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Book Review: Hope Flies on Broken Wings by L.F. Falconer

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Hope Flies on Broken Wings by L.F. Falconer is the story of Collie. Collie lives with her parents and annoying sisters in the middle-class place of Middletown. Middletown has come a long way in the conversion of its citizens from being heathens to Christians. Above Middletown are the supposedly gentile people who live at the palace with the king. Below them are the lowly folks from the fishing village of Ganty. Most of the people of Ganty still follow the heathen ways. Ganty is run by two evil rivals. Unfortunately, one of them named Harlo is the father of Dugan, a handsome young fisherman that captured Collie’s heart.

By day, Collie sells wares, created by her father, at the market. Having captured Dugan’s eye with her pretty smile, he begins to court her. Collie is different from the women of Ganty. Unused to her innocence, Dugan does his best to treat her with respect. Their growing love and passion for each other make it very difficult to hold back. Sneaking off to meet him at night also makes both Collie’s honor and her reputation questioned. Dugan’s other mistress is the sea. It is his love for the sea that keeps him from moving Collie away to a new land for a fresh start.

Collie’s parents are opposed to her dating a lowly fisherman, especially when they discover that he is the son of Harlo. Collie has no clue why Harlo is so despised, but her parents seem determined to hold Dugan accountable for the sins of his father. When she finally discovers why he is so hated she learns about how truly evil he is. No matter how much Collie and Dugan try to talk themselves out of what appears to be an impossible relationship, their love for each other keeps bringing them back together. Time will tell whether this will lead them to salvation or devastation.

Hope Flies on Broken Wings, is a love story set in the past, with issues that cross through all times. Having a young couple from different socio-economic backgrounds fall in love is a common theme; however, the issues that this couple has to deal with are gritty and incredibly painful to have to overcome. This book is not a light read. The author’s descriptive abilities take you into the heart and soul of both Collie and Dugan, and you feel their pain as they try to overcome the barriers that have been set against them. Hope Flies is a very interesting and unusual story. I think it would make an excellent selection for a reader’s group.

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