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Book Review: I Heart My In-Laws by Dina Koutas Poch

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I Heart My In-Laws is a hilarious guide for gals who are wondering how they’ll ever fit in with their guy’s family. Poch digs in right from the beginning to let women know that it’s never too late to make nice with your in-laws. First impressions are important, but even if your relationship with your in-laws has already gone south, it can be salvaged. Poch gives a play-by-play of the moves to make and how to make them.

Included in I Heart My In-Laws are quizzes (my favorite was “sizing up your in-laws” in the "Know Thy Enemy" chapter), playbooks, lists, and charts. Each is a funny and yet poignant look at the dynamics between a woman and her in-laws. Intermingled among these are excerpts from Poch’s own journal. She shares some of her own experiences as well as quotes from other woman around the world.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

Getting gifts from my in-laws is like being on Extreme Makeover. Last Christmas, I was given Proactiv, the acne medicine. This Christmas, my mother-in-law told me her gift will change my skin from Nicole Kidman-pale to Jennifer Lopez-gold. The present was self-tanning cream. The card read: ‘To Joanna, for your health.’ (Joanna, Charleston)

The book is written in Poch’s matter-of-fact voice and despite being hysterically funny, it is packed with good advice, from how to make nice with crazy in-laws to setting boundaries when necessary.

The best part? It makes my in-laws look like saints.

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