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Book Review: I Remember Mommy’s Smile by Dina Wolfman Baker

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Dina Wolfman Baker’s book is a wonderful story for kids who are just about to lose their Mommy to illness. There are very few authors who could make a difficult topic such as this accessible to kids. Yet, it is important to find a way to discuss the death of a parent to kids because they are so heartbroken if their Mommy gets ill and dies.

I Remember My Mommy’s Smile shows in vivid detail the sadness of what happens when a child’s Mommy gets sick. Mommy has to go to the hospital a lot, undergoes a lot of surgeries, and tests. But nothing seems to help for long and Mommy seems to continuously get weaker and weaker because of the cancer. The author also shows how sad and lonely life is without Mommy when she’s in the hospital and after she dies.

In addition, Dina Wolfman Baker shows what happens during the funeral and after so that kids know what to expect. Can life ever go back to any degree of normalcy after Mommy’s death? Probably not, but it is possible to learn how to cope with such hard times one day at a time. And perhaps kids could remember something about Mommy that will keep them going on difficult days.

Dina Wolfman Baker knows first-hand how hard it is to cope with Mommy’s death as she lost her own mother when she was only 11 years old. The illustrations by Rachel Nagelberg are vivid and sad. They illustrate sadness like I have never seen before. Kudos to you Rachel!

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