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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling

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Like everyone else who has the smallest smidgen of enjoyment of Harry Potter I was looking forward to reading the last of the series (allegedly). In fact, I received Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at noon today and promptly sat down and read it cover to cover in one sitting. This 600-page fantasy reads rather well, it has to be said, flowing nicely along at a good pace. It's dark and bloody, but then again what do you expect with Voldermort kicking around?

Alas, one could argue that therein lies the problem. There are not really any of the plot twists and turns that one expects from Harry Potter books. In fact, one could argue that must of it was rather predictable in extremis. That is not to say it is not a rather enjoyable romp through the final tale of the boy wizard. One thing that strikes one throughout the book is that it is rather visual, almost cinematic. The book was clearly written in a manner that would not make it too terribly hard to turn into a script.

J. K. Rowling seems to have recovered the part of Hermione and she is not a whining teenager anymore. She does have a strop, which is a bit of predictable foreshadowing to the end of the book, well rather, the epilogue of the book. There are a lot of loose ends that are tied up rather well for all the characters, although I have to say that I was disappointed to see one of my favorite characters in the whole set of tales, Hagrid, reduced to a bit part in this novel. In fact, truth be told, much of the book only really revolves around the core three, which one might have expected.

Many people have wondered and asked me about Potter's eventual fate. In response I offer a well known phrase from another author of another series of tales, as I quote from the Necronomicon:

    That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even death may die.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is probably not Rowling's best book in the series and adults might find it to be a bit thin at times. It reads a bit rushed, and there are some spelling errors and plot glitches. But taken as a whole series, Rowling has done something only few other authors like Tolkien have done. She has created a series of books that can be read by child and adult alike and enjoyed in similar but slightly different ways. One just has to wonder if Rowling will be allowed to finish with Potter and what she has planned for her next novel.

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  • ck

    we did not enjy jk rowling’s last novel and as two very dedicated harry potter fans we were extremely disappointed at the end of this book. we expected better from jk rowling and instead of ending our favorite series of all tiems with sadness, we ended the book with puzzled looks on our faces. e continue to love hp, but do not care much for the last book at all and we found it a bit random.

  • Yeah it was a bit limp this one. I liked the darkness and the fin d’ sicle thing going on. What stuck me most was it felt a bit rushed like Rowling want to get it over with.

  • Egbert Sousé

    “This 600-page”

    My book was 759 pages. Would love to know what you perceive as a plot glitch because i didn’t see any.

  • Slash

    how do u think the book was random it was so clear and really dark there were a few spelling errors but NO plot glitchs it was a great book 1 of the best in the series!!

  • john gardner

    book is brillant but dissapointed that ginny is ginger and ron isnt a grebo. I hate slit wirsts baby and we can have some fun. oh yeah dumbledore is really stan shunpike but he hads lost diadem on his big head. haryr fancies malfoy. woop.

  • #5

    i do not understand why some people havent been satisfied with this book. this book has been the best of the hp series. it seems that the first two commenters had not enjoyed this bk because it had ended on a happy note. the reason why i think rowling has done that is because this is the last bk and we’ll never be able to read about harry again, so she wanted us to remember him in a happy light. i found the story unbelievable and VERY unpredictable; however if one had been reading the clues she had left behind in the other series, it may have been predictable on what wouldve happened at the end of this story, but of course, this is rowling we’re talking about-that woman is amazing. her mind works in funny yet creative ways. i admire her style.
    but moving on, this book has left me greatly satisfied of the ending to this whole series and kinda sad, but at least it was a good book, you know? and thats what ill remember.

  • I failed to see any plot glitches and I thought there were plenty of twists. Maybe it seems different to anyone who’s read the story spread out, but I actually just completed the first six a few weeks back and the way ‘twists’ were done is exactly the way they’ve been done in the past. There’s rarely something to come up that one hasn’t thought of.

    I felt like she found the best way to tie up loose ends without being predictable, or rushed even. I’ll admit the epilogue was a little random, but I understood its need, and it was the only ‘random’ thing I found in the story.

    I’ll be sad when this movie rolls around as I’m concerned they’ll be leaving out a certain character they’ve deemed acceptable to ignore in the films.

  • Well the book I have is 607 pages and its sitting right next to me. I think the UK version (adults version) has more words per page.

    You didn’t find it all a tad predictable maybe?

  • Rish

    Found it predictable? – Yes.
    I think the series taken as a whole is great. But this book as a part of it is weak. A lot of the deaths in the book were unnecessary.

    And was it just me or did Voldermort not seem as menacing as the legend made him sound out to be? He seemed mighty unintelligent to me at times.

  • Rish I believe the word you are looking for is one dimensional. And yes I thought he basically was a bit pathetic as the “baddie”.

  • cris

    i felt that in order for the book to be reailstic, all those deaths were necessary. i mean, its a war! people, and IMPORTANT people will die. the book was fast paced, but it had to be. i found there were enough twists and it was cleverly concluded in the end. i really liked this book. one of jk’s best books written.

  • Yes, I am not the slightest bit surprised or perturbed by the deaths (unlike some) I just found some of them to be a bit forced.

  • Over all good book.

    but i still cant get over the death of Dobbie.

  • Egbert Sousé

    The ending predictable, yes, but what story isn’t. The question is was it believable, and it was. You have yet to point out any plot glitches.

    “it just me or did Voldermort not seem as menacing as the legend made him sound out to be?”

    Isn’t that usually the case. Please cite where his intelligence waned.

  • elliot

    on the whole i think that the final book in the hp series was a little anti-climatic and i felt that the ending was definately predictable. There were however, a large number of twists in the plot, and i found it a great read, however i agree with a number of other poeple that this was not the best book in the series.

  • Morgan Lee

    I really liked this book up until close to the end. It was dark, intense, and very captivating along with some great moments of comic relief. However, I thought the way that she acted like harry must die and gets you all prepared for it only for him to not die in the end was a bit of a cop out. It was like she wanted to kill him with him being the last of the horcruxes and all but then decided that would be too heavy for the book. i also thought it felt very rushed and like she just wanted to get it over. the last chapter was completely awful and seemed liked the tie up at the end of a movie where they have flashes forward to “where are they now?” i guess it was kind of necessary to tie it up and prevent other people from writing books and changing things, but i believe it could have been done in another way. I am also not so sure if i like they way she tainted dumbledore. he was supposed to represent all that is good and pure and noble and then that idea is ruined for us. i guess we are supposed to see it is harry that is really that way, but it just didnt fit with the rest of the books. She did kill a lot of people, especially some of which i didnt expect at all (dobby, lupin, tonks) , but then again like said before, it is a war and there will be many deaths. All in all, amazing book right until the end.

  • Dumbledore is Human

    I find many of these comments to be impeccably off. Dumbledore was a human — he made mistakes. His character is the best character in the book — the genius who cannot truly hold power — for his geniuis is seductive. Harry — who was not half the wizard as he — could hold power — because he didn’t want it.

    Overall a good book — though I think Harry should have died . . . she was building so brilliantly to his death.

  • Since some of the comments apparently cannot refrain from posting spoilers, perhaps the reviewer may add a note in his review warning people who haven’t read the book not to read the comments.

  • CH

    I think it was an excellent book, a delightful read, but I think Harry should have died. She built up to it and prepared us for it and seems to then have lost the nerve. I was very intrested in the turns that she took us through involving Dumbledore and Snape’s relationship. I think she did a brilliant job with Severus.

  • Overall i thought the book was okay…
    ive read each book about 7 times tbh… and i was thoroughly excited for this one, but it didnt meet my expectations.
    A few things bugged me about it; the way dumbledore was put down so much, i didnt even enjoy reading them things.
    Also the fact that harry seemed so tame… he didnt actually do any extraordinary magic throughout at all, i expected him to be somewhat powerful and dangerous…
    and finally, i found the idea of an unbeatable wand quite stupid…not really that imaginative
    yes it was a good read, but not close to been my favourite.

  • Up With Magic!

    Sorry, but that was, frankly, a horrible review: the worst I’ve seen. First of all, it wasn’t 600 pages, but 759. Hmm, strike one, huh? Oh, and all of that about J.K. Rowling writing the story like a script? No way! Strike two, mister. I myself think that Book Seven was the best in the series, not the worst. Strike three. You’re out.

  • Egbert Sousé

    People who haven’t read the book shouldn’t be online looking at reviews of it, K.

    Morgan is so far the winner of the most uniformed commentor, in regards to the story and the way publishing works.

  • Sawyer

    It was not the best book within the series,in my opinion hbp was, but it was a twisting and turning story. This book made me experience all kinds of emotions. And what was said about Dumbledore within the book made me second guess him, for a split second, but then I remembered that he is human and it shows readers and Harry that he realizes his flaws and understands them, it takes a great man to confess this. I didnt like the way that Rowling built up Harry’s death and then it didnt happen but come on who would really want Harry Potter to die. The way that Voldemort dies in like a couple lines I had to reread the passage before it and the lines over again a couple of times to get I was like “WHAT?!” totally confused but then I got it. He killed himself the same as he had so unremorsefully killed others, that is what I call justice.

  • olivia

    this book was by far the best book in the series and i enjoyed the ending. i hope she writes another series

  • Beth

    The book was written to please the fans, Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione married albeit 19 years later. Draco is part of the ending because Tom Felton has a lot of fans. Never mind Fred Weasley dying, he has no website. Come on, it was a sloppy ending to the series. If you find it to be the best, good for you. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

  • Beth

    I forgot to add, Rowling is definitely not Tolkien. Show a little respect to JRR Tolkien, please don’t compare The Lord of The Rings Trilogy to the Harry Potter series. My daughter loves Harry Potter and I’m grateful to Rowling that she’s reading rather than playing video games. But please, read LOTR, all three of them. Tokien is a genius, Rowling is a best-selling author. Big difference.

  • ExSoul

    Well, first things first, some people should not that the UK, Australian and most other countries’ versions of the book are 608 pages long. The US and Canadian versions are 759. Its all in the size of the book and the text size. (Americans can’t read little writing I guess…)

    As for the book, I thought that it was just…lacking. I thought that it just felt rushed, not fast paced, as much as JKR wanting it to be over. Some of the ideas also seemed a bit unbelievable. I mean, so far, the first 6 books have all been really plausible, yet … An unbeatable Wand? A stone that brings people back to life? I just find it a stretch, even for a HP book. Some of this is hard to put into words.

    Compared to the other novels it was just far-fetched. With all the other novels, I haven’t wanted them to end when they did, this one I was ready to put down and be done with when it finished. I just didn’t really like it. But that is just me.

  • Kaonashi

    Egbert, even if people don’t read the review, there’s a comment preview on the side bar. Shorter, one-sentence comments like the one regarding Dobby appear in its entirety to everyone of that sidebar.

  • I thought the epilogue seemed rushed and I felt annoyed that we only find out about Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Neville. I would have liked to have known what happened right after the war and how the wizarding communtiy had returned. I enjoy leaving SOME things to the imagination but not everything. Overall, I think the book was well written but it was not as well written as the sixth book. It felt rushed and certain parts were confusing. I did not think all of it was predictable. I disagree on that part. Parts of it I felt were written so that the world be satisfied. Satisfying does not mean realistic.

  • louis

    this book was brilliant, it got my heart racing, wondering all the time what was going to happen…all the deaths were neccessary, like j.k said we’re dealing with supreme evil there has to be sacrifices, the ‘tainting’ of dumbledore was so interesting and the malfoys turn around was nice…did find the kings cross chapter slightly odd tho. didnt think it was rushed just amazingly well paced and racy in parts! it was weirdly satisfying having questions answered but being presented with a new challenge of the deathly hallows…epilogue was really good, people have to reread it to get more of an accurate view, cmon its only been out 2 days or so, ppl who have finishd it will have rushed parts, i know i did

  • STM

    Rowling says she may write another one for charity. So it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

  • natalia

    I think that what the final book lacked was not who died or how plausible an unbeatable wand is. Part of the magic of the series is having it mostly set in and around Hogwarts. Hogwarts made the plot and characters shimmer just a little more. Also, the plot got a little repititive. It seemed like the whole time, the trio (Harry, Ron, & Hermione) were just travelling aimlessly, and getting attacked over and over again (which was unsatisfying.) However, I thoroughly enjoyed being reunited with all of my favorite characters once again. All in all, I loved the series, and the epilogue made me smile at the idea that Harry Potter finally got what he deserved: a family of his own.

  • vhinz

    I guess Rowling’s right about saying that a lot would hate the last book. But who cares? Some really hated the book cause they didn’t expect what they expected to see. A lot wants those who had died are not really dead and then will help Harry and somehow Harry will end up dead in the end and we will be mourning in the rest of our lives. That I think would be very predictable.

    hedwig and dobby died huhuhu…

  • JDT Potterfan

    Overall, this was a great book. Was it the best? Maybe, maybe not. That is a personal opinion.
    I agree with natalia in the fact that it seemed a little repetitive with just Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But is it possible that this was just to show the lonely feeling that they themselves were experiancing?
    I also agree that the deaths were necessary. This is afterall open warfare and some deaths don’t occur because they are conveniant to everyone else.
    I also loved the fact that Harry didn’t die, however i am a little confused to as why, the Kings Cross chapter was a little weird.
    The epilogue was pretty good. I think it left a happy feeling for an ending, however 19 years seems like a long time. I hoped they’d talk about the immidiate events following Voldemorts death.
    All in all, considering that it had to end, a great final book to a great series.

  • kassie

    i thought the book was awsome! i loved it. i was glad harry didn’t die and i liked how j.k. rowling wrote the 19 year later bit. the one thing i really didn’t like was fred dying. i was also a little sad that snape died right before harry found out what side he was on.

  • EthelHallow

    A bit dissapointed. For most of the book Harry is running around like Frodo Baggins with this evil object around his neck that he must destroy and which also puts him in a bad mood. If I wanted to read lord of the rings again, I would read lord of the rings. Then he kept getting into impossible to escape from situations only to be saved just in the nick of time by some magical twist or random savior. It was all just a little too convenient. Very deus ex machina at times. I missed Hogwarts during the wandering Frodo part of the book and was happy when they finally got there. SPOILER – The ending was predictable – very christ story – the hero who gives his life to save the world from evil and is resurrected from the dead. We’ve all heard this story before. It’s a nice myth that people keep telling over and over in different ways – Aslan, Frodo, Luke Skywalker. I guess I was just hoping for something new. Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials is a much more refreshing read.

  • WhoamI

    A sprawling mess with more holes than a block of Emmentaler cheese. I gave up on the characters after HBP but the storyline collapsed under the weight of all the loose ends this time, as well.

    Ask yourself this question after reading the book: How great was the danger to Harry from Voldemort in books 5-6? That’s a key plot point, but the sheer confusion it raises is just beginning of this books problems.

    The epilogue is, in a single, highly understated word, “unconvincing.”

  • Inorandum

    Some people above have claimed voldemort to be a bit weak to his reputation, making stupid decisions… but i’m sure that this reputation was greatly built up over the course of thirteen years, don’t you? Even with that he is still fairly sinister and obviously very skilled in magic, hence the duel right before harrys, three on one with a not quite functioning wand? I think voldemort is exactly what id expect from an evil genius that is being thawrted and agitated by a young boy, revenge is in his head, he can’t think clearly

  • EthelHallow

    speaking of the Christ story before Harry is “resurrested” he even does a little time on the “cross” – King’s Cross that is. oi

  • Egbert Sousé

    K, if people are so concerned, they don’t need to be online. Some of us aren’t addicted to the ‘Net.

    “How great was the danger to Harry from Voldemort in books 5-6?”

    Uh, did you read Book One. Harry was never in any danger. It was always the people around him. It’s not Rowling’s fault you don’t pay attention. Still waiting to hear the plot holes.

  • domonic

    I thought the last book was great weather or not being the best is up to every ones opinion but I thought if it wasn’t the best it was very close. I beleive that the book was written very well very much in the way the series has always been written so I don’t understand peoples dislike of the way it was done the only thing that she should have changed was the future story I would have liked to have heard more for example about the dursleys, the other weaslys and what the main characters were doing in there life except for breeding. One of the most interesting part of the story for me was actually in the past hearing about Dumbledour and Snape and the amazing forsight Dumbledour had always shown in the story. Another impresive part of the story was that harry actualy seemed to have the athority and the wizardry knowledge that he lacked in past books in stead of being a brat. 9/10 I couldn’t put it down.

  • Salem of the Bad Bloods

    Somehow, by the end of the seventh book, I found myself hating all of the main characters.

    Hermione, not as whiny as she usually is? Ha. Her only purpose in this installment of the series was to place charms and carry a beaded purse. Ron? I can’t place my finger on it yet, but something about him made my opinion change. He quickly became my least favorite of any character in the series. I didn’t enjoy Rowling’s take on Ginny in both the sixth and seventh books. It seemed she had no flaws whatsoever. She was great at Quidditch, made some of the top grades in her year, was an amazing witch in her own right… I began tiring of hearing about her. Though I did occasionally become irritated with Harry, he remained an overall okay person.

    But Rowling managed to, as the Deathly Hallows drew to a close, make Snape, Kreacher, and Malfoy my most favorable of the cast. How? I’m still scratching my head on that one.

    The book’s epilogue was one of the weakest ends to a story I’ve ever known. Not only was every cliche known to mankind thrown in just for good measure, but I’ve never read a more sappy ending in my life. Ginny and Harry naming their children after dead adults? Wow. I’ve never seen someone end a book like that before. (Sarcasm, dear people.) Perhaps she should have just left the epilogue out? I felt that the last actual chapter would have been much better ending and would have left more to the reader’s imagination.

    *Need I remind those of you that I have just angered that this is only one person’s opinion, and that attacking me with claims of “The last book was awesome, how could you write a review this stupid?” will not change it? ^_^*

  • devin

    Since spoilers are everywhere in this comment page, I won’t mind talking about it. Harry’s would-be death had been premeditated since the fourth book (since book one, since the author knew how it would end); it’s not a cop-out, it makes perfect sense when you take the books as a whole. There is genius in the book, not just “a best-selling author,” whatever that means.. The book is worth every cent if a HP fan buys it. The epilogue is weak, though not worth all of the harsh words since the rest of the book was great.

  • Kaonashi

    Egbert, I don’t quite see what being addicted to the internet has anything to do with being concerned about spoilers.

  • rebbs

    fuck all you annoying ass fucks dissing and complaining about everything!!!
    YOU try writing something as insanely creative as jk rowling did in her
    amazing imagination!!

    may snape r.i.p after alll her been through in his life and dedication to dumbeldore

  • Lairy fights

    Hmm…well, letz see, i wud call it a good story…. however, not the true one….. it seems like it was meant to be a different one, however, ended up being an altogether different one….

    She finally ended it like any other children’s tale…dint she??!!…. good beats evil, lord of the rings meets narnia….. i jus think something’s amiss…

    i cudnt help but feel that sense of nostalgia, of goin away, of wistful thinking of days past, of the memories while reading the epilogue…. so it was altogether a thotful, intelligent, mesmerising and engaging book, but i repeat again, not the one it was meant to be…

    i also find that some characters and events just went away unnoticed, like she dint reveal their roles …sirius for eg…. what was the veil in the dept of mysteries abt???…etc etc etc…..

    i kwn at places my faults lie, i speculated too much, read fanfics, theorized… had i not, then some of the mysteries would hv still remained mysteries…. but of course, the book’s very mch worth it…. and i love Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling for writing it, as much as i always did….

  • Kirstie

    I loved the book on the whole, but it did seem quite different from the rest of them. It may have been the lack of the Hogwarts setting, but it felt like the book didn’t really start until 15 chapters in, aside from the duel at the beginning.
    One thing that I was afraid of, and which the reviewer mentions, was that JK Rowling was going to write the book in the way that would be easiest to transform it into a movie script. I always adored her description of the characters thoughts, and the magic that they were producing and just the overall setting of it, but it seemed like some of that element was missing.
    Also, I thought the ’19 years later’ chapter was almost out of place and awkward, and confusing… with all the names. Cute though, good to know who ended up marrying who 😛 :).
    Maybe I should just reread the book though, so I can fully digest it all 🙂
    Don’t get me wrong though…
    I absolutely LOVED THE BOOK.<3
    (I don't even know if that all makes sense... It's 2:00 in the morning, and I'm tired. lol)

  • For people commenting that some of the characters were flawed, that’s a good thing!! Throughout the whole series Harry was an irritating character who often got it wrong, was extremely egotistical and in his moments of triumph had gotten very lucky but that’s actually the appeal of the series, harry was a young celebrity within the wizarding world and elements of his character were tarnished by this status. Dumbledore, previously presented to us as some kind of deity was actually power hungry. Even Voldemort suffered from ignorance that was eventually his downfall. The best book in the series by far and even though it makes me sound very pretentious, i think it is an excellent piece of not just entertainment but Literature. (To add to my own self importance, i’ve a phD in Eng Lit so i feel like im allowed by a wee bit dismissive of some of the tripe above)

    Although to the 3 strikes guy talking about the number of pages in the book, hilariously American, loved it.

  • Wow I am getting trashed because I said my book is 600 pages long which it is…thankfully a commenter pointed out in the comments like I have that the book is not the same length in all territories due to font size and page size. Before you make this kind of criticism check your facts maybe?

    As far as the Tolkien comment you missed my point. I was trying to explain that like Tolkien, Rowling has found a formula that both adults and children can enjoy at different levels.

  • Becky T

    On the whole I found this book very disappointing, being an obssessive hp fan, I was totally geared up for another amazing installment. But I was let down, I found the new book confusing, even though I have now read it through twice, I thought that instead of tying up loose ends J.K created many new ones.

    The plot wasn’t bad, it was interesting if not predictable, I thought that Snape made the book come alive towards the end. Without him the end would have been anti-climatic and predictable. It’s just a bit disappointing that Severus died before Harry found out where his allegiences lay.

    I thought that every death was necessary, but all were rushed, Voldemort’s death was about four lines long. I hated the chapters about Dumbledore, I’m upset that instead of laying him to rest she dragged his name through the mud.

    The ‘Nineteen Years Later’ was confusing, and had some gaping holes in it. What happened to the Weasleys??? What about Hagrid and Madame Maxime’s relationship??? Viktor Krum??? How did the Ministry reform??? How was Hogwarts rebuilt, whos head now??? This book asked more questions then it answered.

  • The epilogue rather struck me as tacked on. If one were cynical you could suggest that was tacked on so Rowling has something to come back to if her next project does not fly. It screams a taster for another book.

  • McGonogall Misser

    I agree with anyone who has previously commented on the missing info on the fates of the other characters we have grown to love (you know it’s true!). What happened to George?!?! How do you live after that has happened to you, after literally never having been separated from your brother untill now? What about the rest of the Weasleys, or the Dursleys? Hermionie’s parents? Yes, we have to know what HP etc. end up doing as their carriers! And whether McGonagall ends up being Hogwart’s next Headmistress – or was that unofficially certified after Snape supposedly fled? Surely Dudders has to be the father of a little witch or wizard – or am I going a bit too cliche? Who cares? I just can’t let my imagination rule me anymore, I would also like to know who Jade meant they were missing out in the films? Am I just being stupid – not realising?

    All in all I didn’t think it was the letdown that people seem to think it is! It did completely follow the style of the other 6 books and was very slow paced but then also very fast placed in places too, in true HP fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed it and currently only await one thing – the story of what happened in those 19 years.

    I give it to JK, she has written extraordinarily well over the years that she has created this new world.

  • Chris S

    In my humble opinion, Deathly Hallows us definitely the best Harry Potter book. Rowling reveals all in breathtaking fashion. Still, that doesn’t mean that the book was perfect. Nope. A classic example is the “duel” with Voldy, if you can call it a duel. Harry “won” by sheer luck, as usual. The greatest Dark Wizard ever lose by his own hand? Just because of a wand which refused to carry out Voldy’s instructions? Gimme a break. Everything turns out OK in the end, which is too good to be true. Of course people and creatures were gonna die, that was inevitable… and what kind of epilogue was that? Do I care what Ron and Hermione’s kids were called? What about the rest of the wizarding world?

  • Eleanor

    This book was brilliant I can’t see how you people can’t see that. It’s the best she written and she is an awesome writer with an incredible imagination all you people who said it wasn’t that good, it had plot glitches etc. etc. are completely wrong and stupid you obviously don’t know a good book when you read one. McGonagall Misser I totally agree with you, I really want her to make another book on what happened in those 19 years and what happened to eveyone else and you are so not being to cliche it’s fiction thats what happens and I reckon it would be cool if that happened

  • stupid you obviously don’t know a good book when you read one.

    So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid and ignorant? How very mature of you. Calm down there fangirl. We all have a right to our opinions without suffering personal attacks.

  • James

    I don’t feel I have to the right to say anything negative about the seventh book, the story was excellent theending was satisfying, and the writing was better than anything that I or anyone I know could manage.

    But as usual for every brillient, and clearly superior author (or artist in general) such as J K Rowling born to a generation, there are a million nobodies who look for ways to belittle his/her work, and try bring it down to their own miserable level of existance.

    Harry Potter’s series was brillient and the Deathly hallows was almost better then some of the moaners here deserved it to be.

  • No one in this entire thread disagrees it has not been a brilliant series. Where we disagree is whether or not this is one of her best/the best or not.

    As I said to post above (that was not me) you just make your self look foolish by blanketly saying anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot or a nobody. Get a grip and learn to discuss things using your brains not your emotion.

  • Eleanor

    I didn’t mean that you’re stupid it’s people have to look outside the box use a bit of their imagination and not put it down because they can’t see like that and J.K Rowling has not only included fantasy but she has mixed it with reality that if you go into a war then you are most likely to lose someone you care about so it really wasn’t dark it was a war and people just can’t look outside the box and see that

  • nolemommie

    Having wholeheartedly looked forward to this book, I can only say that I am horribly disappointed. The ending is unsatisfying, trite, cheap, and amateurish, as well as insulting to the intelligence of a reader. The desire to deliver a “happy” ending and the lack of delivering a final literary punch is not worthy of Rowling’s rich imagination. For shame! I am still trying to find a way to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

  • Wow and I thought some of my reviews were curt and brutal.

  • Eleanor

    seriosly I don’t know who you are or how old you are and I have no idea if you’re emo or not but you sound like a depressed teenage emo, get over it the book isn’t just written for adults or children but for kids wanting to let their minds free in a magical world and who wants to read of the hero dying alnog with all his friends and the people he classes as family and let the villain conquer the rest of the and put it into darkness and sorrow. It wouldn’t make for the greatest movie either and as this is the last book J.K Rowling wanted to end it on a happier note leaving the reader happy than a gloomy one that would leave the reader sad so no offence if you are an emo and no offence to the emos out there but think of others when you say that the ending ‘insulted the intelligence of the reader’

  • Paul

    It seems that people messaging here have forgotten what the name of the series is, HARRY POTTER. The entire series has been about harry, how he first learns what he is capable of to when he first realizes his destiny. I found this book to be the best of the lot because we got to find out what happend to OUR favorite character, Harry. As frustrating as harry is sometimes, as many bad decisions he made throught the book, he is still the one we all root for. As your should know the main theme of the series is the power of love, and the quest harry takes to realize this, is what makes him who he is. Love is what got harry to where he is and its power is what he has to use to defeat evil in the world. That fact is one of the most profound ideas in this world and JK does an excelent job of explaining that to us.

    This folks is why literature is so important, not because of some really cool fantasy or magic, but the lessons we learn. And I don’t know about all of you but this book has taught me more than any book i have read in my lifetime. Harry is a hero, that is why he lives, he was able to turn the love that his mother gave to him into love that he gave to everyone else. That my friends is what makes this book beautiful.

  • Eleanor

    Well said

  • Jenn

    Did anyone else find the best and most shocking bit of the book was when Snape’s love was revealed? It might’ve just been me missing obvious clues but i was so shocked and upset i kept crying (sad i no). Snapes now my favourite.

    But i agree with loads of the previous reviews. It would have been so much better if we had heard about what happened after voldemort died. As it went, I felt like i had missed out on the rest of Harry Potter. I loved finding out the names of his kids etc but there was soooo much more to say!
    I felt so disappointed at the ending and snapes secret love I’ve just been in a mood all day (even sadder ryt?)

    Further points:
    * Voldemort died way too ‘easily’.
    * I would have like more time explaining the deaths of Fred etc.
    * I wanna know what happened to Hermione’s parents!
    * Neville and Luna should definately have got together!
    * And can someone explain what Percey’s role was at the end? dad? teacher? i just really dunno.

    But apart from the saddness which i felt ended the book, it was fantastically written. Even if it was meant for film it made it so much real in my mind. JK did so well fitting everything together, it couldn’t have been easy.

  • Eric

    I finished this book yesterday, and I’ve had about 24 hours to digest it. With that said, and keeping in mind all the comments I’ve read on this page, here’s my humble opinion.

    The ending was not quite as trite and predictable as some people have suggested. Voldie dies because he created Harry Potter. He made Harry into the ultimate weapon through his greed, lust for power and fear. If Voldie had realized what he did on the night he killed James and Lily, then things would have turned out differently. But Voldie was too blinded to realize this – like many dictators throughout history, he never took the time to comprehend and understand that which he sought to master.

    Ok, second, the deathly hallows themselves weren’t unrealistic, not entirely. The point of the deathly hallows was to suggest that powerful magic existed, but such magic was not perfect. The Elder Wand, while it was “powerful,” it certainly did not ensure invincibility and really became a trap in the end for Voldie (and other wizards – note Grindelwald’s duel with Dumbledoor…). The resurrection stone didn’t bring back the dead, but aloud the wearer to see the dead once again… not really a resurrection. And the invisibility cloak, well that didn’t always work perfectly either (see book 6, when Malfoy found Harry eavesdropping in the car).

    As for Harry’s alleged resurrection, Dumbledoor told him he wasn’t dead. You can’t be resurrected unless you’ve died. This fact is a major loophole to comparisons to Christianity.

    All in all, HPDH was a great book, and I can’t wait to read it again. For all you fellow speedreaders, maybe you should pick the book up again and read it a bit slower – you might enjoy it more.

  • Eric just out of curiosity what do you consider “speed” reading? Surely everyone reads at their own pace? No one deliberately read quick just to be finished first.

    However, that snide remark aside, you make some interesting points. Not all of which I agree with mind, but pause for thought nonetheless.

  • Wanga

    Finished reading yesterday and honestly enjoyed it probably more than any other HP book – but still was scatching my head over the flurry of paradox’s and weird ‘deus ex machina’ threads that seemed to detract from the quality of the narrative. The’holy grail’ element made little contextual sense – dumbledore never satisfactorally explains why he wanted harry to discover about the ‘hallows’ and the fact Voldemort destroys his own horcrux without knowing – clever – but the curse he uses is one that does not work against horcruxs – avada kadavra kills people, not souls – hence people who have been killed by it can return to harry via the ressurection stone (soul is still intact)Some readings of the text can expliain this – but would have parts of Voldemort still alive in some sense at the end. Also, the stone in the fairy story functions differently to how harry experiences it, though all the hallows do to some extent.

    Voldemort is shown to be weak at the end – but only becasue of his greed and ignorance – his fatal flaws we have always known of – until then he is unspeakably’ terrifying – the whole Taboo thing was genius (at least on the surface) and the transformation of the world, not through stealth but through take over of the estblishmeant completed the many “hitler” allusions the last couple of novels have played up to – along with the christ metaphor, etc…

    The epilogue? satisfying – but with a terrible last two lines. Note: It is far easier to write a sad ending than a happy one, as the happy one is often the most jarring against the narrative thread.

    The way voldemorts wand wouldnt work as he wasnt its true master was a sight cop out really – would have been better if neville had done him with the sword right after nagini – unexpectedly – but then we wouldnt have had all the exposition needed during the final duel.

    The books are not as rich and detailed as Tolkeins, and there are too many breakdowns in logic to be entirely satisfied, but I was impressed – and yes, i felt it was very cinematic – and i cant wait to see the film

    my book was 607 pages – that seems to matter to some people – note; the american version had pictures! the heads of each chapter all had illustrations! hense it was about 150 pages longer.

  • Eric

    Marty, my suggestion that “re-reading” the book may provide greater insight and new-found enjoyment was not “snide.”

    Your rude interpretation of that comment will ensure that I never post here again. Perhaps you should take another look at your “comment policy.”

  • Abdullah H

    It was a very good book really. A very compelling one indeed, especially at the end of it. One particular character I disliked the most was Ronald Weasley, he really is an annoying one. One part of the story which I have always disliked was the Ron+Hermoine item. But of course, that was there in the previous books as well.

    Another really annoying part was how they(Harry, Ron, and Hermoine) operated alone and weren’t really in contact with any resistance forces. It also seems that all the other Order if the Pheonix members weren’t doing anything significant to attempt to fight off the death eaters, as if all hope had been lost.

    Personally, I really hate James Potter(Harrys dad). Considering the revelation of how Snape was a good guy and had been fighting for Harrys protection all this time, I’ve felt odd. Immediately after he was attacked by voldemort, I was happy. But right when he asked harry to fill the bottle with his thoughts, I knew something was fishy. Now, Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters in the book and I felt deeply saddened at his loss.

    Over-all I enjoyed the book but acknowledge that it could have been much better but it still was very good. Thank you J. K. Rowling for this great series.

  • Chloe

    Hi, I finished reading the book yesterday and have been moping around ever since and I don’t know what to do with myself.

    I was shocked at times, not so shocked at others. The only things I were right about is the ambush on the order (in the sky) and neville being a teacher and the trio returning to hogwarts to find a horrux.

    I was completely wrong about harry being a horrux, the way ron abandoned harry and that snape was good….

    You know, that really irritated me, the way snape turned out to be good! I wanted him to be bad! After all the horrible acts JK made him carry out, she made him a goody! It’s so unfair! I’m personally glad that snape is dead and i still hate him.. even though he turned out to be good!

    The battle at the end was a tad rushed. i feel like there should have been more of a battle rather than a converstation and a a spell. I wanted it to be a ful force nail biting fight!

    I was very confused at the chapter “kings cross” i had to read it twice to basically understand it! was that whimpering thing voldemort??

    I was so upset when i found out that lupin and tonks died! I can’t really describe it..

  • personally, the book did not meet my expectations. I really thought there were some missing parts and it felt a little rushed. Also, I would have liked it more if it had focused on ron and hermione’s relationship. i thought the way they ended up togheter was a little stupid. and, it’s true, i was really disappointed at the epilogue: i wanted the author to give me a lot more information about the other characters. whom was teddy raised from? what happen to luna and dean (i think rowling meant them to be togheter)? what about the ministry and the weasleys? lastly, but not least, i was soooooo sad when i read about fred’s death…come on,how could the rowling do that, i mean, having one of the twins die and not telling the readers about the other one’s further life?!
    i just can’t get over it…
    however, i generally enjoyed the book:it got me to like even more the complexity of snape’s and dumbledore’s personalities, and i was happy that none of the three died.

  • Eric: how is implying that those of us that read the book “fast”, however that is defined, did not fully grasp the book not snide?

    Reading comprehension and speed of reading are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There are plenty of methods for achieving both.

    I am sure if you re-read your comment you could see how its hard not to interpret it that way.

    I did not violate any terms but merely defended those of us that are able to read at a quicker rate than others.

  • Deathly hallows is the best book i’ve ever read

    HPatDH is probably the best book i’ve ever read. Although it wasnt stated in the top review, i found that there were plenty of twists, turns, and the excitment was amazing!

    Begging CH 19, there were almost no slow parts, and I zoomed through the last chapters, not able to put the book down!

    i give HPatDH 6/5 stars!

  • harry potter fan

    the deathly hallows was amazing!!! i enjoyed it so much!!! always full of unexpected twists to the story!!! then there is the expected romance!!! it is brilliant!!! i could read it millions of times. best one of the lot!!!

  • Eileen

    Rowlings original genius I believe was her writing style. She had a very unique ability to relay to the reader what Harry was feeling, what he was going through as all of this madness around him unfurled. I believe she abandoned that style from books 4 on and as someone already stated staring writing books as scripts. This is the missing piece for me along this journey -the abandonment (intentional or not) of the original intent of the series.

    I am also very disappointed in the way Snape was primarily left out of this last installment. Snape has been such and enigma up to this point, a very important minor character, and Rowling reduces him to a few fleeting lines and a chapter after he is dead.

    I also felt is was unjust of Rowling to introduce us to new ideas (such as the Death Hallows, the symbol of Grindlewald, Harry’s wand doing magic own it’s own, etc…) when this book was to be about closure about ending. I would rather she tied up all the loose ends then try and introduce some new story lines. The chapter at Kings Cross was also very disappointing and frustrating. Again, no answers from Dumbledore, only guesses and conjecture.

    Also, if I read the book correctly about the Hallows, then Harry and Voldemort are related. Maybe far removed, but still related. Rowling says Voldemort had the Resurrection Stone because it belong to his grandfather a descendant of one Peverell brothers – the original owners of the Hallows. Harry’s dad had the Invisibility cloak because he to is a descendant of one of the brothers. So that makes Harry’s family and Voldemorts family related. But again, Rowling does not go into any of this. More questions, no answers.

    I also agree that Voldemorts death was uneventful (even pathetic IMO). Here is the wizard who has made Harry’s and everyone’s life a living hell and he is killed by a backfire curse. Rowling also has a thread in the book about the significance of ‘blood’ (full blood etc..) but yet the significance of Harry and Voldemort blood status never comes up. Seems pointless to harp on the significance of blood yet never mention it in regards to the 2 main characters.

  • DOUG


  • Brad K.

    I read every single response and opinion on this page because I am so confused to what to think. I loved reading the entire series and esp. the deathly hallows. But the feeling that i keep facing is emptiness. I really want to know more. JKR has made a dynasty when it comes to a hero. i feel that she has to write another one due to public demand; there is too much public demand for that to be dismissed. Fydor Dotesvsky who wrote Crime and Punishment wrote an epilouge years after the book was published due to public demand and i hope JKR does the same.

    i feel almost foolish writing this but the book seriously has become a part of me. i havent been the same since i finished it. i feel like i should give my opinions of the novel but its simply the feeling of wanting more thats over powering me.

    also just so i know im not alone… did anyone else see the allusion to the holocaust that JKR made? i completely missed the whole jesus christ aspect suprisingly, but once it was mentioned it was so obvious. he died to protect everyone else just like jesus. its these allusions and deep hidden cultural and historical references which convinces me that this series was made for adults.

