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Book Review: How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying by Dave Lakhani

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In the interest of total disclosure, I should note that I wrote a chapter for this book, on selling more through social interactivity, but I would review this book just as positively if I hadn't.

Dave Lakhani's new How to Sell When Nobody's Buying (And How to Sell Even More When They Are) is 238 pages of hard hitting information on how to improve your sales, no matter what the economy. 

Lakhani, interestingly, terms the current economic conditions as "inconvenient", which sets the tone for the rest of the book. He focuses on what all salespeople and entrepreneurs know they should be doing: activating previous customers, reaching out to new ones, leveraging technology, and using social media to fill the sales pipeline. 

"The problem is not the economy", according to Lakhani, "the problem is that selling has changed, and nobody told the salesperson."

The book hits the ground running with the first chapter (zero) — yes, the book has a chapter zero — and the reader is told exactly what he or she needs to do, step by step, to create more sales. 

Chapter zero gives way to equally impressive content related to building a personal brand, taking rapid action, and becoming an innovator in your field. Dave explains exactly how to use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to grow your business.

He emphasizes that you must set yourself apart from the crowd: that you must be seen to sell. 

The focus is not just about increasing your sales numbers or commission value; it's also about becoming more valuable as a salesperson, by cultivating a wide network and massive social influence. 

The book also includes additional interviews with leaders in management and motivation, as well as several contributing essays to round out the information and ideas presented in this book. 

The biggest benefit of this book is that it redefines sales and selling. Readers will learn how to prospect online to find valuable sales leads. They can even avail themselves of several high value bonuses, including several hours of video training on sales and selling (this was content that couldn't be added to the book), as well as access to a leads trading site where people can share their contacts and gain new ones. 

If you're ready to step into the new world of selling, this book is one well worth checking out. 

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