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Book Review: Help! There’s a Toddler in the House! by Thomas M. Reimers

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I am very happy to be able to review this book as it was purely out of coincidence (and tons of luck!) that I was browsing through a list of books and  decided to drop an email to the publishing company rep asking whether I could review this book that caught my attention. I got this book for review about a week before I delivered my baby girl, and, honestly, it came at the right time!

I like that the author presents scenarios and choices for us to choose (as in what would you do if you were in that situation) and then explains through each choice given and which is better suited to overcome the situation.

I learned that although some situations might warrant certain actions, you have to look at other factors before deciding to take actions.

I like that the author stated in page nine that we should not make the mistake of taking good behaviour for granted just because “that’s what our child is supposed to do.” I truly agree with this because as parents, too often we tend to  stress on the negative behaviour we see in our child and did not praise our child when they did do something good or are on their best behaviour.  I love it when the author mentioned we should practice “catching our child being good” because by doing this we will encourage our child to engage in behaviours we will want to see more of.

Another point that I would want to mention is I particularly love chapter 10 (“Time Out”) as from this chapter, I learned to understand the concept, purpose and how to use time-out effectively on my 2.5 year old boy. With his new baby sister around now, Ben started to misbehave and throws tantrums easily. With this book, I shared with my hubby on how to manage Ben’s tantrums and use time-out on Ben effectively. I’m happy to say that we’re happy with the results so far (though I still prefer not to use it unless we absolutely had to).

I know I’ve always maintained that there is no Terrible Twos stage, only Terrific Twos, so I feel that Help! There’s a Toddler in the House! is a good choice for parents if they want to know more on what strategies they can try and apply to survive with a toddler in their house and not be stigmatized with the Terrible Twos perception.

I personally learned a lot from this book. I shared it with my hubby, too, and we are seeing the results in Ben. Do get a copy of this book.

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