    I know ive been talking for awhile but i just cant get over how amazing the entire harry potter ride was for me.

  • STFU n00bz!

    For the fact, Harry DID die. He stepped forward and took death face on. Because he was the destined holder of the Hallows, he could be the one to transcend death once again. Because of Voldemort’s weakness in his own evil, Harry could triumph over him even though he was merely a young wizard with, daresay, very limited skill. Because Harry was such a loyal, and pure of heart young man, he had the powers needed to face Voldemort and finish. Because of Dumbledore’s and Snape’s shortcomings earlier in life, Harry had an avenue to defeat the Dark Lord. Dumbledore redeemed his own lust for power by presenting it to Harry in a rather complicated way.
    The epilogue… Harry’s children go in safety, something Harry could never truly feel. It’s something called PEACE and boring as peace may be Rowling was brilliant enough to bring it to the book.

  • Abeera

    well.. i personally think tht it was an okay book… not tooo gud… neither tooo bad…. well onli one thing i cud say here tht i was expecting more frm rowlin,.. wich she dint showed up at all!… 🙁

  • anniejet

    I just finished The Deathly Hallows. Loved it. Did not find it one dimensional or shallow. All 6 other books built to this finale and for me it was perfect. People can nitpick forever but this is a series that I’ll enjoy returning to again and again throughout the years…My children will enjoy it!

    Thank you J.K. Rowling.

  • jen

    I can see why there are lots of comments about the middle chapters – there isn’t a huge amount of action and it does slow down a bit but I think Rowling was trying to express how lost and vulerable the three actually were…
    What made this book brilliant – and it’s only my opinion- was the way that characters such as prof McGon and Snape were handled. I LOVED that she was in leading a charge of magical desks! Genius.
    Neville was also fab – LOVED that he became a heroic character whose gran was proud of him!Bless.
    Finally, Snape- a great author is someone who can make you feel real emotion about a character for weeks/months after you have finished reading the book. He will stay with me for a long time.
    The ending- still thinking about that one. I too wondered about Percy’s role and it was a bit twee but at least Harry has his own family and is happy. one question – why nineteen years?

  • Steve

    I thought the book was amazing, and it was relieving to have so many questions answered. Probably one of the best books i’ve ever read. I know that the Harry Potter series has nothing to do with the Lord of the Rings series, but a few scenes in HP7 couldnt help but remind me of scenes in the LOTR trilogy.

    The book (in my mind) was a great ending to a great trilogy. It’s a shame I see so many people on this board who didn’t appreciate it the same way I did. I’ve read all of books 1-6 at least 3 times apiece, and I thought the plot all tied together remarkably well in the final installment.

    I guess the only part of the book I was a little dissapointed about was the setting of the Epilogue. Everything else was perfect.

  • Chris

    Good book althought not the best in the series, IMHO. INCREDIBLE cycle of 7 books . . . will live on as one of the great masterworks of fantasy. I will be reading it again to see what I missed.

    JKR managed to answer all the major questions without being entirely predicatable.

    Some things that surprised me . . . .

    Mrs Weasley taking down Bellatrix was a surprise when everyone expected (wanted?) Neville to finish her off.
    Narcissa Malfoy being the one to check Harry to see if he is dead & not letting on that he’s still alive.
    Crabbe casting fiendfyre to destroy the diadem & himself.
    Lupin AND Tonks getting killed in the climactic battle.
    How briefly the diadem Horcrux was introduced, found, & destroyed. Hard to believe that Dumbledore didn’t think to ask the Gray Lady about something like that when he knew Voldemort was looking to collect items from each founder & must have known who she had been when alive.

    Just to name a few. Anything in the book that surprised you?

    I was not surprised by Snape’s motiviations after having reread Snape’s Worst Memory from HBP a few weeks back. Lilly’s defens of Snape in that scene gave me the feeling that unrequited love was Snape’s motivation.

    And she managed to do it while bringing in almost every character & creature introduced in the other books that I can think of.

  • Kaonashi

    Well, since there’s no stopping the spoilers now, I’d like to chime in 🙂

    I thought it was a very good read overall, but yes some parts dragged out. The whole plot with the threesome looking for the horcruxes got boring at times, wandering from one town to the next.

    I was shocked at the body count in this book and was saddened to see so many good guys go down, but it was expected.I had a feeling that all four of Marauders would eventually died, but for Tonks to bite it as well was just sad considering she had just had a baby. But I guess Harry and little Teddy’s relationship was meant to parallel Harry and Sirius’.

    Some of the deaths however, seemed unnecessary. I mean seriously- Hedwig the owl? Fred? What on earth for? Even Crabbe’s death seemed out of place, and for him to suddenly become a potential killer was also odd.

    I think many will agree that the best chapter was “The Prince’s Tale”. It was such a sad chapter that revealed how complex Snape truly was. I had a feeling that Snape had a thing for Lily, but I never thought that they would be childhood friends.

    I thought the epilogue was unnecessary, though I can see Rowling’s desire to let people know that Harry and his friends grew up and lived happily ever after. I know many wanted to hear more about what happened to the others (the rest of the Weasleys, how the Ministry got returned to normal, etc) but I think it would have been difficult to squeeze all that in one chapter.

    I’m sure I can think of more things to say but I’m at work right now 😉

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Maybe Rowling wrote this book with just enough of an out to give her the opportunity to write an eight book from someone else’s viewpoint.

    I thought the bit with the wands to be rather clever – it allowed her to explore the concept of loyalty from an entirely different angle.

    I agree with others here that the book seemed to drag – but part of my perception may come from the fact that I was using it to keep0 awake during a late night patrol at a village gate… Al in all, I think Rowling could have cut fifty to sixty pages from this book with no trouble at all. But considering that the book cost over $30 in American money (NIS 139), I guess she had to give it a little heft..

  • Dew

    ***Spoilers contained in this comment***

    I loved book 7. What others felt to be rushed I took as active and emotional. Book 7 is by far my favorite. Although I have enjoyed all of the series, I have never been able to read any of the previous books twice. For what? There was nothing more to experience. With Book 7 I look forward to going thru it again and again.

    I agree that Voldemort seemed dumbed down in the end but I understand why. Other than death itself, Harry was his greatest fear. We all knew Voldemort was a coward it was only fitting that he would be his own downfall. As JK so brilliantly outlined in half blood prince the prophecy only held because of Voldemort’s choices and it was choices that brought his demise. Hence, Harry giving him the choice to be remorseful.

    What I didn’t understand was JK thinking she had closed all the gaps to prevent any future books. I saw so many place where there could be further editions. Especially in Harry’s son Albus Severus. ( Albus Severus? Why did Ginny let him do that)

    All in all great series, great book.

  • eggplant

    Ok I was wrong.I once said you couldn’t have a good Snape and a good book 7, it turns out I was wrong. I said if JKR can figure out a way to do it she’s an even better writer than I thought she was, it turns out she really is a better writer than I thought she was.

    But in my own defense let me ask even the most loyal members of the I love Snape club something, wasn’t there a time when reading the book you thought I must be wrong, Snape really is evil?

    If JKR had been writing in Shakespeare’s day we’d still be reading it, and if Shakespeare were writing in our day he’d be a billionaire too.


  • Shay

    I really think the book would have been better without the epilogue. And just about everyone I’ve talked to irl about the book seems to agree. The whole ending was like an artist temper tantrum to say “Ha ha! Now you can’t mess with my characters anymore. These are the couples and that’s it.” And that pretty much IS it. Everyone is either married with children or dead. @_@ Hardly realistic or exciting. The epilogue reads like a bad fanfic..

    Minus that however I thought the book was alright. It was very rushed, and I felt a little jaded with the lack of attention to certain characters deaths. If she’d streched the book longer and went into more detail it could have been amazing. But instead it was just okay. We got a resolution though, and it was interesting enough for me to finish, so it’s some good in it. :3

  • Aimee x.

    I dont usually read books, but i just couldn’t put this one down! I couldn’t believe how much thought J.K Rowling had put into this! It all ties in, every last bit.

    My favorite is how Snape was in love with Lily, although loathed James, to which Harry very much looked like, he never really put any hurt on him.

    I love the fact that in the end, everyone unites, even the centuers to fight agains the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort. I had a feeling that Harry would have to die in the end, but i never expected him to come back to life =]

    Even though its a truely dark story, all the way through it there is always happyness, laughs and love.

    Well done J.K. Rowling

    You are truely inspiring to us all! xx

  • pig

    I thought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was a good read but i am unsure of wether it was one of the worst or best in the series. I think it more or less ties up the whole series quite well but i think there was something missing which i just can’t put my finger on. I would also really like to know about what happened to the Dursley family meanwhile all of this. Were they o.k?
    Also, what kind of name is AlbusServurus. I mean come on, fine they were close to Harry but there was no need to put such an awful name to his son. I think J.K Rowling did a good job and it is finally the end of an era.

  • Firebolt

    I loved the book in fact i read it for 12 hours straight on Saturday. I feel the book was amazing. She tied up everything that needed to be tied. She truely is a genuis. I especially loved and was intrigued by the whole Severus Snape Dumbledore connection and how Snape really was just following orders. All that time he was in love with Lily Evans…poor guy. I actually feel sorry for the guy…how strange. Anyway, I think that because Harry was “killed” he became whole again just as Dumbledore said. Therefore his soul was more intact than it had ever been leaving him more alive than ever. This leads to why he was able to come back into the world of the living. I was in shock most of the book, but the good kind of shock. The book left me extremely satisfied and I happened to think the 19 Years Later bit was quite nice. I actually became teary eyed when he summoned the dead. Lupin’s part was the one that got me going. I dont really know why. Anyone else think that while at King’s Cross, the whining baby creature was Voldemort’s soul??? All in all, this book is just as amazing as it’s counterparts and is worthy of an A+ in my book. Anyone thinking about reading the series needs to because it is so extraodinary and intrigueing. Props to you Mrs Rowling.

  • toby

    i think fred loosing an ear was…pointless…if harry turned into voldemort and turned ron into a spider it would of been better..but…a wand! wtf.. is that the best JK could cum up with?

  • Riv

    I thought the 7th book was brilliant! I thought everything happened as it should have happened.You have to remember that one of the main points is the age old story that good conquers evil and that is precisely what happened. Harry used a his famed Expelliarmus charm againt Voldemort. He could have used the killing curse as voldemort had done but he didn’t have. That is why Harry Potter is a great wizard. He didn’t let power get to him. On another note in the epilogue, i would have loved to know a little bit more about Neville (i know he was professor but still) Luna, Professor McGonagall and if Hagrid was still a teacher or if he just lived in his little hut. Also I would have liked to know more about the other Weasleys and Teddy Lupin. They spoke sort of briefly about him and if it was 19 years later, he’s be 18 or 19 so why was he still going to Hogwarts. But other than that, i really think the book is Brilliant!

  • Sandra Elkwin

    I didn’t think there were any glitches at all in the book! it was the best bok of the series, i didn’t feel rushed.

  • Shiva

    i cant get over the death of hedwig ..broke my heart…but hearing about snapes life …that chapter made me really feel sorry for him.

  • Blondygirl

    I think a lot of the commente here should be looked at carefully. It seems like the whole of Harry’s fan club wanted the book to end with him dying miserably and half the world being wiped out. The ending was not sappy. Has our world become so dark and grey that no one can see the beauty of naming a child after a loved one who is now gone? It is the greatest way to remember them and for them to live on. It’s the whole love prevailing over evil which technically is what the harry potter books are all about.

    Also I did not find the plot predictable at all, on the whole I found it impossible to predict and had to go to work halfway through with my head spinning with questions.

    This is in my opinion, J.K’s best work. Having grown up with Harry since I was 10 years old, I found the ending to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.

    I was devastated by Fred’s death. So many deaths and half of you seem to have wanted more

  • Michelle

    My overall impression was a mixture of distaste and awe. Like all of the books, it had its shining moments of complete brilliance, only to be marred by other gapping errors. To start with the positives, it had some stunning universal themes working for it, expressed in very creative ways. We find out the background of Dumbledore, in which he has power-hungry tendencies because of his brilliance. He has the classic theme of having untold brilliance, and a slightly weak nature in the face of the pressure to use it. He masks his intentions of seizing power by any means necessary seem reasonable by justifying everything with the idea that he his working for “the greater good,” a tendency we have seen throughout history and in contemporary politics and religion as a major driving force. Harry also has the choice to either target the Horcruxes, or run after the Deathly Hollows; the three objects that Dumbledore sought that can make one invisible to death itself, and hold a lure to Harry to bring back loved ones. Harry has the choice to make, he can try to overpower by selfish means, or he can go about an unselfish plan. Ultimately the choice we all face. Once again, Rowling’s themes from her fantasy series are resonant with real life.

    One of the greatest factors is her ability to display the realistic side of war and oppression. The Death Eaters finally have seized power over the ministry, and wizards of muggle dissent are virtually stripped of their power, reduced to begging in the streets. This is resonant, as it seems to cry out the even people with the most power (magic) can crumble at the will of another, all in the name of bigotry and hatred, greed and power. Another darker side of the war is displayed in everyone having the greatest thing to lose (loved ones) being threatened, tortured, and killed. The new regime does not target only people who dissent, but also their families. Like a truly good book, it makes on analyze themselves, and not help but wonder, could they go up against that? It also makes the reader cherish what they have.

    And now the bad. I have to say, the whole thing felt exactly as diehard Star Wars fans described episode three. There was just chaotic battle, after chaotic battle, after chaotic battle, and in the end everyone knows what is going to happen and that is why they are there. Let’s just see Anikin become Darth Vader and be done with it. “It was too busy,” as my dad said. That is the exactly the way this book felt. It was chaos mounted on chaos, and in the end we know Harry is going to destroy the Horcurxes and Voldemort. The pacing was absurdly fast, to the point where it was very easy to get lost, or just not even care. Thirty things must have happened in one chapter. Some of this could have been filled out over the last two books, which seemed largely like filler books.

    The worst part seemed to be the gaps in the narration. Things would happen spontaneously, without really understanding why or how. If we are lucky, we get to hear later on just what it the name of God happened. At one point, Neville had the sorting had on, which burst in to flames, only to have him take it off, and pull out the sword of Gryffindor. The narration fails to mentioned if he is burned, or injured. Small things such as this make the reading very slow going. Parts had to be read three or four times. If I had to summarize this book in one word, it would be chaos. But despite the chaos, I applaud her ability the keep the dizzying details of this complex book strait.

    And of course, the all mighty luck-driven plot was back again. Wand ownerships were switched just at precisely the right time, and in the end Voldemort “killed” Harry. Luckily, Harry was a Horcrux, so Voldemort only murdered his own soul, leaving Harry’s soul for the first time complete. Why? Luckily Voldemort had Harry’s blood in him, somehow keeping Harry alive (this raises the interesting question of Wizard blood drives…). Dragons are reached in the nick of time, spells narrowly avoided because the enemy is clearly not trained in marksmanship, and if the heroes wait long enough, some of the information drops in their laps. At one point, the trio is on the run and camping in the English country side, and desperately needed to know information about Gryffindor’s sword. Sure enough, people on the run from the government walk up next to the hidden tent, sit down, and discuss vital information about the sword. As a final point, many of the individual new plot points are stereotypical in the extreme. There is a magical sword that destroys anything, a fairy tale the just happens to be true, and objects to make one immortal.

    And yet, even if individual parts are lacking, Harry Potter seems to be great in the sum of the whole. The way Rowling can some how take the hackneyed and combine it into the extraordinary is what makes these books worth the read. Along the same lines as the great classics of Shakespeare and Steinbeck? Hardly. But in their own right, I am glad I followed Harry to the end.

  • TimmmmmyC

    does this work?

  • SmrtyPntz92

    The part about Snape being in love with Lily was SOOOO adorable! Hermione kissing Ron was really cute, too!

  • TimmmmmyC

    it seems that most of the people posting here were satisfied with the final HP installment…however, i DEFINITELY was not.

    i found myself reading the book quickly…too quickly…because i wanted to finally get to an interesting point in the story. by the time that finally occurred, i was just about done with the novel.

    i felt that the story was rushed…and rather than tie up loose ends, it created them instead. voldemort perishing like he did? in a mere matter of a few lines?? disturbingly ridiculous.

    i think rowling did a great disservice to her series, and to us, her devoted fans. i wish she had taken more time. she needed another year at least to adequately produce the final installment.

    i never wanted the other HP books to end…i thought they were so creative and intriguing…but i found myself wanting to get to the end of The Deathly Hallows…not just because i wanted to see how it all ends, but also because i wanted her to wrap it up. it was definitely rushed…and wildly lacking. i almost wish i never read it…i could have written a better, more satisfying end to the series in my head. i don’t care about some characters dying…they had to. it was necessary. even harry dying would have been justifiable. but to end it like she did…it just seemed a horrible disservice to the other works. the 1st 500 pages were glaringly lacking substance…and the last ~250 were rushed…it appeared like rowling realized she had wasted too much time with the garbage at the beginning of the novel decided to accelerate everything else.

    it seems to me that all the readers who found the Deathly Hallows to be a masterpiece would say that regardless of what rowling wrote. they wanted it to be a masterpiece. and so it was to them. but to me, one of the more blunt & discerning readers, it will never be more than a rushed, lacking novel that was kicked out to beat a publishing deadline. and that’s a shame.

  • Nicole

    No twist and turns?
    Are you serious?

    “most” is spelled m-o-s-t nost m-u-s-t

    Apart from the epilogue (must admit it was poorly written) the whole book was brilliant to me.

  • ds

    it seems some of you commenting were more upset that the series ended and just took it out on the book…well it had to end sometime so get over it and enjoy this wonderful book

  • Batgrrl

    Did I miss something? I thought they had to give up the magic sword just before escaping gringotts on the dragon. How did neville get it back at the end?

  • Ruben Castro

    I thought this book was excellent, even the ending. I place it as the best book in the series. It is difficult to end such a series, one that has created so many emotions in not only the reader but also the author. Remember also that Rowling had to write this book for all age groups and many of the younger readers would perhaps not be able to digest a sad ending.
    It is fitting that Harry and Ginny are married and Ron and Hermione finally realize their love for each other. What more can we ask? For Rowling to write even more books …

  • EthelHallow

    wow, people are coming to this books defence like it’s a holy object. Despite it’s similarities, it’s not the bible – relax. We are allowed to not like things about it. Putting forth criticism, expressing what bothered us about the book doesn’t mean this book and the whole series was crap. Clearly we are all fans of the series or we wouldn’t be here. So please stop implying or flat out saying that those of us who don’t think this book is a perfect flawless work of art are stupid

  • Kha

    the only problem i found was that the end was too abrupt. what happened about the dead bodies lying in the great hall? what about Fred and Lupin and Tonks? what about Lupin’s kid? what did they do to Voldemort’s and Bellatrix’s bodies? what did they plan to do now it was over? who was going to be the new headmaster/mistress? Too many unanswered questions were left hanging and she went straight to the epilogue. she couldve atleast added a few more paragraphs to tell us all this instead that Harry wanted to sleep and thats it.

  • IgnatiusReilly

    Nicole, too bad you don’t know how to spell “not”.

  • Farah

    Predictable it may have been, but I think that everyone knows that the way the book ended was the way it was destined too. HP is about fulfilling one’s destiny as Harry did, and in return good conquered evil, life conquered death.

    I did feel that the last chapter or so seemed rush and the Epilogue was a strange last view of Harry out of his youthful element of which readers have come to know him.

    However, I appreciated JKR’s development of love between Hermione and Ron, the bravery and importance of Neville Longbottom, the humanity and vulnerability of the great and imperfect Dumbledore, and the unforseen motivation (Lily) behind Snape’s actions.

    Overall a great book, perhaps not the best of the series or the most perfect, but the one that needed to be written. For close to 800 pages it was an all-too-fast read. It’s hard to believe the series is really over, but we had a good run. Perhaps in my lifetime we will never have another literary hero like Harry.

  • Drew

    Can somebody please explain to me how the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time was killed because of a stupid backfiring wand?? Is that the best Rowling could have come up with??

  • chichoo

    (Hi. You should have read the book to read this)

    I got on to the firebolt and circled entire earth and landed safely on the rooftop. That’s how I felt the moment I started the book and completed it some 19 hours later (minus some minutes spent on daily cores!) what a book! You need not be a genius to have guessed some plot details earlier because it is a continuing story right from first book. I felt really sad (even had wet eyes!) for Snape. What a man. JKR should have at least permitted harry to hug snape once (even though he loath him and the feeling is mutual!) I feel that jkr’s children should have made her change her mind from eliminating one of the three main characters. But I don’t complain. The epilogue should have been more hilarious and informative had there was a dinner meeting at The Burrow amongst all Order members and other survivors (including Grawp!). The following may also be added (this is only inclusive. Lot and lot can be mentioned):
    1. Hagrid marries Madam Maxime
    2. Hagrid gifts tawny Owl to harry named Hedwig
    3. Umbridge put behind Askhaban
    4. Luna Lovegood marries Neville
    5. Ron joins Charlie in WWW joke shop
    6. Kreacher joins Hogwords kitchen
    7. Hermione becomes Healer
    8. Harry becomes Auror
    9. Kingsly Shacklebolt becomes minister of magic etc etc

  • Strazif

    Overall I enjoyed the last book. The only thing that really dissapointed me was the death of Voldemort. I think the whole wand thing made Harry’s character and the overall meaning of the series shallow. I guess my own expectations are a good reasoning of my distaste for the final battle. I wanted to come to the conclusion that at the end when Voldemort lay on the ground that it was truly Harry alone that made it happen. Not some loophole wand power or some magical charm of love that helped him.

    Despite that I loved the series and I loved this book. It was a great journey.

  • Amizez

    i think that this book is amazing it was neccessary for the deaths as it is war it is neccessary for their to be deaths that is unneeded as it shows that even innocent people get hurt in war.it shows people of the younger generation the devastating effects of war in a way they can relate to it brings it real to them in a way they can understand. i dont know if it is just me but i think this book relates to world war 2 and nazi germany.(wont say anymore them pesky spoilers!)what i also like about this book is the way it was unpredictable except for the ending the ending was predictable since books before this one. i think it could of been a better epilogue… but it had to be that way because i think that its what the readers wanted to see and it would be a to bigger twist to end it in the opposite direction.i think the ending of both the epilogue and the book was weak the final battle very disappointing and the last page. overall i rate this book 10/10 because the way rowling addressed the war situation, the pace of the book,the unveiling of characters(dumbledore and even more surprising snape!) anyone who buys this will be thrilled to read it!.and all i have left to say is thanks JK for the memories and the great times which have been reading the books and i think the final film will be like 5 hours long as the whole book is important towards the climax of the series.

  • Amizez

    also i think that the people who wanted harry potter to die indefinitely are those who maybe subconsiously harry potter means alot to them as if you think logically if he is dead there can be no more harry potter books where as if he’s still alive theres a glimmer of hope that they will hear from hogwarts again. it is a weird way to think but maybe they envy him for his fame.(all this from a 15 yr old boy who woulda guessed lol)

  • kassie

    i had always thought snape was a good character, i thought he made it interesting, but after he killed dumbledore in the 6th book i forgot about him. i was shocked and happy after it was revealed he was a good guy. he in now back on my favourite character list.

  • albus severus

    I think that this “final installment” has accomplished exactly what was intended. This is a fairy tale and I don’t think that Harry, Ron, or Hermione had to die. I am happy that if anyone had to die it would be a 2nd tier character. I also understand that some characters would not get their due (like Hagrid) simply because of time constraints. Face the fact that this book could easily have reached 1000 pages. Also Kings Crossing explained Dumbledore’s actions and tied them together perfectly. On the negative side this could be the first book in the series where the movie could definitely outshine the book. Is that really a negative? Also the epilogue is great.
    It closes the circle of life thing. If JK wants to write short stories in the future about Harry and Ron’s children, that avenue is open. If she wanted to fill in any blanks about the 19 year period she can do it. One of the most wonderful writers of our time.

  • I personally do not like novels that are written in a way that makes it seem more a movie script than a novel.

    It is possible that Rowling is making a subtle jab at the way the movies have been made. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks the movies are better than the books. Maybe she is trying to bridge that gap.

    The epilogue struck me as a bit “tacked on” and rather superflous to requirements. There was enough of a “happy” ending in the proper book so it was unnecessary.

  • Amizez

    i agree with marty dodge it will be hard to make this book look bad as a movie as i think this book would be an ideal movie

  • Josh

    I have read most of the comments here.
    In all honesty, I felt empty inside.
    All of the other books seemed better.

    The ending was….not as I expected.
    And now, I know that their either not going to have a 7th movie, or if they do it will be horrible, because they’ll miss out on so much.

    I just felt….empty, depressed that its over. And afcource the series was great I’v read it since I was a kid.
    But it lost its magic, it really did.
    The ending of the 7th book…well…wasnt to my expectations.
    This has left me depressed, because I know she could have come up with something better.

    Everything after Harry came back from the dead was crap =/

  • Chris Burton

    I agree the book would make a great movie especially the battle of hogwarts at the end!

    I enjoyed the book it was great i thought it was the best in the series. Although was it just me or did harry not seem to fight much(as throughout the whole series), in the battle for hogwarts he ron and hermione seemed to just be spectators running around and explaining wat was going on too much! With all the magic hermione was depicted to know it seemed she was more likely to be able to finish off voldy, not harry. it would have been great to see harry in a decent battle with voldy perhaps realise the power that dumbledore explains his pheonix wand to have recieved from voldy.

    And i thought in the 6th book that that levicorus spell could only be thought hermione for some reason mumbled it in bellatrix’s volt.

    Also i sgree on the fact that ending needed to be longer seeing as it was the last book. But it seemed to be an ending similar to that of the earlier books. At least right a decent epologue with ALL the main characters in it.

    What happened to the members of the DA!?

  • SS Gal

    I have enjoyed reading comments from the other readers, and in some instances gained understanding which I had not thought about. I really enjoyed this book. Yes, though somethings were predictable, other things were a complete surprise. I loved the way Neville grew into a leader. I thought that was great. I loved Snape being good, but I had truly thought this before I read the book and also linked him to being in love with Lily. I believe that the Sword came to Neville from the sorting hat, which someone questioned, because he “needed it”. There is a passage in this book, as well as in the first book regarding this. I just can’t remember the exact details. I had bought both the book and audio book. I have to agree that when I read – the book seemed rush, because I was trying to get through it, but I also have to admit, when I listened to the audio – It did fall into place and did not seem as rushed. I questioned why Tonks and Lupin both had to die, but agree it is a connection with Harry. And I thought maybe another book serious with Teddy??? I really did enjoy this book. It made me laugh, cry and surprised me at times. I truly believe that Rowlings is a master story teller, and those of us who have loved the books, are grieving the end of the series. So hopefully Rowlings will come up with another series and we will get enjoyment from those, though probably not the love and obession we have had with Harry.

  • jac

    While perhaps slightly rushed in it’s tieing of lose ends and marred by it’s overly child-friendly and trite conclusion, Deathly Hallows was an overall astoundingly entertaining, intelligent and gripping conclusion to the Harry Potter series. Whenever I read Rowling’s books I am shocked by her ability to combine entertaining and funny childrens books, dark fantasy novels, “emotional growth” literature and even philosophical text seamlessly, and, in my opinion, her final piece was no exception.

    While admittedly darker than her previous books and sometimes lacking the amusing, lighthearted charm Rowling is famous for adding to her narrative, one can hardly blame her for this loss of sunshine— the inevitable end of this series we’ve all accepted (the fall of voldemort, with or without harry) requires such death and violence if it is to be even remotely plausable. The atmosphere may be surprising to readers used to a generally uplifting read, but is nonetheless impressive in it’s own way.

    Hallows wasn’t perfect though. The sheer number of mysteries and loose ends released into the world of Wizards during the first 6 books all had to be explained, tied and finished during this novel, and rowling sometimes failed to aptly do so. Some explanations were dragged out rather excessively while others were left partially unexplained or merely glossed over.

    The interesting ending to the saga of Harry VS. Voldemort made perfect sense and followed in time with what had been building during the previous books, however was not overly well written; it seemed a rather rushed climax compared to some of the lengthy explanations earlier in the book. I finished reading that section with a feeling of “and that’s it? that’s all you’re going to say?” The last chapter was also weak; it seemed a poorly tacked on bit reminiscent of a disney movie— unneccesary, off colour with the introspective darkness of the rest of the book and slightly redundant— we all KNEW who would marry who!

    Anyway. now I’m complaining and rambling, but to be totally honest I loved this book regardless of it’s flaws. It was an overall excellent ending to a bestselling series and an interesting piece of literature sure to satisfy rather than dissapoint if you open your mind just a little.

  • leonardo

    While I enjoyed the “deathly halllows” (like many of you I didn’t put the book down once)I belong in the camp that was extremely dissapointed with the ending. I wasn’t unhappy with any of Rowlings plot twists or the novels pacing, it just seemed to me that she had a powerful ending that would have set the book apart from other fantasies and complete a great series with an unbelievable ending. Harry should have died. And thats not because Im some morbid “emo”, its because as I read how Harry walked to face Voldemort knowing he was going to die, I was completely moved, and although I didnt want it too happen, I knew it should. And then Rowling surprised me even more by making the next chapter set in the afterliife and had him talking to his good friend dumbledore and I was even more pleased. Harry is not dead! He has just moved on!

    But then, just like a cheap two bit author, Rowling decieds to cater to the 11 year olds and makes him magically come back to life. I guess thats what I get for becoming involved in a childrens fantasy, however good that fantasy was. I am in my twentys. Shame on me. Seriously.

    So instead of Voldemort and Harry lying dead across from one another, and the culmination if the series being powerful and meaningful, readers are then subjected to Voldemorts unbeleivable stupidity. You would think that after trying to kill this kid yoiur whole life you would check to see if he was actually dead yourself. We get the second duel, but before tehy get down to it, Harry has to make a long winded explanation as to how exactly he is going to win. Its Draco’s Wand! AHAHA! I’m HArry Potter, The luckiest boy wizard ever! And just how did Harry get through this book without havng to make one killing curse. While everyone around him is getting murdered b Voldie n’ company, it never occurs to him that maybe he should be throwing around a few “Avada Kedavras”. Hell even the lowly Crabe and Goyle tried to kill him. in response harry sets his phaser to Stun? I would like to see a litttle more anger from a boy wizard who has seen everyone close to him die.
    But you may say, “That would give in to his dark side?” Even Frodo killed some folks.

    And is their any justice in the Wizarding world? How exactly does Malfoy get to send his kid to Hogworts, after he is directly responsible for letting death eaters into Hogworts and killing random students.

    I really did like this book, really I did. I just have a few contentions. Had the ending been good i could forget about everything else. I find it hard to beleive that Rowling, being an obviously brilliant writer with an incredible imagination, couldn’t see where the book needed to end. I blame pressure from the publishing company. its as if they had her under the imperious curse.

  • Arjun

    Hi Marty,
    In my opinion, this book was as good if not better than all the other HP books. Ms. Rowling continues to amaze with her writing. She has brought in many elements of general philosophy into the book in subtle ways and makes Harry’s transition to adulthood so much more inspiring to teenagers.
    Also, I disagree with your quip about spelling errors. Please state your references for that. There were a few places that may have looked like they had grammatical errors, because of missing punctuation maybe, but to me they just looked like stylized narration.

  • Lucy

    I found the book read well, but the 19 years into the future was a bit unlike rowling. In those couple of pages I would have liked to known what was going on; meaning what did the trio of friends do for a living, what happened to the member of the order, was snape vindicated, etc. The where are they now part just seemed a bit rushed.

  • Earl

    Why would Dumbledore give Hermione information on the Deathly Hallows, and give Harry the Resurrection Stone if he didn’t want them to find the Hallows?

  • Earl

    Also, what was the point of Harry using the Resurrection Stone?

  • vidya

    well.it was not the best book of the series.
    it was not a very interesting read in the beginning.but towards the end it started gaining some attraction.the only complaint i have is that some of the characters were killed just for the sake of killing someone…the book could have easily progressed withought killing those characters…atleast she should have given a sufficient and satisfying explanaton for killing them.

  • this book was the best book of the series and harry potter is WAY better than lord of the rings.
    i think harry should have killed voldemort with the elder wand using the killing curse though.but overall it was a great book.

  • Kaonashi

    I read somewhere that the Epilogue was actually written around the same time as the first book, which may explain why it’s so amateurishly written.

  • kevin

    one thing i didnt get was the horcruxes. if voldemort didnt know that harry was a horcrux then there would only be 6 horcruxes which is not a magic number. i always thought that the seven horcruxes included voldemort and the 1 seventh soul inside of him (nagini, tiara, locket, diary, ring, cup). however apparently this wasnt the case. thus either there was an eigth of soul inside of him (thus 8 parts of soul) or there was no soul inside of him (7/7 of soul in horcruxes). either im confused or she sorta screwed that part up. overall i thought 6 was the best written but this was the best primarily because it had good plot twists (like malfoys wand) and was more entertaining than 6.

  • Amizez

    i have written before look up and what i dont get is grindelward had the elder wand and he lost to dumbledore.the elder wands meant to be unbeatable

  • TimmmmmyC

    i’m glad to see that others felt rather empty after finishing the Deathly Hallows. as i stated earlier, i definitely did. i almost wished i never read it…that i, instead, composed the ending in my head. that way i wouldn’t have been let down.

    i can’t imagine that other fans of the series would be content with the final book. i can only think that they would have been happy with anything rowling produced.

    the only saving grace to the pathetic final installment is that i’m hoping it ISN’T the final installment…i have deepset hopes that rowling has every intention of writing an 8th book…there are too many loose ends…and too much to still explain for it to end here. but if it does, if it actually is the end, then the HP series is tainted to me. and i’m bitter because of it…

  • Reese

    I have just finished the book not more than an hour ago and must say that I am most impressed with the way the story flits from epic adventure to a coming-of-age adolescent tale effortlessly. I believe that the Deathly Hallows is an instant classic, and I will cherish the entire series until I am able to read it to my children.

    To address some of the comments above, I agree that the epilogue is child-pleasing, however it has redeeming qualities. One such part of the epilogue is that we find that Harry recognizes the lifetime of sacrifice made for him by Snape, and so honors it in the naming of his son.

    I am personally very pleased with the fact that Harry was never forced to use the Killing Curse. Harry follows Dumbledore’s example of “never killing if he could avoid it”, and he could, in fact, avoid it. It also further solidifies the idea that Harry never wanted any of his fame or responsibility in the first place, an idea he broods over throughout the entire series. Harry was able to escape his destiny in one piece, and settle down to some long-deserved normality.

    Also, Malfoy was allowed to send his child to Hogwarts because of the ideals held so dearly by Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix, the DA, and all good witches and wizards alike; that all people, wizards and Muggles, like all species deserve equal treatment. If Kingsley was in fact still Minister of Magic nineteen years later, that most certainly would have been the case. I am also sure that after nineteen years of policy and practice there would be great punishment for anyone who so much as thought about the Dark Arts. Malfoy owed his life to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and most likely showed remorse for his actions as a seventeen-year-old under Voldemort’s control. (Remember, Dumbledore’s friendship with Grindelwald as a seventeen-year-old.)

    In all, I feel that the very brief epilogue being set nineteen years in the future leaves a great deal to the imagination. I would be more disappointed had Rowling spoon-fed me each and every detail of Harry’s, and the rest of the characters’ lives after the fateful morning when the darkest wizard of all time was defeated.

    I also agree with Marty Dodge that the screenplay-like nature of the text is Rowling’s subtle attempt at controlling the outcome of the seventh film. I can only hope for a two-part film; the first ending after the twenty-seventh chapter (the Final Hiding Place), and the second picking up as soon as Harry, Ron, and Hermione touch down on Hogsmeade’s High Street.

    In all, very pleased with the entire series. The only difficulty I have now is accepting that it’s over!

  • DOUG

    I just finished reading the book for the second time and I still feel that this is one the best in the series. I have read evry comment here and i agree with most of you that the ending felt rushed. However I still feel that jk will come back to the series and surprise us with another installment or a new series in the same setting. She just has way too much material to work from, her own material. I re-read one thru six in the month prior to dh and each book still grabs my attention and I have read each more than a dozen times. I plan on re-reading the entire series back to back with dh and with the knowledge of how it ends I look forward to finding the so-called red herrings that jk was dropping all along. I feel that a movie for dh will be tough, just imagine ths battle of hogwarts on the screen-it would be amazing-if it was not rushed. In a way if the movie was done right and with liberties given to the filmmakers to expand the epilogue we could get some better closure for all the left out characters. I still hope that this is’nt the end.

  • sarah

    anyone who said the book was bad or rubbish needs a smack this was rowling’s best yet and im sorri to c the series end
    we always new harry was gunna survive it wasnt gunna be a best seller if the hero died. if this book was rated it would be a 5 star from me

  • I think the book was very good not my favorite but well written and enjoyable. JK ,could she really have killed Harry? Would anyone go see the next two movies?? Would any new young children really want to read these books knowing that Harry dies?? I wish the epilogue was better written, like what was Harry doing for a living? What happened to him after Voldemort was killed? Where are Hagrid,Mcgonigle etc. too short and seemed rushed.

  • The worst ending of any book I’ve ever read.

    We got no resolution from any of the character development that had been building the last 4,000 pages of story. We have no idea how the Weasley family, Hagrid, Draco or anyone else feels after the dual is over. No funeral for Lupin, Tonks, Fred, or Snape. About what happens to the remaining deatheaters like Lucious Malfoy, or the reconstruction of the Ministry of Magic. Nothing about what would happen to Hogwarts. No scene with the Centaurs exclaiming their reaction to the fufillment of the prophecy, or Trelawney. After a battle involved with nearly ever race in the wizard world, the four houses united as well, we get no speech of unity and conquering prejudice.

    Instead, Rowling has Harry avoid the celebtration and sneak into Dumbledore’s office for a quick five minute chat about the Elder Wand? An item that was only introduced in the seventh book alone? What the HELLLLL is that?!?!?

    To make matters worse, we get no answer to many key questions the former books posed. Why it’s important that Harry’s eyes are green. What’s in the the room in the department of mysteries that contains the power the Dark Lord knows not. What was it that attacked Ron in the department of mysteries that time. Why did the Veil kill Sirius. The list goes on and on and on.

