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Book Review: Homesick, A Memoir by Sela Ward

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Homesick isn’t your typical memoir. Sela brings such a personal touch to the words that you will feel like you are sitting in the room with her as she shares pivotal yet personal life experiences with you.

You are in the car with her as she leaves home for the first time to attend college. She’ll make you crave her aunt’s homemade preserves. Sela will allow you to emotionally embrace her through the private final moments of her mother’s life.

Homesick is an honest look into a complex life that yearns for simplicity; it’s a glimpse into a soul which is even more beautiful than the face that graces magazines and television. When you finish the book you will feel as if you made a new friend and have an aching desire to pick up the phone and call home.

The chapter that sticks with me has to do with the death of Sela’s mother. Her honest account of her mom’s final moments touched my heart. I’ve lost my mom too, like Sela’s mom, to a smoking-related illness. I know Sela personally, I use to smoke and Sela was there with words of support during the hardest part of withdrawls. She knows how hard it is to give up nicotine, she watched her mom continue to smoke from her death bed.

Homesick is read by the author on tape and is also available in paperback. You have to take this journey home with Sela Ward. She is a famous, yet gracious hostess. Sela doesn’t just open up her home and family to the reader, she trusts you with her heart.

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