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Book Review: How to Party with a Killer Vampire by Penny Warner

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Penny Warner’s fourth volume, How to Party with a Killer Vampire, is proof positive Presley Parker and Warner have what it takes to keep on delighting readers for many, many years to come – got that, Penguin Group (USA)? Good.

Warner’s How to Party with a Killer Vampire is equivalent to eating piping hot s’mores on the coolest of autumn days – absolutely scrumptious.  Warner’s Party Planning Mystery series is exciting, entertaining and witty.  Definitely a must read for those looking for captivating storytelling.

Presley Parker’s event-planning company is the place to go for all your party planning needs.  After all, the girl knows how to host some incredible killer parties.  Presley’s latest event is a wrap party for capricious producer and director Lucas Cruz of Cee Gee Studios.  Cruz is celebrating his latest horror film, Revenge of the Killer Vampires, by pulling out all the stops with a lavish gathering in a San Francisco area graveyard.  While Presley had some reservations about the undead Colma location, she acquiesced after reading  about the growing popularity of cemetery locations in The Wall Street Journal .

Despite the eerie venue, Presley is determined to make the attendees forget where they are celebrating.  When an entertainment journalist crashes the festivities looking for juicy gossip on an actor, he ends up digging his own grave.  As the body count rises, Presley is taking on the role of girl detective before she’s cast in the role of “dead party girl.”

Brava to Warner on the atmosphere.  Setting How to Party with a Killer Vampire  in Lawndale Cemetery adds a spine quivering ambiance that is authentic, brilliantly creepy and well-crafted.

With Halloween mere weeks away, it is the perfect time to pick up How to Party with a Killer Vampire and get lost in the latest riveting Presley Parker adventure. 

Warner’s Party-Planning Mystery series remains firmly grounded in keeping the reader hooked! My only annoyance was mentioning The Twi-snore saga in the first party-planning tip.

Visit the charming Penny Warner’s website for the latest news.

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