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Book Review: How To Lower Blood Sugar: Natural Remedies for Diabetes by Nora M. Greenway

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Diabetes/pre-diabetes is a condition that affects millions of Americans. In fact, it’s one of the most common medical conditions today, costing about $174 billion a year in the US alone (this statistic comes from the book.) What’s worse is that it is a disease that is both deadly and preventable. It is a problem that often those who have it don’t know they are sick. The result can often be premature death.

Even if you don’t think you’re at risk, you should still test yourself to see if you have it because diabetes is so common now. This book will give you all the information you need, as well as show you how to treat or improve your condition.

Nora Greenway’s How to Lower Blood Sugar will tell you everything you need to know about diabetes and pre-diabetes. It starts by explaining what diabetes is, what the symptoms are, and what you need to know about this condition.

It doesn’t stop there though. It shows you how to take an active role in your condition, as well as how you can lessen the symptoms. If you don’t have it, then you’ll learn how to prevent it. Whether it’s information about treatment, condition, or prevention, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips.

Since diabetes is so prevalent, it’s something we should all be concerned with. What surprised me though is just how common it is.

The author states that diabetes is actually the leading cause of death in America today. (It may be possible that this has changed from heart disease as heart disease has been the leading cause of death for years. Just something you should be familiar with. One condition may result in the other.)

Other than that, I thought the information was solid. Greenway has definitely done her homework. She doesn’t stop at just explaining the condition in detail; she gives you options on how to take control of your illness, or if you don’t have it, how to avoid it altogether. This information is some of the best I’ve seen in alternative medicine. With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing, effective alternatives are some thing we all want to know about.

One more thing I liked about this book is that the author also includes a cheat sheet that offers 30 different ways to lower your blood sugar, as well as additional resources if you need further information. I think you’ll find everything you need in this book though, especially if you want information on how to control or improve your condition with more than just diet. The section on vitamins and minerals will also be helpful to you.

From start to finish this is a well written book on the topic that contains plenty of good information to help you control or even prevent diabetes. It is a complete resource, a solid reference that contains the best information on getting the right treatment for your diabetes, and it will save you a ton of money in doctor’s bills.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who suffers from diabetes, as well as anyone who is concerned about diabetes. It could save your life, your wallet, and even improve your health.

Honestly, I really don’t want to sound like some drooling idiot here, but I know first-hand the damage doctors can do to you with medications. In fact, the medicines are often worse than the disease. If you feel you need a doctor, then get one, but I would honestly recommend you try this information first. In my case, alternative medicine saved my life and got me off all those nasty drugs the doctors were pumping me with. Like I said, read the book. It is an excellent addition to the alternative medicine field. I will be recommending this book to everyone I know who has diabetes.

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