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Book Review: He Kan’t Kill Your Future by Sharquent Webster

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He Kan’t Kill Your Future is an autobiography, which discusses some of the heart-wrenching aspects of one woman’s drive and desire to make the best of her childhood and background. Sharquent Webster wasn’t given a lot to work with, but with the Lord and through the Lord, her life became a testament of hope, faith, and love.

Before Sharquent Webster was old enough to be a teenager, she was raped, developed a drug addiction, and stole. As an adult she became a real crack addict. She would hustle, snatch purses, and walk the streets at night being high on some drug or another. Sooner rather than later, she got in trouble with the law and the rest was history, or at least so she thought.

Then one day, she met Ralph Estrada,  who became a spiritual father to her. He was very important to her spiritual development and to her realization that despite her past, there was someone who never stopped loving her. This person was Jesus.

Sharquent never thought it was possible that anyone would forgive some of the shocking things that she did in her past. But Jesus was an all-forgiving and an all-loving God and only He could heal her and help her start anew.

After that, she surrendered her all to Jesus. But before she could do that, she had to give up all of her ungodly ways. After learning that her body is the temple where the holy spirit dwells, she stopped smoking, being foul mouthed, and started developing a genuine relationship with God. This changed her life and she became the person who she is totally, helping other people who had troubled backgrounds.

What a wonderful and uplifting story this is. I would recommend the book to any young person who is struggling and who finds him/herself all alone because of a broken family or background. There are so many lessons and gems of wisdom in this book. All we have to do is love ourselves enough to follow them.

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