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Book Review: Ice Cream & Sadness: More Comics from Cyanide & Happiness by Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave

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They’re back! Those wonderfully warped folks who brought you Cyanide & Happiness — Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave — have just completed Ice Cream & Sadness. The comics that previously were edgy have now evolved to razor sharpness. The new collection includes 150 strips, thirty of which have only been seen in the minds of Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave, and will be in stores October 5.

Ice Cream & Sadness is filled with comic strips that drive that train called political incorrectness, and has a special “Interactivities” section for “kids and slow adults.” You know it’s going to be good because it’s introduced with “Bust a thinking cap in your ass, because it’s time for some interactivities.”  This is an educational feature — it’s designed to prove how ignorant you really are. There are word search, dot-to-dot, crossword, and other puzzles guaranteed to keep you busy for at least fifteen seconds (no, not each — all together).

The humor in most of Ice Cream & Sadness’s comic strips is found in irony; the creators set up a situation, then end it in some unexpected (and quite often sick) way. Considering the language of this review — warped, sick, politically incorrect, ignorant — you might consider it to be negative, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Ice Cream & Sadness is warped, sick, politically incorrect, and ignorant in a good way.

With characters like “Doctor Baby,” “Nutrition Man” (don’t dare ask him for something to eat), and “Super Jerk,” Ice Cream & Sadness introduces humor way beyond the fringe that Cyanide & Happiness breached. The hard part about reviewing Ice Cream & Sadness is that there is so much that is so funny, but one doesn’t want to give it away. Let’s just say that a favorite has to do with “bugs on my windshield.”

Kris, Rob, Matt, and Dave wring big laughs out of the gruesome, the insensitive, and the downright disgusting (those with weak stomachs or unusually politically correct constitutions may want someone to censor Ice Cream & Sadness for them). Whether it’s umbilical chords or Russian prostitutes, their take on the subject is bound to be twisted. And that’s what makes Ice Cream & Sadness funny.

Bottom Line: Would I buy Ice Cream & Sadness? Having a somewhat twisted, warped sense of humor, of course I would. It’s destined for my permanent library, as long as I don’t use it “as a stabbing, cutting, or bludgeoning tool.”

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  • jenny

    this book is awsomely awsome i bought one but it ripped a page off so i bought a new one

  • cah fan

    i have the cyanide and happiness app on my ipod and i can view all the comics! im actually posting this from my ipod lol

  • mad matt

    horray! an amazing book is so funny i could laugh my head off, literaly!

  • dude