    Other things just make no sense, period. Harry felt endless guilt for the death of Dumbledore, which was clearly not his fault at all, yet when he says “Voldemort” and sends the Deatheaters to come take he and his friends to Malfoy Manner, resulting in the brutal torture of Hermione and the death of Dobby, he doesn’t feel any guilt at all?!?!?!? He doesn’t apologize to Hermione, he just says “you were amazing. Rowling is a good writer, you say?

    The book will sell beyond any in history, and to me it deserves no further respect than that of a Britney Spears song. People will buy it, but that by no means makes it good.

  • TimmmmmyC

    finally – another reader who doesn’t blindly worship every word rowling writes…and, most importantly, one who doesn’t bash those who are disappointed with deathly hallows.

    thanks, brian, for not being an HP drone.

    we all love potter, or we wouldn’t be here. however, deathly hallows is madly flawed.

  • Michael

    I was thinking about what Earl asked earlier, and I tend to agree with him. Can anyone answer why Dumbledore gave Hermione the book that would teach the trio about the Deathly Hallows and gave Harry one of the Hallows if he (Dumbledore)didn’t want them to go after the Hallows? And what was the point of Harry using the Resurrection Stone as he walked towards Voldemort?

  • Anonymous

    This book was AMAZING.
    && JK Rowling is an incredible writer.

    I was very pleased.

  • E

    After reading the 7th book I did want to critisize it but only because it’s the end of the whole series. That hurts.

    I liked the book. I agree with some people about the middle being a little slow and a tad forgetable but the end (not counting the Epilouge) was satisfying. I, like many others felt loose ends were not tied up. Not everything in Harry’s world was explained. And even new ideas (which were somewhat unessecary) were introduced. I’m not sure how they fit into the book. The only things I took from them were that:

    1. Harry is distantly related to Voldemort

    2. Since Voldemort wasn’t the true owner of the Elder Wand and Harry was, it made it easier to defeat him

    3. It’s Harry’s non-desire of power that’s crucial

    But these points seemed not worth it to make more loose ends in the last book.

    I was very upset about some of the deaths including Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Tonks and Lupin. All of these I thought were unessecary. I was especially sad that Rowling orphaned yet another boy. It’s almost Harry all over again (except without the destiny). I thought it was almost cruel. I was a little dissapointed with how Snape died very suddenly and then the whole plot suddenly changed. There were a lot of places in the book where I had to re-read a couple of the sentences to let what just happened sink in.

    I also really, really hoped Harry would come to some terms and some closure about all the family he lost. I wanted him to learn more about his past. There was so much he didn’t know. What about grandparents on both sides? His muggle grandparents were proud of Lily. What about Aunts, Uncles, or even distant relatives? I know we saw that a lot of them (more specifically the “Potters”) were dead but surely all of them couldn’t be. Along with little closure to plot lines I felt there was no closure to Harry’s character. I mean that’s who this whole series is about.

    Besides that I was confused on several things:

    1. How did Draco defeat Dumbledore and how did Harry then defeat Draco? Snape killed Dumbledore but he didn’t even defeat him. So how did Draco? And then Harry never battled Draco yet he defeated him. Maybe I’m missing something, I’m not sure.

    2. As other people pointed out, the Kings Crossing chapter was strange, but I felt the beggining where Harry woke naked, was the strangest. It felt out of place for the Harry Potter books. That suprised and confused me.

    3. How does Aberforth fit in? I thought he was dead. Now he’s back and all this time he was the Hog’s Head Barman. Didn’t anyone notice those blue eyes? It was a little much and slightly random (I agree with the people that were against the tainting of Dumbledore. He was a good person that wanted Harry to realize in the end WHY he had to die and WHY he had to be the one to walk to it).

    There were many other points But I might be a little too critical. Harry Potter’s world was too complicated to not have that random help that helped him survive. Six of his years in the wizarding world were spent in school fretting over homework, personal relationships, and Quidditch. He had little time to learn about the world and lives of the people surrounding him.

    I also agree with the people that found his walk to death moving. I felt it was the right way for Harry to go (or supposedly go). But all that aside I was most dissapointed with the epilouge. I too want to know what happened to people. There was more than who ended with whom and what there kids were called (but really who names their kid Scorpius). We’ve followed these characters for 7 years to get….this. Well I can only hope she DOES write more. At least Harry Potter has been an adventure and like other literature there were definitly lessons to learn.

    Bravo J.K. Rowling.

  • meek

    is it me or some of the part of the “deathly hallows” reminded you of “Lord of the ring” and “chroncle of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.” for instance the locket having a life of it own, affecting those who wear it just like the ring in lord of the ring. The epilogue at the end reminded me of chroncle of narnia when it showed the kids growing up years later in narnia. Even when harry potter went to voldemort in the forbidden forest to die, it reminded me of when the lion took himself to the witch to be killed. Even the story of the deathly hallow(although i like it) didn’t sound original and it felt like i’ve seen this in another story. Overall, i think j.k rowling ended the series in a safe way. It was an edgy ending that i thought it would be but it was alright. And alright is better than a horrible or bland ending.

  • meek

    correction in my previous statment i made: “it was edgy ending” should be “it wasn’t an edgy ending”.

  • Ricky

    i finished the book in two days and i think by far the best one, even though i wanted to know more about his fathers side of the family, Ignotus peverell ? how did that come down, yes i’ll admit there was loose ends but for someone to write 7 books must have an exciting imagination. Im not really a fan of evil but i did wish that Harry would use SECTUM SPECTRE a little more haha, anyways the book was awesome and congrats to ROWLING

  • lilyflower

    the book was good. that’s it. it wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t out of this world….it was good. that’s no where near her other books, but it was a great read none-the-less. i mean, i expected way more. most of the time, it was just the three of them in the forest. of course, they were searching, i should give them a break, but still! most of the action was during the last fight. the epilogue was the most random, most absurd thing i’ve ever read. it was cute, but way too cute, you know? it basically ends with a note that speaks “this book was written for young children, and young children only”. i don’t want to put her down, because she is such an amazing, absolutely fantastic author…it’s just that this book wasn’t up to all the expectations it has been faced with since the release of…well, the entire series, i guess. congrats to rowling, though, she made it through an amazing series. cheers!

  • Beth

    We have to give it to Rowling ‘though. Congratulations for having made it this far and keeping the fans interested and fascinated. My daughter can’t get enough of Harry and Ginny, she’s only 8. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. I agree that a lot of important parts of the story were left hanging. I heard Rowling is giving an interview to ABC so she can explain what happened to the rest of the characters and why she had to kill some of them. But that’s wrong, any explanation should have been part of the book. And I re-read your comment about Tolkien, point well taken.

  • Chris Burton

    This is to kevin who stated before that he didn’t get the whole ordeal of the horcruxes. The reason that there was 6 horcruxes (which is what voldy thought there were) is because the seventh part of his soul is in voldy himself i think that this is clearly explained in the last book. Harry was another part of his soul which makes 8 parts of it.

    For those that questioned that voldy seemed a bit stupid for the all conquering evil that he is made out to be. you have to bear in mind that back in the first book harry sees the bodyless voldy drinking unicorn blood and one of the centeurs says that it will make him terribly unlucky. it is in these small ways that rowling has an explaination for everything. she is a brilliant author.

  • EthelHallow

    Meek – no you are not the only one. I felt the same thing. The whole traveling to destroy horcruxes was VERY Frodo and the ring. There was even one part in the middle when Harry overheard some Goblins having a conversation and I thought – That is right out of LOTR or the Hobbit and she’s not even trying to hide it! Harry’s final walk to his “death” was just like Aslan’s walk to his death in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. When I was reading it I knew Harry wasn’t going to die because it was SO much like Aslan’s walk that I guessed Harry would end up coming back to life just like Aslan and of course …
    Very derivative. Dissapointing for sure.

  • E

    For all those waiting for more, I just heard that J.K. Rowling is going to be writing another book!!!!! It’s a sort of Encyclopedia about the lives of all the other Harry Potter characters in the aftermath of Voldemort’s downfall or at least the book is about a lot of the other characters. That’s what I heard but if you want more her interveiew is on TODAY show thursday, friday morning and on Keith Obermann (my source) thursday, friday night at 8!!! I hope what I heard is true!!

  • Daniel

    i thought it was a tragic depressing end to the story, it seemed as all throughout the series Harry had this deep love for Hermione, but never get the nerve to speak his mind because he realises that Ron has feelings for her. I believe his marrige to Ginny was not out of love, but more for the sake of doing something with his life. Sure she was impressive, but inside he still loved Hermione

  • ALERT!!!
    If you have not read or are not finished reading this book and you don’t want a spoiler, you better be skipping this one!!!!!

    I have to say that this new one really didn’t do it for me. I felt that as a true Harry Potter fan, I should’ve been given more. Much, much more!

    First of all, with the exception of the first two chapters, the first twenty chapters were not very entertaining. There were so many useless details or “fillers” as I will call them, that we didn’t ever need to know. It was really a lot like an overly iced cake. Just waaayyy too muching icing and not enough cake! I would like to have known a little more about what was going on elsewhere in the wizarding world, and a little less about apparating here and there.

    Secondly, the fact that Fred was killed and the Weasley twins–“the dynamic duo”–were ripped apart was bad enough: But also Lupin and Tonks? Right after the joyous birth of their first child? And we don’t even know how they died, just that they are dead! I understand that these people died proudly to fight the cause, but I, as a huge fan had no closure. Jo should have written in a funeral or memorial at Hogwarts for those who died. I wanted to know how George dealt with the death of his other half as well as how Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were too.

    At last I have come to the complaint about the 19 years later. I was so excited when I found out that Jo was going to give a little bit of a “Where Are They Now” but soon found out that it was hardly that. I think I am even still a bit confused by it! Who was Teddy snogging??? And all you heard about were Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco, and Percy. Yes, Percy! The world’s biggest git! Who cares about him!–Only joking: He said he was sorry.– But what about George? Did he continue on with the joke shop? Did he ever get married? Or was he so completely and udderly torn by the death of his twin that he became a raging firewhiskey-aholic who drank all day and eventually decided to take up with Aberforth and his “goat fiddling” hobbies? Probably not, but we still don’t know for sure.

    In conclusion, I would just like to say that I didn’t just hate the book: I only wish that it had given a little more. I mean, all in all, Jo has done an excellent job with the complete series as a whole. I just felt that the last should have been by far the best, but it wasn’t for me. But hey, you can’t win them all! I do have to say though that I still love the story of Harry Potter, and I always will!

  • erik

    I personally believed this book’s plot to be amazing. Although, I felt that Rowling’s writing seemed to faulter at various points throughout the book. On the other hand Rowling did include marvelous imagery throughout the book which usually made up for particularly shallow scenes with wonderful pictures painted in the readers mind.

    What was done with Snape’s and Dumbledore’s characters/relationship brought a great sense of depth and more so closure to the thousand’s of question’s the reader had about these two particularly mysterious characters in the series.

    Touching on the deaths throughout the novel, although some have been complaining of the various “unneeded” deaths, i believe all of them had thorough justification in my own mind (even if Dobby’s seemed to piece my own heart the most). The sloppy ways in which the characters were killed ,however, greatly disappointed me. I felt that only Moody’s and Dobby’s deaths were throughly felt in the novel. Fred, Lupin, and Tonks all shared half-ass efforts on the part Rowling. George’s reactions on the death of his twin seemed to be an obvious thing to be written upon. More importantly ,to me, is the reaction i believed Harry SHOULD have felt when the he learns of both Lupin and Tonk’s death and himself as the only remaining legal guardian of the child, especially when he believed to face his death leaving their child in the same predicament that harry had suffered through.

    Although not perfect the final chapter of Harry Potter did an amazing job of tying all the unsolved mysteries of the series together, while some passages may have been shaky overall i want very pleased with the outcome of another great novel from Rowling

  • An amazing number of comments here, many of them detailed. Harry Potter and the Wildly Successful Buzz.

    My teenage son devoured the book and, when he finished, pumped his first in the air and shouted “Yes!” He thinks it’s a great book.

    I also read it eagerly and with interest. About half-way through, I dialed down my expectations and was not disappointed. A good read, but great literature it ain’t.

    One of the things I enjoyed the most was the communal experience – sharing the same story at the same time with lots of people. One reviewer mentioned people eagerly waiting at the docks for the latest Dickens installment to arrive. The comparison is apt.

  • Loopy

    Interesting thoughts from all of the above, I can’t stand those of you who think we are not allowed to think for ourselves and criticise something, just because they loved it then anyone who voices an opinion opposite or different from them is wrong. I believe that those people are lacking in manners and possibly education! Anyway my personal opinion is that the book is marvellous, I think most people guessed that HP was a horcrux himself, and that Hermione and Ron would get it on, but the Snape revelation and the Kreacher/ Malfoy turn around was less predictable…. I think many people are forgetting that essentially it is a children’s book (series), albeit a wonderful romp for adults who enjoy a bit of escapism. JK is a genius writer for children and I would love her to move away from beloved HP into adult writing which I’m sure she could do wonderfully. People who crave more information about the rest of the order etc… use your imaginations – isn’t that the best part of reading after all!

  • Michael

    I thought it was a very good book even though i did feel that there are a few criticisms i can throw at it.

    Firstly Voldemort was made out to be an average wizard, and one who is mindlessly arrogant. He didn’t seem as evil as he was built up to be.
    It was also rushed. It really did feel as though she wanted just to end it quickly. The characters like Luna’s dad (can’t spell the name) and Dumbledore’s brother, didn’t really have any development throughout the story either. They were rushed characters that she quickly invented.

    But there were many things i did like. I found Snapes relationship with Dumbledore fascinating and really liked the way that Dumbledore’s death was planned. Also she added a little bit of history to her magical world, but i admit nowhere near to the extent of tolkiens. Also she degraded Dumbledore, who is still my favourite character, but she did it in a way to teach us all a lesson. Even the greatest people in the world have flaws. Harry Potter will live for a very long time. Warner Brothers must be crapping there pants after reading this book, as it well cost a hell of a lot of money to make into a film

  • Earl

    This is in answer to E’s question. Draco was the rightful owner of the Wand because he disarmed Dumbledore before Snape killed Dumbledore. Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s orders, therefore was not the rightful owner of the Wand, which leaves Draco. Then, when imprisoned within Malfoy Manor, Harry broke out and disarmed Malfoy, therefore claiming possession of the wand, even though Draco didn’t have it on him. Is that right?

  • Larry

    Did Dumbledore leave all that Deathly Hallows information, not to mention giving two of them to Harry, to test Harry’s character? To see if Harry would take the same greedy route as he himself did?

  • Jim

    I don’t think the reviewer actually read the book. It was not 600 pages- it was 759. Also Hermione was more of a crybaby in this book than any of the others- even though the reviewer states she stopped. The constant crying really stood out at me. It also had some huge plot twists as all professional reviewers have agreed. This review is very sketchy.

  • Cate

    This is easily JKR’s best book, her masterpiece, and did not disappoint in any way. I have never enjoyed a book as much, and will recommend it to everyone I know who has not been entranced by the entire series.

    My only regret is that it has ended.

  • McGonogall Misser

    Tried to read most of the comments and I just want to reitorate what I firstly said – I think that through the seven books JK has introduced so many characters and has really made us feel for nearly evry one of them, that it is almost unfair to them, to not at least have them mentioned more in this 7th book. I dont think this is the last of the serires, but do hope that any upcomming books dont have James, Albus, or Lily fighting some Dark Arts person, but simply, maybe like in the final chapters of book 6, show funerals, a final ending.

    I have to finally say that I reread some of book 6 after finishing dh and am amazed at how I suconsiously read the bit where Snape kills Dumbldore completely differenty. When Dumbledore turns to Snape ‘Please, Severus’ I suconsiously read it as a plea for him to be killed, rather than, how I suppose everybody else read it at the time, a plea for Snape to remain loyal and not kill him. I think at some point I will have to read the other books again to find the other probably countless occaisions such as this one – probably shouting out ‘oh, I see now’ nearly every time I find one!

    Still have mixed feelings about this book, but dont think this is going to remain the last in the series, if complaints like some I have heard are anything to go by, poor JKs life is at risk if she doesnt write another one!!!!

  • Jumbeaux

    Any of you geniuses can help me here? How come when Voldy cursed Harry the first time, it didn’t backfire but instead killed him? He was already the owner of the Elder wand by that time. Is it because Harry didn’t raise his own wand?

    Like someone above I also need the explanation on how Neville got the sword to kill Nagini when it was lost in Gringots.

    I have many other grievances too but, just like after reading book 5, I just keep telling myself that this is a book for children, this is a book for children….

    ….and hope that it will all go away.

  • Aiden & Abbey

    Out of the thirty-six chapters of the book, the only two that were relevent to the immediate storyline were Chapter 1 and Chapter 36. J.K. Rowling should have eliminated the other thirty-four chapters of the book in hopes of not straying from the main storyline and leading to completely irrelevent and uninteresting storylines such as the whole Dumbledore/Grindelwald storyline. We think the only reason that people say this is one of the best books, is because they don’t want to admit that the plots in this book were truly quite meaningless. J.K. Rowling seems to have been in quite a rush while writing this book. Almost like she was getting cocky. Blimey! It could have been so much better. MAke sure that if you have any questions or comments, make sure to reply to our comment. G’ day.

  • Kaonashi

    Good news everyone! Mugglenet.com has announced that Rowling will be writing an encyclopedia to answer all our many, many questions. Obviously she hasn’t started yet since she needs a break, but I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

  • Kaonashi

    McGonogall Misser- actually, Voldemort’s curse did work….


    But it didn’t kill Harry. It killed the Horcrux inside him. That’s what that little deformed baby thing is that Harry kept wanting to help while he was in limbo.

  • E

    To answer Jumbeaux, the reason Voldemort’s curse “killed” Harry was because unlike later Harry didn’t defend himself, he didn’t use expelliarmus, and yes, he never raised his wand.

  • Larry

    Did Harry use the Resurrection Stone to comfort him before dying?

  • Anyone with the “know how” want to join me in starting a plee for a re-write?

    SERIOUSLY…I believe that is what needs to be done.

  • TimmmmmyC

    I’m in on the re-write.

    J.K. can take as long as she wants with it, too…no publisher or fan pressure…just get it right this time…

  • Craig

    Overall, in my opinion the book was good. I agree with most people in that there were some loose ends, plot glitches, and it seemed a little rushed. However, all in all, it was extremely creative and complicated, yet Rowling tied in most things very well in the end. Hope for more Potter stuff! Good job, J.K.!

  • susan

    Loved the book – I’m right there with Craig, and I want to read more about Snape, who was, in the end…the tragic hero of the series. JK – I hope you will bring us more tales of the witches and wizards of hogwarts!

  • pamela

    In my opinion, the book was a bit rushed. It felt like JK Rowling wanted to get it over with, you can see it through the way she wrote it. Its not like any of her other books. But in fairness, the twists were excellent. I was so shocked to find out that Snape was innocent after all and that Harry was also a horcrux and Dumbledore’s explanation about his family. It was one of the best books out of the 7 and I think people just really expected a lot since its her final book. But do you have a better idea on how to end it?

  • jumbeaux

    Thanks E. Its really a thin line of reasoning but I accept it. When Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore in Book 6, Dumbledore wasn’t defending himself either. So shouldn’t Voldermort be the rightful owner then after he ‘killed’ Harry?

  • Theresa

    I enjoyed the book overall, but agree that it sagged in the middle. I suspect, however, that JKR wanted us to feel the length of time that the trio spent looking for the horcruxes so that we could better understand the frustrations they had with each other.

    In reponse to some of the questions on here, some thoughts:

    Harry never died. If he did, Voldemort would be the new owner of the Elder wand. Harry was just unconscious, in limbo. He was willing to die, however, which is why the old magic worked again, and Voldemort couldn’t make any of his spells work against anyone.

    Harry’s green eyes are significant because they are the clue to Severus’ heart. The most touching line in the entire series for me was Severus’ last. “Look…at…me.” He wanted to have one last look into Lily’s eyes as he died.

    The room in the Department of Mysteries that had what would kill Voldemort was the Love room. Voldemort underestimated Severus’ love for Lily and the Malfoy’s love for each other. I loved how Lucius and Narcissa bypassed the fight altogether, screaming for Draco. There’s hope for them yet.

    As far as the sensless deaths, war is full of them. Some of the deaths happen suddenly, with no warning, and not everyone gets to die a hero. The deaths leave gaping holes in the lives of those who loved them. If you’re feeling cheated and angry on behalf of your favorite character, that’s how you’re supposed to feel. I’m horrified that Fred and both Tonks and Lupin are dead. I reread those lines, because I couldn’t believe it. That’s what made it realistic. BTW, it would be a bit unrealistic for Harry to actually witness the death of everyone he knew who fought. He was all over the place.

    Dumbledore finally explained that the reason he didn’t give Harry all of the information at once was because Harry needed to be able to digest things as they came along. He wasn’t ready to know everything. Dumbledore was afraid that Harry would use the knowledge unwisely, as he (Dumbledore)had done years ago. Harry needed the journey to gain the wisdom to make the right decision. Which he did, as he proved when he told Dumbledore that he would not seek the resurrection stone again.

    Harry didn’t have romantic feelings for Hermione. The series is told from Harry’s point of view. If wanted Hermione, we would know, because we know everything Harry does.

    I agree about the epilogue. I would have rather had some sort of 10-years later newspaper article that talked about the rebuilding of the wizarding world and an update on the heroes of the war.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the encyclopedia!

  • Ian

    I first started reading the Sorcerer’s Stone on a plane coming back from a holiday this past year. A couple of weeks later I had read all six. To create a story that people read compulsively and effortlessly is a rare gift. There are things I would prefer with the last book, such as a greater exposition of everything that happened next as Tolkien did, but the book was very enjoyable and well done.

  • Abbey & Aidan

    We entirely agree with Bonnie that a re-write is absolutely needed, simply because the devoted fans of Harry Potter are NOT satisfied. It seems as though J.K Rowling had a time limit for this book (which she hadn’t)and actually forgot to write for awhile, and therefore rushed not only the entire middle of the story, but the end as well. Usually, when we are reading any of the Harry Potter books, every single time something happens out of the blue, our hearts always stop. However, this time, we were both just waiting for the book to end, waiting to just find out who dies, Harry or Voldemort? So because we were waiting, no matter who died, Fred, Lupin, or Tonk, it just didn’t seem to be a very big blow. Usually, Rowling stretches out “important” or “devastating” scenes just enough in order to strengthen the effect, however, it seemed as though this time, she did not write the killings with her usual care, and just decided that the quicker she wrote, the better.

    We are just so utterly dissapointed because when an ending of a book, or even a tv series is meaningless, and unstirring, it no longer truly matters how amazingly well written the rest of the series was. The stench of the disapointment of the last of the series with always hover above the successes.

  • i absolutely loved it. i don’t understand other people who aren’t satisfied. i can say that i am fully satisfied and that i don’t need anymore. the book and the series are done and that’s that. i’m happy. =)

  • nicole

    i have a few questions you might be able to answer….when snape was dying harry put some silver liquidy stuff in a flask (snape said take it take it) what was this and what was its significance, also when harry spoke to dumbeldore the alst time there was a crying baby….who/what was this?
    overall i think it was a good book, i felt it dragged a tiny bit in the middle but i guess everything needed to be mentioned, the ending was good.

  • Yes the middle dragged a bit but I found the end to be totally unsatisfying and rushed. It was terribly anti-climatic imo. It was a bit thin and could have used a bit more.

  • Kaonashi

    Nicole- I can answer your questions. If you have any more, feel free to ask

    1.) The “silver liquid” that Snape poured into a flask and gave to Harry were his memories. That’s why Harry saw in the Pensieve that Snape and Lily were childhood friends, and that he had loved her all his life (sob!) Recall that in “Half-Blood Prince” Slughorn did the same thing and gave his memories to Harry (to give to Dumbledore), which is how he learned about the Horcruxes.

    2.)I believe that the crying baby represents the small part of Voldemort that was in Harry (i.e., his soul).

  • Matt.L

    I thank J.K for a great series i could not have asked for a better ending, any who the epilogue was a bit lame however I am left to wonder why at the end JK uses a past tense of “All was well” not ,All is well or they lived happily ever after.The last three words suggest something else is coming weather or not she meant that there is more we can only find out with time.

  • Sill

    Can someone tell me what page did the american cover of deathly hallows took place?, i knew the back cover was when vol. got hit by the elder wand. Also, the british cover, the back cover had a giant white buliding tower, is that malfoy manor or something else. The front cover, i know that the treasure was the bank, but the fire on harry’s glasses, is it when he faced the fire beast that crabbe casted?. Please post if you completely understand both covers, THANKS!

  • Do you mean the UK adult or child version?

  • ally

    the hp series was a fantastic phenomenon i am deeply saddened to finally realise that that was the end, it is quite a depressing thought. If i were to go through everything i liked about the book, i would write more than i have ever done for any school project. The aspects of the book that were unexpected, a bad surprise eg. moody being kiled made me very sad, but they were brilliant because you knew they had to happen, i have nothing but admiration for jk rowling, and the english language will not allow me to transmit my love of the book and the series. Perfection, doesnt come close.

  • LillyS

    I loved this last book. It really captured the feel of the previous books. Many of the loose ends were tied as questions were being answered finally. The plot was a little messy but still was intreiguing. Harry was such a leader and he showed great character, bravery, and sacrifice. Ron and Hermione were so loyal (at least for some parts) and brave and they look adorable as a couple. It is saddening to know that Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Dobby, and so many others died. Finally Voldemort had died though so that brought victory to Harry and his supporters. The very ending was nice, knowing that there really was a happy ending with Ginny and Harry and RTon and Hermione. This book was amazing!

  • Terry

    omg i loved this book! i spent the last few days with my nose in the book, totally intreiged by it. im not a die-hard harry potter fan but i really liked this. it may have had been a bit random, but the plot was still good and it was cool to see all of the characters, even the dead ones. the chapter where harry meets with his deceased parents and loved ones, and decides to sacrifice himself was soo sad! i was sobbing the whole time!! when he didnt die, i was happily shocked. it would seem as though he would die and the rest of the book was just recalling what happened. but he survived. omg. the very ending was so cute! a little cheesy, but cute. im glad the two couples were together at last. and the children are going to end up just like harry and his friends. gosh, that was so cute! i love this book.

  • Samina

    This is definately my favourite harry potter book. I loved the way it was put together, all the questions of from the previous book answered. I thought it was brilliantly written and loved the fact that most of the story took place away from hogwarts! I also really liked the way j r rowling made harry seem more grown up and selfless. I cried after reading about Dobby’s death, it was really moving! My favourite chapters were the ones decsribing the battles. To be fair i did feel the battle chapters were written as if to make it easiers for them to be turned into film scenes. Overall though it was a brill book. It’sd a pity there will be no more harry potter books, becaus eit would be cool to see if draco’s son Scorpious and Harry’s Albus severus go head to head ! I Loved the fact that Ginny got really jelous of Cho and Mrs Weasley swore at Bellatrix. Those little things added so much more to the plot

    Samina x

  • mark

    i found this book to be extremely well written, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable. I utterly disagree with the likes of ‘JK copped out of killing Harry’ and that ‘Jk writes with the big-screen in mind’ (general quotes from different reviews)because you have to remeber that this series has been 17 years in the making, much of that spent merely planning the plot twists. Jk did not cop-out of killing Harry…I think she wrote clebverly and deliberately to create such a powerful build-up that felt so real and inescapable. Which is why it was even more spectacular when Harry survives, there was never any ‘copping out’, this was a well thought out twist, inevitable and predicatble though it may seem to some. Secondly, Jk’s storytelling is indeed cinematic…but that does not mean she writes for directors. Rather, that she creates a very strong sense of atmosphere and setting, suitable for the grand scenes of a magical finale to a fantastic series.

  • TimmmmmyC


    it’s disturbing to see that some fans don’t mind reading second-rate material. they love the series enough to accept whatever’s on the next page…just as long as it’s a harry potter book.

    have some standards. the deathly hallows was weak. i, like other more discerning readers, found myself reading for reading’s sake… and mainly because i just wanted to see what was going to happen in the end…not because i was actually enjoying the book. for the 1st time in the series, i contemplated skipping chapters. mainly, the part of the story with ron, hermione & harry bickering and quarreling. the locket was a horrible addition, too. just serves to prove that rowling has borrowed too much from other fantasy works. i also heard that the name ‘hermione granger’ is almost verbatim to a girl’s name in another fantasy novel (i can’t remember the name or author). my friend told me this…he had read that novel…but hasn’t read any of the HP series. you can’t expect to get away with ripping off a character’s name when it’s ‘hermione.’

    unfortunately, all this just adds more fuel to the fire rowling created in me with this weak end to a great series. she’s tainted her works in my eyes.

  • Krissy

    Thought it was so-so. I agree with others that the ending felt quite rushed, although I guess by the time Voldemort actually dies, we’re supposed to have figured out that he’s already lost, so…maybe it was meant to be sort of anti-climactic in that sense.

    I had to reread the bit about the Elder wand and how it’s owner is chosen…not sure I totally get it, but I’m okay with my take on it even if it’s not what was meant.

    To be honest, I’m not sure that the introduction of Dealthy Hallows didn’t slow the book down. It didn’t seem well thought out to me, especially, has some have noted, since it’s suggested that Voldemort and Harry are distant relatives, yet that theory is never actually explored. Agree that there were some moments highly reminiscient of LotR.

    My biggest WTF moment, though, was when the Sword of Griffindor popped out of the sorting hat. How the hell did it get there? Anyone know?

    Epilogue was annoying.

    Agree that the narrative had changed some halfway through the series, and that we seem to be less and less connected to Harry. Take out the most well-developed character, Hogwarts, and there’s a sort of vague emptiness that hollows out the read as a whole. All in all, I’d give it 6/10.

  • mark

    I know what people mean about the deathly hallows being an unnecessary addition to the book, however i enjoyed it. Nevertheless arent we supposed to believe that Harry Potter defeated Voldemort through moral supieriority, through courage and through posessing heart and love – human characteristics more powerful than magic. But as it turns out, Harry defeated Voldemort by conveniently having disarming Malfoy earlier in the novel and thereby controversially claiming authority over the elder wand…sounds like luck to me as is quite often the case with Harry’s escapes/ victories

  • Sill

    To Marty Dodge, i meant the child version

  • Phoenix

    All in all I think it was a great book. It did however have many unanswered questions such as the veil that killed Sirius, the department of mysteries,and what happened to the wizarding world after Voldemort’s death, etc. but despite those loose ends it was a great finish to an amazing series. I absolutely loved the fact that Snape was good and that he was in love with Lily, but i hate that Harry was never able to talk to Snape after he found out about Snape’s true alliegance and all the suffering he went through in order to help protect him, the son of the woman he loved. And with that I was hoping someone could explain to me whether or not Snape actually cared about Harry or if he was just helping Harry for lily?

  • DOUG

    I am a huge fan of this series and I will re-read each book numerous times in the future. However, i have’nt been as big a fan of the movies. I feel that every character in the books have their place and with each movie many important characters have been left out. I mean I have’nt seen Peeves in the first four films(I have’nt seen #5 yet), thats just one example. I feel that any movie made for book seven will disappoint all of the real hp fans. I think that jk is feeling the pain of her fans as I just read the interview she gave that will be on primetime and she is already spilling on the main characters future in between the end and the epilogue and beyond,(harry and ron are aurors, hermione a lawyer, etc), she also talks about her next projects and how she knows that they will never be as big as hp. She is smart and I’m sure that she will see that she has the potential to continue this series beyond book 7 even with all new characters, she also touched on the possibility of needing create a new evil enemy, she did say that this was unlikely, but we will see. I don’t think she can leave the world she created behind for good- just my opinion. If she keeps her word and brings out a sort of hogwarts/hp dictionary it will sell millions, and I bet that the majority of the information in it won’t have anything to do with harry,ron or herione. Just some random thoughts, maybe due to the fact that its all over and we don’t have that next book to look forward to. On a seperate note-spoiler ahead-how many spoilers did you read that were incorrect-ron dies,harry dies, the hallows are where the final battle happens?, I read three different spoilers after I read the book and they were all wrong-nice job morons.

  • mads

    Yes the novel seemed a bit rushed, but I for one am very glad that Harry survived and I found the last chapter absolutly adorable. I was also thrilled to see Snape’s touching side that we failed to see throw the books and movies. I loved how Harry and Ginny named thier kids James, Lilly, and Albus Severus. And who else practically screamed with joy when Ron and Hermione FINALLY got together? Yes, Fred, Mad Eye Moody, Lupin, and Tonks died but I felt the author had to kill off some of the good characters in order to keep the trio and our favorite characters alive (Hargid, Weasleys, the D.A). I was very sad to see the series end but im glad it all worked out in the end after many rumers of fatal endings. In the end i liked it it may not have been the authors best, but I thought it ended well.

  • Norrin

    I predict the Harry Potter series will become a classic just like the Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and others of that ilk. The books will be timeless and will never become stale. Some people have posted their disappointment that the seventh installment didn’t end the way they wanted it to. I respectfully and adamantly disagree. The book did an excellent job of tying loose ends and keeping the reader engaged. I did feel that in some sections the reading was a bit clunky, meaning that it didn’t flow as well as previous installments. However, this small irritation did not in any way diminish the grandeur of the book. In fact, it is Rowling’s mastery of writing that allows the reader to visualize the scenery and the action as if it is a movie playing in your mind. Now that is the signature mark of a great writer. Harry Potter will indeed live on forever and I’m not sure if people are really aware what Rowling has created. And that is, a character that will delight readers both young and old for generations to come. Not many authors can stake that claim.

  • McGonogall Misser

    Does anyone think Neville should have been able to at least harm if not kill Bellatrix, shurely he couldnt have realistically held back the urge to hurt her after she basically made his parents go mad?

  • reggie von woic

    I disagree, McGonogall (sic). Pulling out Godric’s sword from the Sorting Hat was an honor in itsef; going further to slay Nagini adds another feather to Neville’s cap.

    I do agree, however, that Molly Killing Bella was rather random.


  • catherine

    book was kick butt!!
    snape was greatt.
    dumbledore was sexy
    love them all!!

  • el

    loved it! JKR is brilliant…but what ever happened to Prof. Umberidge??? The holocust allusions are chilling!

  • Jim Silberman

    Let me respond to Marty Dodge’s review point that Dealthly Hallows was not one the best books of the Potter series. I think the book would be inherently disappointing to readers no matter how the ending played out. Either, Harry lives which would seem saccrine and predictable to some, or he dies, which would disappoint every child for whom the series was really created, and his death would destroy the positive message of the series. Even if both Harry and Voldemort had died, the message would have becomes one of hopelessness and futility. We get enough of that in the media. Rowling tied up the most important loose ends well. She didn’t tie them all up, but she did very well considering the sized of the task she faced. Disappointment with the end of the Potter saga was inevitable. It places a burden on the final book which makes it harder for us to fairly evalute it. I will need to reread it to pick up what I missed as I have reread other books in the series. In time we shall have a better perspective on the final book, when we’re freed of the disappointment which accompanies its end. Rowling has a fantasy world which has characters whose lives we value as if they were real. That is the mark of a great writer.

  • Cookie

    people at the end..the last three words


    people the word WAS… this signifies that there will be more to the Harry Potter series that will probably end up fixin all da loose ends. if she wasnt gonna continue the story den she wouldn’t hav made it sound like a continuation.

    id laugh if i was wrong..ahahahaaha

  • Well I think that depends on how well her next project does…;) I am not surprised she does not want to kill off totally her golden goose.

  • Jo

    well the book is sitting beside me and i found it overall to be a good read. I am not an obsessive harry potter fan and merely began to read them to save me from ennui; however Jk Rowlings creative style captured me, and so i read the rest in the series-being finally completed by this one. Admittedly, yes, it is a bit predictable but there were several occasions from which i would turn the page an make an audible gasp. It was certainly a thrilling and good book to end on. the only queries that i bring up will be that i think the connection between Lupin and Haryy should have been built up more and that the ending was slightly lame-it left something in the telling. there should have been a greater climax, a greater fight between Harry and Voldemort. But even with out it made for a magnificent read!!

  • Mathie

    Phew, a lot of comments to read!
    Well, I finished the book a couple of days ago and liked it a lot.

    I am very surprised that so many people think it’s odd Ginny and Harry name their children after those who died… Lily and James gave their lives for their son, as did (to a certain extent) Dumbledore. Isn’t it just a way of honoring the dead, and making sure their memory stay’s alive?

    The epilogue was meant to be vague, and keep us wondering. It’s up to our imagination to fill in the blanks, although much can be found in the previous 6 books. I would have been disappointed had everything been written down for me to take in. I personally feel the book would have been ‘unfinished’ had there not been some sort of epilogue, showing us if the main characters were doing well. What ever happened to Luna, George and others is up to our imagination for now, until JK feels the need to fill in those ‘gaps’. As to the ‘sweetness’ of the narrative: give the guys a break: the war is over, they have had their fair share of misery and lead happy lives!

    As for the epic battle… I do not agree with those who think it’s all about luck and an ‘easy way out’. Voldemort as a character went down as so many dictators have gone down in real life… not with a big bang, but almost silently, stupidly, because they failed to read the signs. Furthermore, Harry showed his willingness to die for the cause, which made his victory even sweeter.

    As for those wondering where on earth the sword came from (last time we checked it was with Griphook), it’s stated in one of the earlier books that only a true Gryffindor could pull the sword out of the Sorting-hat… Neville showed himself to be one, and got help when he most needed it, the same way Harry received help in the CoS. This means Griphook could never have held the sword for himself in the first place.

    Overall, I loved the book. The Snape-storyline came as no surprise to me and the DD part added more depth to the narrative.

  • John

    i loved the book, and agree with the comment above mine about voldemort going down silently. however in one of snapes memories dumbledore talked about harry as if he were a pig going to the slaughter and i thought that he should have adressed dumbledore with that more. i’m sad that the series is now over with-any of u that believe rowling will produce another book i think are sadly misteken.

  • I hate Ron Weasley and harry potter

  • eve22112

    When I read the book, I couldn’t read it fast enough and I found myself unable to put it down. The twists are predictable (and so you can’t call it ‘twist’) but overall, it’s a good book, I think.

