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Book Review: I Want To Know My Future by Linda Dipman

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Before the start of Linda Dipman’s novel <i>I Want To Know My Future</i>, Elizabeth thought she has the ideal life – a wonderful loving husband and great kids and faith in God. What she didn’t know was all of that would be tested when she and her husband Eric get a divorce.

Eric is highly involved in their church and presents himself as an upstanding citizen and loving husband, but behind closed doors he is totally different. He seems intent on getting revenge on Tori, his wife’s good friend, as he thinks they are having a homosexual relationship. He is embarrassed about the relationship and starts turning the church against Elizabeth and Tori.

Tori has her own set of problems, after she got an emergency divorce from her abusive husband Alan. Not only had Alan verbally, emotionally and physically abused her, he did the same to their son. Due to the abuse Alan inflicted on his son, there is some concern the son might have a learning disability or brain damage. But Alan won’tt do what the courts ask him to do in getting his son evaluated.

Even though Elizabeth and Tori are doing all they can to get custody of their children, they realize that they are fighting a corrupt court system and an intoxicated judge. In one final desperate attempt, Tori and Elizabeth decide to run away with their children.

Both Elizabeth and Tori were tired of fighting the system, their church and their parents, so they turn to God to let it be in his hands. Each and every time they are tested, God finds a solution for them. God speaks to them in a variety of ways, always assuring them that he had made them into the people they were and no one else had the power to do that. Elizabeth takes the spoken words of God and studies the messages, reads her Bible and learns how God chose to make some with homosexual lifestyles.

Once readers start I Want To Know My Future by Linda Dipman, they will not be able to put it down. It is fast- paced, keeps your interest and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Through the book, when Elizabeth is going through a crisis or tough times, God speaks to her by saying “My ways are not human ways. Trust in me. God has spoken.”

I Want To Know My Future isn’t just about leading a different lifestyle; it is about how God hears prayers and guides all his children through life.

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