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Book Review: I Went For A Walk by Gregory Attonito and Shanti Wintergate

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Gregory Attonito and Shanti Wintergate have created their first children’s book, I Went for a Walk, and it is really not just for the children. The couple have created a book that will expand the imagination for young and old, complete with fun illustrations.

Gregory is more commonly known as the front man of the punk band the Bouncing Souls. A product of New Jersey, he has been in the punk rock scene for almost two decades now and is an unmistaken icon in the punk rock movement. Recently his busy schedule has opened up allowing him to step aside from the band create his own music and also help out his wife by creating the illustrations.

Shanti is not unknown either, as she has not only written music for TV shows such as Joan of Arcadia and MTV’s Laguna Beach, but has also played a part as a roller derby girl in CSI: NY. She has many talents other than writing. She is a photographer and a designer. She has been using her imagination since she was a child born in Hollywood and has grown up to be a successful artist.

The two met in 1997 in a small village in India. They fell in love and have been together ever since. They created a slogan, “Making Something From Nothing Since 1997,” and it could not be more appropriate.  The “Super Buddies,” as Shanti and Gregory like to call themselves, created this book from a poem that Shanti wrote one day at a café. The couple of lines have resulted in an adventure that is destined to be a classic bedtime story to years to come.

The story is almost reminiscent of their personal lives. It’s an adventure and fantasy taking place on Earth and far away planets, Moove and IZ. The story could be about you or someone you love. It’s funny and cute but also has a message about believing in yourself.

I found the book easy to read yet able to enhance your imagination. The illustrations Gregory created are colorful and alive and the words Shanti wrote are easy to interpret. This will be a book I will read to my children when I start a family. This book can be read over and over; it is destined to be a classic.

Who would have thought that a punk rocker and his versatile wife would have created a children’s book? But this is a children's book that could very well have been a punk rock song. It's friendly and fun. Buy this book and read it to yourself or a loved one; your imagination deserves it and your children will love it.

Gregory and Shanti plan on touring in support of this book. They will be reading it at various book stores to children and whoever else would like to sit in. If you have ten minutes to spare you can watch the book.

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  • sandy from pa

    it’s a good book. i like it alot. I think once i get it home my son will also enjoy it. I look forward to anything else that these two amazing souls have in store for us in the future.

  • Valley

    i didn’t really like it….i really wanted to, though.