    The part where Harry died and came back is a bit corny. I remembered predicting the same story to my friend, so when the part where Harry walked to his death came, I looked at the number of pages remaining (which is a lot), and thought to myself “Oh, ok, he’s not going to die”

    So it ended happily-ever-after, but so what? It started as a book for children anyway. The fact that the book still contains a lot of real world issues that can only be detected by adults, is a success actually. After all, it’s a fairytale, and it’s just right to end happily ever after.

  • susan

    MERLINS PANTS! There are a lot of opinions here!!

  • Well with the amount of books sold and fans of the series. There is not shock that so many people have commented here. I have another 50 more on my blog. This one certainly got people riled.

  • Zippy

    Anyone over the age of 14 who reads and enjoys Harry Potter books needs to GROW UP!!!!!!!!!

  • Ever heard of the expression “to each his own” mate?

  • Kaonashi

    “Does anyone think Neville should have been able to at least harm if not kill Bellatrix, shurely he couldnt have realistically held back the urge to hurt her after she basically made his parents go mad?”

    I thought that myself. I felt it was very strange and forced for Molly to suddenly come out of nowhere and take care of Bella.

    Then I realized that it’s the same reason that Harry didn’t “kill” Voldemort, and why Draco couldn’t kill Dumbledore. Remember in Snape’s memories that Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him to save Malfoy’s innocent soul. Rowling’s sending the message that although Harry and Neville are both “adults” at this point, they’re still very young, and she didn’t want their souls to be torn apart by murdering someone.

  • Zippy

    Most people are capable of writing some tosh about some squirt in a wizards hat waving his little piece of wood around. JK Rowling is probably laughing her head off while she spends every one’s money! She hasn’t spent any of mine though ‘cos I only had to glance at a few pages and watch one of the awful films to see what she’s playing at.

  • lipglosschick

    I absolutly loved the book! It was the best out of all 7. From page 2, J.K had me hooked again. I was a bit disapointed about the fall of L.V. I thought it should have been played up alot more after all we had been through with Harry and him. The book ended on a perfect note. So easy for her to pick up down the road and continue with Harry & Ginny’s kids, and the new Weasley family.
    LOVED IT! Thank you J.K. Rowling.

  • Camillia

    Well i thought HPDH was a fantastic book. It rounded up all the queries people may have had….or at least the major, but did lack in manor questions being answer

    The epilogue was very heart warming although could easily leave disappointment for readers who either did not want a happy ending or did not like the fact that it only talked of the main characters.

    Although I’ve not really got my opinion across, i think after reading quite a few on these comments, i will most probably go back and re-read HPDH so that i can see the book from other people perspective .

    With just one read i can safely say that it was the best book of the series and left me satisfied. J.K.R did a fantastic job, and truly and inspiration.

  • Shalimar R

    Deathly Hallows is the best book of the lot. True, Voldemort seems a tad weak, but that doesn’t matter much. Look at the plot, the story…amazing stuff! Never a dull moment when you read it. Whatever people say, I still think it is THE BEST HP BOOK!

  • ryan

    i thought that the book was a good conclusion to the series. however i think that a lot of the stages in the plot had a lot of unrealistic things happening. i know its hard to expect all of it to be realistic when its magic but aberforth living in hogsmeade? neville having the sword of griffindor, in a matter of an hour from griphook who wasnt there? crab suddenly being able to produce a fire like that? I also found he epilouge to be in conclusive, it was the part i was most looking forward to and we never found out what happened to the rest of the characters.

  • kellee

    this book was probably my favorite.

    It made it more of a Cinderella story with harry and ginny ending up together but I’d been predicting the Ron and Hermoine thing since book 2.

    Honestly people how could she kill harry if he died voldermort would still reign and there would have to be another book. The way she ended it allows her to move on from HP or right another one it’s the perfect setup. I understand someone having to get injured while moving Harry but why in the world was it George’s ear!!!!

    I loved mrs weasly in the end though I laughed out loud at that one. I didn’t think she was capable of that.

    I do believe however that most of the book was just them wandering around.

    Last thing is what was with the snake coming out of the old lady!!!

  • kellee

    this book was probably my favorite.

    It made it more of a Cinderella story with harry and ginny ending up together but I’d been predicting the Ron and Hermoine thing since book 2.

    Honestly people how could she kill harry if he died voldermort would still reign and there would have to be another book. The way she ended it allows her to move on from HP or right another one it’s the perfect setup. I understand someone having to get injured while moving Harry but why in the world was it George’s ear!!!!

    I loved mrs weasly in the end though I laughed out loud at that one. I didn’t think she was capable of that.

    I do believe however that most of the book was just them wandering around.

    Last thing is what was with the snake coming out of the old lady!!!



  • sill

    can anyone explain the both us and britain cover(children version), please.

  • AshleyMariex3

    I was angry with some of the deaths.
    But they were in war, and in war people do die.

    To be quiet honest, one of the Weaslys had to die with a family so big.

    It couldn’t have been Ron or Ginny, that is a given, it couldnt have been Percy because he was angry with the family and he couldnt have come back to the family and died, Charlie didnt have a big enough importance in this book to have died, Mr and Mrs Weasly just couldnt have died,George lost his ear, and that only leaves Fred left, everyone loved Fred, he was personally my favorite character, J.K. Rowling let him die laughing which is what he was doing since we had met him in the first book.

    The only part in the book i found to be predicatble was Tonks and Lupin dying. Once Lupin said Harry was Godfather to Teddy you knew they were goners.

    This book was a great book and is my favorite in the series.

  • AshleyMariex3

    To kellee:

    the snake coming out of the old lady was that the real old lady had been killed by the Death Eaters and it was a set up for Harry to be killed in.

    And i had also expected Ron and Her. to be together since book 2.

  • Maddypop

    I totally agree with comment 183. The seventh Harry Potter was in no way a let down. Perfectly crafted, and beautifully written. It included the JK-esque emotional ride – bringing tears and laughter to everyone who reads it. An awesome book, the rereading has begun 🙂 xx

  • Maddypop

    Oh, and i forgot… I didnt expect that of our Molly… did anyone else? hehe x

  • Jacques

    None of the plot twists you’d expect from a Harry Potter book?

    The only possible explanation I can find for that statement is that you didn’t read the book!

    Let’s see, Harry was a horcrux and Snape turned out good (oh but that was so “predictable”).

    And then Harry doesn’t die because Voldemort still has the blood that carries Lily Evans’ protection. Narcissa Malfoy ends up saving Harry’s life, and Harry ends up giving Hogwartians the same magical protection his mother gave him, eliminating Voldemort’s impact in the final battle.

    If those plot twists didn’t do it for you, then perhaps you need to reminded that the Harry was the true master of the Elder Wand, though Voldemort physically owned the wand, and Ron deserted his friends’ quest after being affected by the locket, only to come back and save Harry’s life (and destroy the horcrux with the sword of Gryffindor).

  • Elizabeth

    I thought Rowling did an excellent job with regards to the Snape/Dumbledore relationship. Although I had suspected that Snape was actually good, the 6th book threw me off when he killed Dumbledore. The book as a whole did seem a bit rushed, and in my opinion, was a little short. Even though the book was 759 pages, the print was big. I feel a few more plot twists would improve the novel. I was hoping for a little more from the book, since it is the last of the series, but overall I am pleased with it. Considering the fact that this is the last book and J.K. Rowling could have written a piece of crap if she wanted, since everyone would buy it anyways, I guess I’m happy with it.

  • Daniel

    harry sort of marries Ginny as a way to do something with his life… he doesnt really love her. I hate Ron, hes pathetic, harry should have married Hermione.

  • Benjamin

    I have read in the last few days finished reading the book. I believe that JK has wrote a great book and I commend her on it. I however do have to agree with some about the epilogue. I believe in letting ones imagination roam on a subject but as commenters before have stated leaving to much is not right. I hope that she does make another book to fill in these gaps.

  • s.p

    I enjoyed the first 6 books but found this one very disappointing and an absolute let down…….

    I enjoyed the other 6 books but this one just disappointed me, its my opinion, my view – I am entitled to it, I bought and paid for the book and am deeply disappointed, the mistakes have ruined harry potter for me!








    IT NEEDS REWRITING, so in fact do books 3,4,5,and 6 because harrys horcrux is destroyed in book 2 so he has no further connection with the dark lord, he therefore would not be able to see what the dark lord is doing, all these books are flawed!




  • carlitos

    I thought the book was very good, overall. There were some problems though. Harry should have died (or at least ron or hermione should have died). The only characters that died were relatively unimportant, at least in this book, which revolves mostly around the main trio.

  • Domnu

    I thought the book was absolutely amazing… much of the plot I would have never guessed, and the novel kept me on my toes all the time. As an avid reader and a language student, I loved the many allusions and references to Greek and Latin literature… it’s incredible how many there are. Literally every facet of the series has a connection to the real world (or mythological). For example, even the characters Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa are allusions… the first is a star, the second is a constellation, and the third is a god (though with a slight variation).

    The connection with JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was particularly interesting; the trio destroying the Horcruxes is similar to Frodo and Sam destroying the ring.

    However, it is true that the ending was a bit rushed; it would have been a bit nicer if Rowling had made the ending at least a good 20 pages long just to wrap things up a bit more nicely.

    Overall, this book definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars for so much content within such a limited space… an entire world with magic, excellently developed characters, a formidable enemy, betrayal, and secrets, all packed into lesser than 3500 pages? All I can do is stare and marvel the book in pure awe.

  • Being a slightly obsessive Harry Potter fan, anything written by J.K. Rowling about the Boy Who Lived is good enough for me. However, I would have liked a more descriptive epilogue. It would have been great to read about the other, not quite as big characters fates, some people other than Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Draco for a change.
    For instance, How is the Weasly family?
    What is george up to now that Fred is dead?
    Is there anything new with Hagrid and Grawp?
    What about McGonagall? Luna?

    Really, everything up to the epilouge was great, but the ending could have been written better, and included more descriptions.

  • The last few chapters explaining the connection between old Voldy and Harry were tremendously confusing, I couldn’t understand why Harry ended up in Kings Cross (though that is probably because of my own stupidity) and why Voldemort couldn’t do this and that blah blah blah. What was the point of the baby? The significance was never explained. The epilogue was also dissapointing and cliche, and the book would have been better off without it. I wanted to remember the fighting, hot headed seventeen year old Harry Potter when I finished the series that had spellbound me for so long, not a thirty-six year old father of three. However, the book had so many twists and turns and unexpected occurances, such as Severus and Lily’s relationship and Regulus Black’s stealing of the locket, that it is impossible for me to say the book was bad. In some ways simpered below expectations, but in others it went excedingeley high. One must admit that it was in no way shape or form predictable; no one but Rowling would be able to conjure a book like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Though the Hallows were somewhat irrelevant..ha)

  • Ivana

    I loved every part of the book, even the epilogue. Despite that it’s a fantasy, the characters, no matter how minor they were to the plot, were very believable. Due to Rowling’s immaculate plannings for the book, the plot flows as it should; nothing was forced. The epilogue was great, as it presented itself nicely as a foil to the war-torned world nineteen years ago. The purities and innocence of the children made me laugh. They also reminded me sweetly of the day I first opened the pages of the Sorcerer’s stone.

  • Just Done

    I think some of you really miss the underlying ideas of many of the plot lines in this book. The idea of Hedwig and Dobbie dying clearly represents the harm done to innocents during times of high tension in the world.

    For the commentor who talked about this being a book to appease fans, Rowling knew how this book was going to end before she ever finished the first book. To say that Draco became a sympathetic character because of the actor who plays him is ridiculous. There are a lot of allusions to real world societies and many of the wizarding world problems exist in our world today. J.K. did an incredible job making this series, and especially HPDH, not only an entertaining read but a lesson learned of the effects of many of the social plagues in the world. I would want my kids to read this. It really champions selflessness and benefits of choosing good over evil. In a time today that good and evil are so evident in society, I welcome an attitude of uniting for a common good and fighting back against those who wish to take away the very essence of individuality and freedom. GREAT BOOK!

  • Satisfied Reader

    I’ve heard that some of these books that were printed were missing 50 pages or so.Maybe that is where you saw a plot glitch.my book has 759 pages.
    As for the story itself i found it quite enjoyable. In this last installment I expected the many deaths that came with it and as previously said everything did tie in perfectly at the end.I agree that the epilogue should have been made longer especially reguarding hogwarts and what has become of it.This was a fascinating novel but not Jk Rowlings best, and i must wonder if she really spent the time on this novel as she did the others.

  • Samina

    I Do think that this was an ok book. I do really want more questions answered though.Have any of you got any theories? Then please reply….

    Neville is now a herbology teacher…i was sure Harry would become a defence against dark arts teacher at hogwarts…but i was wrong….so what do you think he is up to now?

    What ever happened to Luna and Cho?

    Did Mcgonnagal become the headmistress?

    Did Harry talk to snapes portrait in the head masters office to talk about how he helped him and to say sorry?

    Did voldemort have a funeral? If yes did anyone go?

    Where was Buck beak the hippogriff all this time because he appeared from no where?

    How were the weasleys coping without fred?

    What was George doing with his Joke shop business without fred?

    Did harry and ginny end up moving to Godrics Hollow or back into sirius’ house?

    What happened to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy?

    Is the room of requirment okay?

    Who does teddy (lupins son live with)? (Because harry says he comes round for dinner 4 times a week so he dont live their!)

    Is Teddy part werewolf?

    Did harry and Ron have a joint wedding….or who got married first?

    Did Aberforth forgive Albus for what happened to Arianna?

    Finnally Did anyone give Rita Skeeter a GOOD beating or give her harsh words?

    Things i would like to know or feel free to post some suggestions because i have no clue lol and cant fill in the gaps…..

    Samina x

  • As we have said before there were different lengths of books for different countries. The UK “adult” version is 607 pages because it has smaller print.

  • Talha

    It was nice enough but I don’t want to see that this novel series has ended because I love it.

  • Talal

    I am the lover of the Harry Potter series so I don’t want this superb series to be ended and I hope J.K.Rowling will again entertain the world.

  • Mike

    well, i have recently bought the book and i have read the first few chatpers, and i went online to look at revies due to being completely appauled with the spelling errors, i will read the rest due to curiousity and just plain enjoyment. all these reviews were if nothing else influencial and entertaining to me. the part about the length of the book was completely hilarious, i always thought you should check your facts before writing a review, but then again some of the commenters were just plain idiots acting upon there impulses of idiocy and i expected no less from some of them. the original review wes excetionally great.

  • Mike

    wow…..typos suck……

  • Art

    Harry Potter I through VII are children’s books that can be enjoyed by adults too. I think a dead Harry at the conclusion of the book VII would have been hard on kids…
    And, if you really want to know what was happening in the “death & resurrection” scene, go to classical mythology & look up the story of Orpheus, or go read several books by Joseph Campbell. Part of the hero’s quest leads him to the underworld… Harry is on a classic hero’s journey… The ending may have been predictable so some — but it seems very appropriate to me. Thanks.

  • Art I see you point and it is very mythological in its denoument. However I think the way she handled his not dying was a bit limp. The ending should have been more of the pages and some of the slow bits in the middle could have been shorter.

  • mathie

    harry didn’t lose his horcrux in the CoS because he didn’t die. the venom didn’t kill him, cause fawkes came to the rescue. the avada kedavra curse on the other hand kills the horcrux in harry directly, taking away this excess piece of soul, leaving him a whole heart. harry doesn’t die here either b/c the curse kills off the excess part first, but avada kedavra works instantly on the horcrux, whereas venom takes time to reach it’s destination. which it didn’t, b/c fawkes healed harry before this in fact could happen.

    as to lupin: it has not been said how he got killed, so it’s to early to say it’s a flaw in the plot. there are only a few ways to kill a werewolf, and i’m sure one of those was used to get rid of remus.

  • This book should have been much longer it felt a bit rushed. I wanted a much longer period of celebration at the end and thought the “19 years later” was a bit tame and could have done much better at explaining what had happend to more charactors and in more detail. However she wrapped up many stories well and still managed to create more mysteries throughout the book

  • ashlyn

    i do not at all think that JKR wanted Harry to die at first but changed her mind at the end. My reasoning comes from the fact that Dumbledore seemed happy at the end of GoF when Harry told him Voldemort used Harry’s blood to resurrect. At least since the 4th installment, JKR had the intention of letting Harry die and then revive again due to the blood connection.

    The epilogue did seem a little rushed and does not account for many things many readers would love to know. But I believe JKR’s reason for the epilogue was just to make sure that no one can ever write about the series anymore.. at least not with a continuation of Harry and Voldemort.

    I agree that Voldemort seemed a little weak in this book but should we recall what made Voldemort so powerful in the first place? Mainly, the fact that he can’t die as long as one of his horcrux remains intact. The trio and Neville took care of that. Of course, he was also a charming boy who was good at sowing discord. This quality was displayed in the Deathly Hallows wasn’t it? And magically powerful? Of course. And that is also why we do not see a star-wars battle between Harry and him at the end. The only way Harry could outdo Voldemort was through (Dumbledore’s) wits and Harry’s (luck). I thought it is more realistic this way, that Harry won not by his own magical prowess but by the idea behind which is that a wands recognises the wand it was defeated by and with what spell. Draco’s wand overcame Dumbledore’s Elder Wand with the expelliarmus spell. So when Harry used Draco’s wand on Voldemort’s Elder Wand, he could overcome it as easily.

    Why did some people find it predictable and some not? Think about it this way, for the finale of a story, it can either end this or that way. Either Harry dies or he does not. Either this character is good or bad. So if your guess had been this way and it really turned out this way, of course you would think it’s predictable. And the book is only predictable because JKR dropped hints for us along the way and avid fans like myself take the time to investigate and make good deductions from her hints. For me, it’s not about how many surprises there are, but rather how perfectly her clues fit into her plot at the end. I feel she has succeeded in concluding my fave story of all time.

  • ashlyn

    oh and to the reader who was wondering why Neville could get the gryffindor sword “out of nowhere”, it’s because at that moment Neville displayed the qualities of a true gryffindor, that is, courage. Hence, he was able to pull out the sword from the sorting hat. (Just like how Harry had did in the Chamber of Secret)

  • Stephanie

    I thought that the final book was the best out of the whole series! By the end of the novel, many of my questions had been answered (I didnt expect JK to explain what happened to every single character in the last chapter of the book). Now it’s just sad that there is no more Harry Potter to look forward to.

  • phoenix2002ie

    I loved book 7 JK’s brillient. I always knew Snape would redeam himself in the end even if it did mean giving his life. JK really set the tone of the book when she started killing at the very beginning of the book…but Lupin, Tonks, Mad-eye, Fred…and poor Hedwig (dont know if this death was really necessary).

    I really liked Neville’s role in this last book he finally got some decent stuff to do (lets hope the film makers dont cut any of it).

    All in all a very good finale

  • Jose Diaz

    All in all a very good read and ending to probably the entire series. comparisons to JRR tolkien really unfair and comparing apples to oranges. Tolkien was blantant in his symbolism to Christianity wheras I found Rowling to habe a much more humanistic approach to her series. Those criticising the ending forget that its probably the hardest thing to do in any series is to end such a popular series. Even the return of the king in tolkien series was prolonged. I thought Rowling overall did a great job of tying all the books together. Only sad that there is not another Harry Potter to look forward to.

  • There was a fair bit of Christian symbolism in the end of this Harry Potter. Quite surprising to be honest. Maybe she listened to all their Christians up in arms about her books.

  • sleepy

    Love that this series ended with a BANG! After Half-Blood Prince I’ve had difficulty convincing some friends that Snape was a good guy, but now I can strut around proclaiming, “I told you so!”

    Ok, narcissism aside. Looking back at the whole series, I feel that Rowling did a much better job at crafting 2nd-line characters than our main trio. Lupin, Sirius, the fake Mad-Eye, Fred & George, Neville, Snape, Tonks, McGonagall…they seem to just jump out of the page. But Ron and Hermione? Well, interesting at first, but somehow they just don’t seem to go through the kind of character development you’d expect of main protagonists. I like Harry’s character development for the most part, though I must admit I find his now-I-hate-you-now-you’re-hero-again attitude toward Dumbledore a little tiresome (maybe it reminded me of my own adolescence!).

    Since putting down HBP, I’ve a question I’d hope HPDH would answer, but was disappointed it didn’t. Did Snape intentionally left Harry his Potions book? If so, why?

    p/s: I think Luna ended up with Dean Thomas. There’s a lot of hint in the book. Rowling also said that there’s an interesting back story to Dean that she had to cut out of the script, so I think she’d probably want to give Dean a gal =)

    p/p/s: Fred’s death just breaks my heart.

  • this book was i think amazing. it was not predictable at all, except maybe the epiloge but it was a great ending. and i thought it was one of jks best.

  • yeah this is the best BOOK in the series…..
    i cant imagine any better way this BOOk could have ended……..
    the Ending was totally surprising and answered all the questions in my head….. which leaves me totally Satisfied wiht this book……..

    i agree tht the book was frustrating till the middle…….
    well i guess tht was how the book was intending to be……..
    i felt as frustrated as the Characters……..
    those long unfruitful days waiting to get the Horocroxes……..

    howver tht frustration made the books ending so much better……….
    definitely a very GOOD end to a Masterful-series…

    However its sad tht there will never come a Harry Potter BOok again……..
    i feel like crying….

    its so sad……. isnt it!!!

  • danielle

    “This 600-page”

    My book was 759 pages. And I just finished the novel and I thought it was the best of the series. And I would love to know you’re meaning of a plot glitch because I didnt see any.

  • HP7

    I may not be one of HP’s greatest fans, but I’ve read everyone of the HP books at least 5 times a year. I used to think J.K was a geinus, but after the HP7 I think that she just lost her touch. She killed to many people, she rushed things, and her last chapter was not bad, but too far from great. I sometimes needed to read things more then once to understand them. I don’t think J.K is a bad writer. I just think that she was great, and now…well, not.
    This is not my favorite book. Not even close.

  • Ugh, why are people so anal about the length of the book. The adult UK version was 607 pages long because the font was smaller and there were not pictures. The kiddie version (which is all they sell in the US) is longer because of the font size and illustrations.

  • Sue

    #231 sp….valid points but in order to destroy the soul in a horcrux, the object housing it must be destroyed. As Fawkes tears saved Harry, the soul was not destroyed.
    As for Lupin, he was in his human form when he died therefore the ways to kill a werewolf were not applicable.
    JKR did a great job creating the series and sustaining interest. I do agree however with the poster that said no need to kill Hedwig…

  • I disagree that this book will be adapted into a film script with ease because it was so fast paced they will have to cut so much. And much of it is Harry wrestling with his thoughts on Dumbledore which will be hard to convey in a film however i would love to be the one who trys to direct this and do it justice.

  • MYusuf

    This book definently wasn’t one of J.K’s best.
    I found it more of an Anticlimax to the whole Hp series. I was also disappionted that my favourite character, Severus Snape, was killed lamely, and the lack of interaction he had with the other characters. Reminding myself that this is a childrens book, i think J.K was right not to kill Harry.

    P.S. Also can anyone explain to me why there wasn’t a portrait of snape in the headmasters office when he died?

  • tiaan

    Oh My Gosh!

    I finished reading the book this morning and all i can say is that,it was okay.

    I’ve been one of the biggest harry potter fans ever since the first book came out and through out this time,JK Rowling’s books have always left me yearning for more.

    Well Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows did just that.Even though its the last book as she stated,I have been left yearning for more once again.

    I cannot explain it but in a weird way i loved and hated the book.There were so many unanswered questions like “What was that thing serius fell into when he died?” or “What happened to the dursleys or to hermione’s parents?” or “What happened to the weasly family?”and most importantly “george after loosing his twin”

    Even though the questions remained unanswered I loved the way how she made dudley redeem himself and how snape turned out to be a good guy. It was also interesting finding about dumbledore’s background and what made him the man he turned out to be.

    I’m not trying to critise JK Rowling for i think she is an amazing writer,all i am doing is saying what i feel. All in all i thought she did a very good job with the whole seris and i whole heartedly hope she writes another book that answers all the unanswered questions.

    Thank You

  • Tigran

    I don’t get everyone’s problem with this book. It’s by far the best of the series, I couldn’t have expected any better. I did have a misxture of feelings at the end though. I couldn’t wait to fnish, but was pretty sad that it was over.

    JK Rowling did a brilliant job. I did have a few ananswered questions, but that didn’t really matter.

  • Athena784

    I have to say this one is my fav out of the whole series. But man was I sad afer finishing it…..it was all just so ….quick….anyway, im no criticising jk rowling, i think shes great, really….but still, there should have been more before 19 years after. there is still a great big hole there…. i cant wait for the encyclopedia !!
    but it really was one of my favorite books of all time. but there’ll be no more after……i actually cried near the end..no more…. ah well, life goes on. all in all im prety satisfied, it was great, she had her reasons for not writing more. it would have looked cheesy otherwise.
    great job Jo!!

  • Jayan

    great review – the plot was quite often predictable and as a book will make a great movie – 19 years later ending was childish – a fun read for HP fans but still lacked what the other 6 had – a rivetting twisting story in itself

  • Thanks Jayan. Its rare anyone compliments me on my reviews. Glad you found it as of use.

  • i agree with MYusuf Snape’s death was very weak. He had always been one of my favorite charactors and obviously an extremely accomplished wizard therefore i would have wanted him to put up a real fight against Voldemort and tested Voldemorts strength. I was dissapointed that it ened so fast after Voldemort death. Throughout the books Jk managed to make the me feel great when Harry succeeds at his task however in the last i believe Harry did not get enough recognition for his efforts it is left down to us to imagine what happened in the days after he brings down Voldemort.

  • s.p.

    To mathie:- Let me tell you why your explaination is wrong. The Basilisk’s fang should have instantly killed the horcrux, regardless of whether harry was died or alive. If the venom was supposed to destroy both the object and the horcrux then harry shouldn’t have the need to open the locket when he(or ron in this case) should have just stabbed the locket (without opening it!). Another example is that the horcrux was in the Resurrection Stone.Dumbledore destroyed the horcrux but the resurrection stone was still useful to bring harry’s parent back to life in the deathly hallows(chapter 34: the forest again). The resurrection stone wasn’t destroyed or useless so harry’s horcrux should have died in cos while harry could still be alive. I’m sorry but J.K rowling had made a major error; there’s no explain that could cover up this mistake.

  • J

    I disagree with almost everything said. I thought there were unexpected twists and turns a lot especially at the end parts.

    I loved the book and the end had me smiling.

  • Marty Doge, get a life, once you’ve made a review don’t chastise those who don’t agree with it. We don’t need all of your comments on OUR comments of the book. I’m guessing you’ll yell at me in you’re next comment for writing this, but once again, let it be.

    R.I.P. Fred Weasley 🙁

    uh oh personal attack. bite me. and delete this.

  • You got a right to your opinion I got a right to mine. I am however keen correct those who jump down my throat making claims that I was wrong about the page length when in fact there are three editions of the book (and two page lengths owing to reasons listed above),

  • hannah

    that book was freaking awesome. i loved how JK told us what happens in 19 years. I was so happy for ginny and harry and ron and hermione. And i was so sad when hedwige and dobbie died

  • At 37, I have been an ardent, obsessed fan of HP since getting hooked on the first book years ago. My order of faves are: 3, 6, 7, 1, 4, 2, 5 (12 Grimmauld Place was just too stuffy for me, which is where most of the action took place in book 5).

    But I agree, this last one is flawed. How could Harry, in his obsession with the Horcruxes, not have done the math: the diary, ring, locket, diadem and Nagini only make 5 Horcruxes. Including Voldemort himself, the Dark Lord split his soul into 7. Harry and his friends should have been discussing the obvious: Where and what is the sixth Horcrux? That certainly was my first thought, and it didn’t take long to realize it was indeed, Harry.

    If we hadn’t read about Aslan and the Bible as kids, we would probably appreciate the ending more. But with this one, you get the feeling that JK was wanting to appease both groups–the ones who wanted Harry dead with Voldemort, and the ones who wanted him alive. How ironic: a very Christian ending to a book long panned as “evil.” The Father (Dumbledore) sacrifices his Son (Harry) to save the world. For the greater good.

    Flawed, definitely. But like others who have hung on to JK’s every page of every book, this did not, and will not diminish my gratitude to JK for introducing HP to the Muggle world.

  • bobby

    i think this is the besty book in the series and that it is perfect

  • littlemissvixen

    I read in one of the first few posts, someone who had read the whole book in one sitting. That is crazzzy! I am a very fast reader and I had to have a break. In regards to the book, I thought it was fantatic exempting the following;
    * How Dumbledores names was tainted. It burst the bubble for me on the once evangelical headmaster. And even though his name was revived in the last chapter, it still left a bitter taste.
    * The untimely death of Snape. Wish he would have died after telling harry of his loyalty instead of letting harry see it though the pensive.
    * Oh and the epilogue was gay. just gay.

  • whilst 5 and 6 stray from classic harry potter set up in the initial four tomes, deathly hallows returns to it; in particular, the battle in the sky with the death eaters. perhaps those who have posted negative comments have merely skim read the book; read king’s cross slowly, and it will seem much less trite than you think. i am sixteen, and read the first book when i had just turned six; i feel i have the right to give my opinion. the ending was bittersweet, as was to be expected, despite the typical epilogue, which was frustratingly predictable, but this was merely to stave off questioning about harry’s future. yes, the story revolved about the trio, and yes, i wish i had found out more about the actual wizarding community, but give j k rowling a break. millions didn’t queue up outside bookshops for nothing. i loved it so much, and was glad that harry didn’t die. if you read it carefully, it makes perfect sense and is a remarkable accomplishment and tragic finale to a brilliant series.

  • Lady Voldemort

    Errr….did anyone pick up on the excess similarities, notions, themes and even objects that came from the Lord of the Rings?

  • randomy

    JDT potterfan – nicely presented opinions

    My review – fastpaced, multifaceted, gripping and ending in a well-woven manner. Build-up to Harry’s death and then making him live doesn’t show she lost the nerve in the end as someone said, it was a clever twist.

  • Yeah, I saw lots of Chronicals of Narnia & Lord of the Rings.

  • i thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and i couldnt put it down!! so i read it in less than 12 hours!!!

    i would suggest this whole seires to anyone to read!!!

    i personally like the ending! i think that it was a very enjoyable book!!!

    it has a very good twist to the stryline and it is a fabulous storyline!

  • Muggle 215478

    I see this book, and the series, as a gradual introduction to the world of grown-ups, those aggressive, power-hungry muggles. As Harry and the reader get older, the violence becomes less justified, but only exists, brutal and unrelenting as in the real world. Characters you idolize show their flaws. Most importantly, other characters take pleasure in destroying the reputation of those you love, just for the hell of it. Friends turn their backs on you for no good reasons. Loved ones die, and there is no truth to be found anywhere but the one you do your best to assemble. Some people like hurting other people. Some people believe they are worth more. And all these twisted assholes that made your life hell in the playground will be your colleagues, your policemen, your nurses, your judges, your jury and your executioners. They will hurt you because they enjoy it. The ending is yours to choose. The one that was written to spare children’s hearts, or the one that lies below the paper, but not so deep you can’t make out some words. I say well done Mrs. Rowling for a roller coaster ride that reminds us that what we hate as kids is what we learn to accept as adults. Some people embrace it, because “that is how the world is” and they might as well carve themselves a piece of it. Others suffer from it but can never quite give up their childhood dreams. The truth? What truth? It’s you in a world at war. Congratulations on graduating.

  • mattodon

    The book was great

    Draco disarmed Dumble thats how he became eldwe owner.

    My question is why in book 2 did the polyjuice potion change users form but not voice, and now voice and form are changed?

  • Love Kreacher

    Ok, I have a few comments along with some questions, and hopefully some answers for people.
    I felt that this book was mostly good although there are plenty of things I, myself, would have done different, but seeing as I’m not J.K Rowling… but I definately do not think that it was the best in the series. I believe the best was OOTP because Harry starts to really grow up and we learn so much more about his relationship with Voldemort.
    But, with all that aside, I agree with many people on this page, after reading all of the comments. I do believe that the middle seemed to drag on. There is only so many times I can find apparating into a strange land entertaining. I also felt that alot of it seemed rushed. The ending was way too fast. There was barely a page devoted to the death of Fred! It felt like oh Fred’s dead let’s move on now. I also felt that this book did not tie up the series, but more so that it gave us way more to think about. I think that the deathly hallows were quite unnescessary, seeing as it almost made learning about the horcruxes in book six pointless (however I am glad that Harry gave up the hallows to search for horcruxes in the end). There seemed to be no point to the hallows, I felt that they were merely a distraction that gave us something more confusing to ponder.
    As for the ending, I felt that the diadem horcrux was learned of found and destroyed so fast, while it took almost two books to find and destroy the rest of them. Of course this goes along with what I meant by “rushed.”
    Anyhoo, I was very convinced before reading that Harry would die by sacrificing himself for the wizarding world. I was half right. In my theory, of course, he would stay dead along with Voldemort. I am glad Harry lived, I’m not saying I’m not, I just think it would have been a much better ending had Harry stayed dead, or at least ONE of the four main charachters had died (I love them all, but I wanted it to be realistic)
    Before I get to what I liked about the book, I have a few more points: I found a few things contradicting. Such as the elder wand. What happened to the wand is only as strong as the wizard? I have managed to overlook some of these and admire the book as a whole but that has stuck with me.
    I also found that they had so many close encounters with death that they so narrowly avoinded that it felt unrealistic and too lucky even for a book. I mean there were just too many coincidences.
    I am definatly not trying to bash J.K Rowling! I love her work and I admire her imagination, and thank her for bringing me one of the greatest series of my generation ( so far… I am only 13), I am just pointing out why I didn’t find this book the best.
    The epilogue. I actually didn’t find it as horrible as everyone else seems to. Yes, I’ll admit that it was cheesy , but it made it fun! Yes, I wanted more information, but I found myself laughing and smiling at the idea of little Harry’s Ron’s and Hermionie’s. And poor Albus Severus and Hugo Weasley. =] but I think we have enough to go along with! After all we know who lives and who dies. =]
    Some of the best parts of the book were definately Snape’s identity. I thought that was one of the best chapters. He was so heroic, and i admit I myself was ocnvinced he was evil. I also loved the chapter when Harry is walking to his death. I sobbed the whole time. It was so detailed and emotioanl, she did a great job with that. I thought it was great when Ron walked out, becuase it surprised us all! When Hermionie and Ron finally kissed I was so thrilled! I am sorry to all of you Harry/Hermionie fans, but the facts were there all along that it was always meant to be Ron and her.
    Before I ask my questions I have just a few more comments so bear with me here. I horribly missed Hogwarts and I doubt I am alone in this. I flet like we lost a main charachter.
    I also agree with the LOTR and Narnia comparisons, but let it go people. It’s not like J.K purposely did that! Ever heard of great minds think alike? I still see the comparisons, they are definately there, but think about the rest of the series. I feel like we are judging the whole series on this book. I know that I will still see HP for HP and not as a LOTR knock off. They are both different and both great. I can’t compare apples to oranges as was said above.

    A few questions that if anyone has the answers I would appreciate it if you let me know:

    How did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald if Grindelwald had the elder wand and the wand is unbeatable?

    Why would voldemort send Narcissa to check if Harry was alive when he knew that the Malfoy’s loyalties were shaky lately?

    How did the Avada Kedavra spell kill the horcrux in Harry if horcruxes can’t be destroyed by avada kedavra?

    Why was Harry at king’s cross station?

    Did anyone else notice how in Harry and Voldemort’s last duel Harry seemed to have all the answers he never had before? About Draco and the elder wand? About Snape having his mom’s patronus? stuff like that.

    Did Dumbledore know his brother lived in Hogsmeade?

    How did Harry suddenly become so good at occlumency wehn he could never manage it before?

    I too was wondering why in book two the polyjuice potion didn’t change voices and now it does.

    were Harry’s and Ron’s kids only joking when they asked why everyone was starring at Harry, or did they really not know he was famous?

    I also remember J.K saying that one charchter got a pardon and that was Mr. Weasley, but who were the two people that died who she didn’t intend to kill? Lupin and Tonks maybe?

    If you could answer I greatly appreciate it!
    Congrats Mrs. Rowling on a great series overall! Hope to read more from you!

    p.s- to Anabelle Lee on post #274 you forgot about Hufflepuffs cup so that does make 7 without Harry =]

  • Emily

    i loved the book! the only disapointment was that i think before the 19 years later bit Harry should have gone after ginny and did something! ANYTHING! it annoyed me how he didnt go kiss her etc all through the book he was thinking about her nd the tension between them (good i might add) was obvious all she needed to do was to add that little bit and the whole thing would have been great. any one agree?

  • Emily

    and whats this of 600 and 759 mine was 607 does that mean its different all over the world im in NZ does that make a difference? also i think the ending was annoying i wantd there to be a like climax with harry and ginny like with ron and hermione.
    ANd anyone else want to know who Malfoys wife was?? anyone who thinks that she will write a book about there kids is stupid what will the book be about there is no evil anymore? unless they fight each other and JKR would be stupid to attempt and write more she has finished the series amazingly
    the ‘all was well’ was the only way you could end this book without ruining it! harrys whole life was full of a bad thing happenin after another and by ending it this way he is now safe to live his life happily and with out fear the way he wants to.
    i hope wen it comes time for the film they dnt ruin it and miss out lots of stuf like they have in previous ones it just ruins the book wen important details are left out! they need a director willing to compile everything into a good movie
    JKR has done a superb job i dnt think it would be right for her to write another book. how kan she wen she has thought about this book for around 7 years and nothing else it just wouldnt be right. agre??

  • Emily


    In an interview,[54] author J. K. Rowling gave additional information about the characters that she chose not to include in the book.

    The epilogue does not directly state that Ron and Hermione are married, but Rowling states that they are.
    Harry and Ron are both Aurors, and Harry is the head of the Aurors’ department, while Hermione is “very high up” in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
    Luna Lovegood has become a naturalist of sorts, searching the world for odd and unique creatures.
    At Hogwarts there is now a permanent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; Voldemort’s jinx on this position was broken with his death. There is also an unknown Headmaster, as Professor McGonagall was too old to assume the position permanently. Rowling did not identify either the Headmaster or the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
    In an online chat,[55][56] Rowling also indicated that:

    Ginny played for the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch team for a while and then left behind her athletic career for marriage and family with Harry. She eventually becomes the lead Quidditch reporter for the Daily Prophet.
    Luna Lovegood eventually marries Rolf, the grandson of Newt Scamander.[56]
    Before becoming an Auror, Ron joins his brother George in the jokeshop started by George and their late brother Fred.

