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Book Review: Hot Tropics and Cold Feet by Diann Hunt

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Lily and her friends are getting away. They head to Florida to try to help Lily calm her pre-wedding fears. While there, they begin to feel young again while doing some crazy stunts like getting henna tattoos and stalking Donny Osmond.

As they open up to each other, they find that they each have issues in their lives that they need to confront. But the central plot revolves around Lily and whether or not her wedding will actually take place.

Baby-boomers will love this book as it deals with situations that may indeed be finding themselves in. I have to admit that as I began this novel, I related more to the attitudes of the adult children of the characters. I honestly wasn’t even sure who Donny Osmond was or why the characters would want to stalk him!

However, as I read more I began to empathize with Lily, and with what each character was going through. While the book is written using “mature” (is that another word for middle-aged?) characters, the themes are universal.

Diann Hunt pens a funny, touching real-to-life story. Maturing fans of chick-lit will love the humor and “girliness” of her characters. The book covers serious topics and yet Hunt is able to use humor to give us each a glimpse at our own attitudes – either through the main characters… or their children.

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