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Book Review: How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren

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As a budding writer I tend to read a lot, which is great. But, I also like to stay within my own genre of poetry, classics and mystery novels. I rarely give other types of books a chance–until now, after a brief meeting with a lovely author named Jax Garren of the extremely spicy scifi romance trilogy: “Tales of the Underlight.” Upon meeting her I had then decided to give this genre a try by reading the first book called How Beauty Met the Beast, and to my surprise I was melting. As a Christian woman I have to admit it left me lusting after my own type of handsome hell boy named Hauk who is fighting against the oppressive Order of Ananke.

It also appeased my sense of mystery and a love of conspiracy theories entwined with secret societies. This isn’t your Disney or nineties television version of Beauty and the Beast. This one is darker and much more true to life as the Beast is an ex-military personnel who was injured in Afghanistan, while Beauty Jolie is a socialite who just happens to also be using her classically trained dancing for burlesque dancing.

And please don’t let me forget one of my favorite characters who had my best friend purchasing his own book when I told him that the nightclub owner of the club where Jolie dances was a sassy transgender person named Catrina. Catrina also plays an important role in the Underlight, not just as a typical and fashionable gay best friend but as a character whose purpose is to be an aide everyone involved. That character alone is worth the read. It doesn’t surprise me when Jax tells me there is an in-depth book in the making about Catrina.

It seems Jax has definitely a knack in writing characters who are entertaining, witty and modern–such as Brayden the steampunk computer tech and hacker. This book was also published right after heels of this past election, which made me think of the Order of Ananke as a political party and the Underlight as the ninety-ninety percenters.

The book at times can certainly leaves the reader with some questions. I the reader and new fan of Fantasy Fiction await the second installment: How Beauty Saved the Beast is due out in February eleventh of this year!

Until, then I bid you good reading to you all.

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