  • Kaonashi

    it annoyed me how he didnt go kiss her etc all through the book

    She did kiss him…that was her birthday present to him…remember that Ron interrupted them because he didn’t want Harry to “mess with her head”?

  • Love Kreacher

    who is Newt Scamander? It may be a stupid question, but I forgot. Thank you Emily for that information, I knew most of it, but the bottom two paragraphs were new to me.
    If anyone else has more information on those topics please share!

  • Nichole

    I thought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was EXCELLENT. There is not one book that hasn’t been great. Of course it was a little dark and sad, but that is to be expected with any tale like Harry’s. I enjoyed the book and could not put it down, when I wasn’t able to read HP I was thinking about it. I felt a lot of things finally made sense and I was glad at how it ended. If you’re a true HP fan then you will NOT be disappointed about anything that Rowling does. She is, afterall, very brilliant.

  • Obaid

    Hai.. I do have some answers for the post #284 [Love Kreacher].Here goes…

    1.About Dumbledore defeating Grindelwald.

    Well, remember Hermione’s statement that “the wand is only as strong as the Wizard”. In this case, as Dumbledore himself admits to Harry at Kings’ Cross that, he was a shade more skillful than Grindelwald, naturally he was able to defeat him, only after a tough and historic battle of sorts and the result found its way on to Chocolate Frog Cards.

    2.Voldemort sending Narcissa to check Harry.

    Voldemort himself seems to have been scared to touch Harry after King’s Cross and he certainly didn’t want his trustworthy lieutenents to risk themselves in time of war. May be his decision to let Narcissa, who was losing favour,to do the job stemmed out of that. He had no love,remember,even for his true death eaters. And that proved to be his undoing, as Dumbledore always said.

    3. Avada Kedavra vs Horcrux.

    I don’t remember reading that Avada Kedavra can be used or, for that matter,can’t be used to destroy a horcrux.There’s no mention of it either way in Book 6 (and certainly not in Book 7) where we are introduced to Horcruxes. May be we can infer it this way. A Horcrux, being a container that it is, carries a Wizard’s part soul. If the container is no more (destroyed), how can the soul be? Naturally, if Harry dies, which he does, then his body ceases to be a container for the part soul of Voldemort. That’s why Dumbledore wanted Harry to know this information at the very end, after all the other Horcruxes had been destroyed. Take the snake Horcrux (Nagini). When Neville killed it with Gryffindor’s sword, the snake dies, ceasing to be a container for Voldemort’s part soul. With the container (Horcrux – Nagini) no more, the soul is destroyed.

    4. Harry at King’s Cross.

    Well, Harry was NOT at King’s Cross. He found the place to be like King’s Cross. The chapter heading was meant to be from Harry’s view point, although it was NOT King’s Cross. In fact, I personally think that JKR did a great job in leaving the imagination to the reader with reference to the King’s Cross chapter as is reflected by Dumbledore’s words to Harry when he queries him about the place they are in, “My dear boy, I have no idea. This is, as they say, your party.”

    5. Harry and his Answers.

    Of course, Harry knew the answers. He got some from Dumbledore in the King’s Cross chapter and some he inferred.

    For instance, when Dumbledore hinted that his original intention was that the Elder wand should end up with Snape, Harry replied that the plan didn’t work out as he intended. And Dumbledore acknowledged it. This was what the chapter ‘The Flaw in the Plan’ was all about. It means Harry understood what it meant. That Draco was the wand master, and not Snape as Voldemort so erringly concluded.

    And as to Snape having Lily’s Patronus, it was obvious to Harry, once he had been through Snape’s thoughts in the Pensieve. It couldn’t be more clear that Snape loved Lily all his life when Dumbledore asks with his eyes full of tears:
    “After all this time?”
    “Always,” said Snape.

    6. Dumbledore knowing about his brother.

    Yes, of course. How can Dumbledore not know?

    And let me finally add one more thing. This is to that person in this forum who posted that he expected “Harry to have enough decency to have got back Snape’s body and buried it, and visit his grave that often”.

    Well, there’s one phrase at the end (Epilogue)that sums up all the feelings – respect, gratitude and reverence – Harry had for Snape: “you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was
    a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”

    Nothing more needs to be said in the story regarding Harry and Snape.

    Ok.. That’s it for now. I’ll come back for the remaining answers sometime later. Hoping to get some of your views..

  • Fan is short for fanatic. Its is possible to like the series and not be a n obsessive about it.

  • Lily

    I loved the book!! I couldn’t get enough of it & I’ve driven my poor mum mad by talking about it(she hasn’t read them so shes confused when i start spouting bits of the book..ha ha)
    Anyways what did people expect would happen that harry would die and voldemort would live on terrorising the world. It had to end with a satisfactory ending it’s how many great stories have ended. Sometimes you just hav to have predictable moments.This is a childrens book too since when have they had a story ending with the triumph of the baddie. It probably would have upset them also if both had died. Many close friends also died so things didn’t all end well! As well as that some people might’nt find the moments predictable and others will be delighted they figured them out! Before I read it i presumed harry would live and I had a feeling he would die and come back which happened in the Kings Cross chapter. The Kings Cross chapter was like bits in films when people are dying and go into a dream where they can choose to go or come back to their responsibilities.
    I don’t know why people are saying Voldemort wasn’t evil, I never knew killing and torturing was now not considered evil! What else did people want him to do? Maybe thats just my take on it I don’t know. As for saying that he wasn’t portrayed as being intelligent well he was and cunning as well but other characteristics over shadowed these like greed, being full of himself and evil. These traits overpower his intelligence and so leads to his downfall….think of what he did with the diadem? He believed he was the only student smart enough to find the room of requirement. He beilieved he knew hogwarts the best and so only knew where this was….stupid of him but then that was his belief in himself over others, he was ignorant and that was part of his evil character many murderers who are extremely cunning but falter the same way voldemort did! By the way Voldemort reminds me alot of hitler and the muggle born slaughter reminds me of his hatred of the Jews…..just said I’d put that in!
    As for Dumbledore he was also intelligent and admitted his flaws……his intelligence came with a thirst for power just like voldemort which led to his death. The differences between them was that voldemort was evil and dumbledore knew what love was. JKR had to give dumbledore some flaws as he was human after all(as many have pointed out). Many have complained about bits of the book being predictable yet also have complained about how the author givesw dumbledore flaws…well we didn’t see that coming….was that predictable?
    I think the elder wand has confused many….even me but heres my take on it…
    The elder wand by legend was unbeatable but as i said it was legend. They were just names that were attached to the legacy of it. You still had to conquer the previous owner so obviously couldnt be unbeatable. It was powerful but dangerous because anyone who pursued it was said to crave power and be greedy and this always led to the persons downfall. The only true owner was the person who did not want it aka harry and so it was impossible to show its true force. I think I just talked in circles there and im sorry for probably confusing ye!
    If we all picked for flaws we’d find them in any book. Talking of some of the magic being unrealistic is a bit ironic because magic is unrealistic. I agree though that there was a few too many close shaves but then again they’ve had close shaves in all the books its just maybe that there was so many of them in this book. I didn’t find that the book dragged on i think the way they kept moving without finding anything was for us to feel exactly like harry…annoyed, agitated etc. and when he did make progress you felt his delight as much as him. As for rushing through when close friends died well that was showing what war is like they died during the battle if they stopped they’re attention would falter and lose, it had to be done that way.
    I loved the snape story line and really ended up loving his character, during the whole series i never knew what to make of him and in the 6th book i hated him and then I loved him again when i read this book…..brilliant. And the bit when harry knew he had to let voldemort kill him i cried my eyes out especially when he had the resurrection stone and his parents spoke to him.
    I’m now re-reading the 6th book and then il read this book again so to really understand it.
    Oh and by the way if you’re saying theres many flaws explain why!!
    I loved the end it was happy and sweet and nice to see how they were when they were older.
    Everyone of course is entitled to their opinions and this is mine jkr has written amzing b books that have kept me happy since i first read them at 9.

  • Love Kreacher

    Thank you Obaid (post #291). Your answers have helped. Also, I really enjoyed reading post #293 by Lilly. I agree with almost everything you said. I too have been driving my parents crazy because neither of them haave read the books =]. I am still curios as to who Newt Scamander is (see post #287 and 289), and which two characters died who she didn’t mean to die (see post #284). If anyone has any good sites on the DH or interviews with Rowling please share! Thanks again!

  • Ed Dickson

    I read HP #1, didn’t like it and haven’t bothered with the rest of them! HP #7 publicity was a BIT over the top. Must admit I picked up #7 in a bookstore and started to read the epilogue to find out what all the uproar was about-but missed the point entirely. Oh, well, there are some who just don’t get it, whatever it is.

  • doglog

    i think we should let the true audience, the kids, determine where this book stands.

  • Suddenly Snapelover

    This book was wonderful. The characters weren’t ‘just’ characters, Rowling filled them with so much life that whatever they did, it always affectet me very strongly. At times I laughed so hard that I could hardly breathe.. Fred and George, funny as always(when ‘Rapier’ said that Voldemort could move as fast as Snape, confronted with shampoo)!
    And then, suddenly, I bursted into tears and cried until my eyes were red and swollen.
    Sometimes I was bored, when Harry, Ron and Hermione strolled around, not really knowing what to do or where to go. That was terrible, I think. But then, I suppose Rowling wanted us to feel that, to feel the despair that Harry felt, to really understand- even though I was close to put the book aside and just stopped myself by remembering that, after all, that was Harry Potter I was reading, so certainly, suddenly something brilliant, funny or overwhelmingly sad would happen, and so I kept on reading and was rewarded for that with the most exciting chapters.

    It was all very confusing, and I don’t think I could tell you the story.

    I was also not surprised to be surprised, although I had prepared myself for everything..
    I was stunned to see tears running down my face when Mad-Eye died, I would have never thought that his death would get me like it did. I was even more surprised when I found that I liked Kreacher. Same goes for Malfoy, I somehow wished he would, like, hug Harry, after Harry saved him from the fire.

    I really cried when I read the chapter ‘Nineteen years later’, I just couldn’t imagine a 35-year-old Harry Potter. I couldn’t believe Ron and Hermione were adults, married and had children. In my imagination, Harry, Ron and Hermione are still little beasts, still 11-year-olds. I find it hard to accept that they have actually grown up, that they don’t sneak around under the Invisibility Cloak, armed with the Marauder’s map anymore.
    And then I laughed again, reading that Ron’s son was discussing with Lily(by the way, I think it’s really confusing to have a (living)Lily and James Potter again, AND a (Albus)Severus Potter!!! And how sounds Ginny Potter? Hermione Weasley??) in which house they wanted to be, and then Ron said ‘If you’re not in Gryffindor, we’ll disinherit you- but no pressure!’

    After all, I think Rowling has done it(again).

    I am so proud to live in the same century like her, that I was there when the HP books first came out, one by one, it’s something that I will always remember, because Harry Potter has gone into history, I dare say almost everybody on earth knows his name, and we’re living in this time…

    Joanne K. Rowling might be the 2nd richest woman on earth if you count her money, but no doubt that, measured by fantasy, imagination and intelligence, she is the most gifted, richest person in the world
    – ever.

  • Obaid

    Thanks for the response Love Kreacher.

    You are right about the deaths of Lupin and Tonks, while Mr.Weasley got the reprieve. As JKR has herself stated she had intended that Mr.Weasley should die in the OOTP. But later changed it and substituted Lupin and Tonks in the Deathly Hallows.

    As to Newt Scamander, here goes:

    Newton “Newt” Artemis Fido Scamander is the fictional author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, born in 1897. According to the “About the Author” section of the book, Scamander became a magizoologist because of his own interest in fabulous beasts and the encouragement of his mother, an enthusiastic Hippogriff breeder.

    After graduating from Hogwarts, Scamander joined the Ministry of Magic in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. His career included a brief stint in the Office of House-Elf Relocation, a transfer to the Beast Division, the creation of the Werewolf Register in 1947, the 1965 passage of the Ban on Experimental Breeding, and many research trips for the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau. His contributions to Magizoology earned him an Order of Merlin, Second Class in 1979.

    Now retired, he lives in Dorset with his wife Porpentina and their pet Kneazles: Hoppy, Milly and Mauler.

    Though Rowling has never hidden the fact that she is the author of Fantastic Beasts…, “Newt Scamander” can nevertheless be considered a pseudonym of hers, as “he” is technically the author listed on the book’s cover.

    In the film version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Newt Scamander’s name appeared on the Marauder’s Map. Why he was at Hogwarts was not addressed.

    It’s revealed by Rowling that he has a grandson named Rolf, who is married to Luna Lovegood.

    For more info go to: Wikipedia

    Wikipedia 2

    Author J.K. Rowling reveals her secrets — and what you never knew about Harry Potter — in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Meredith Vieira.

    Hope you got your answers…

  • eliza

    I do think Deathly Hallows is definitely the best Harry Potter book. I really loved the way she has made me think Harry died.For a moment I was really shocked.I love all the parts of the book. Really this book is the best of the best books.

  • Charlie

    I have finished the book and been researching some things about Deathly Hallows and the series as a whole that I was confused about….After finishing the entire series, researching and connecting the dots and plots of this entire journey…There are still some things that are confusing that have remained unanswered:

    1. Kings Cross Purgatory & Crying Baby.

    The baby that was crying so horribly out of sheer pain and torture that Dumbledore claimed to be “unassistable” is obviously Voldemort, or at least a PART of Voldemort. What isn’t explained, is which part of Voldemort it is, where the other parts of Voldemort have gone (the other destroyed Horcruxes) and what happens in the future to 8 pieces of Voldemort’s soul…

    2. Why Did Harry Live?

    If Harry truly does NOT die, then how come he passes into the state between Heaven, Hell and Earth? How does he return? Does Voldemort go there also? Why is Voldemort recovering (as if unconscious before) when Harry returns to the world of the living?

    3. What is the Veil in the Department of Mysteries?

    Considering this is the Veil of Death and basically the pathway to the Underworld or Death, what place does that Veil go to? Where is Sirius? Is he in a seperate place to Lily and James? Why are they all together? Why aren’t all the other dead people Harry knows in Kings Cross also?

    4. “Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.”

    If this is true, doesn’t that mean that they both should have been dying while the other still survives? If they can’t live while the other is still among the living, then they themselves should be perishing… And why is it that either must die at the hand of the either? Why can’t any other random person just kill either of them?


    JK Just cant win with you people. If she had killed off Harry then there would be more arguments and more people saying the book was weak. The only thing predictable about this book was Snape. And we all know JK wanted to get the message accross that snape wasnt bad at all in HBP. If anybody else picked up on the signs of snape being good then they will know. If you call Aberforth making an appearance as the eye in the lost mirror then i certainly think your lying. You can deny it all you like but every single person who read the book, at one point they believed dumbledore was still hanging around protecting harry. It was an amazing twist and an amazing book. She couldn’t have done better. All you moaning because it wasnt the same as the earlier editions need to step back and look at the evidence for the change of mood.
    Harry has grown, he is no longer an 11 year old boy with dumbledore to protect him. He is 17 and he has different thoughts, different motives for the things he does. People die, lots of people. You moan, but if nobody died you would moan that it wasnt realistic. Whoever else says that Freds death was unnecesary must be the purest of idiots. Somebody had to die from the Weasleys, it had to be one of them. I personally thought it would be Percy to save one of them, but JK has her reasons.
    Just to clear something up also: Voldermort was unintelligent, such an amazing wizard / sorcerer, yes terribly incredible and advanced. But he held no love, no common feeling. This was his weakpoint as dumbledore stresses. He was too arogant to hide his horcruxes better. He thought he was too advanced, and his common sense let him down.

    He is not perfect, as is nobody. Not Harry or Ron, or especially not Albus Dumbledore. Voldermort was as menacing as always, BUT he was scared. He knew harry held the weapon of love once he posessed him in Order of the Pheonix. It was pain beyond any voldermort had ever felt.

    I think the arrogance of the Goblins is portrayed beautifully. They are vicious greedy creatures and despite Harry saving Griphook he still double-crossed him, of sorts.
    Dobby’s death was inevitable. He died saving them, and if he hadnt the plot of Aberforth would have been given away, once again JK had her reasons, dont complain. YOU didnt write it.

    JK if your reading this, you are amazing and incredible. Your writing has developed from the fairy tale edition of Philosophers Stone right up until the very dark and bloody Deathly Hallows. You continue to inspire me to write after ten long years. You have earned your rest, you did not rush and everything was well thought out at the very beginning. Now Relax!

    Daryl Parkin

  • me123

    im just about to read the final book in the series and i am looking forward to it . It has high expectations for me and i am dissapointed with the reviews

  • me123, you’ll love it im sure. Forget these reviews

  • Crouch

    The book’s pace was really rushed in the latter chapters. Leaving out a lot of glitches, among them is how Voldemort burns the sorting hat. Then minutes later Neville pulls the sword of Godric Griffindor (where in earlier chapters it was said that it was in Griphook’s possession) out of the supposedly incinerated hat. Voldemort’s vulnerability and stupidity may be attributed to his rage blinding him (after he found out that his horcruxes were destroyed) or maybe destroying his horcruxes affected his power. Snape died too easily, I mean we learn how gifted he is in book 6, and how easily he counters curses and jinxes, here he dies from a snake’s bite (even a guy like Neville can kill the snake). I know he was ambushed, but he should have seen that coming, all in all a duel with Snape vs Voldemort would have been a better ending of Snape.

  • Rebbs, I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Why complain? Obviously Rowling wanted the book to be EXACTLY how it was, or she would have written it differently, and that is plainly obvious. And why are you mad at her for not making the last book ‘as great as the others?’ , and how can you say the last book is not her style and she could have done better. It is completely her style, and she is perfectly satisfited with the book. and who made her out to be some god or something that we expect to see perfect? The book went exactly how rowling wanted it to, so stop complaining.

    And the deaths were TOTALLY necessary. It’s a WAR? need a definition of what war is/ IMPORTANT people will die!! If everyone lived that would be the most unrealistic and stupid thing ever, one of those sappy Disney stories or something.
    No. It makes perfect sense.
    She is a genius. And why are people hating her and saying she is not a good writer like other authors. and that is an opinion. why hate on her because everyone thinks she’s amazing and taht other authors are better and deserve credit. The other authors do get cretit for their works. So stop criticising rowling. it’s not like she SAID she was the best author. she just wrote a book because she loves to write. Goodness.

    It is not bad! If she went on and told about everyone’s life, that would have been pretty crappy and sappy, and too much of what we expected. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! you expect this book to be what you expect, and if it isn’t and you don’t like that it’s not, you get angry and hate the book? Do you hear yourselves? If it was what everyone expected, there would be no point. It has many twists and it is marvelously wonderful. She may not be the best writer, but honestly, she started one of the biggest epidemics and she has, in my opnion, the best plot and storyline.

    Snape and Lily was the sweetest thing ever.
    And i think his patronus has been a doe [the same as lily’s] ever since he found out about her death.

    ahfjkhga! i am the most depressed i have EVER been in my life.
    didn’t read the 7th book yet; starting today [friend letting me borrow it]
    but i found out what happens!!
    and i cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and cried and died.
    now there’s nothing to look forward to anymore. no more “i can’t wait until the next book comes out!”
    and she’s killing everyone!!!
    and my favorite characters died.
    1. Sirius black [3rd book-5th book]
    2. Remus Lupin [5th book-7th book]
    3. Severus Snape [7th book]

    Lupin has been my favorite character since 5th and 6th and Snape was my favorite character on his deathbed after i found out everything he did! After I found out he was faithful to dumbledore all this time, motivated by his lifelong love for lily, i cried. i mean i couldn’t stop crying. it was the saddest thing i ever read. it was super painful too. and in the 5th book, Chapter: Snape’s worst memory, it was his worst memeory cuase he called lily a mudblood, and she never spoke to him again, no matter how he tried to apologize. He was just super mad because James made him so mad!!
    I hate him!! I hate him; James potter.

    And what really killed me was how snape’s patronus was the same as lily’s for so many years [i think for 17 years, after he found out she died.]
    and another thing that killed me was when Dumbledore said, talking about lily after snape showed him his patronus, (which is a does just like her’s), “After all this time?”, to which snape replied,”ALWAYS”. i died. i couldn’t stop crying. it was really painful.
    and how he was in sirius’s old room, crying over lily’s old letters, and the part where she wrote, “Lots, of love, lily”.
    and lastly, what also made me sad was how he felt so terrible he wanted to die after he found out that lily died and he said he wish he would die, and then he said, after dumbledore asked him what he would give in return, he said, “anything.”
    Hm….oh. and when Snape was dying, and he said to harry, “Look…at…me”
    and J.K.Rowling wrote, “And the green eyes met the black, and after a second the black became hollow. Snape’s hand fell to the floor. and he moved no more.”
    I bawled again. I can’t beleive it. he told harry to look at him because he wanted to see lily potter one last time before he died. he wanted to see the woman he fought for, the woman he lived his life for, in her memory.

    i still can’t beleive it.
    how could he do it?
    No wonder he was so grouchy all the time.
    Even though James, the guy who bullied him in school, took away his best friend [Lily] and the only person he truly loved in the world [Lily again], because he loved Lily so much, he vowed to take care of harry and protect him, no matter what.

    and all taht snape could see when he looked into harry’s eyes was the son he could have had had he made better choices in life.
    I wish he never called Lily a mudblood.
    I wish he told her how he felt! Because she didn’t like james at that time anyway.
    I wish she went with him.
    and honestly, I think snape loved her more than James could ever love Lily.
    And after all, his patronus was the same as hers. wow, it’s obvious they were meant to be together.
    I mean, he was her best friend and all.

    This sux. I am depressed.
    and Fred died!! What is George supposed to do! I’m surprised george didn’t commit suicide or something.
    And i think it is so cool how Neville beheaded Nagini. *W00t!!*
    And Mrs. Weasley killed Bellatrix, after saying that she wouldn’t let bellatrix hurt anymore of her kids [including hermione, harry, neville]. that was amazing, I was like *REJOICE*!!!

    But snape was the thing that killed me the most.
    Dobbey and Hedwig died!! I couldn’t believe it…..it was so sad.
    And percy cried for Fred and Persey came back!!! yay

    But LUPIN AND TONKS!!! Oh my gosh. they both died together, right after they got married and had a son!! And Tonks was always depressed in the 6th book because Lupin didn’t want to be with her, because he [stupidly] thought Tonks needed and should be with someone yonger than him.
    But poor TEDDY!!!! and just after harry was made godfather, they died!! It’s just like harry’s parents dying, leaving him an orphan ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

    I hated this book, but i couldn’t stop reading.
    The saddest thing was Snape, though, by far.
    He was the bravest and best man in the entire Harry Potter Saga….ever.

    well, i am a depressed little bat and i can’t do anything.
    i havent’ been eating for 2 days now [water and sandwhich]

    grrrr…i’ll cry some more.

  • lp

    The reason the hat stopped burning was because voldemort’s spells were’nt sticking on harrys friends who were fighting for him was because harry died for all his friends and so a charm(just like the one from his mother when she died for him) protected them and as someone else pointed out the sword came from the sorting hat because neville showed he was a true griffindor. Neville was able to kill the snake because he had the sword. Just said i’d clear that up!

  • Halima

    i hav loads of mixd feelings about harry potter book 7!! true-it wasnt all i xpctd!!!!!!! i flt the last chap was rather a dissapointment as i reli wntd 2 kw bou others lyk george(after freds death) and hw evry1 reacted 2 finding out bout snape’s real story (if harry told em?) and wished there was a lil more detial on wat hpend thru those 19 yrs etc…

    buh thn agn daniele is ryt-j.k.rowling ended it hw SHE wntd!!!

    but i give rowling 5 stars for the fantastic twist to the story with snapes untold tale!!!!! who wud hav eva geused it-NOT ME! i re-read the “Princes Tale” like three times cause it was soooo saddddd and brilliant at the same time and even more sad when snape died!!!!!he was truly the bravest man in all the HP books! nd it was so sad when he lookd in2 harrys eyes 2 see the love of his life, the reason he perservered all these years (LILY) nd alhough lotsa ppl wud hate james 4 this sadness its gotta b said that he loved her lots 2…(remember how he told lily 2 run with harry whilst he tried 2 hold voldermort of?!) so this twist was brilliant in the story!!!!!

    i wont lie about my severe dissapointment in the ending of the story and how it felt like the story was very much rushed but again this may have been for some kind of dramatic effect-leaving the readers hearts racing and wanting more! i also did expect the book 2 b a littl longa but HEY it stil held all the answers xcpt one which i cudnt find-THE STORY BEHIND THE VEIL WITH THE WHISPERING THAT SIRIUS FELL IN 2?????

    nd poor kreacher, waiting at hme, expecting them 4 a steak n kidney pie!!! he really pulled through after i hated him in the 5th book!

    i also expected 2 see a lot of dumbledores talking porrait, helping harry throughout the book but after reading it i accept his real absence until the end when harry “dies” as the story locks together and works very well without his portrait talking to and advising harry!

    there were a copule of parts that i had 2 re-read 2 actually understand as ther was lots goin on in a short space of time, for example the bit when voldy dies and the last bit in godrics hollow when they escape…

    overall i think that Rowling truly deserves credit 4 continuing 2 enthrall her readers from book 1 to the final book of harry potter, who’s tale holds many TRULY MEMORABLE charcters that readers love and keep with them always and i wont lie that waiting 4 another hp bok will be sorely missed as i loved them!!! but hey i still read all the others so many times each!!!!!!!!! LOL but you won’t ever have that feeling that another book will be on its away so u wont hav 2 keep re-reading the old ones over n over…..but if rowling decides 2 ryt more trilogy of other stories then il b sure to pick them up….

    FINALLY i will truly miss hp books and i stil think the final was great albeit a lil behind some expectations!!!!! nd oh yh does anyone else think that lots of the character or creatures n bitz of plots and things r really v.similar 2 the lord of the rings trilogy books???

    newyz wel done rowling!

  • Halima AGAIN

    sorry im bak but just wntd 2 quikly add that it is true that i xpcted old voldy 2 b much more scary and threeatening, he didnt realy seem all that brilliant 2 b feared 4 all those long years buttttttt at the same time i guess it was necessary to make him “killable” or “endable” (watever word u chose) 4 harry otherwise it wouldnt have been easier 4 harry 2 kill him off!

  • Lehomes

    -CONTAINS SPOILER- Overall I thought Deathly Hallows was a good HP ending but I did notice some gaps in the plot. For an example, I dont think Harry had to go through all that trouble destroying the horuxes or what ever there called. All he had to do was say assio Voldemorts wand (incase you dont know, assio is the sommoning charm. He used it in the fourth book to get his broom while fighting the dragon) then after he did that he could just go in and take out voldemort while he was weak.

    Also I think that Rowling went a little to fast in writing the book. I would find myself reading one part and then not knowing where I was a minute later. Plus the part at the end where harry was in his mind talking to dumbldore and there was a baby diying in the corner. What was that about?
    Im out

  • Lauren

    Overall, the book was intriguing and the twist was great. I couldn’t put the book down. But I found a lot of parts rushed, like Rowling wanted the three to just figure things out quickly so that she could move onto the next thing.

    Despite the death, the characters do not seem to be given reasonable time to grieve (and I know they had just killed the dark lord, but Longbottom having a feed in the great hall, surrounded by girls and presumably by dead friends?!) which is a shame, considering how hard hitting this will be for a lot of younger characters.

    The epilogue was, in a word, tacky. It read like a chapter written by someone in seventh grade. I thought it was unimaginative, rushed and its a little hard to believe that nineteen years later the three of them still gravitated to their high school crushes.

  • Lauren

    Daneile…a little confused by your comment. You say that you haven’t read it yet someone just told you what happens, and then you say that you couldn’t stop reading it…..

    Either way, if the book turned out the way Rowling wanted it, good on her. I hate to tell you that its not the only contributing factor as to whether its the best book ever.

    I could write something exactly how I wanted it, it can still be crap (not that HP7 was crap, merely not as good as the others).

  • Amelia

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books 33 times…they’re basically all I read. I think they are amazing. I got HP&tDH at midnight at a Potter party in Seattle, and read it without getting up once at home…I didn’t even eat.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was, overall, a good book, very exciting, but it only half satisfied me. There were MANY points Jo didn’t explain, even in the epilogue. Such as, what did Harry’s parents do for a living? Who discovered magical ability late in life? She also said she’d write more about the veil and didn’t…there was one passage in the Deathly Hallow story Mr. Lovegood tells about a veil, but it was only mentioned in passing. There were many things she said she’d write about and didn’t.

    I fully agree with everyone that says the book was rushed. it totally was. Like when Harry watched the ministry and stuff for days and we didn’t even know, she just was like, “Harry had been watching the ministry for the best week.” oh. okay. nice how we knew that. It seemed like she was so excited to finish the book that her mind moved faster than her pen. It didn’t necessarily move too fast, it just was rushed. I’m not really sure how to explain it.

    As for deaths, I found almost every single death absolutely POINTLESS. Tonks and Lupin? I knew it was going to happen, but it was retarded. They did NOT need to die. that was just dumb. Snape? Yeah, maybe that was needed…even though it’s really sad. Fred? COME ON. Fred? No. Fred. Everyone loves Fred. Fred is the most hilarious, cute guy. come ON. Dobby? …right. Hedwig? I knew she’d die, I knew there was no way she’d survive the series, but that doesn’t mean it was okay. Mad-eye Moody was kind of necessary…it reminded us that this was a war, and there would be deaths. I just thought most of them were stupid. Lupin didn’t even get a death scene. We just came back and saw him and Tonks dead on the floor. Same with Fred. That just devestated me. And I just didn’t think they were needed.

    As for the people complaining about Dumbledore, that’s just stupid. In order to be wise, you must go through things and learn from them. No one is a wise, good person unless they have learned from mistakes. He was planning on killing muggles “for the greater good”, but gave that up and now protects muggles and muggle-borns (or did, before he died). That shows more courage than if he just did that without having learned from a previous experience.

    I was also really disappointed that RAB was Regulus. I immediately thought “Regulus Black” when I read Half-Blood Prince, and that’s why I thought it wouldn’t be him. It was waaayyy too obvious. I was extremely disappointed when I found out it WAS him. I had more faith in JK Rowling than that…I thought she’d pull something off no one had ever thought of.

    I was also disappointed that Harry was a horcrux. I also thought that way too obvious. I’m over that though…it made for a very good story. I was sobbing, thinking, “Harry IS going to die,” but then he didn’t. It was genius.

    I also found the epilogue annoying. It barely answered a thing, and the things it did were kind of forced. “We can’t just walk in and give love to Professor Longbottom, Dad.” Nice way of telling us what Neville is doing. I don’t know, I just found it annoying. And Harry was godfather to Teddy Lupin, and didn’t raise him. What? Who raised him? There are a lot of unanswered questions, left to the Harry Potter Encyclopedia, I guess.

    I’m not sure if I’d give this book three or four stars. One of the two. No less than three and no more than four.

    Long live Harry Potter.

  • OJ

    I thought the book was very good. over the years of reading and re reading the series i think most people will agree that the ending of the series causes mixed emotions. i was excited for the ending, but more than anything sad and disappointed that the ending came. as for jk rowling. she has an amazing imagination. i LOVEEEEEE harry potter.

  • Love Kreacher

    Obaid, thank you again, for explaining who that is. Very helpful =]
    Anyways, I have been mulling over the book in my head the last week or so and I am starting to like it more. If you read my first comment (#284) I feel that I made it sound like I hated it. I really didn’t. I thought it was very good- just not the best. Just thought I’d clear that up.
    I plan on re-reading the book in a couple of weeks. Not right away because I want to continue thinking about things in it so I can get more out of my next read.
    I didn’t feel that any of the deaths were unnescessary. They all were sad, yes, but what do you consider a nescessary death? She couldn’t JUST kill bad guys. I also felt that VOldemort was less menacing, but that is how all villains are, aren’t they? Less intimidating than they seem. I was not surprised at all that Voldemort didn’t join the battle- he thought he was too good for that. Also-as to Voldemort seeming less menacing- of course he did. When we saw him in all the other books he knew he was safe. He had his precious horcruxes. He could be as mean as he wanted because nobody could ever do anything back. In this book, I felt that he was still just as menacing until he discovered his horcruxes were gone. That is when I noticed his evilness decline.
    As to charlie’s question #4- “Either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.” This merely meant that neither could FULLY live while the other survives. If you go back to Half Blood Prince and read the end of the chapter called Horcruxes (pg 509-512) it explains all of this. I would try to type it but it is one of those things you can’t explain without confusiong people – it only makes sense when Dumbledore says it =]
    I enjoy very much coming back to this site to read everyones opinions. I can’t wait until I re-read the book. Hopefully the second time will be better than the first!
    Just curious-of the series, what is everyones favorite book? Of course alot of people will say 7, but mine remains to be 5 =]

  • Love Kreacher

    Thanks to Obaid thought I put this on here from Wikipedia

    Rowling’s commentary and supplement
    In an interview[59] and online chat,[60][61] [62] Rowling gave additional information on the futures of the main characters that she chose not to include in the epilogue of the book.

    Harry had gone back to Hogwarts to complete his NEWT, and became an Auror, and is the head of the Aurors’ department, under Kingsley’s recommendation. He owns Sirius’s bike, which Arthur Weasley fixed up for him. He is married to Ginny. Due to the destruction of the piece of Voldemort’s soul that resided in him, Harry can no longer speak parseltongue.
    Ron worked for a time with George at their store, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and eventually became an Auror. He is married to Hermione.
    Hermione began a career at the Ministry of Magic at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and greatly improved life for house-elves and their ilk, but later moved to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement; she helped ensure the eradication of oppressive, pro-pureblood laws. She is married to Ron. She also found her parents and undid the memory modification she put upon them.
    Luna Lovegood has become a naturalist of sorts, searching the world for odd and unique creatures. She eventually marries Rolf, the grandson of Newt Scamander.[61]
    Ginny played for the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch team for a while and then left behind her athletic career for marriage and family with Harry. She eventually becomes the lead Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet.
    George names his first child Fred.
    Slytherin had become more diluted, and is no longer the pureblood bastion it once was. Nevertheless, its dark reputation lingers.
    Voldemort’s jinx on the Defence Against the Dark Arts position was broken with his death. The subject has a permanent new, unnamed teacher.
    Firenze was welcomed back into the herd, as the rest of the herd was forced to acknowledge that Firenze’s pro-human leanings were not shameful, but honourable.
    Kingsley permanently became Minister of Magic, with Percy working under him as a high official.
    Azkaban no longer use Dementors, as part of the changes introduced by Kingsley.
    Umbridge was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for crimes against Muggleborns.
    The Quibbler has returned to its usual condition of advanced lunacy, and is appreciated for its unintentional humour.

    I think it is very sweet that George named his first child Fred- wonder who he married though?

  • TiClaudDiviAvg

    No disrespect whatsoever to anyone who enjoyed the book…but I think the entire thing was seriously anti-climatic. This material was not up to JK Rowling’s usual standard and there were several things that I wish she had NOT done: IE Snape’s unrequited love for Lily because the whole entire concept of it is cliche, driving force for the plot or not.

    Some things I found disturbing:

    Voldemort was less menacing than previously, I felt there were a lot of pages wasted on Harry romping around in the wilderness, and the final chapter (where are they now?) in general just made me cringe. I felt like I was reading a fanfiction the whole work was so sub-standard.

    The final book ruined the entire series for me…and I used to be pretty addicted.

  • overall, i have enjoyed the harry potter series, despite a lot of very average writing. as few writers have successfully done, JK has created a very complex fictional world that is ‘spell binding’, pardon the pun. in this book, i especially enjoyed the snape and dumbledore stories… snape wanting to die looking into harry’s (i.e. lily’s eyes) was lovely. the flash backs of tom riddle’s past in the ‘half blood prince’ were my favourite parts in that too.

    i couldn’t read all of the reviews above, but i did notice a lot of points and questions echoed throughout… so i’ll not repeat them but try to add a few more… please remember that i did generally enjoy the books, but several things, especially from this latest book, have seriously tainted my affections…

    firstly, i don’t understand why the book was not longer, with MUCH more time spent over the climatic battle against my favourite character – voldemort… i waded through a lot of bad writing in seven books to see what she did when they finally had to fight… ‘expelliarmus’ saves the day!!! again… oh dear.

    why, in the forest, did voldemort not use ‘sectum sempra’ to cut harry’s head off i’ll never know; perhaps that might have finished old four eyes off for good. or i’d liked to have seen harry after his miraculous reserection looking like nearly headless nick! why was voldemort such a rubbish wizard at the end???!!! what a crying shame… i guess the reserection is due to the whole mother dying for him thing… again.

    it’s unbelievable that harry gets away with only using ‘stupefy’ and ‘expelliarmus’ throughout everything; he is a rubbish wizard. did he learn nothing at hogwarts?

    also can’t believe that he couldn’t decifer ‘i open at the close’ which was engraved on the snitch, i got that immediately… he has always been annoyingly slow on the uptake.

    before the book came out, JK said that a main character would die… fred? but there’s still another indentical character left i.e. george… so not SUCH a great loss me thinks… still, i understand he is a beloved weasley, just the wrong one chosen… ron should have died, he was even more inept than harry…

    how neville got the sword is beyond me, it is possible that it was from the sorting hat, as suggested above; so does the hat only summon the sword? because if it can summon anything that you need then surely the hat is the best thing going. (!)

    it was absolutely ridiculous when harry said voldemort’s name when he had been told it was ‘taboo’ed… an enfuriating part of the book!

    replying to someone above (can’t remember who): of course harry could work out that snape’s patronus was a doe, as he had seen in the penseive that snape was the one to orchastrate leaving the sword in the forest…

    to #283, love kreacher: dumbledore knew his brother worked in the pub; in the sixth book he said ‘i’m friendly with the bar staff’… that works.

    the epilogue was pointless and crap…

    this is my favourite point raised in anyone’s reviews thus far:

    by s.p. #230






    well observed that man!

  • Michelle

    Okay People! i’ve got soo much to say!

    1. If you didn’t like the book, well then write your own whoopde-frickin doo book! okay if you think that it was a “predictable” plot, then write your own plot! and if you think that some of the parts were “rushed” then again, WRITE YOUR OWN VERSION! And so on!

