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Book Review: I Talk Slower Than I Think: An Antidote to Helicopter Parenting by C. D. Bonner

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In I Talk Slower Than I Think, author C. D. Bonner shares poignant stories and unforgettable memories of growing up in Alabama and Georgia in the sixties and seventies. He deftly weaves absorbing stories of childhood adventures, and country comedy with family humor through the use of Southern humor, touching anecdotes on parenting, and treasured memories of his youth. He incorporates snippets of history worthy of being included in American Southern literature.

The book is made up of 52 true short stories gleaned from the favorites repeated over and over again at family gatherings, told and retold over the years, to side-splitting laughter, unmerciful teasing, as well as some somber moments that draw the heartstrings tight. Bonner’s sketches bring new meaning to the depth of family love and the joy that comes through meaningful friendships.

I laughed until my sides ached while reading, and continued to chuckle and smile for days later as I relived Bonner’s “tongue in cheek” accounts of his family life and reflected on my own childhood foibles. I enjoyed the accounts of fun loving Pawpaw and Granny. They taught the boys lessons as they met the boys’ mischief with their own pranks. Highlights for me were the tales motivated by “dares,” driven by curiosity, or instigated out of sheer boredom.

I Talk Slower Than I Think by C. D. Bonner includes satire, side-splitting comedy, and emotionally-packed stories, of family love, loyal friendships, and a proud legacy of uncompromising ethics, and expressions of parental love.

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