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Book Review: How to Get Out of Job Jail by Audrey B. LeGrand

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How to Get Out of Job Jail: Eight Ways to Have the C.A.R.E.E.R. You’ve Always Wanted, Audrey B. LeGrand , walks the employed, underemployed, and unemployed through a series of steps to getting a better job. This is not your typical, how-to-write-a-resume book, but rather a number of worksheets to help the reader find the right job and get that job. This brief but thorough book, only 97 pages, provides lots of advice for those looking for a better position in life.

LeGrand worked 25 years in the corporate world as a human resources consultant before starting her own company, Innovators & Motivators, Inc. Her experience helps workers recognize their talents, and take advantage of those talents to land the perfect job.

Her program stresses the attributes and skills a person needs to develop in order to achieve an advanced career in middle to upper management. She uses the acronym C.A.R.E.E.R. to represent her eight ways to success. There are actually four Es. Her ways include communication skills, abilities, responsibilities, etiquette skills, entrepreneurial traits, enthusiasm, ethics and relationship skills. She ties the whole thing up with self-awareness.

In order to be successful, individuals must communicate. This includes reading trade and professional journals in their field. They must be able to write without errors, and with correct grammar, even when sending emails. To move up to a higher position, one must also possess verbal communication skills.

In chapter two, LeGrand asks the worker about his abilities, and helps him to decide if he is in job jail. She provides questionnaires and worksheets to assist in the process. She aids the worker in recognizing his unique talents and skills important to job success. However, more importantly LeGrand helps him determine which abilities he enjoys using the most, and wants to do in the future job.

Chapter three covers responsibilities and accomplishments. LeGand assists the worker in listing all the duties from his current and previous jobs, and offers advice on building a resume. She provides the CARS method to defining his accomplishments. The acronym, CARS, stands for challenge, action, result and scope.

Higher-level positions require an employee to socialize outside of the work environment, including conferences, conventions and meetings with other vendors or companies. A person must have the appropriate etiquette skills such as table manners, making introductions, and shaking hands.

LeGrand offers an additional chapter on recession proofing careers. Everyone should follow these tips including people not in job jail. In the current economy, no one’s job is safe, and these tips help to guard against layoffs and downsizing. Also in this chapter, LeGrand offers advice to the worker for getting his career on the advancement track. She follows SMART goal setting; again, good advice for everyone. This acronym means specific, measurable, actions, realistic and time frame.

LeGrand’s How to Get Out of Job Jail primarily offers advice for those in a dead-end job or people looking to change careers. It offers assistance to individuals with time to contemplate a change, acquire skills, and take some professional classes, if needed. She offers some great advice, worksheets, and questions to help workers determine… what’s next.

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