    2. I thought that the book was amazing! i have already read 2 times! and am listining to it on CD! And im glad that people are writing the reviews, but some of the reviews are revolting! Just insluting J.K. Rowling is revoting! yes people have different opinoins, but you don’t have to be so rude about it!

    3. I am very sad about almost all the deaths, espically Fred’s! They were very sad parts!

  • Michelle

    Sorry, i accedentely pressed “publish”.

    4. And people, learn how to spell and Punctuate!
    You don’t spell Enjoy, enjy! And so on! Alright. And when you start a new sentance you CAPITALIZE! Oh wow did we a not pass the 4th grade, gee i thought we did!

    5. I personally loved the 7th book, it was very very good. Some people don’t pay attention to the small parts, they just focus on the plot, Like does anybody pay attention to when they are talking baout what to do when they want to find the horcrux’s, im guessing not! i mean some people lie me might but some peope don’t! and those are the people who don’t like the book!

    Thank you, and Again people if you didn’t like the book then write your own whoopde-frickindoo book!
    Much Love

  • Amelia

    all right is not alright, it’s two words.
    about is not spelled baout.
    horcruxes has no apostrophe; it is not posessive.
    I’m is capitolized and has an apostrophe.
    maybe you should spell check before attacking other people on how THEY write…
    people saying it felt rushed are being truthful.

  • Amelia

    Love kreacher:
    my favorite books were five and six. amazing.

    I love kreacher so much now. he’s so sweet.

  • Amelia

    I’m just going to clear my review up.
    those were my only complaints. there were a lot of them, but I was just being truthful.
    all in all, I really did love the book.
    there were just many points I didn’t necessarily love. you know?

  • from reading the last book i think it cuts harry of short dont get me wrong but that was a good book but when thinking about it i think there should be another book on how ron and hermione, also harry and ginny get married. a book about what happens to them after this whole war. i would like J.K to write another book if u think this to we should put something to gether to get her to write another book

  • sill

    J.k.rowling didn’t explain how harry potter had so much money in the bank or what his parent did for a living. overall a nice ending; although s.p.( #230, #269) made a very good argument. someone should ask j.k.rowling to explain that, i wonder what her answer would be.

  • dmv

    the best harry potter book of the series! some of these comments are just bull. what dou mean there were no twists. did you expect harry to be alive when vodermort did the killing curse on him in the forest?! i think not. one thing this book was different to the rest was that is was not slow,did not drag and had the perfect yet unpredictable..yes unpredictable ending(as most assumed that harry potter would die).

  • Interesting discussion and comments. I just posted
    my own review
    … I’d love to hear what others think!

  • sill

    the chapters i like in Deathly hallows are..
    ch. 1:- although it would have been interesting if the victim was an important character like mad-eye moody or professor McGonagall.
    Ch. 3:- it’s really began to sink in that the beginning of the end.
    Ch. 13,19, 20,21,and 33.
    surprisely i liked ch. 13 alot:- it was suspense and i felt like i was sneaking with them. I really loved this chapter more than the rest.

    The rest of the chapter either were rushed or dragged the story, i wouldn’t got into the specific one.

  • Michelle

    The way Harry’s Dad got so much money, J.K. Rowling explained in a interview, was he had inherited it all. But she did not say from who?

    And Amelia,
    Why do you have to be so rude! im just merely[and thats how you spell merely]defending J.K. Rowling!

    But im not offended by your rudness, im just appalled at the majority of Adults that are so rude!

    So if you want to insult me, im just fine with that! But im not aiming anything, untill now at one particular person!

    And i agree with the Dmv person, there are alot of twists and surprise’s, like that Snape was in love with Lily, i was very surprised!

    Much Love

    And this time i PREVIEWED my Review!

  • This book was gay.

  • Daz

    I pity you. Grow up

  • McGonogall Misser

    “”Does anyone think Neville should have been able to at least harm if not kill Bellatrix, shurely he couldnt have realistically held back the urge to hurt her after she basically made his parents go mad?”
    I realized that it’s the same reason that Harry didn’t “kill” Voldemort, and why Draco couldn’t kill Dumbledore. Remember in Snape’s memories that Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him to save Malfoy’s innocent soul. Rowling’s sending the message that although Harry and Neville are both “adults” at this point, they’re still very young, and she didn’t want their souls to be torn apart by murdering someone.”

    V gd point, hadnt thought of that, thanks x

  • McGonogall Misser

    Just read some more comments, I think It was comment 238, I have basically all the same questions going round my head, or I did do when I first finished book 7. Some people have said JK answered loads of questions and closed loose ends which I agree with, but I also agree with those who have said JK started too many new ‘stories’ in this 7th book, and hasnt finished them – a complete giveaway that another book is on the way

  • Felicia

    I was reading through here on what people had commented about this book, and i got so far down before i figured i might as well stop. here’s what i think: i agree with exsoul, (#27) that it all seemed a little rushed and far-fetched. sure, it was a good book, but as it neared the end, i kept thinking to myself “it seems like she just wanted to get this over with so everyone could read it.” way too rushed, and i found myself re-reading sentences over and over going, “what? that didn’t make any sense!” all in all, i’d say it was a good book up until the end, with good twists, lots of action, and a good storyline, but towards the end kinda….sucks, and don’t even start me on the epilogue. just my opinion though.

  • Love Kreacher

    Besides the encyclopedia, Rowling has said she will not write another book with Harry, Ron and Hermionie as the main charachters. I am sad about that, so hopefully the encyclopedia will be very long and answer many of our questions.
    As for her writing about their kids….you never know! She may say no for now, but the opportunity for that is always open!

  • Love Kreacher

    i read a review on another site and this was part of it: “Anybody notice that Albus Severus Potter’s initials are ASP? Bet he ends up in Slytherin.”
    I don’t see the significance of ASP. Does anyone have an explanation?

  • Love Kreacher
  • rachel

    Personally, I found the last installment to the life of Harry Potter extremely touching. As he was walking through Hogwarts remembering his life there I found myself in tears. It was beautiful. JK had the right idea – I don’t think I could have handled Harry’s death. I also enjoyed learning more about Albus. I thought this book was amazing and magical – an adventure to read.

  • deb

    I think Harry should have died because his death would have made this a better piece of literature. But I found myself relieved that he didn’t- I was going to miss him terribly already, and I was grateful that I wouldn’t have to morn for him as I did Dobby. I love the yin/yang themes throughout, and the way Snape ended up- I was hoping for that. I love that Harry named his child after the rivaling heads- Albus Siverus. I love the way she made Voldemort a little good, and Dumbledore a little bad.

  • organic farmers against Voldemort

    This was a great ending to the story. It did exactly what it needed to do. For us to go through the entire series not knowing if we were reading a kid’s book or an adult book was, in the words or Ron Weasly, “Brilliant!” Is there loose ends and unanswered questions? Sure, but there has always been in every book. It is part sloppy and part ingenius in that it always kept us guessing. We would have loved a chapter or two at the end that gave greater detail to the character relationships and careers, following her usual line of maturation througout the series. It would have been nice if she would have evolved beyond children’s stereotypes and and threw us a few from left field concerning the fate of our protagonists, but then again, we can do that for ourselves. Luna is headmaster because of her whimsical wisdom, Neville obviously lands an older woman, Malfoy and Harry have the occasional cordial dinner and once a year fishing trip, and Ron and Hermoine divorce due to his lack of direction in life and her slave driven tendency to be an over achiver (you know, she goes away to grad school in Romania and they pledge to keep a long distance relationship going, etc., etc.). Also, what did happen to the Dursely’s, house elves (the subject of Hermoine’s dissertation) and the relationship between muggles and wizards? I guess we will just have to use our imaginations.

  • I think Harry should have died because his death would have made this a better piece of literature.

    That whole climax came across as a bit of cop-out to me.

  • Vikster

    u lot r funny, if ur a true fan u cant totally hate it but of course there are disagreeable areas, its an ending after all, we cant have it all out own way. i was disappointed and pleased, bored and excited, i havent got the energy after ready only a 1/4 of wat is commented here to go into seperate details but the ending was just how it should have been, the epilogue was slack to be sure and there were definately pointless aspects throughout and it was predictable, but really who’d want a dead Haryy? its a childrens book and good prevailed, happilly ever after, stop being cynical cos uv lost ur inner child.

  • Love Kreacher

    ASP? see comment #335

  • Moin

    I cant believe some of the comments on this page. Let me tell you a little secret about fiction…


    Yes, thats right, entertainment. Its not a scientific textbook you know. So what if some things are left unanswered? So what if some things dont make total sense and implausible things happen…its fantasy! You pay your money, you take the ride, and if you enjoy it along the way, job done.

    Now, as far as my own opinion goes, the things I liked:

    1. The Princes Tale, a brilliantly written and moving chapter.
    2. Harry summoning his dead parents and walking to his impending death. Very emotional.
    3. The climactic fight at the school, especially seeing the teachers finally square up to the death eaters.

    Things I didnt like:

    1. The fact that Harry didnt die. It was all building up so nicely. Voldemort would strike Harry down, laugh that his nemesis was dead, then spectacularly die himself…his own lust for revenge his ultimate undoing. Now that would have been an ending to go down in history. Alas, Rowling copped out.
    2. Neville not killing Bellatrix… a total travesty!
    3. The way that Voldemort died. It should have been a bare knuckle boxing match to the death (ok maybe not, but you know what I mean).

    Overall I really enjoyed it. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but probably the best of the series I would say.

    And to all the people who thought the epilogue was rubbish, it made perfect sense to me. Its basically a ‘happy ever after’ ending, as the last line indicates. Bit sappy for my tastes, but then it is a kids book…lest you forget.

  • brandon

    i thought this was the best book i have ever read in my life. some times during the book i could imagine myself as harry potter.
    i wish though that Rowling should make mini stories for Harry and Jenny’s kids that would be rally cool.

  • The best book.
    The thing that i didn’t really like was the
    Ron and Hermione relationship…..all we got
    to read about them was a kiss and that was it.
    Their should have been more things about them getting together instead of just one kiss.

  • Amy

    It was an outstanding piece of writing, really, how many others could write a book like this?
    J.K Rowling truly does deliver in her HP books, I am an avid fan, my favourite part does have to be when Snae says “look at me” to see Lily’s eyes once more, inspiring!

  • Janella

    I too loved this book, however, I will not hate on those who don’t.
    To satisfy as many readers as she has with an ending that explains most gaps is truly amazing on JKR’s part!
    I think that some of the flaws were in fact intentional. The hallows were only as powerful as the wizard’s ability to understand them. The Elder wand was the most powerful wand. But, that does not mean that the wizard in control of the Elder wand was the most powerful wizard. The wizard with the Elder wand could still be caught off guard(as Dumbledore was when he chose to make Harry still instead of concentrating on Draco) or overpowered.
    Overall, I think this book was great and the series was great. I am currently re-reading the series and her foresight is amazing. I love the fact that JKR has created a series that we can all imagine and I never have loved re-reading books before- So cheers!

  • Margot

    I think she has done a brilliant job on this last novel but i wish she had left out that last chapter. I still wonder for whom she wrote it, because in my opinion not at all needed.
    In all her books her writing is addictive and it seems to me as if someone else wrote that last chapter for her..i still cannot believe she could not come up with something better than “all is well”! All is well???? Oh my, there was no need in telling that was there?

    But in all, i enjoyed reading this last part and i just pretend she never wrote that last chapter 🙂

    Margot (Netherlands)

  • Well she might have worried by observations from Childline that her killing Harry might have dire affects on children.

  • Daz

    Are you guys crazy?? She DID kill Harry!!!!

    The whole point of his death had a VERY positive effect on the rest of the story. When he sacrificed himself he protected all of his friends and peers!!!
    Did none of you read the last 5 chapters???

    My fellow fans, i believe you did NOT read the story slowly enough, i know personally i have rushed other books to know what happened but not this one, it was too important.
    JK ROWLING PLANNED EVERYTHING OUT IN 1990! How could she have copped out on Harrys death??
    She never intended him to STAY dead you crazy people 🙂
    He was always going to meet Dumbledore in Kings Cross (oh yes and to those who dont understand why it was Kings Cross i shall explain. Kings Cross was the first time Harry had been parted officially from the Dursleys, on his way to a new year. He returned there every year for 6 years. It was his place of immortal happiness, ‘back home’ as he would constantly note on the train to himself. )
    I believe in the chapter entitled KINGS CROSS, he was in PURGATORY.
    Purgatory is traditionally known as the place between Heaven and the Underworld. If he had chosen to go on then he would not have returned to the forbidden forest. Dumbledore waited in Purgatory for Harry to come, for he knew that he would, thats why when he saw him he said ‘you brave, brave man’ because then he knew Harry had faced Death.

    I hope that clears some things up, any more questions you can add them on here and i will return. I have examined the series and i believe i can answer questions truthfully in my opinion that i believe to be correct.

    This is what Julio wrote::::

    The best book.
    The thing that i didn’t really like was the
    Ron and Hermione relationship…..all we got
    to read about them was a kiss and that was it.
    Their should have been more things about them getting together instead of just one kiss

    Excuse me, are you crabbe or goyle? Hehe. There was 3 books with subtle emotional power bonding the two of them. Did you remember when they were in grimauld place (just the 3 of them) and harry woke to see hermiones hand and rons touching whilst they slept, i found that beautiful.

    That kiss had been building up for 3 whole harry years, OPEN YOUR EYES! 😀

    Thank You

  • sara

    I have read DH three times now, and I must admit that some stuff is not as convincing after three times as it is the first time; still JK Rowling did a very great job, wrapping up loose ends, judiciously letting some loose ends flapping, giving us the banality of evil and heroism with a twist,and letting Dumbledore fall from grace, only to bring him back again as a human, a great and flawed person, as opposed to the Great All-knowing Wizard (even Gandalf nods.. 🙂 ). I was completely satisfied, even with the epilogue, knowing that she only wants us to know that All was Well, without going into the details. ( I wouldn’t have minded reading something about George instead of Percy, tho’).

  • brandon

    hey daz i was wondering if you think rowling should make stories about harrys kid have a great day potter fans!!!!!!!!

    sincerely brandon m

  • HP fan 4 ever

    Ok i juss have a couple of questions…
    Where and how and why did Draco Malfoy get picked by the elder wand? I just didnt understand that. Also how did the Gyrffindor Sword magically appear under the sorting hat?? where did that come from??


  • fyrstrm

    Good questions. I wondered the same thing about the sword; last I knew Griphook was running away with the thing after escaping from Gringotts. ??

  • Janella

    Draco has true ownership of the Elder wand because he “won” it when he used expilliarmis with Dumbledore prior to Snape actually killing Dumbledore on the tower (while Dumbledore was preoccupied with making Harry parilyzed). So, Draco bested Dumbledore and in so doing so won the right to the wand by besting Dumbledore. Snape only killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s wishes so Snape had no right to the wand.
    JK Rowling answered the sword question in her webchat interview on mugglenet saying that Griphook really did not truly own the sword since Gyriffindor never truly stole it from the goblins and that since Neville was a true Gryffindor in need of help he was able to pull the sword out of the sorting hat just as Harry had done since the hat originally belonged to Gryffindor.

  • ES

    It was a good book and all and still remains one of my favourites but Jk did rush the ending a little too fast. I think the Voldemort was killed too easily.

  • ES

    The part about the sword was a little confusing. I thought that goblin was the last one with it…If Harrt had it all along why didnt he use it to destory the last horcruxes…why did ron and hermoine go and get the basilisk fang. Harry’s death was a bit confusing too.

  • omg

    i really enjoyed this book..i loved the part with snape turning out to be someone other than i expected. he and kreacher ended up being some of my favorite characters…i think this was the best book in the series… i think the ending was rushed and i didnt like the nineteen years later or watever..i also didnt like lupin and tonks ending or freds..or dobbys but other than that excellent

  • Daz

    Hey 🙂 Yeah i would love to read more stories about harry and ginnys children, but i think it best if they were short stories. Orrrrrrrr…. it would be best if JK left the whole series alone now. If i was her i would begin a sort of encyclopedia about what happens in the nineteen years prior to the epilogue. I dont think she is a one hit wonder, anybody who can imagine and create as she did will always have great success in writing

  • Janella

    ES- In JKR’s comment about the sword. She was not saying that Griphook did not have the sword, he did he took it at the bank. But Griphook was not entitled to it since it was never stolen from the Goblins by Gryffindoor. So, when Neville was in need it could still by magic be pulled from the hat since he was a true Gryffindoor and Gryffindoor was the last owner that was entitled to it (true owner).
    So, I bet Griphook got a nasty shock wherever he was when it disappeared. Oh well, it got took from the taker.

  • anna

    I really liked the book itself, but the epilogue was a bit much for me. I almost didn’t want to see my favorite characters all grown up without having had seen the action in between the years. I also didn’t want to see Ginny, the cute little red-headed girl marry Harry Potter. The epilogue really ruined it for me.

  • Janella

    Das- Are you being serious about the Harry Potter encylopedia to include what happens to the rest of the characters in 19 years? Because if you are not being facetious, then JK Rowling has said in at least 2 post Deathly Hallows interviews that she does plan on doing a Harry Potter encyclopedia and it will include some more information on what the rest of the characters are up to. She just will take a much needed break first.

  • Daz

    Yeah i didnt know she had said that 🙂
    I dont think she should write any full length books about Harrys children as then it just wouldnt be harry potter it would be albus potter and the … etc

    I havent heard anybody mention that she had said that so i was blisfully unaware 🙂
    Do you believe she has exhausted Hogwarts now? I do. I think there are hardly any more secrets she could possibly extract from the Hogwarts story.

  • Janella

    Das- I agree, JKR has done a great job with Hogwarts and can leave it at a successfull and satisfying close. I’m sure there could be more secrets, that grandkids could find (I can hear the argument now). But, I am satisfyed with the series and especially this book that tied up so many loose ends.

  • Halima

    I can’t really understand why people thought that the plot was highly predictable…did everyone predict before hand that Snape was always in love with Lily? Was it that obvious that Harry was a horcrux all the time? Did everyone already guess that Mad-Eye, Remus, Tonks and Fred would die? Was it also obvious that Kreacher would turn out to be actually quite brave and kind? Well I don’t think the plot was all that predictable…but doesn’t all books have parts that are quite predicatable anyway?

    The only predicatable thing for me, was that Harry didn’t die as this would be a bit stupid as the book is always set around Harry, even if it isn’t in 1st person. The only other predicatble part was that R.A.B was Sirius’s brother…also i thought there was something dodgy about Bathilda when Harry and Hermione met her but i didn’t guess exactly what it was so people need to accept that Harry Potter is a very famous, much discussed book and fanatics will always come up with millions of theories so J.K.Rowling should be commended on how well she plotted it out, without any influence from outside expectations.

    i won’t deny the flaws of the book however…it was rushed and deprived of more wanted details and information, especially in the last chapter… however i guess you could say that J.K did well by leaving people still wanting more knowledge on characters after the tragedies and triumphs of this book!

  • EthelHallow

    In response to #335 Love Kreacher’s question:

    “i read a review on another site and this was part of it: “Anybody notice that Albus Severus Potter’s initials are ASP? Bet he ends up in Slytherin.”
    I don’t see the significance of ASP. Does anyone have an explanation?”

    An asp is a type of snake. So Albus Severus Potter ending up in slytherine sounds like a good guess.

  • Daz

    I think the placing of your house goes on a bit more than your name

  • a fan.

    Okay firstly, some of the comments people have made about how Dumbledore shouldn’t have been explored further is ridiculous – did no one else feel curious about his past as they were reading the series? It’s to show how people make horrible mistakes when they’re young, look at James Potter he treated Severus Snape horribly when they were young, and look at Harry, he made many mistakes throughout the series, a large one of which being the huge continued mis-judgement of Snape. But then how Harry rectified his mistake and to show how he respected Snape and regretted his behaviour towards him; he named his son after him.

    The deaths of beloved characters were, admittedly upsetting but don’t you think that they were done just to show Harry’s journey into adulthood – especially the death of Hedwig. Again, remember how Sirius and Dumbledore died, I believe that Lupin being one of Harry’s main protectors was killed off to show that Harry was supposed to work alone, and to kill Voldemort alone.

    We all knew that Harry wasn’t going to die – face it, if he did everyone would be complaining about that. JKR was under a huge ammount of pressure writing this book, and considering that I think she did an amazing job as I found that it was unpredictable, exciting and I couldn’t put it down for the 10 hours it took me to read it 🙂

  • a fan.

    “Overall I thought Deathly Hallows was a good HP ending but I did notice some gaps in the plot. For an example, I dont think Harry had to go through all that trouble destroying the horuxes or what ever there called. All he had to do was say assio Voldemorts wand (incase you dont know, assio is the sommoning charm. He used it in the fourth book to get his broom while fighting the dragon) then after he did that he could just go in and take out voldemort while he was weak.”

    Harry needed to destroy the horcruxes, because in case you didn’t notice Voldemort should have died 17 years earlier – when the killing curse backfired upon him. He did not die then because of his Horcruxes remaining unscathed and for lack of a better word ‘healthy’.

    And as for the Assio thing.. you don’t think that Voldemort would have been able to block that?
    And if that had indeed happened you wouldn’t be complaining about an anti climax?

    This book was brilliant and I don’t see any of you writing best-selling novels like JKR so I suggest you stop complaining and focus on the amazing imagination behind this brilliant books.

    Also, some of you said that there was practically truth that there will be more books – but did JKR not say ‘never say never’. She didn’t say she wasn’t going to write about Harry Potter ever again. Though I think it would be a shame to do so. However I look forward to any further novels that she may write, as I’m sure they will be as rich in detail, adventure, surprises, laughs and sobs as the Harry Potter series was.

  • Katriona

    I tried desperately to read all of the many comments but it’s soooo late though I did read alot!!!There are over 350, a great achievement and I thought the original review excellent btw.
    I just want to point out (again I’m sure many have already) that everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the book and of the entire series also so please don’t jump down my throat!!
    I’m 16 (I know and I can write properly too lol) and have been reading the Harry Potter books since my teacher introduced my class to the Philsopher’s Stone when I was 10 or 11, so I have truly grown up with these characters throughout all of the books. I know my H.P.,I’ve read every book more then 3 or more times!
    Well to get down to it (I just felt like setting thte foundation to my comment!) I, to sum it up, LOVED the last book. Everything about it!
    I can understand many of the faults that I’ve read about in the comments such as the fast, almost rushed, pace of the story and some of the seemingly random plot lines. At times I did feel that the story was hurtling towards the finish but I enjoyed the fast pace as it was describing the scene for what it was, action scenes, battle scenes etc. The story of the Hallows did seem slightly pointless at times to me, almost as a sort of filler but it tied up nicely in the end and I was very satisfied with that plot line as I was with all the plot lines.
    The deaths, however tragic, were planned by J.K. I’m sure and were necessary in the telling of such a deep, thought-provoking tale such as this. I felt great sadness at the scene of every death…Hedwig, Moody, Dobby, Fred, Tonks, Lupin and incredibly Snape whos beautiful story was heart-wrenching to say the least. Each character’s death spoke volumes about the war that the series portrayed, teaching the readers about the horrors that evil can bring. Voldemort’s death was quick but if it had been embellished it would have felt almost that they were mourning or that they were feeling emotion like sadness etc.
    I also read in some of the comments that it felt like the book was based on the trio but I think that helped set the tone of the book and helped show us how lonely they were in their search to find and destroy the horcruxes. They were 3 teenagers alone, on the run, with no help and a huge task to complete, the fate of the wizarding world upon their shoulders so it made sense to focus entirely on them.
    The epilogue…in my eyes the only downfall of the entire series…it didn’t answer many questions such as how did the wizarding community reunite and rebuild? What happened many of my other favourite charcters such as George, Hagrid, Neville, Luna etc. But it was happy which left me with happy thoughts of the story and of the entire series which was needed.
    Harry not dieing was the perfect plot twist. I was expecting him too and for him to be saved was genius I think.
    All in all, I give the book 11 out of 10, a brilliant story that I’m sure many were very happy with. I loved every second, couldn’t put it down til I read the very last line…”All is well”…and I think for J.K. and for all Harry Potter fans that is true.

  • jdfan

    The sword of Gryffindor is charmed to come to the aid of true Gryffindors when they need it most which is why it came to Neville during the Hogwarts battle, just like when Harry needed it in the Chamber of Secrets.

  • This book was absolutly fantasic, she is pure talent! I loved every minute and have to admit for the last half i cried my eyes out! I wish it didnt have to end, but as long i can still re-read the brilliant series a couple of thousand times im happy! 😀

  • Daz

    With the prospect of an encyclopedia also 🙂

  • Queso

    I thought this book was “da Bayst.” I dont know if its just me but i dont remember how Neville got the sword of Gryffindor to chop of Nagini’s head so I thought that messed up the book a little. but it was cool how the whole thing of the deathly hallows worked out .

  • Love Kreacher

    Thanks for the ASP information. Very helpful! =] I doubt that will make any difference on the house they are put into though. Oh well, it is still coincidental.
    I still have to re-read the book but I am reading another new book right now so when I’m done i plan to pick up DH once again!
    I, like everyone else, do like Snape now. He’s one of my favorite characters, only because it took me up until the chapter The prince’s tale to fully figure him out, and a character that complex is definately enthralling to read about. (He’s not my favorite, however, because of his personality….I haven’t forgotten the other 6 books..) Alot of people seem to think that Snape went down to easily, but I disagree. Yes, he went down easily, but I think the way he died, so pathetic, without even a fight, just added more emotion to his whole story. I think it was brilliant of Rowling to do that.
    I also love how Snape was still trying to obey Dumbledore up until his death…did anyone seem to notice how Snape kept begging Voldemort to let him capture Harry for him? Snape knew his death was coming and he was trying to get the memories to Harry before that happened. I thought that it was very sweet of him. Also for him to not even tell Voldemort he was wrong, that he had never been on his side, but to just let him kill him, was also very touching.
    Well, just thought I’d put in my input on Snape =]
    I enjoy other’s oppinions so keep writing!

  • Annette

    I loved the book

  • Annie

    I felt so sorry for snape when he died

  • I find it strange how do not find out about Death Eaters and the Dark Nark until the fourth book! I believe the series is split into two halves the first three books where Harry’s life revolves around his light hearted investigations in Hogwarts and the last three wher Harry has to deal with much more happening outside the Castle. This is why book 4 is my favorite book it’s the turning point in the series not just beacuse Voldy returns but because Harry is forced to grow up and become the man he finishes the series as.

    BTW As if Voldy would hide a hocrux in the room of requirment when he had the Chamber of Secrets at his disposal. Plus in the room of requirment there were thousands of objects that students had left how did he think that he alone had discovered the room.

  • Si

    I wish the first few books were longer especially the Chamber of secrets i find that such a enchanting story. I mean a giant chamber built in secret by one of the Hogwarts four founders, miles under the Castle and the lake. I would have loved the last book to have an extra chapter called “The chamber of secrets” and left Harry to revisit it with Hermione and Ron.

  • My thirst for knowledge of the other charactors was as strong as Ron’s. I would love to have had a chapter at Hogwarts and saw what Neville and Snape were getting up to. It would have developed the story in that midsection.

  • Tala

    I really loved HP7 it was marvelous.
    At the end of the book I was satisfied but not entirely, because I didn’t find any clue about my favourite characters also I didn’t know anything about the fate of the wizarding world as many of u my friends had said above. And I want to say also that I really missed Hogworts so much in this book, and I was very happy when they finally went back thier. On my opinion I think she made the epilogue that way to cut any hope of writing another HP book, and this was really deppressing to me (it made me cry), U know I’m already missing harry potter.

    So thank u J.K.R. for this wonderful story.

    P.S. Who is victoria by the way?

  • MJ

    I read this twice now…the first time was kinda rushed, the second time taking my time. I’m happy with the book. The ending was weak, but as it leaves open the possibility for another book (or more) to talk about what happens after the last chapter, I have mixed feelings about whether or not the epilogue is *that* bad. Overall, I’m glad I discovered the series (rather late). I’m also looking forward to see how this book is translated into the movie in a few years–the Battle at Hogwarts should be a great scene.

    Other comments–I have read and re-read LOTR and CS Lewis. For those complaining about similarities–other than being “Fantasy” genre, I don’t see that much similiarity. If you look at general plot trends of any fiction, sacrifice is a very common theme.

  • DOUG

    After almost a month the book still keeps coming back to me. I have re-read books one thru three over the past two weeks and I am starting book four again and while they are not as exciting as the first time I read them they still are great reads. After reading DH I felt an immediate sadness and an almost empty feeling that this was the last new HP that we will ever get to enjoy. My sister just finished DH this past weekend and she said that she cried thru the final five chapters and then again after she finished- not just because of the deaths and Harrys walk to his death but because this great story was over and she still wanted more. Judging by the amount of comments a full three weeks later, she is not alone in her feelings. In re-reading the earlier novels it becomes apparent that JK had a grand plan, even more so now that I’ve seen how it ends. In COS, Harry asks Dumbledore how he became a parselmouth and Dumbledore tells him that possibly part of Voldemort(his soul,horcrux) transfered to harry when the killing curse failed. As I’m reading these again so many more loose ends are tied up and questions are answered that I think I may be enjoying reading them more this time thru. From the very first chapter of the very first book, Hagrid using Sirius’s motorcycle for example, characters are brought up that may not show up again until later books and this, to me, shows that JK did have the whole story thought thru from beginning to end and she left just enough open threads so that we fans were left wanting more. The only flaw in the series for me was the epilogue. It was too short and it felt rushed. I would love to see this encyclopedia she plans on releasing, I bet the book stores will be packed again. I hope she re-thinks her decision and writes more stories in this world she has created. Tolkien died long ago and they are still releasing more books set in middle earth so why can’t she continue? I mean Voldemort was not the only dark wizard. I bet that everyone commenting on this page would love to read more stories set in JK’s world she created with new characters. In closing I’ll say this-the series had some flaws, very few, but all in all it was the best series of books that i have ever read and I will miss the anticipation and excitement of waiting for the next HP.

  • January1000

    Love conquers all in Harry Potter world – without his mother’s love, Snape’s love of his mother (and subsequent loyal protection) and Narcissa’s love of her son Draco, I don’t think Harry could have been around for long (no matter how much of Voldemort he had in him…). And no matter how cheesy some people might think the epilogue is, it gave me a sort of poignant final feeling – the world is now safe for Harry and his loved ones and his story of fighting for the triumph of good can come to a peaceful end…
    I LOVED the Deathly Hallows.

  • As I ran to the book store to get my copy of the last book of Harry Potter, I promised myself not to get my hopes up. The first page I broke my promise; by the end of the book I was in tears and angry. She killed of my favorite character, and a lot of other characters. This book was rushed. It took me 24 hours to read it and it felt it took the author only 24 hours to write. There was no fill; and after reading the last book I have the feeling (for the first time) that the movie is going to be better than the book. Don’t get me wrong the author is great! She made my imagination grow with the past Harry Potter books. I keep telling myself that just maybe just maybe she was under to much pressure, and maybe she didnt give it her all. One thing I will do though is I will pass the books down to my children.

  • Amy O’Brien

    for all the people complaining about the book, ur just jealous that u cant write as well as she can. and no ones perfect so spelling mistakes are expected. it was a great book and there was NOT any plot glitches… i’m a little disapointed with the end.. i kinda wanted it to be a TINY bit longer. oh well, it was good anyway.. im hoping she makes a new series of “Albus Potter” that, i wanna see!

  • No one is blaming the grammer and spelling mistakes on Rowling but on the editors of the book. And yes there is a certain standard of literacy expected in a mainstream published book.

    Besides its a children’s book…if children see that a big writer like Rowling can get away with bad grammer what message does that send?

  • Who actually cares about grammer and spelling. The book still made sence to me. I loved Marty Dodge’s “Will sombody think of the children” atitude priceless!

  • So you don’t think there ought to be decent grammer and spelling in a book you pay $15 for? My what low standards you have. Editors are necessary for BC but not for Harry Potter? That makes no sense.

  • Katriona

    well i loved every bit of it brilliant book!!!

  • Janella

    Tala #381,
    I think you are referring to Victoire from the epilogue and she is the daughter of Fleur and Bill. JK Rowling answered this question in a post Deathly Hallows interview.

  • the book was seriously very rushed. harry kind of finds the horcruxes very easily whereas. voldemort would be a real stupid to let his horcrux lie in the room of reqiurement without any sort of protection. and when he doesn’t find any of his death eaters so close to him then when the hufflepuff cup is present in belletrix vault when he has been betrayed recently by lucius malfoy

  • brandon

    you guys that like fantesy you should read Morrigans cross by Nora Roberts its really good

  • dev

    i think it was the best so far….i liked what they did to dumbeldore’s character, actually. this way he has his own small flaws. what i REALLY liked was how harry tried to get voldemort to repent. it was nice how he tried to save voldemort befor he had to kill him. but i guess remorse is impossible for voldemort. i think jk wrote it pretty well…… seeing as there was so much pressure to finish it, and she must have been kind of sad to write the last words. one of the things i like about jk is her ability to write about things that some authors might make a little redundant, like romance. i think she writes really well .

  • ddg

    i’d like to respond to s.p. #230… i think that you haven’t thought this through all the way. the pheonixe’s tears could have healed a horcrux- where does it say it couldn’t? and anyway, maybe you have to destroy the actual soul fragment and whatever contains the horcrux. in this case, it would be harry dying. since harry didn’t die, the soul fragment may not have been destroyed. and how do you know that lupin was killed by a wand? escaping that, if it wasn’t a full moon, maybe he didn’t have to be killed in a special way. if that’s not enough, people have different ideas about mythical creatures- maybe jk’s version of a werewolf wasn’t the same as the version of whoever told you there are only certain ways to kill a werewolf. what other mistakes dod you find?

  • theD

    TO S.P.
    there are ways around this. jk never said that pheonix tears couldn’t heal horcruxes. in fact, they probably can. if they heal, they could heal souls…probably. also, maybe opening the locket was for dramatic effect? haha…..jk does like drama. and as for lupin…well, have you accepted the aruguments other people have showed you? cuz i think they have pretty good points….but then again, so do you. i guess really both opinions are arguable.

  • I am going to be reading the new Tolkein next. Be interesting to see what that is like. When I was in my early teens I read all the Tolkein I could get my hands on.

  • person

    will everyone STOP ripping on grammar and spelling! there’s BOUND to be SOME mistakes! also, everyone who looks at EVERY TINY PLOT PROBLEM, if you expect perfection like that, DONT READ ANY BOOKS AT ALL! yes, big problems, i can understand if you want take a look at those. but whatever happened to reading for fun, and not for hacking at the author’s mistakes? okay. count to ten….i’m done bieng mad now. but anyway. i guess everyone is entiteled to their own opinion. sorry, i’m just a big debater. i like to debate….but i should be a little calmer…..haha.

  • S.P

    i’ve read what #395 and 396 said and it sound to me that you are making an excuse for j.k. if you think that the phoenix’s tears healed the horcrux in harry, wouldn’t she mention that important information in DH?. The fang touched harry hence the horcrux should be killed, there is no way of escaping this. In DH, hermonie used an snake’s fang(that was killed six years ago) to destroy a horcrux. Harry experienced the same in Chamber of secret. The phoenix’s tears only healed his injury, it doesn’t heal any soul or J.K would have wrote something relating to the soul(in a way that wouldn’t really spoil future book on the horcrux) but she didn’t. Until i hear it from J.K’s own mouth answering my question and why she didn’t write this important information down in the book then i think people would come up with ideas to cover a major flaw, i mean anyone could come up with something to cover a mistake but it has to be reasonable and with proof(somewhere in the book that she wrote your evidence that proof what you said is true). Otherwise, the HP book has a major flaw. I hope someone would direct my question to j.k. so that she could explain this to fans this flaw.

  • S.P

    And also, j.k.rowling didn’t explain how harry potter had so much money in the bank or what his parent did for a living, what’s up with that?

  • Daz

    S.P, hi 🙂

    You raise decent points. Part of me thinks yes, Jo may have made a mistake, a lot of pressure and all that.
    But! And its a big one, the whole plot was written out years and years ago, there is no doubt that the story changed and twisted, most fellow writers here know that no one story ever comes together in a days work.
    I do believe though that Jo did this for a reason, its too BIG to mess up, she would have spotted it she introduced the idea of the basilisk venom defeating the horcrux, and also not to mention the editors would definately have spotted it if Jo hadnt.

    There can be all kinds of cover ups and ideas, mine is that Harry had to die, or he had to be struck down completely by the same curse that created the horcrux.
    Don’t know how true that could be but maybe as Fawkes healed him the horcrux remained. I also DON’T think that Harry had a large proportion of Voldermorts soul inside him. I think the larger parts of his soul were in horcruxes such as the locket and the diary. Harry held a horcrux that was unintentionally created, it doesnt say anywhere in the book that all horcruxes contain the same amount of one persons soul, doesn’t mention anywhere that it is equally divided.

    So thats my theory, i’d like your opinion on my post 🙂

  • Bugs Love

    so was the snake a horcrux in the end? i re read HBP and dumbledore says that voldermort is himself a horcrux but of course was before harry was informed that he was a horcrux, so what and who were the horcruxes in the end??

  • Bugs Love

    yea wen the fang went into him in the Chamber of Secrets wouldnt that have destroyed the Horcrux hmmm thanx for bringing that up. i think the Horcrux situation and the Deathy Hallows were muddled up storys and were a bit slack, she didnt put enough detail into them to make them believable or realistic, she should have explained more.. and there were too many loop holes with regards to them. The last few horcruxes were found so easily and Dumbledore nearly died finding the neclace.

  • S.P

    i totally agree with bugs love, i think that the horcrux and the deathly hallow are murky and unrealistic plot in the harry potter series. I personally like the tale about the deathly hallow but J.K. seemed to use it as a cover up. The elder wand should have been mentioned in earlier books but suddenly it exist in DH. The seventh book should have focused on the horcuxes only, and J.K. should have found another way to kill vol. instead of the elder wand. And Daz, you have pretty good theory on my question but they remain that, just theories. I wished somehow you had a quote from the book to prove your theories. The horcuxes was part of a major plot and it’s sad that not one editor saw this mistake but then again the editors are there to make correction not follow on the plot. Daz, J.K. said in an interview that she planned the plot in advance so i don’t think she changed the story at all. in fact she said her plot was going smoothly since she wrote it how things would end years ago. i agree with some people when they said that J.K. rushed the seventh book. I like the book, don’t get me wrong, but it felt rushed. I just wished that she would have found another way to destroy the horcruxes, and just focused on horcruxes not the deathly hallows. Maybe if she focused on just the horcruxes in book 7, she would have seen this mistake and explained it in the 7th book. But she didn’t, so it remains just that, a major flaw in the harry potter series. Hope J.K. would somehow explain the horcruxes in another book( i heard she was going to write another book about harry’s world and what happened to other character). That’s the only way she could explain herself for this error.

