith. “As beliefs are, and most often, erroneous.” And faith of course shares the burden].

    “AND to think” that I had so much faith in…? “Cliché.”

    WHEREFORE, Abraham was asked the question: [“Did he know.”] His faith or beliefs wasn’t in question. “What in fact did he know in truth.?” “If anything.”

    Allegorically, one needn’t speculate…all provinces being equal.

    TRUTH is absolute. This is what the twelve elect must bring to bear at the seat of judgment.

    OBVIOUSLY, I do not share the mp’s contempt for OJ. Though I have never met him. Which is not a prerequisite or contingency of “fair treatment.” I have, however, been blessed indeed; privileged to have walked with the greatest of champions. Whose legacies have withstood the test of time with honor and dignity – as expected.

    ONE that comes to mind is Mohammed Ali. Yes, a slough of apocalypse bloodhounds chased Ali, as well. And did so, relentlessly, for several years and without dignity. The predecessors were just as ruthless and predacious as the offspring: The apocalypse hounds of today.

    ALI was slapped, literally, struck hard in the face just for being a champion. Not a crime of course, but, that he had the audacity. [ ‘Reminiscent of times of old’ ].

    TAKEN back to an earlier time. I had an occasion of an epiphany moment, if you will. While visiting the Nation’s Capital, I was privileged to have witnessed the innermost light of a true champion, Mohammed Ali’s; in all the grace which may have been bestowed upon him. As he was visiting, as well. And in his usual capacity of sharing, he was surrounded by a sea of kids in playground and park area. I was literally, swept within close proximity of Ali, at the moment that he knelt before a young girl – she looked to be at the age of seven of eight. He embraced her, arm-to-arm. Though, having, been stripped of the Heavyweight Title; and awaited a Supreme Court’s decision; He harbored no malice. What Ali then said to the young child, was indeed sacred, for lack of a better synopsis. And sacred, having only one true synonym, I will leave it so…

    AS the reflection of her innocence, stilled his eyes, this beautiful little girl gave Ali her best hug, and made him her life’s promise.

    HAVING witnessed, I will never forget. How could one forget that we the people loved him – a true champion? “They are our champions – the people’s trophies.” As we are “indelibly” theirs – if I may.

    POINT being, champions doesn’t stop being champions just because something bad happens to them or for them. When it happens for them, it’s a nudging which causes them to grow; in that they, too, may serve in example. And for reasons of: “How soon they forget.” When bad things happen to them – they have arrived.

    MOVING forward, I’m formally introduced to Ali. He was between engagements with Joe Frazier. It was during this introduction that I got to spar with Mohammed. Needn’t say, that it is as unforgettable as it was a privilege, indeed…it’s the little things that true champions do that ascribes to larger than life.

    ON my last occasion to meet with Ali was a chance meeting in Manhattan’s, Times Square, New York City. My city. It was around midnight. I was out and about on Broadway. Having acquired some proficiency in night photography. I traversed my usual routes with anticipation of a worthy shoot; the rain notwithstanding.

    JUST moments onto Broadway, something at a glance caught my eye, moving just inside a storefront. It was Ali, to my surprise. The proprietor had reopened to give Mohammed and his lovely wife a private moment to do a bit shopping.

    AS I peered through the window, I tapped lightly. At the sound, Ali turned and saw me. And he came out immediately. With that big (family smile) that he has – with his hand extended, to shake mine. I withdrew, and rather awkwardly. Because of the drizzling rain I had brushed my hair repeatedly with my hands – yes, very soiled. As I attempted to explain; Ali solemnly, took hold of my hand, and he says: “Not a problem.” We shook hands as if we were old friends.

    POINT being, true champions doesn’t chose the moment in which to be such, nor in which not to be. Because they’re just always are in all of their living. Obnoxious, assimilations would be out of character.

    IF it is put to question as to whether or not OJ Simpson had the audacity – no doubt. Is he recognized as a champion? Indeed. By the people’s own inaugural celebration. His induction into the Hall of Fame: A formal declaration, to the effect of – (“He-is-man”) or rather the (Heisman Trophy).

    “THE ABSURDITY” to even suggest that “treasured trophies” are to be tossed aside or just simply thrown out because a particular stratum, ad hoc; ‘doesn’t approve of them’ – “is infectiously, ludicrous.”

    QUESTION now is – will OJ ever stop being that man – “Impossible.” He would be out of character.

    ‘CONFIDANTS‘…perhaps, there’s a lesson to be learned from Rome’s, Julius Caesar. The epic gives a whole new meaning to back stabbing. “Who would have thought?”…“That his own.”…

    HOWSOEVER contingent, the moment, justice will prevail. Just as surely as it would be naive to think that champions aren’t coveted. In the proverbial arena of constants; in postulating wealth and fame, champions indeed are larger than life. No trophy is too small to be envied. Envy can manifest as some of the worst discontentment and ill will toward even the most humble civilians…a Child’s Epiphany – “The best mom and dad.”…

    BUT what do I know? Just another connoisseur (art/beauty) and concierge (keeper/custodian) of peace.


    THOUGH wars are bequeathed to generals, the incumbency of a nation’s heritage in loyalty and equal justice must suffice; justify its sacrifice of its champions – that must do battle…both chosen champions and the ardently delegated…in a cause, so predicated, of equality, disseminating the people’s nobility, both domestic and foreign in their provisions of peace.


  • eddie cantrell

    Fry the idiot…Why put up with the dudes lies any longer..He needs to go to prison and be a cell mate of BUBBA THE HORNEY and give o.j. a reason to wine…Who knows, he probebly will like Bubba and they could be a perfect match..Who needs E-Harmoney.com…BYE BYE O.J. Enjoy your pitiful life and give Bubba a big kiss from the Goldman family….

  • imm have to read this one