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Book Review: How to Rule the World from Your Couch by Laura Day

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Laura Day is the acclaimed author of such best-selling books as Practical Intuition, Welcome to Your Crisis, and The Circle. A master of her craft, she has helped thousands of people tap into a most important part of their being in order to exercise their utmost potential: their intuition.

Stars like Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Oprah Winfrey and many more have sung praises about Day’s ability to help them better their careers, personal lives, and social lives by using the power of their own, innate intuition. Yes, innate! It's not just specially gifted people who can tap into this “sixth sense” of sorts, but everyone can use their intuition to expand their understanding and perception.

As said by Dr. Amir Szold in the forward of her book, “Day helps us to uncover skills we all have but rarely use because they don’t fit into the paradigms that rule our would.” In other words, we all have the propensity for a deeper, more meaningful way to experience our lives, but we just don’t know how to do it.

The tools taught in this book are so versatile that they are applicable to almost every area of your life, from work, to relationships, to your health, and on and on. The new state of active awareness taught in this book is so easily functional in your life, wherever you are, that you’ll be amazed you ever lived without it!

Whether it’s a big business merger, a family crisis, a new relationship, or a health complication, the skills taught in this book can be used to bring focus and meaning to the experiences in your life. Such skills include information gathering, mediumship, telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, and healing. The terms may sound a bit mystical and obscure, however the use and results are anything but.

Day takes you step by step, teaching you how to successfully use you own innate capabilities to create success in every aspect of your life. According to Day, you can be as successful as you want to be in employing these skills. How to Rule the World from Your Couch will teach you the skills you need, but it's up to you to apply them. And how surprised you will be!

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  • MCbrklyn

    How To Rule the World From Your Couch is the finest book i have come across on how to apply intuition to everyday life. Big dreams and small woes all get addressed in this nuts to bolts manual of magic and practical exercises… I love this book.

    There is stuff in here I have never seen before (Sleep Telepathy!) and all of it makes sense and is presented in a motivating format.

    The author has a great facebook page supporting the work plus a website called practicalintuition.com. Worth getting, giving, keeping and re-re-reading – this is a heart-mending book.

  • Jeni Papo

    Laura is great at breaking down intuition into actionable steps, always with a result-oriented approach, and this book is no exception! Laura’s work is perfect for those who are intrigued by intuition but think it might be a bit too “esoteric” for the practical aspects of life. I have been following Laura’s work for years and appreciate how accessible she is to her readers and students. She publishes her personal email and personally answers messages, which is great for further tailoring her work to one’s life. I highly recommend “How to Rule the World from Your Couch,” “Welcome to Your Crisis” and “The Circle.”

  • Zuri

    I just love this book because it builds on her last two books: the Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis. How to Rule the World From your Couch really gives you a full view of what Laura does and how to use intuition effectively and positively in your life. I highly highly recommend this book!

  • Kell InLove

    I’m a person who, when a problem hits, wants to move immediately into figuring out how to resolve it. Often, unlike a broken water pipe, fixing things in our lives, careers, relationships are not as easy as a trip to Home Depot. But in this book, Laura Day provides real, tangible tools for fixing those parts of our lives.

    The best part about these actions is that Laura is very clear in saying that they should be used within our busy hectic days – you don’t need to clear an hour for cross-legged meditation to exert your ability to change something for the good.

    As I work through this book (and I’m still doing so at different paces every day) the one overwhelming thing about the experience isn’t the fact that I can make situations better, bring myself perfect opportunities, or negotiate changes in relationships. It is the calming and empowering knowledge that I really can choose what my life is like.

    When you open the book (or experience any of the gifts Laura offers – books, CD experiences, workshops) you are stepping into a community that is at once comforting and invigorating. The support you receive from the other people who have open their lives to these ideas is amazing. As is Laura herself being right there with you. Yes, she does have friends/clients who are exciting and famous. But the most beautiful thing about Laura (and what she is trying to teach us) is that she sees everyone as within her circle – her family.

  • Thank you for the wonderful review