  • Bugs Love

    yes the deathly hallows were an interesting part of the story but to be honest they seemed unnesesary and book 7 could have focused mainly on the Horcruxes and the plot to find and destroy yet we are led astray by the deathy hallows story. i think this may have been a way to keep introducing more as the book comes to a close because most of the book was spent in a sam and frodo phase which got a little boring but we knew all the ins and outs by book 7 there isnt too many new secrets she could have revealed, so it felt like the deathy hallows were just added for something new to crop up in book 7. i did enjoy the book and im sad its now over, there are ways that things could be changed then what would be the point, everyone will have their say about what was missing and what was a pointless part of the story.

    The one thing i felt was missing well maybe only because im curious about this is how does harry and all the other 7 years become qualified wizards and witches if they dont get to take their NEWTS. There was such an emphasis on the impportance of ‘qualified/underage wizardry’ yet there were so many book mentions in which exams were cancelled, how do all these hogwarts students amount to anything if their exams are constantly cancelled. hmmm??? i know NEWTS are the equivillent to A Levels and ur qualified once ur 17 and have taken OWLS but what about the rest, and how can Harry become an Auror when he didnt return for yr 7? JKR did tip us off that Hermione becomes a witch tyoe lawyer and Ron and Harry become Aurors. how Ron amounted to anything il never know haha. and even tho Snape was good in the end Harry still hated him and Snape still hated his dad it is really unrealistic that he would name his son Severus even if it was a middle name, i thought that was a bit lame.

  • Reddevil

    Ok now how do u know they did not return for the seventh year after the war was over.We do not know till after 19 yrs wat happened. So harry might have got the n.e.w.t

    and harry named his son severus because he wanted his son to be as brave and faithful as snape who gave his for his mother.It was kind of a tribute.I dont think it’s lame.

    And i read comments that said that the story was without much plot.
    C’mon guyz this is the last book of the series.This is the time to fight and destroy the one who must not be named.U can’t expect plot like the 1st and 2nd book as those book were just the outlines that ended in the last book.

  • Maybe the people who thought there were spelling mistakes in the book read the British version. Just to clarify, the 607-page version is British/Canadian/Australian/New Zealander, etc, and it’s the same for adults and children alike. The other version, with 700 pages or so, is the American version and there’s nothing in it that isn’t in the other version. It’s just a matter of publishing styles. The American having pictures and larger letters. As for the story, great ending, great timing, great ideas! The epilogue is there for us to discuss…if we are able to follow.

  • Tala

    Thank u Janella #391

  • Maverick

    Honestly, I thought that The Deathly Hallows was a well put together book. It was a little slow at times, sure, but the dark theme that carried throughout the book was outstanding, the story behind Albus Dumbledore was cool, and that nice little twist at the end where Harry possesses the powers of the Elder Wand was brilliant( of course it didn’t have the flair as when I found out that Snape was the Half-Blood Prince). All the questions readers wanted to asked throughout the past 6 books, were answered, and all wrapped up. Sure, they questions, about the lives of some of the main characters, but many final books of sagas, trilogies, etc., are like that. They leave it open to the imagination. Of course, if she were to make an 8th book(IF) I’d read it. I’ve read the other 6 books more then a few times. Why? Because I have nothing better to do, I love reading, and I wanted to discover all of the secrets behind the amazing novel and world that J.K Rowling created. I love the Harry Potter novels, and I’m sorry to see them end. The only problem is that books 5 and 7, she had a nasty habit of killing off all of my favorite characters: Sirius, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Fred, Lupin, and Snape. Lol. But, it made the story that more gripping, and made you want to keep going to you read the final page, and that’s what J.K Rowling has tried to achieve when she published all 7 of those novels.

  • R.I.P to the deaths in DH

    it was a really good book. of course it was predictable, people she left the guessing to us and by the look of all you people talking about how it was so predictable just means we guessed right. indeed the ending was sappy, but erm have any of you noticed that every single one of these books have gotton darker and darker? i think it was safe to add at least SOME happyness in it. though the names were a bit funny…. But why does that have to destroy the rest of the book?? And for people who were asking what happened here? what happened to that person? i think that is the imagination part we are supposed to figure out. and for those who still wont use your imagination Jo is going to write a encyclopedia for the harry potter series, though when it will be released i ahve no clue. the book was indeed put together greatly-yet i saw no spelling errors anywhere.. weird how that happens isnt ? (sarcasm) but people who keep saying theyre dissapointed and they expected better, i would LOVE for you to write a 7 book series of a boy wizard. But, as Jo has said, the book wouldnt be a book if everyone loved it. She knew some people would loath the book. And… sadly she was right. All i can say is wow and this will be one hell of a movie that will make millions when its released.

  • mystery

    according to wikipedia.org ‘In an interview[4] and online chat,[5][6][7] Rowling gave additional information on the futures of the main characters that she chose not to include in the epilogue of the book. She stated that Harry becomes an Auror at the Ministry of Magic, and is later appointed head of the department. He keeps Sirius’s motorcycle, which Arthur Weasley repaired for him, but can no longer speak Parseltongue after the destruction of Voldemort’s soul fragment inside him. Ginny Weasley plays for the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch team for a time, then becomes the lead Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet.

    Hermione initially works for the Ministry of Magic in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, greatly improving life for house-elves and their ilk. She later moves to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and assists in eradicating oppressive, pro-pureblood laws. She also finds her parents in Australia and removes the memory modification charm she put on them. Ron works for a time with George at his store, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and later becomes an Auror.

    Rowling also explained the fates of several secondary characters. Surviving twin George Weasley runs his successful joke shop, now helped by Ron. George names his first child Fred, after his late twin brother. Former Dumbledore’s Army member Luna Lovegood searches the world for odd and unique creatures. She eventually marries Rolf, a grandson of the famed naturalist, Newt Scamander.[7] Her father’s publication, The Quibbler, has returned to its usual condition of “advanced lunacy” and is appreciated for its unintentional humour. Firenze is welcomed back into his herd, who acknowledge that his pro-human leanings were not shameful, but honourable. Dolores Umbridge is arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned for crimes against Muggle-borns.

    There has been a transformation in the wider wizarding world. Kingsley Shacklebolt becomes the Minister for Magic, with Percy Weasley working under him as a high official. As one of the reforms introduced by Shacklebolt, Azkaban no longer uses Dementors. Consequently, the world is now a “much sunnier place”. At Hogwarts, Slytherin House has become more diluted and is no longer the pureblood bastion it once was. Nevertheless, its dark reputation lingers. Voldemort’s jinx on the Defence Against the Dark Arts (DADA) position is broken with his death, and there is a permanent DADA teacher. A portrait of Snape does not appear in the headmaster’s office as he abandoned his post before dying. Harry intends to lobby for the addition of Snape’s portrait, and reveals to all Snape’s true allegiance.’
    so, j.k. rowling did give all the info, just not in the book. i thought it was amazing, but i’d be angry if i hadn’t found this, b/c at first i thought there we lots of things left hanging at the end. but as i said, this interview makes everything better. 🙂 Long Live HP!

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Ugh–again, why can’t she [and others] compose their own book titles? The dead and bloody real ‘Hall-ows’ in FL and CA may not be a coincidence. >> U. S. robbed of a title and some people

  • Maverick

    I apologize if my previous comment bounced around a lot. I was tired, and had other stuff on my mind, and honestly, I’m not good at putting my thoughts onto paper, or in this case, a blog. So, if anyone wants to ask me anything( I assure you a know a great deal, I’ve read the books 16 times, excluding the Deathly Hallows) and I’ll do my best to answer your questions, because I seem to be of clearer mind when I know what to search my mind for. Email at Dannyw121525 @yahoo.com

  • Maverick

    And I also enjoy debating and hearing other peoples opinions

  • hi

    It was the best book so far. Maybe it was a bit repetitive but still it was good. Im still tryin to get over dobby’s death. 🙁

  • Harry/Ron/Hermione Fan

    I thought the book was fantastic, but did not quite meet my expectations. I’ve read the previous six Harry Potter books countless times.

    Whenever I read another book or watched some movie, I always thought to myself “That was really good, but it could have been better. Harry Potter, come the day when Book 7 is released… the ending will be, in my mind, perfect.

    I just always thought that it would be perfect…. it turned out not to be.

    I DID think the storyline and everything was amazing up until when Voldemort died. I was very disappointed that Rowling didn’t have a chapter or two, showing how life was for Harry, Ron, Hermione, and everyone else after Voldemort died. She spent so many pages in this, and the previous books showing how life was after a loss, or after a major event…. for example, after Sirius died in the fifth book. I thought that she desribed Harry’s feelings very well after that.

    There seemed to be hardly explanation, however, or Harry’s thoughts after he defeated Voldemort. I was really looking forward to a long, twenty-five+ page chapter showing how life was after Voldemort’s death.

    The whole thing with Harry was walking to his death was absolutely brilliant! I think it would have been very cheesy for Harry to just walk in to the Forbidden Forest, duel Voldemort, and defeat him.

    I understood everything that went on in the book very well, but I thought several different things needed more explanation, not for the sake of making the reader understand what was going on, but rather to really push far into the mind of the reader what was happening. For instance, when Lupin and Tonks died…. I really liked Lupin, but I wasn’t even very sad when he died, just because of the fact that Rowling wrote it in such little words that it didn’t get pushed into my mind very far. I was disappointed here, for with Sirius and Dumbledore’s deaths, she had written it with such depth, and described their deaths so well, that I was actually sad when they died. With Lupin no such writing was shown.

    So overall, I agree with the people who say the book wasn’t too great, but only to a certain extent. It had some bad spots, but overall, in my opinion, it was a very good book. It had many good plot twists and some extremely nervous, exciting, and dangerous events. Best book of the series followed closely by the fifth and fourth books I’d say.

  • bluesbread

    Regarding some people’s disappointment at the quickness of the final battle: That’s how it goes. Superbad characters aren’t so tough when you finally get them one on one, as in Wizard of Oz, Fargo etc.
    I am happy to see my favorite character, Draco Malfoy, survive. However, I would have liked to see more of him in the last few books (after setting him up as Harry’s biggest rival, Rowling lets him fade away as a presence, even though his part in the Dumbledore killing is key to later development). Also, in the epilogue — couldn’t he and Harry become friends or continual rivals or have some other strong connection in adulthood?
    I think Harry should have become Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, a position Hogwarts has had much trouble filling, and one he is eminently qualified for. Harry is still fairly young in the epilogue, though, and it doesn’t say what his occupation is, so maybe professorship is still in his future. Or here’s another candidate for that position: Draco!
    And finally, you all seem to miss one thing: Snape is actually Harry’s father. ;>)

  • I have to tell yah I like Draco as well. He is just a nasty piece of work that pokes holes in the pomposity of Harry & Co.

  • Fidels Charm


  • sirius is ma man

    how wierd is it that we never find out the names of harry’s grandparents

  • Janella

    #417 Snape could not be Harry’s father. Harry was not born until after Lily and James left Hogwart’s and by then Lily hated Snape for calling her a mudblood. Also, Lily did not associate w/death eaters once leaving Hogwart’s and infact was fighting death eaters. So, an ellicit affair was never alluded to nor would it be plausible.
    #419 ROFLMAO- star wars!

  • Janella

    Also, Harry looks just like James!

  • wei

    the book was 759 pages not 600

  • Um, as I have said before in this thread because of font size and the inclusion of pictures in the American version its 759 pages. The UK/Oz/Canada/NZ version of the book has smaller font and no pictures thus is only 607.

    Check your facts before coping an attitude please?

  • sirius is ma man

    yer y r ppl going on about the length its really pointless relaying the same messages about length

  • From the Chapter Xenophilius Lovegood to 19 years later the book is just all out action. Apart from a small break at shell cotage it’s all real time the story doesn’t skip any days. It’s so good, you just can’t stop reading on.

    Did anybody else really want to find out what the three things the Potter’s had done to defy Voldemort as said in the prophecy?

    A small flaw in the book is how they took so long looking for the sword to destroy the horcuxes wheras they could have just used the killing curse.

    Finally J.k should have ,i believe, either put alot more into the Deathly Hallows story or just scrap it and have Harry focus on Horcuxes and made it harder to find and destroy them. It feels that she wrote it half thinking about the Hallows and half the horcuxes because the Hallows were just sprung on the reader and the Horcuxes were far to easy for the threesome to find and destroy.

  • Christina

    I personally enjoyed this book. I also agree voldemort could have been more evil…like the last 6 books had made him sound. I also believe Jk Rowling should have made the Horuxes harder to find and destroy. Also the ending of the book when they are all adults I Would have liked to hear what they all did for a living. Other than those few things I liked the book and im sad that this was the last one.

  • Niharika

    Harry becomes the Head of the Auror Dept, Ginny Weasly who has always been sporting, plays for the Holyhead Harpies, but later gives up to raise her 3 kids. Ron joins George in his business of Weasley’s Wizarding Whizzies. Luna marrys Newt Schamander (author of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them). Hermione works for the Magical Enforcement Dept- That’s what JK Rowling said in one of her interviews.
    Would want to know what happened to the Dursleys. Did Dudley and Harry become atleast friends (if not the best). Who did Draco marry? Wish something more was said about Harry’s grandparents. Also, the mystery of the voices behind the veil was never revealed. Snape was the real hero. Wish he could have had more time with Harry, atleast till Harry fully appreciated what Snape had done.
    There was a flaw in Regulus’s story, though. After he drinks the potion in the cave and instructs Kreacher to exchange the lockets, how does the basin fill up? Because there is no mention of Regulus bringing any potion with him and telling Kreacher to refill the basin. However, when Dumbledore & Harry reach there, the basin was filled with the potion.

  • Niharika

    Harry survived Voldemort’s Avada Kedavra a 2nd time, precisely because he became (though unknowingly), the owner of all the 3 Deathly Hallows. The Elder wand had given allegiance to him, the resurrection stone was given to him by Dumbledore through the snitch, and ofcourse, the invisibility cloak was his from the start. So the 3 hallows were crucial to Harry’s survival. The Hallows story could not be scrapped, though it was added in the last part. It did seem to divert attention from the horcruxes, but then without them, as I said, Harry could not have survived just because “he went to meet death head on”.

  • Sill

    Niharika, even if you agree that DH were important for book 7, i believe that J.K should have mentioned them in previous book. Although she mentioned about the ring in book 6, she should have definitely mentioned about “the elder wand”(which was an important tool that killed vol.). She’s good at leaving clues from previous book to reveal them later on. The elder wand should have been one of those clue she should have brought up in book 3,4 or 5 then reveal its real purpose in book 7. That way it would have been a believable story not something she suddenly make up to fill the plot hole in book 7.

  • Niharika

    Fully agree with you, Sill. The DH, though important, do seem as if they were forced in at the last moment. The existence of the Elder Wand could have been hinted at in some earlier part, just as the stone in Marvolo Gaunt’s ring ( in Half Blood Prince)was cleverly explained to be the Resurrection stone. The long story of the 3 Peverell brothers did seem to drag.
    But in spite of minor flaws, it was a thrilling tale from start to finish. Wish someone could explain about how the basin of potion in the cave was filled up after Regulus Black had drunk it. (see my letter # 428)

  • Veena

    Surprising that Voldemort didn’t have any children during his years in power! That would have made further story possible: Harry’s children versus Voldemort’s child(ren)! Ha, ha, ha!!

  • Veena

    Surprising that Voldemort didn’t have any children during his years in power! That would have made further story possible: Harry’s children versus Voldemort’s child(ren)! Ha, ha, ha!!

  • Nigel

    Bellatrix behaves more like Voldemort’s wife than Rudolph Lestrange’s! Rudolph is nowhere in the picture….!

  • Sean

    to Ilena : Post # 71

    Teddy was raised by his grandmother Andromeda-& he also kept coming to Harry’s house for dinner- so that’s a relationship going strong. Teddy was 18 or 19 when he came to see off Victoire (Bill & Fleur’s daughter), so obviously he was through Hogwarts.
    Basically a happy life for someone who had lost his parents early on

  • Chicka

    Harry seems to have incredible luck- almost to good to be true. Most of the times (throughout the series) he escapes due to sheer presence of mind & brilliance of Hermione. There’s always someone or the other turning up at the right time to help out. The only thing he really is good at, is quidditch. As for the “courage” thing, well nearly everytime Ron & Hermione have been with him to face dangers. Well, most times, except in Goblet of Fire, where he battles Voldemort & escapes. Though the entire series is mind-blowingly captivating, JKR relies too much on luck & coincidences to see Harry through. Nearly all characters are heroes in their own right.

  • Yule

    No one seems to wonder what Malfoy must have done for a living. Agreed, he had a lot of wealth to begin with, but can’t go forever on it. Perhaps he’s the new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher (!!) – having known so much about dark arts from his parents first hand. And then I suppose he married Pansy Parkinson. And his son is named Scorpius!! Why anyone would give such a name to their child, is beyond me. Scorpius!!
    I liked marty’s review. He puts everything quite aptly.

  • Love Kreacher

    Wikipedia says that Harry and the others did return to Hogwarts for their NEWTS. -Just a bit of info
    There is no way Snape is Harry’s father. Funny idea though.
    To Chicka- I mentioned the luck factor also, but it makes it fun, and it is Fiction.
    I still wasn’t really a fan of the Deathly Hallows thing, I too, felt it was unnescessary, and to comment #429 Harry would have survived the curse anyway because it still would have just killed the horcrux in him. I just wish the Hallows had been mentioned before this book. She should have had Mrs. Weasly read Ginny the Hallows story as a bedtime story and Harry just listen in on it =]. Something at least…
    I can’t wait for the encyclopedia!
    I think the basilisk venom killing the horcrux in Harry in the second book is indeed an interesting thoery…but I believe Rowling has an answer to that. She couldn’t have missed that….and the rest of the books we know it didn’t kill the horcrux because we can still hear Voldemort’s thoughts. I agree that maybe the outer container must be destoyed as well….who knows? until Rowling tells us we can argue the subject as much as we want with no real answer…
    I like the idea of Voldemort having a kid, it makes me laugh. But without Bellatrix as the mom or rape I don’t see how that is possible. Imagine poor little Voldy….lol
    I however am very glad Harry did not have to kill and got to use his famous stupefy and expelliarmus up until the end. He did not need to kiil just to kill as he said…it shows just how great a wizard he is and I don’t think this makes him a rubbish wizard at all.
    One of my favorite parts was when Ron returned. I was so convinced that Hermionie would kiss him on the spot and I was laghing hysterically when she satrted punching him. One of my favorite pages was 625 (U.S version) when Hermionie and Ron finally kissed! Yes I have been waiting for that for so long I even remember the page! I loved how she made such an emotional moment part of such a dramtic war. And then Harry to just stand there and be like umm is this really the time? HAHAHA wow…poor Harry-must have been awkward…
    Totally glad Mrs. Weasly killed Bellatrix though, I cracked up! As for Neville being the one to do it…I don’t think it was nescessary to scar Neville’s young soul…
    Overall great book…not my favorite-5 was-but I enjoyed it until the very end!

  • sill

    To Love Kreacher: you are one of the few people that love OOTP. i agree it does show growth in harry and the relationship that he had with vol. but overall it was weak, no offense. It didn’t really move the story forward like the other series. To me personally, book 5 was the beginning of the end of the harry potter book being a masterpiece. Book 1-4 was so good and show so much promise. Book 5-7 were good but could have been better, i imagined them to be much better. I still remember waiting for book 5, thinking of what kind of mayhem vol. would cause to the wizarding/muggle world, but instead got harry being angry all the time, an evil lady that roaming around and punishing children. it just wasn’t what i expected when evil returned in book 4. And book 6 is the worst of the lot. My Goodness, what was j.k. thinking when she wrote it. I like book 5 much more after reading book 6. Then book 7 recovered the mistake of book 6. Book 7 saved the series but it didn’t really do an excellent job in completing it and i know alot of people agree with me on that. Book 1-4 would stand as what made harry potter a close to perfect children’s series. Book 5-7 would stand as good enought but didn’t reach the mark.

  • Chicka

    LoveKreacher : Voldy didn’t need to resort to any “crude” method to have children! remember, he was always a good & “persuasive” talker and could win over people (& even ghosts eg. The Grey Lady) with his ways.
    Sill : yes, the OoTP did seem to drag on and on and what was irritating was Harry being so very angry for most of the 1st few chapters- shouting & raving & ranting – and I felt like can someone please give him a tight slap? In Ootp, it seemed like JKR wanted to tell so much, but didn’t know where to stop. the 1st 3 books were far better I felt : neat, tightly woven plots, & no rambling about trivial things. GoF wasted too much time with torture of the muggles by death eaters at World Cup – so much inane stuff about Winky, Ludo Bagman, Veela, Hermione & her SPEW, Harry & Myrtle in the Prefects bath, Rita Skeeter’s innumerable write-ups & so much more. The movie version of the 4th part was superb, however.
    Book 6 was good in the sense it was mainly flash-back to explain past events. So many things needed explanations, and what other way would Harry see those events, except through the Pensieve with Dumbledore? Dumbledore just narrating these things to harry would have been even more boring. Actual action was towards the end, and I thought that was really good and crucial to the plot.
    The 7th part spends too much time describing Dumbledore’s life from various view points. Elphias Doge, Aunt Muriel, Rita Skeeter, Bathilda Bagshot- all have their own version of Dumbledore!
    All in all, a wonderful series- seeing that we are discussing so much about them! And I too can’t wait for the encyclopedia!

  • Jean

    A lot of people seem upset with the deaths, and I’m one of them. All characters have been developed so beautifully, that each is important to Harry in its own way. But war is war, and not having any deaths would be unbelievable. What I can’t understand is, why Harry could not have let Hedwig fly off well in advance to The Burrow. There was no reason to take her along, trapped in her cage when she could have flown off. Killing her was not the aim of the death eaters! Jo spent lots of time in stories and in the trio rambling along the countryside, when she could have spent more time describing the Battle of Hogwarts. That was over like phhhhhtttt! Lupin, Tonks, Fred, colin Creevey were killed in a single sentence. Would have loved to have more description of duels which killed them.
    And btw, where were the dementors??? Surprising that none of the other schools participated in this war. I missed having Madame Maxime, too. Wish something had come up with her & Hagrid. Jo needs to write a book specially on the Battle of Hogwarts, or everyone is just going to go on complaining ( me included) about what should have been written!

  • Chicka

    Seems strange that all Hogwarts teachers were unmarried. Mc Gonagall, Snape, Prof Sprout, Prof Flitwick, Trelawney, Prof Vector (Arithmancy), Charity Burbage (Muggle Studies) and ofcourse all the Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers.
    Was Hogwarts some kind of Convent or Monastery or what???

  • Nigel

    To Chicka: you missed Dumbledore, Aberforth, Hagrid, Umbridge. But Phineas Nigellus was definitely married- he being the great great grandfather of Sirius. Hogwarts must have turned into a monastery after him! Also Lupin married after he resigned from Hogwarts. Perhaps they had a condition- you had to be unmarried to be eligible to teach.

  • Love Kreacher

    Still love book five! Sorry to those who don’t (movie wasn’t very good though.) I loved the D.A, Umbridge, Luna, and Number 12 Grimmauld Place…all of it. And anyway I think Harry had a right to be angry. No one would believe him!
    But, anyways in one of Rowlings interviews she said the the families of the proffesors were kept secret for safety reasons or something…so some of them could have been married but I’m doubtimg that for some…haha
    Very true about Voldemort being persuasive, I was talking about after Tom Riddle though…but yes when he still looked human I imagine he could have had whatever girl he wanted, therefore having a kid wasn’t unreasonable… but I can’t see Voldemort liking a girl anyway. He loved himself and power too much.

  • Chicka

    Now as we all know, Voldemort descended from one of the Peverell brothers – Cadmus, the one who had the resurrection stone, and Harry descended from Ignotus, who had the invisibility cloak. That means both Voldemort & Harry were distantly related. Now comes the funny part : If voldemort claims to have descended from Salazar Slytherin (who was before the time of the 3 brothers), that makes even Harry to be the descendent of Slytherin! So even Harry qualified to be the heir of Slytherin!! So even he qualified to be able to speak parseltongue, and not just because of voldemorts piece of soul in him.

  • Chicka

    To love Kreacher : One can have a relatioship with someone without any emotional bonding- that is possible esp. for a person like Voldemort, isn’t it?

  • Love Kreacher

    To Chicka- very possible.
    I like the whole Salazar Slytherin realtive thing. Very interesting. Too bad Harry’s parseltongue went away when Voldemort died. That would have put an interesting twist to things if it hadn’t.

  • clara

    enjoyed the book, except for the epilogue. it sucked and was annoying to read.

  • Love Kreacher

    I think that after the encyclopedia comes out, the epilogue will not seem as bad to eveyone, once we know what happened during those 19 years.

  • Chicka

    To Love Kreacher : I’m sure you are right. At present all these new characters just appear out of thin air in the Epilogue.

    That may seem annoying to some, though I found them quite amusing, esp, Malfoy with receding hairline and a son named “Scorpius” (really, JKR!!). For Harry to have named one of his son after Snape was very touching. Now I really wonder if Albus Severus would be in Gryffindor or Slytherin! However, I wish the other 2 children had some other names, and not James & Lily. Anyway, let’s all cheer up and begin our indefinite wait for the encyclopedia!

  • Love Kreacher

    Ya some of those names….the poor children!
    Albus Severus Potter
    Hugo Weasley
    Scorpius Malfoy
    Made it very funny though

  • Love Kreacher

    I’m becomming upset that most of the blogs I visit, people are not sharing they’re opinions anymore. Maybe they are just tired of talking about the book, or maybe they feel that after almost two months there is nothing left to talk about. I disagree. I have so much left to say! I will never be done talking about this series. The only person in my house who reads these books is my sister, but unfortunately she is in college, and e-mail is slow for this type of communication. I have tried talking to my friends, but none of them seem as obsessed with the books as I am. =[. Oh well, hopefully this blog will continue for a while. Thanks to the people still commenting!

  • Chicka

    Well, I’m pretty obsessed too, and I’ve been reading all the HP books again trying to see what hints JKR had been given us all along.
    She had said that something had been put unintentionally in the movie Prisoner of Azkaban by the director Alfonso Cuaron, that it gave her goose pimples, because it was almost like giving the plot away! Wonder what that was?? Any ideas, Kreacher?

    I guess all the characters and books have been discussed so much and from every possible angle, that people might not find anything more to say! Well, I’m sure many would be interested if you have any new inputs, Kreacher!

  • sill

    Chicka, My guess on what j.k goosebumps when she watched POA was the scene that the buckbeak save hermoine and harry from the wolf foretold book 6 when buckbeak save harry from snape. the other scene when snape was behind from harry, hermoine, ron while the wolf and dog fought foretold that snape wasn’t evil as it proved in book 7. And my last guess is when harry went to the lake that sirius lay beside motionless. Harry saw the lake frozen. then he saw a silver animal from a distance. This foretold the seventh book, when Harry saw the silver doe in the forest and he had to break through the icy lake to get the sword. This is my theory and i think i’m right because no other scene came close to the 6 or 7 book. Hope this helps

  • Love Kreacher

    I agree with you Sill. I never thought of a couple of those ideas. The only one that ever came to my mind was when they showed Snape in front of the trio protecting them…proving he was not indeed evil. The other ideas are great though

  • Love Kreacher

    Ok I just started re-reading DH yesterday. I want to read it as slowly as I can, so as to absorb the book better. It’s hard to do so in a straight 24 hour reading frenzy =]. I’m finding myself wrapped up in the book again, however, and I don’t want to put it down. Things are so much clearer the second time around! And yet, it’s sad reading this. It has finally hit me that I can never again read these books the same way. Wondering what will happen next, waiting for the next book, listening to fan predictions…I know the ending, and that is that. It is unbearable to read Fred and George’s lines. As much as I want to laugh at their jokes. As much as I used to laugh at their jokes, their twin telepathy, how they finish each other sentences, I can’t do it without thinking Fred is going to die. George is going to lose Fred. It’s heartbreaking! (by the way I watched the most sad, heartfelt video on youtube today on Fred’s death. Just type in “Brothers Forever, a farewell to Fred” and try not to cry.)
    Now on to the main point here. I hope this is a decent point seeing as I forced myself to stop reading to come type this up =]. Now, I have just read the chapter entitled The Ghoul in Pajamas. I was surprised at how much I had missed the first time around on pages 104-105 (American version-for other versions just see the part where Hermionie is explainig to Harry and Ron how to destroy a horcrux.) Now I have been wondering ever since the review on how the horcrux in Harry should have been destroyed when he was pierced by the basilisk fang in COS about that point. At first I had thought that, indeed, JKR had made a tremendous error. After rereading those pages a few times, however, I really don’t believe she did. It may take a couple of reads to grasp the concept Hermionie explains, at least it did for me, but it simply says that for humans, no matter what happens to the body the soul is unharmed. For horcruxes, they rely on the containers they are in, so if the container is destroyed, they are destroyed. While the container is intact, the horcrux is intact. Since Harry was not fully destroyed, his body being the container, I don’t think the horcrux in him would be either. I could be wrong, I’m sure, and I know I will probably get comments of people screaming at me why this is untrue, but I am just saying what I think. I strongly advise you to re-read those pages.
    Antoher point I wanted to bring up on page 105, is when Ron asks why the diary could posses Ginny, and Hermionie says that it was because Ginny became too close to the object. Not physically but emotionally. She says you are in trouble if you get to fond or dependant of a horcrux because if the container is still intact the piece of soul within it can flit in and out of someone too close to it.
    That just made me wonder…hmm we now know that Harry was a horcrux (is at the time of their conversation.) Harry had plenty of poeple close to him. Very fond of him, dependant of him…couldn’t any of these people have been subject to the piece of Voldemort’s soul inside Harry flitting into them? Hermionie, Ron….I believe those two were definately at a high risk of that happening. But as far as we know it never did.
    Well just a couple thoughts! I would definately like to know what people think of them!
    Keep the opinions coming!!!
    Definately check out that video!

  • bluesbread

    Folks, I was just kidding about Snape being Harry’s dad. Just because he was in love with Harry’s mom, it seemed like a funny possibility.
    Now: What about that Griphook deal? Why all the stuff about Harry’s sort-of-treachery, and him hearing the goblins-are-not-like-us speech, and Griphook grabbing (gripping?) the sword — when it turns out it doesn’t matter anyway, the sword appears when it is needed? Why was all that in the book at all?

  • Chicka

    Sill, I think you mean that the patronus Harry saw by the lake in (POA) was Snape’s doe patronus??? It wasn’t! It was Harry’s stag patronus, the one which Harry himself created when he went back in time to rescue Sirius. So harry ( from past) sees the patronus created byu Harry ( from future)…. I hope you are following this… But your other guesses were GOOD. Thanks!
    Kreacher, an excellent point about the Horcrux in harry! Ron, Hermione, Cho and later even Ginny become extremely close to Harry. So acc. to you the horcrux in harry should have flitted in & out of them too. But I think what JKR meant was that when a person becomes emotionally dependent on the thing/ person that contains the horcrux, only then can it flit in & out of them. Or else you have to be physically close to it( eg. Dumbledore wore the Ring, Ron wore the locket). I think lots of people were close to Harry, but they weren’t “emotionally dependent” on him. At least not in the way Ginny was with the diary…. pouring her heart out to it, telling it her deepest longings, fears, hurts etc. Ginny becomes very close to Harry in HBP, but by then I think she had become quite strong & stable emotionally and so the horcrux could not posses her.

    Another theory : As JKR has said, Voldemort had intentionally made 6 horcruxes, while the 7th part was within his own body. Now when he tried to kill baby Harry, the 1/7th part of the soul in him had become so unstable that it broke apart and a very tiny part entered Harry (pls take note, the part which entered harry was extremely small and unstable- JKR has in fact portrayed it as a baby in the chapter “The King’s Cross”).
    The other horcruxes eg. the one in the diary was larger : it was intentionally created, it was V’s 16 year old self. It was created solely for causing harm, to lead someone to open the Chamber of secrets. The intentionally created horcruxes were larger & capable of harm- see the one in the locket, which tries to poison Ron’s mind against Harry & Hermione. Dumbedore tried to wear the ring horcrux, Ron wore the locket around his neck, Ginny carried the diary with her whereever she went, besides opening her heart to it. All these things also helped the horcruxes to cause harm.

  • Chicka

    The horcrux in Harry was unintentionally created, and besides was also too small. That’s why it could not cause harm even if anyone came close. It could not even affect Harry – in the sense it could not make him wicked or capable of harming others eg. like the diary, ring or the locket did to those who came close.

  • Chicka

    to Bluesbeard: perhaps that was to show that no matter who takes the sword in whatever way, a true Gryffindor would always be able to pull it out of the Sorting Hat. That was to show the wonderfully enduring magic of Godric Gryffindor! The other stuff about the Griphook deal was to increase our general knowledge about goblins and their nature, in case we met any, and we need to deal with them 🙂

    Snape being Harry’s dad could never be a possibility- Harry looked too much like James, a fact that that has been repeatedly emphasised throughout the series….in case someone came up with an idea like yours!

  • Daz

    Think if somebody wore Ravenclaws thinking cap would they be posessed? Think what Tom Riddle did to that diary, im sure a more stronger and malicious Riddle (Voldermort) had the power to tamper with the effects of wearing the head piece?
    I wish somebody like draco had tried it on out of spite or something and suffered a state similar to what Katie Bell experienced when touching the cursed necklace (i think it was Katie Bell) HBP.

  • Slash

    Has anyone noted an error in #12 Grimmauld Place? The dust figure is Alastor Moody’s. However, when Lupin enters, he says “I didn’t kill you, ALBUS”.

    Does my book has this error only? Or was in everyone’s?

  • Chicka

    To Slash : No, That wasn’t a error at all! The figure that rises from the carpet to face any intruders in Grimmauld place WAS supposed to be that of DUMBLEDORE even if the whispering voice was of Moody’s. Go back to the chapter “A Place to Hide” (Pg. 142- UK edition). After Harry, Ron & Hermione have encountered the tongue tying curse, a figure is described as rising from the carpet : ” tall, dust- coloured and terrible”, then it is further described as having ” waist-length hair & beard streaming behind it”. Now when did Moody have waist length hair & a streaming beard?

    That figure was clearly meant to be that of Dumbledore’s. As Snape had killed Dumbledore, the whisper out of the darkness was “Severus Snape?” If Snape should actually come there, he would say something, and he would be recognised as the murderer of Dumbledore, and be attacked by the figure.

  • Chicka

    Moody had placed that particular precaution specifically for Snape after he had killed Dumbledore. The Order had to prevent Snape entering it.

    When Moody placed that curse, he didn’t know he was going to die. Besides, it was Voldemort who killed Moody, not Snape!

  • Love Kreacher

    Thanks for that idea about the horcrux in Harry, Chicka. It probably was too small to do any harm to anyone. I just thought that was interesting how she put that in there!

  • sill

    To chicka, i know that it was harry’s patronus he saw by the lake in POA. What i meant was that it symbolize harry seeing the silver doe in the forest in book 7 and the frozen lake that he later had to break to get the sword. It’s symbolism; It foretold a little bit of the event in book 7.

  • Chicka

    Sill : Well, if you meant symbolically, then yes, it does seem to be quite similiar to the event of the silver doe of 7th book.
    One thing I didn’t understand: how did the basin of potion in the cave get filled up after Regulus had drunk it and Kreacher ( not our Love Kreacher of the blogcritics!!) had exchanged the lockets. When Voldemort had taken Kreacher there previously, he had made Kreacher drink the potion, then he put the horcrux locket in the basin and then filled the basin with more potion ( See Kreacher’s Tale).
    There is no mention of Regulus having taken any potion with him to refill the basin.

  • It was a sad book it made me cry! But it was absolutely amazing!

  • s.p.

    To Love Kreacher: i think you need to read my previous posting, but i’ll repeat some of it here . You mentioned through reading the chapter:the ghoul in pajamas that “For horcruxes, they rely on the containers they are in, so if the container is destroyed, they are destroyed. While the container is intact, the horcrux is intact.” Now remember the chapter “the forest again” in DH. Profesor Dum. destroyed the horcux in the ring yet it still was functionable for harry to use. So harry’s body didn’t need to be destroy for the horcux to be killed. The ring is the proof of that. Sorry, but i still think she made a mistake, we all just have to wait for j.k to explain this matter in her next book.

  • s.p.

    just to make things clear what i meant was the ressurrection stone when i mentioned the ring on my earlier post. the horcrux was in the Resurrection Stone.Dumbledore destroyed the horcrux but the resurrection stone was still useful to bring harry’s parent back to life in the deathly hallows(chapter 34: the forest again).

  • Chicka

    Sorry s.p. the horcrux wasn’t IN the resurrection stone. It was in the compartment of the ring. The resurrection stone was like a ‘decoration’ on the outside. The Ring was the horcrux, not the stone! Even if you don’t agree with that, another explanation: The Resurrection Stone was one of the incorruptible, everlasting Hallows. Just as the Invisibility cloak was everlasting, the Elder Wand could do magic no wand could (eg.it memded Harry’s wand). The Stone had unique properties, and it COULD NOT be destroyed. It was an exception!!!

  • Chicka

    Besides, even Voldemort didn’t know that the black ugly stone on the ring of Marvolo the Resurrection Stone. He wasn’t aware of the Hallows and what they could do, even though he knew about the existence of an immensely powerful wand called the “Death Stick” (Elder Wand) which was one of the Hallows. But he just know it as an indefeatible wand. Nothing else. The Ring attracted him as he had taken it from Morfin, and so he had some value to it. The stone meant NOTHING to him!

  • s.p.

