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Book Review: I Want to Make You Safe by Amy King

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I’ll be honest: when I think of poetry, I almost always think of Ogden Nash. After all, he’s the one that said, “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.” Even when reading Shakespeare I tend to lean towards the dramas, as well as the history plays. I’m mean really, who can forget Falstaff from Henry IV Part I?

Poetry has its place, and when I was originally asked by Amy to review I Want to Make You Safe, I was a little hesitant. After all, am I really qualified to do this?

Unlike most literature though, which makes you think things (Shakespeare comes to mind), poetry is meant to make you feel things, and so you won’t be disappointed when you read this book of poetry.

Before writing this review, the author and I had a nice discussion, something writers often do. I mean frequently we are somewhat introverted, but we do love to communicate.

She warned me that the poetry would be intense. You only have to look as far as her first poem, “Some Pink in Your Color,” to see this. Being a veteran, and our country being at war, it didn’t take far into the poem to feel my eyes well up with tears as I read this, so I had to stop reading.

This is a writer who has a love affair with words, and she likes playing around with them. She told me her poetry is decidedly not formal, and as you read it, you’ll see she likes to experiment.

I’m okay with that. As a writer, I like to experiment with my words too. Too many writers take writing too seriously, and you can treat it too much like work. I prefer to treat it like play, and I think Amy does too.

I would love to quote from I Want to Make You Safe, but I received a review copy. I wouldn’t want to share quotes that were different in this version than the final version.

However, regardless of which version you see, it’s well worth the read. Sometimes we forget what a great big wonderful world we live in, and that it is meant to be enjoyed and explored. This poet takes you on an exploration that’s meant to be both, and it’s edgy. It is also sometimes sad at times, but it does make you think, and it will make you feel things.

I read avidly and widely. I’m not so open-minded that my brain would fall out, but I’m always willing to consider new ideas and see new perspectives. Amy’s is worth seeing, and I believe you’ll enjoy the journey. Who knows? You may even learn something. Highly recommended.

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