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Book Review: Hungry by Allen Zadoff

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There are a million weight loss books on the market, but very few have been written from a man's perspective. In Allen Zadoff's book Hungry, he shares about his journey through the muck and mire of weight loss. What he find may surprise you.

I expected him to give the general thoughts and tips on the matter of weight loss. You know, eat less and exercise more. Avoid this. Avoid that. Zadoff, however, digs in and works hard to get to the heart of why he struggles with eating. He shares about his travels through various diets, why they didn't work or why he wasn't able to follow-through. He opens up about his feelings of inadequacy and shame each time a diet failed him – or he failed a diet. And then, just when things looks their bleakest, Zadoff shares what it was that changed his life: he learned to tackle the emotions and issues behind his overeating.

In the end, Zadoff lost over 150 pounds and he's kept it off for more than a decade. In Hungry, Zadoff opens readers' eyes to the truth about food addiction and how they too can overcome. He gives examples of some of the trigger foods, as well as actions, that led to his destructive eating, and he shares the tools that he's developed in his own life that help him avoid them.

"What I know now," Zadoff states, "was that my head was hungry. My disease was hungry. My body was quite full."

This book will be a breath of fresh air to readers who are struggling with weight issues, especially for those who try diet after diet – only to fail repeatedly. Zadoff's open and honest writing style make it easy to empathize – and celebrate – with him and make the book a powerful read.

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