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Book Review: Hot Seat (The Adventures of Footenbarn, Book One) by Jeff Gibson and Shahrook Oomer

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Who knew that those socks that lost their way into the nether regions, from the dryer, ended up in a place so much fun?! Everyone has lost at least one sock during the fun filled duty of laundry. The age old question has always been — just where the heck did that sock go?! Well, now that question has been answered in a delightfully fun and hilarious way in Hot Seat (The Adventures of Footenbarn)Hot Seat is the first, of five books, in a series of laugh-out-loud sock and laundry fun, written and created by Television Producer Jeff Gibson and Feature Film Producer Shahrook Oomer.  

Just what does happen while laundry is spinning and whirling their way to dryness?  Every once in a while, a worm hole opens up and one lonely sock, or other article of clothing, falls through and lands in an entirely new world, in a town called Sockramento.  This is where you will meet ten-year-old Footenbarn, who, like most ten-year-olds, is mischievous, ornery and easily finds themselves in some interesting predicaments.  

When a new student, Filless, who Footenbarn deems "the most beautiful sock in all the world, containing no holes, smooth curvature and made of 100% silk" arrives in Mrs. Pigsnockles's fourth grade class, Footenbarn's main goal is to get in the seat next to her.  What ensues is sure to bring laughter, smiles and giggles from both children and adults alike.  This young sock will stop at nothing to settle in beside his newest love, even if that means trickery, bribery and out-smarting his arch nemesis, lint ball, Smackberry.  However, once he reaches his goal, memories of "the old days" at his old desk overcome him and he discovers that what he had, was what really made him happy.  Needless to say, the adventure of weaving and tricking his way back to his old seat begins, but will Smackberry be the winner this time?

Hot Seat is such an enjoyable and fun story that can easily be shared together, adult/parent and child or just to sit down to brighten a stress-filled day.  The illustrations, done by Michael Gorospe, are phenomenal and so colorful and brilliant.  They truly lend a greatness to the story and bring the characters and their surroundings to life.   Geared toward children of all ages and adults, Footenbarn, Smackberry, Francipants, Flex, Toe-Meeka and the whole clothing gang are sure to find a special place in homes, schools and libraries everywhere. 

In addition to the clever and fun storyline, The Adventures of Footenbarn series uses a very humorous twist to today's society and all of our little quirks such as Sockbook and YouTubeSock.  I am incredibly anxious to read the upcoming books in this series:

Book Two – The Spelling Bee, Book Three – Boot Camp, Book Four – Run Off Election and Book Five – It's a White Sockmas.   Dates are yet to be announced on these future releases. 

To keep track of future releases, interact with the Footenbarn gang and tons of fun and excellent activities, be sure to click on the Footenbarn website!

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    Sounds hilarious! Loved reading the review!