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Book Review: Here Come the Black Helicopters: U.N. Governance and the Loss of Freedom by Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann

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Here Come the Black Helicopters: U.N. Governance and the Loss of Freedom by Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann provides an intense discussion about the consequences of ceding authority to the United Nations to impose global taxes, command a UN army and give the UN control of 71% of the earth’s surface covered by oceans and seas.

A related question involves who owns and controls offshore oil, gas and precious minerals. A number of he proposed programs might have merit; however, the funding mechanisms need to be monitored very closely to establish that the people targeted for aid actually get it.

Furthermore, there is a planned $25 per tonne carbon dioxide emission tax to raise a quarter of a trillion dollars, a .005% tax on all currency transactions to raise $40 billion dollars a year and a levy on airline tickets to pay for drugs for poor nations. In addition, there is a move to have the United Nations regulate weapons sales and gun registration. All of this is discussed extensively by Morris in his book.

Morris is concerned about the leveling of American influence, the possibility of high corruption when huge amounts of money get into foreign hands, the loss of American sovereignty in our system of courts and the transfer of power from the United States to a global entity.

In essence, the rich nations will be transferring huge amounts of money to poorer nations by way of a massive redistribution formula. A related question involves how these transactions will be subjected to an independent audit with oversight by a board of directors entity, formal charts of accounts and the implementation of rigorous accounting and auditing standards.

Morris points out that the UN regulation of gun registration may impact the second amendment to the United States Constitution which affirms the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Until now, the United States Supreme Court has been the ultimate arbiter over interpreting the second amendment. Do Americans really want to cede this discretion to an outside entity unaccountable to the President of the United States or to the Congress itself?

Here Come the Black Helicopters is an in-depth analysis of the ongoing efforts to encode all of the above ideas into international law with the United States and its citizens bound by these new requirements once they go are approved by our lawmakers.

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