    To Chicka, you said “the horcrux wasn’t IN the resurrection stone. It was in the compartment of the ring. The resurrection stone was like a ‘decoration’ on the outside.”Well, We can’t really be sure of this as J.K didn’t specify on this. The horcrux was in the ring and part of the ring is the resurrection stone. the horcux must have affected every inch of the ring if not j.k would have specify. And other thing, read “king’s cross”. Harry’s body wasn’t destroyed for the horcrux to be removed from his body. So the horcrux could still be removed without his body being destroy.

  • Chicka

    s.p. : well, ok, I agree. But what about my other theory- about the resurrection stone not being destroyed because it was one of the wondrous Hallows? Secondly, maybe Harry’s body wasn’t destroyed by the killing curse because he had become the owner of all the 3 Hallows?

    Thirdly, Harry had become (unknowingly at that time)the OWNER of the Elder Wand with which Voldemort tried to kill him (at the end of the Chapter “the Forest Again”). So the wand did not really kill him, but put him in a kind of limbo- between life & death. Also, Harry could not die while Voldemort lived- acc. to the prophecy. As long as Lily’s blood was alive in Voldemort, Harry could not die.

    That’s why though the horcrux in Harry was removed, Harry himself was not destroyed. What say???

  • daz

    If moody made the reincarnate spirit of dumbledore then the magic would have faded when he died.

  • s.p.

    To chicka, you said,”But what about my other theory- about the resurrection stone not being destroyed because it was one of the wondrous Hallows?.” You just made my point, the resurrection stone was not destroyed but the horcrux was. the resurrection stone was still useful, that’s why harry’s horcrux should have been gone in COS. And the other points you made prove my point further. Harry potter wasn’t even died for the horcrux to be removed. Love Kreacher said earlier “For horcruxes, they rely on the containers they are in, so if the container is destroyed, they are destroyed. While the container is intact, the horcrux is intact.” Harry didn’t die from the killing curse, his body wasn’t destroyed. SO, the fang that stabbed his arm should have killed his horcrux in COS.

  • Chicka

    To s.p. Oh yes! Now that you are saying, it makes complete sense. I never thought of it in that way! As it is, the horcrux in Harry was very small & unstable, so ideally it should have been destroyed by the basilisk fang without Harry himself dying. That seems to be a glaring error! JKR should have got Harry grievously wounded by something other than the basilisk fang!

    To daz : Moody didn’t make an “reincarnate spirit” of Dumbledore. It was just a protective spell in the shape of Dumbledore, made for protecting Grimmauld place against Snape. Like if someone places burgler alarm at home when one is away. Even if that person dies, the burgler alarm will still work.

  • Daz

    Good point my good man.
    BUT, in the pensieve didnt we see snape INSIDE Grimauld Place crying over pictures of lily (great song by ‘the who’ by the way :P).

    One must wonder HOW he got past the protective spell intact?
    Its quite obvious snape knows much more sinister magic and could have easily provided a counter curse but who knows, if he had destroyed the protective spell then why was it there for Harry and the gang when they entered.

  • Welcome Back Potter

    Wonder if any spinoffs are in the mix?

  • Chicka

    To daz: For that I can only say, probably the memories were not in event-wise order- at least that particular memory. That event (Snape crying over the letter)could have occured during the time of 5th book- Order of the Phoenix, when everyone was going everywhere around trying to clean up Grimmauld Place. After killing Dumbledore, Snape was with Voldemort & the death eaters. If he had been able to get in at Grimmauld Place, V & the death eaters would have known, and then probably they would also have been able to get in there. Besides, Grimmauld Place was also protected by the Fidelus Charm, and I’m sure Snape could not be able to overcome that.

    Even if he was able to do so by some ‘sinister magic’ as you say, I’m sure he would NOT do it and risk the members of the Order. Atleast he would pretend not to be able to enter it, seeing that he was on the good side all along. The only mistake of JKR was to put that memory in the wrong order.

    Seeing that he was on the good side, he would not have done anything to risk the lives of Harry & the rest by destroying the protection placed by Moody.

  • Janella

    To Chicka,
    Re: The elder wand using the AK curse against Harry. I don’t think it was because of the wand that Harry went to limbo; it was because of Lily’s protention in Harry’s blood still being active due to Lily’s blood also being in LV (as Dumbledore explained) that Harry did not die. The fact that the AK curse could only kill the hercrux and not Harry is what put him in limbo. I think the reason that LV was able to use the AK curse on Harry, with the Elder wand, was that during that particular fight Harry had already released his own wand and was not attempting to fight LV. So, there was no battle to win, no wand to best. The Elder wand was doing as Harry wished (Harry wanted to allow LV to use the AK curse) and thus the Elder wand could perform such a curse against its true owner (Harry).
    Re: the basin being filled in between Regulus switching the lockets and Dumbledore and Harry finding the fake locket. I think that Regulus would have came prepared with not only a fake locket, but a refill of potion. Kreacher had told Regulus the WHOLE story about drinking the potion and then getting grabbed away by inferi while LV replaced the locket and refilled the potion. Regulus would have had Kreacher refill the potion after switching the lockets (otherwise the switching of the lockets would have been somewhat futile). I think this was implied and JKR did not have to put every single detail in the book. She either forgot to spell out this point or did not think it all that important to spell out.

  • Chicka

    To Janella :About Harry being put in limbo- I had also made that point about Lily’s protection in my posting #474. About the rest of your comment, I agree. Now one more query : LV tried to kill baby Harry with AK curse when he had his full body intact (though his soul had been torn but kept safely in various Horcruxes). Harry at that time neither understood what was happening, nor was he able to defend himself. At that time, one more AK against Harry resulted in LV’s complete bodily destruction.
    Now when LV tried to kill Harry a 2nd time ( in the Forest)using AK curse, already most of the Horcruxes had been destroyed. Here too, Harry wasn’t defending himself. Why did at that time the AK not cause bodily destruction of LV? LV is just shown to have fallen down or something, and his death eaters are trying to help him up.

    About the locket in the basin- that is what I also thought initially. But when JKR described LV coming there with Kreacher, she made it a point to tell that LV made Kreacher drink the potion (though why was it in the basin in the first place when there was nothing to protect), put in the locket horcrux and then REFILLED the basin with more potion. I just thought if she had made that point, why didn’t she do it the 2nd time when RAB came with Kreacher. The potion did not seem that casual that anyone could just make it in a “by-the-way” sort of way! Also, why bother to fill up the basin with identical potion anyway? He had already done the job of removing the real locket. Why make things difficult for anyone else hunting the horcruxes? As it is, LV wasn’t himself going to drink any of it! Even if he wanted to check, he would have made someone else drink it.

  • Chicka

    I mean why should Regulus have filled the basin again with identical potion anyway?

  • Chicka

    Re: My post # 482 – silly of me! Of course LV didn’t get destroyed even though he used AK on Harry in the forest, obviously because of Lily’s protection in him. Sorry, dumb of me- I mean the whole point of book 4 was for LV to get that blood from harry!

  • Kelly

    I personally thought the book was horrible. It took way to long to get to points, and she seemed to be looking for a fast way through the whole thing. I had heard a rumor at one time, that J.K. Hated writing Harry Potter. I have the feeling that if it has not been made into a movie she never would have finished the books. I think the part of Potter Dieing was just a wish and she knew that she could not kill him off with out upsetting a lot of people. I could be wrong, but that is what I got from it. Oh and one more thing. Why the HELL did she kill Fred. I can see Lupin and Tonk… but not Fred.

  • Janella

    Hi Chicka,
    You bring up good points.
    Re: LV and the AK curse that put Harry in limbo not killing LV. I think you already figured it out but also there was still Nigini out there as a horcrux. Since Nevilled did not kill the snake till after LV and Harry returned from the forest.
    Re: Why would Regulus bother to refill the potion. I think he was hoping to do to LV what actually ended up happening to Harry. Like Regulus wanted to get all he could out of this betrayal. Regulus would have wanted LV to not realize till AFTER leaving the cave that the locket was swapped. So, Regulus would have wanted LV to think nothing had been tampered with while in the cave. Also, I think Regulus would have been up to making the potion. LV liked to underestimate other wizards and while LV thought his potion was oh so clever. Regulus came from a strong wizarding family and could have pulled it off.

  • Chicka

    Janella, you’re right. Kreacher told everything to Regulus, and from Kreacher’s description of what he (Kreacher) felt when he drank the potion, Regulus would have known what it was, and probably made it & took it with him in the cave. That is the only logical explanation. Just that JKR did not mention all this in “Kreacher’s Tale”. Maybe we as ‘intelligent’ readers are supposed to fill in the blanks! 🙂

    Then there was the “great” mystery about the identity of RAB at the end of HBP. I mean, come on, they all were cleaning up Grimmauld place in OOP, and it is impossible that no one came across Regulus’ room. Let’s assume Harry & Co. didn’t come across that room by some vague chance. Even then, atleast when they found RAB’s note at the end of HBP, it is surprising that they did not try to find out from anyone & everyone from the Order if they knew about such a person. Hermione goes on searching various books, but never thinks to ASK anyone. Atleast someone from the Order would have seen Regulus’ room of not these three!

    The way Harry, Hermione & Ron keep such vital information to themselves, seems stupid.

  • Chicka

    On JKR’s official site, someone asked her from where did she get the inspiration for the names ‘Fred & George’. Was it from the actors Fred Crane & George Reeves, who play the Tarleton brothers in “Gone With The Wind’?

    But JKR said no. Fred & Goerge just sounded like good old-fashioned English names, so she selected them, and this was just a coincidence.

    A couple of days ago I was watching the movie Jack the Ripper on History Channel, and guess what? The names of the officers investigating the Ripper case were – Fred & George!!!

    Did JKR get her idea from them? I wonder!

  • master of vision

    Fred & Goerge just sounded like good old-fashioned English names, so she selected them, and this was just a coincidence.

    I think your answer lies in your own quote…

  • m

    In my humble opinion the book was rushed and extrely predictable.

    Personally I thought Snapes deathbed revelation was predictable, yet a little unrealistic given the events prior.

    and as soon as Hogwarts was mentioned as a possible hiding place for the horcrux, the room of requirment was the first place I thought of. It seems harry didnt quite put this together for months but somehow made extraordinary leaps of logic to find the other horcruxes and hallows.

    Dumbledores defamation was unneccessary and annoying.

    Harry’s magic was feeble and ended up killing voldemort by essentially doing nothing at all. His unwillingness to use unforgivable curses to defend himself is moronic.

    Rowling knew that some characters would have to be killed in order for it to seem realistic, the ones she chose were selected straight out of the “not relevant” pile. Even Fred has a twin to replace him.

    The story was not really affected by the apprearance of the Deathly Hallows.

    And holes in the story were filled extremely sloppily. Ron mimicking parceltongue to get the basilik fang – and how did Nev wind up with the sword?


  • Sill

    Question to whoever reads this:
    in harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone, hagrid told dumbledore that he borrowed a motorcycle from young sirius black. Now, wasn’t he already charged with betraying the potters family. Didn’t he committed the act of killing wormtail around this time( while giving vol. information on where the potter family lives.) So if someone who committed murder and betrayed his friends, lend his motorbike to hagrid(a somewhat friend). Why didn’t his so-call friend(lupin) questioned his friend and found out why he would betray his friend(James), he should have know that sirus black wouldn’t have betray potter. I just think this is odd that a childhood friend(lupin) didn’t talk to him after sirius was committed of killing his best friend and his wife. this is just alittle unrealistic to me. Lupin just accepted that sirus was a crazy, murderer, without asking him what or why he did it, yet they were childhood friends, i found this hard to believe. Just another mistake i’ve noticed in HP series.Please write your reponse if you could explain this.

  • Sill

    i made a sentence mistake on my previous posting, instead of “So if someone who committed murder and betrayed his friends, lend his motorbike to hagrid(a somewhat friend).” It should say, “So would someone who commit murder and betray his friends, lend his motorbike to hagrid( a somewhat friend)?

  • Chicka

    To Sill,
    Sirius never tried to justify his innocence because he considered himself indirectly guilty of the deaths of James & Lily. He was the secret keeper of james & Lily’s house, and that’s what everyone thought. Later, without anyone’s knowledge, he switched with Peter pettigrew, as he thought Peter would not be suspected of being the secret keeper, while he, Sirius, being James’ best firend, would be suspected. It was this mistake of Sirius that resulted in Peter being the secret keeper. Peter betrayed James & Lily, and Sirius could not forgive himself for switching with him. He wanted to take revenge on Peter, but before he could kill him, he was arrested & sent to Azkaban, where he swore to revenge himself on Peter. However, at that time he didn’t know where Peter would have escaped.

    Sirius never tried to prove his innocence, because he wanted to be punished for making that mistake which resulted in his best friend’s death. So even if Lupin or Dumbledore or anyone would have asked him, he would not have told them of his innocence. And when he saw the picture of Peter as Scabbers, he realised Peter was at Hogwarts, and only then did he escape from Azkaban to reach peter in order to kill him.

  • Chicka

    As for lending the motorbike to Hagrid, we have seen that Hagrid had said later on that he had thought it strange that a person who had murdered his best friend would offer his bike for the protection of the same friend’s son.

    That act itself was a clue that Sirius was innocent, but everyone got so carried away with the deaths of James & Lily along with physical destruction of Voldemort, that they did not pay attention to this.

  • ayush

    the 7th book was good…but not as the 1st six parts..some thing was mising ……acc. to me i missed hogwards very much…..the school was the best part of this series…..and the quiddich matches….which gives life..in this series….

    the epilogue was quiet simple…but i liked the names of harry and ginny’s children specially (albus sevrus potter)

    how could i forgot the main thing which j.k rowling has showed very well was the part of sevrus snape

    but i liked smootch of ginny and harry in both the parts very well and in 6th part how harry was curious 4r ginny

  • Dmitry

    Among many plot holes, here’s one.

    Harry should have died, since Voldemort Avada Kedavra’d him, and thus became master of the Elder Wand.

  • Love Kreacher

    I can not believe she made Dumbledore gay. He was one of my favorites. I am soooooo MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! and upset =[
    Still love him though

  • Che

    No one made Dumbledore gay. He was born that way.

  • ali7

    Overall, the book was quite exciting – it was quite interresting to follow how they discovered all of the horcruxes and I also thought that it answered many questions, like Dumbledores past and the reason for him trusting snape..

    however… it doesn’t settle in my mind why, in ’19 years later’, JKR made harry have a family with kids… isnt he supposed to posses some sort of superior power and courage? He is the one who defeated Voldemort and i expected him to face many more adventures in the future, instead of living a quiet life.

    I was also eager to find out whether he ever became an auror…

    Another thing, this might be a weird question, but how did Neville get hold of the sword towards the end and killed the snake? i thought Griphood stole it… did i miss something? ;s

  • Chicka

    To Dmitry- With Voldemort’s AK curse, Harry simultaneously used the expelliarmus curse, so the wand was yanked out of Voldemort’s hand. The Elder Wand refused to kill Harry, who was its true owner, and turned on Voldermort instead, and the AK curse retaliated on V, killing him.

    To Love Kreacher- Dumbledore’s sexual orientation doesn’t make the least difference to the entire storyline. He will continue to remain one of the most popular characters for all time to come. Don’t waste your energy in being soooooo MAD and upset!! 😉

    To ali7 – If Harry had superior powers and courage, does that make him ineligible to have a peaceful and happy family life? And JKR did say that he became the Head of the Auror depratment in one of her interviews. A ture Gryffindor can always pull the sword out of the hat, no matter what. This has been discussed scores of times!

  • Mike

    harry potter rocks

  • someone

    I think the book was realy good. But I do think that it was a little rushed. over all not my favorite book in the HP series but still good book. I’ve only read it once so I might like it better next time. I think J.K.R. should have writen alot better 19 years later. And Chika not everone reads or watches interviews. ck you should have warned people who haven’t read the book not to read these coments. I’m with you love kreacher on Dumbledor being gay. he was also one of my favorite characters. I don’t think all the deaths were nesesary, but some were. I think J.K. should have written more books. I hope she does write another series like HP. is Charlie married or did I also miss someting? I think J.K. should’ve been more creative on the Hallows. I think she should have made Voldemort alot more powerful, because the legend makes him sound invinsible. I think that she should have brought up the other carraters more often. i think J.K. did a god job on the book over all though.

  • wanderingman

    IF anyone doesn’t “get” the epiloge of this book they probably don’t have children. It made perfect sense to me as children and family are the only ways to “defeat death” as forshadowed on the Potter’s tombstone. Rowling did learn a lot from Tolkien and her choise to keep Harry simple and real and have his power stream from that rather than some flashy magic was her best lesson. (Go back and count Gandalfs great and powerful spells used and Frodo’s battle prowess. That is why those characters were great!)

  • Naomi

    I think that the epilogue may have made me die a little bit inside. It was by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I didn’t understand why Rowling couldn’t have made the ending a sad, poignant, and overall more appropriate ending, to a fast paced, reckless series, whose only enevitable outcome could have been Harry’s eventual death. Or so it seemed. I feel bad for JK Rowling, as I think that she may have been put under too much pressure to truly release her talants into the world, and letting Harry go out with a bang, and not a mere whimper.

  • Lisa

    Sigh… its all over!! I have to say I wasnt as fond of this book as i expected to be. It seems as if they did TOO much waiting around for something to happen. Why did it take him, what, 6 or 7 months to figure all this out? Thats what drove me nuts! “Weeks passed..” Ya, too many. Books 4,5, and 6 were the best ones. To be fair, how many series have ended in a way that you or I liked? Last books are pretty much hit or miss most of the time.

  • Lisa

    I was very dissapointed with the Harry Potter ending. It seemed much more like a fan fiction than an actual book in the Harry Potter series; especially the end! What’s up with the crazy names that the trio give their children?

    All in all, I think Rowling’s series degraded in quality throughout the series. The first four books are classics, but the 5th was not that great, and the 6th and 7th were just..

    Oh well. Harry Potter is mostly the hype of people who haven’t read anything else.

  • morgan

    this was an fantastic and utterly unpredictable ending to what has proved to be a great series. JK Rowling is an incredible writer!

    i was dissappointed, however, in the epolouge. I think it leads into yet another series of Harry Potter (although the series may be a bit more adult). Many deaths were unneccesary and the fighting got a little more brutal (meaning the movie will have to cut a lot of fantastic script out)

  • Samantha

    Firstly, ‘random’ in Harry Potter doesnt work for me. I read the book at least 5 times and i never saw anyhting close to random. Harry Potter is a series, so to fallow any of the books you have to start from the beginnig, and if you start there you follow everything that comes afterwards. JK has put together a brilliant story! It has twists, suprises, and deaths that werent expected. Harry Potter isnt a fairy its a story! Jk always warned us people would die! the wizarding world is at WAR people die, wether they’re your favorite or not. All in all i was surpised with the ending, but of course as a Potter fan i will never be satisfied with ANY ending. I believe JK knew she would get this sort of reactio, so she rounded the ending as best she could. It was a brilliant read, and is as wonderful as the other six.

  • I really enjoyed the last book– and what people fail to realize is that all stories are NOT made to make you feel warm inside, or bring altogether happiness. I laughed at a samll part… not that there was anything to really laugh about, I felt good at many parts, and dry at most. A book is made of events that make the reader feel different at every word. This is what makes people go on in a story. anyway… I enjoyed it, and what got me was that I was told that Harry died… and I felt sick… and my mom laughed at me, and said “It’s interesting” and it was… … … Im probably being all random now… but anyhow it was a great book.

  • Cristina

    I believe this entire series will be an instant classic. This book is one of my favorites of this series by far. Deathly Hallows was an amazing way to end this series. I’m very impressed and I saw nothing wrong with it at all. If we keep seeing books like this in the future, we can guarantee that they’re not going to die out any time soon.

  • Chelsea

    To be quite honest, I am unable to fully decide whether or not I thought the book was up to par. After all, it isnt’ OUR creation, it’s JKRowling’s, correct? She had already premeditated the majority of events that were to take place throughout the series, and she had done so brilliantly. I think it is safe to say that the Harry Potter series will be legend for Generations. It will definitely be something I pass down to my kids.

    As for Deathly Hallows on it’s own…I’m not sure (like I said before) where I stand. The book itself was alright, but I find that some parts would grow repetetive and tiring. How long can someone be captivated by reading about three – and at one point two – teenagers stuck in a tent, not knowing what to do next? You can only do so much with such a setting; although I do have to admit, Ron’s rescue touched my heart.

    As for the Characters, It’s more that I was slightly dissappointed with some of their parts. Voldemort was one the one wizard everyone feared. And he died due to a backfired spell?! I thought that was slightly proposterous. I mean, i can see the irony in it, but I was expecting more of a bang when it came to his downfall. I loved Snape from book one, so I had no protests about him, it filled my heart with joy to see him on the good-side in the end. The Deaths, I thought, were necessary. It is a war afterall, and people are going to die. Besides, knowing the previous books, one could’ve predicted that nothing was going to end all that happily.

    I thought Hermione and Ron’s moment was drawn out far too long. They should’ve kissed in perhaps the sixth, or even fifth book. The build up was so intense throughout the series, only to find that their ‘moment’ was in the midst of a war, and not at all heartfelt for me. I expected so much more from that.

    As for the Epilogue, I didn’t like it one bit. All they did was multiply, and you weren’t able to discover anything about anyone. All we knew was the they loved love-making, and had babies. Congratulations, you know how to give birth. I wanted to know more things about different characters, and what happened directly after the war as well. Sometimes I think she would have done better to leave out the Epilogue altogether.

  • Rhia

    Many people were in love with this novel. And I love it it’s good great whatever but there are many many many plot holes. She (JK) has wrote a brilliant novel but once it’s over and done with and you start to analysise it you are left with hundereds of unansweared questions.

  • BEN

    I have jus finished reading the last book and to be honest i feel let down. This book never really lived up to its expectations really. And although JK uses some clever twists i think the book was coincidental and quite predicatble. Just the way the sword appered and the way the Horcruxs seemed to be found wherever they went. I think that the whole deathly hallows thing is a bit daft and takes away the main focus of the connection between harry and Voldemort which is what the story has been about throughout every book. I felt there was little in way of magic, or adventorus quests like in the prevous books.
    Other critisms:
    *too many characters(confusing who is who)
    *Bad ending – harry is not really potrayed as a hero
    *Misled into think harry dies
    *The dying and coming back alive is a bit silly

    However despite this book not quite living up to its expectations I still admire JK and the way she writes. By far the Harry Potter generation has been the most popular ever and her insperation to others. I have enjoyed the storry of harry from him entring the school of hogwarts, his quest for the philosophers stone, the killing of the Basalisk, winning the tri-wizard cup, the quest to destroy the horcruxs right to defeating the dark lord himself. The way I was sucked into the story and how I felt involved in the adventure of harry and im sure thousands of children will feel insipred by the story. and it still amazes me how JK could produce such a story in 5 minutes on a train!

  • garrett

    i loved this book so much. i think it is the best on ein the series. I am a very good reader and i finished it in 4 hours that i got it and i must say it was a little different than i expected it to be. why did she put a random person like neville to kill the last horcrux that was wrong. at least someone like ron should have done it with full of rage. and near the end with that malfor with dumbledore and him expeliarmusing him and the wand of power changed people was a lot of confusing. i had to read it at least like 10 times to actually get it. and the same with the part when harry died i really want to know what that thing was crying what it was.i really want another series of books from like dumbledores point of view that would be awesome!!!!

  • young fanboy

    this book was the greatest book i have every read this book had me hanging onto ever word i hope j.k.rowling will wirte anhother on called harry potter and the next genration so we can find out what happened to albus severus potter,lily potter,james potter,rosuie weasley, teddy remus lupin, harry and ginny potter,ron and hermione weasly, professor longbottom, and we all want to know who is the head master so please keep harry alive please

    young fanboy

  • Dumbledore is cool

    I also think the deathly hallows was random

    i don’t see why hedwig , dobby, hedwid , lupin and tonks had to die!!!

    and why did harry lose his firebolt? wit was the point?

    okay, i liked the book but it could hav been better i think she rushed it

  • Dumbledore is cool

    i also think that they should do a spin-off harry potter show about the children which includes james,albus and lily potter, rose,hugo,victoire and fred weasley, scorpius malfoy and teddy lupin

  • After i finish reading all of these ridiculing comments left by people who obviously do not know the real J.K. Rowling. The reason they don’t know her is because as Jane Edmon for Tennesse stated that this last book was a dud, she doesnt know the real meaning of a dud book. In my time of reading, I assure you I have read some “dudly” books that will leave you hanging more than Stacey Clemmit said this latest book of the Harry Potter author would. So, all you insecure people really have no idea what a dud book is otherwise you wouldn’t be putting these vile comments on this author’s review.

  • Chicka

    The entire Harry Potter series was simply spell-binding, enthralling and absolutely magnificent. Whatever anyone says, can anyone please name one another author who had millions of children and adults all over the world desperately waiting for the next book and the next book and the next book to come along????

    It is so easy for all and sundry to sit back, having achieved nothing remotely similar to JKR, and say,”JKR should have done this or written that…”. For all such people I say, Write Your Own Book and see even if your neighbour will read it, even if it is for free.

  • Matty

    Ok……. Let me get this straight. What the Hell was Rowling thinking? Was she thinking a movie script and $$$? Because it looks more like a sequel to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”. The book starts off with action. ‘The Ambush in the Sky’ scene was totally unrealistic, even by Potter standards. Come on, even James Bond doesnt have an accelerating flame-thrower. And the concept of Horcruxes, made in HBP, is abandoned midway for the Deathly Hallows. In a bid to attract 10 yr olds, she keeps the whole aggression of the trio subdued. Has she forgotten that Harry and the Gang are 17 now. In my opinion, 17-yr olds dont whine like kids in summer camps.

    In the first half of the book, she forces them to travel the English countryside. Hermione carries a handbag, make tents, puts enchantments. The undo the enchantments and flee. We get to hear how a necklace makes Ron grouchy and annoying. Rather, we get a whining yet egoistic Harry Potter, a bored, hungry and exasperated Ronald Weasley and an utterly paranoid Hermione Granger.

    In the second half, she feels she has dragged the story too much, so she changes the pace into overdrive, and we get the trio abducted by Death Eaters, tortured, saved. They break into an unbreakable bank, piggyback ride on a dragon, go to Hogwarts and save the world. The speed eventually rises. Without any reference to the diadem in the previous books, she concocts the story of the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw. Harry is killed by Voldemort, only to be resurrected by himself and kill Voldemort without the Killing Curse. Jeez, give me a break.

    19 years later, Harry lives happily with Ginny, breeding 3 kids. Ron marries Hermione. Neville is Professor Longbottom. Walt Disney himself couldnt have done it better.

    Now for the alarming flaws:-
    1. A snake inside a dead woman, who can light a candle?
    2. Is Fenrir a Daeth eater or not?
    3. Who the hell is Grindenwald?
    4. The Deathly Hallows? I mean the fairy-tale was okay, but a TRUE Fairy-Tale?
    5. The Barman at the Hog’s Head being Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth?
    6. Harry meeting Dumbledore at King’s Cross Station? Is the station meant to be a checkpost to the World of the dead?
    7. How did Neville break the BodyBind spell put by Voldemort?
    8. How exactly did Voldemort die?
    9. Is that an epilogue or did she copy from a fanfic?
    10. Why did she make Snape a tragic hero. Did she want to be a modern day Shakespeare?

  • Chicka

    To Matty – we are all eagerly waiting for you to come up with a revised, improvised version of the DH! I’m sure everyone will forget JKR after reading your book.

  • s.p.

    i could see where matty is coming from. The book seems like J.K was writing for a movie. But you have to admit that it would be impossible to make the last book close to perfect or a perfect ending. There will be always those who love it and those who would hate it. in my previous posting, i’ve already posted the huge mistake J.K. made in the harry potter series so i wouldn’t repeat myself again. Anyways, overall, It has been fun to read an interesting series(even with the huge mistake she made) and it’s time for us to move on. HP might be the last of it kind but there are plenty of other books that are good or equally good as the potter series.

  • zak

    ive read and reread all seven books and i must say that deathly hallows was ans is still the best book ive ever read in my life. its pure magic to read. i loved every second of it and will cherish this book for ever and ever and pass it down to my kids.

  • amy

    The harry potter series has been BY FAR the best story ever told! i think J.k rowling is a fantastic author! I’v read that everyone is complaining that there were unnecessary deaths but i feel that they were necessary to make it more realistic – these type of things happen in real life, the people you dont want to die usualy die. i could re-read these books a hundred times over

  • KING

    I am a chinese reader who have read harry potter and the deathly hallows on oct.2007.Well,it is really a fantastic trip for me as well as harry expericed.may be there are some uncomfortable ends which disterb our heart of reading it,but it still move me a lot.
    it is my honner to meet you and to chant.

  • kingdeebo

    Disappointing book, ruined the whole series. Plot was rushed and voldemort was just plain stupid

  • Seba

    I loved this book and the end, I just dislike the epilogue because it was random and inconsistent.

    The part where they stay in the tent is a bit slow but overall is a great book.

    The HUGE amount of deaths made me wonder “who’s next?” and that was so clever….I couldn’t stop reading!

    The fact that Voldemort ignores the power of love and finally destroyes his last horrocrux (Harry) fits with Dumbledore’s ideas…..and Harry can win because of the GREAT Severus Snape who cheated Voldemort and never was the real owner of the Wand. By the way, I LOVED what JK did with Snape, just wonderfull. I also liked what she did with Albus, because she showed all of us that nobody’s perfect and people can change.

    Grat book, great endig….just a very bad epilogue

  • oscar

    this book was weak. she made harry look like he was an idiot, honestly when i the book im looking forward to harry’s heroic adventures and him coming out on top not anyone else like ron or hermione, the book is supposed to be centered on harry but the plot sort of cast him aside and made him look bad till almost the end. i love harry potter but i hated this book.

  • Brian Kedersha

    The deathes were stupid. She killed characters off, just for the stake of killing them. Killing Hedwig was stupid, so, Harry could not communicate. Dobbie’s death seems forced and just for the hell of it.

    Losing the Firebolt, again to isolate the trio. It just seemed like amateur hour, as they went along their journeys. Plus, Ron leaving Harry and Hermione, I thought we already went through Ron’s childish ways in the fourth book.

  • Question Guy

    How the hell did ron learn parseltounge? Another thing is how did ron and hermione get back out of the chamber. fawkes seemed to dissapear after dumbledores death. ps. love book best so far

  • Question Guy

    i found this the best book, why do so many people despise it. i admire the people standing up for jk. the only plot glitch i found was when ron and hermione went to the chamber of secrets to retrieve the basilisk fang. i’d like to know how exactly ron became a parselmouth and how they got out again. back in book 2 they had fawkes but he dissapeared not long after dumbledores death. other than this the book was probably the best of the series and am sad it ended, the encyclopedia is a good idea but i have feeling that it will not be anywhere near as good as a whole installment. please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Question Guy

    I also agree with chicka, surely a person like Matty could easily re-write deathly hallows twice as well as JK Rowling the award winning writer and novelist. she spent almost 2 decades preparing and writing the harry potter books. have you started DH YET? though i’m sure thats not a problem, i bet the multi-talented genius you are could have written 14 by morning. the question is, where are they. im sure i have not seen any in stores,please inform me once your mega series is complete and i will congratulate you and buy the box set, im sure they will be a gret series and i cant wait to read them all. AND THEN WE CAN FORGET ALL ABOUT JK ROWLING because well have a much better collection on our shelves.

    think youre forgeting this is a F-I-C-T-I-O-N book and its about M-A-G-I-C so obviously its not going to be I00% REALISTIC. if you read the book properly you will find that all your questions are answered so stop distributing your disgust. we all no that you could have done no better yourself to put it extremely mildly. in fact if you did in fact write a book it would be in the discount bin half way through the first week of its release. i dont think JK’S books will ever go anywhere near the bin myself so stop complaining, you will never be as good as JK so stop being jelous and appreciate her fantastic works.

    i personaly found it a great book, sorry for the rant but MATTY definately deserves it.

    Applause added here

  • Question Guy

    sorry about the multiple posts above my rant i hit the publish key by mistake

  • Diego Olan

    Naaaw In my opinion I don’t see how it was very predictable.. In some parts yeah but maybe they were meant to be like that. Say like Ron and Hermione. But even then its still not completley what you expected. I think Rowling did a good job about keeping us in the dark about some of the characters and twists until she was ready to reveal them.

  • Will

    After waiting 10 years for the release of the seventh book, I found at times it to be disapointing. I believe it was rushed and in some cases, predictable. After reading the sixth book, I guessed the identity of R.A.B and the Ron and Hermione thing was no surprise. The middle section of the book mainly depended on the three main charaters. I found these parts a bit slow. The 19 years later thing at the end of the book was annoying. Maybe in fairy land everyone marries their high school sweet heart, but come on? I didn’t feel she gave the charaters enough justice and cover what happend to them after the war properly. Right now I’m highlighting what I didn’t like about the book, but in general, I love Harry. By the way, M-U-S-T? M-O-S-T.

  • Jac

    In book 7 was Ron magically turned into a two year old? I’ve always liked Hermione as a character, but why would she go for Ron? Matty, good point. How did Nevile get out of Voldermort’s body bind curse? And Dumbledore had a brother 5 minutes away in hogsmede who he never bothered to mention. How convienient. The entire middle section of the book was boring. Thanks to Will and Matty for mentioning the lame quality of the 19 years later section. I’m sure going to marry the first guy I meet in highschool. The entire book was rushed. Oh, and Snape, the self sacrificing hero. The sixth book’s ending was such a shock to me and I feel it was wrecked by Snape actually being good and that Dumbledore actually didn’t make a mistake. He is human, isn’t he? And Voldermort, the talented dark wizard who the entire ministry couldn’t kill, but was beaten in every book by a teenage wizard? And Harry killed by Voldermort but magically comes back to life due to Voldermort taking his blood. How does she come up with this stuff? I liked books 1,3 and 5 and could generally enjoy the others but book 7 was rubbish. Matty’s got a point. Did she get the 19 years later part off fan fiction?

  • I don’t know how people manage to say this book is passable at least, let alone good, and fantastic! After reading the book about tens of times, i felt that flaws galore in it. Character flaws, plot inconsistencies, theory flaws.. What not?!
    For instance, how does the Sword of gryffindor come back to its resting place even after griphook steals it? That isn’t explained even a bit!
    Also i would like to point out, that Harry Potter in this book needs to do nothing to kill Voldemort except to be himself for Voldemort is destined to die in the end anyway! (No even ties over here. Purely one sided!)
    And one more serious character flaw was Kingsley, who unlike his measured, one-word-in-place-of-ten self, speaks a lot of unwanted stuff and even Rowling has chosen him to tell what had happened in a particular instance when there are long-winding speakers like Hermione around.
    And Voldemort’s name is tabooed: Well and good. But who do you choose to get cornered saying the name Ms. Rowling?
    Kingsley Shacklebolt… Very bad idea…
    Not when he has the habit of saying You Know Who always… (Refer the chapter FALLEN WARRIOR)
    If there’re so many flaws and contradictions in a single book, then it is surely not worth a read, unless you’re under twelve and do not mind a bit of vulgarity by means of dialogue and some romance.

  • Chicka

    the sword of Gryffindor was a magical object, enchanted to come out of the Sorting hat whenever a true Gryffindor reached out for it. It does not matter who has it or has stolen it or whatever, it will just be there for a true Gryffindor. I think that was explained in the Chamber of Secrets by Dumbledore to harry. If you read all the books carefully, your questions would be answered. There are connections if you look for them.

    And we all have to accept the fact that these series has thrilled millions of children & adults alike all over the world, and how can anyone be so arrogant as to declare “it is not worth a read unless you are under twelve…etc. etc.!”

  • cookie

    i think it is a good book and i think that harry second eldest son should take over harry’s spot

  • bekah

    I believe that this is one of the best in the series.
    It was extremely cheesy, namely when Ron and Hermione kiss and the epilogue but I otherwise enjoyed it.
    I am glad that Ron and Hermione got together as I had predicted. However, I don’t really like the Harry/Ginny arrangement. We don’t really get to know Ginny and I think perhaps she is an unworthy wife for Harry? She seems to turn from a cute, in love girl to the perfect teenager with good grades and all the boys fancy her. Sorry, but real life here: you do not get good grades, have all the boys fancy you, be good at sport and I don’t know what else then marry the hero.
    I am disappointed about the lack of Hagrid in this book. I would have found it more fitting for him to be involoved rather than being dragged off into the forest at the end, shouting “NO, HARRY!” and that being about it.
    I also (no offense, Danile Radcliffe) came to dislike Harry as I imagined Radcliffe saying everything and to be honest, got annoyed with it.
    I think most of the characters were well written. I liked that Colin Creevey stayed to fight even though he was not allowed. I always envisaged Tonks and Lupin to die together although I must say I prefer Lupin as a character. I also liked that Neville finally came out of his shell and was also the person to destroy the last horcrux. But I have to say, hand on heart that the BEST part of the stroy is Snape. I loved the guy everyone thought was bad, Dumbledore thought was good. And then he killed Dumbledore and everyone thought he was bad and then he was actually helping Harry because he was in love with Lily and was good. Especially the fact that he was in love with Harry’s mum was good. I, however, began to wonder why Lily actaully fell i nlove with James, the school bully and even had myself doubting whether I liked James.
    Overall, however, loved it!
    C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien will always have a place in my heart but I appreciate Rowling’s work an awful lot.
    I’ll miss Harry.

    Did it ruin it for anyone else that Dumbledore was gay?
    And Luna didn’t marry Neville! 🙁
    And George married Fred’s girlfriend, that was a bit messed up.

  • simon

    hey guys- tell me this…

    dumbledores plan backfired and everything… all went well for harry, but what if the plan had not backfired…what did dumbledore think harry would do after he destroyed the horcruxes… he didnt want him to have the elder wand coz he wanted “its power to end when snape kills him”, the death being pre-planed and all… lets think about this…this is a major hole in the story

  • Awinash

    The book was awesome, but it could have been so much more with just a few tweeks that it makes me kind of sad and i know i shouldn’t complain and that everyone makes mistakes, but i was just sad that Rowling could have made it so much more! it should have come out outstanding! For one, there were so many confusing things. How did Voldemort die? I know Harry disarmed and Voldemort was shot down by his killing spell, but i was expecting a climatic duel between Voldemort and Harry that would last al least a chapter or two, but i agree with Becky T, the battle being what it was, one of the most important in Wizarding History, deserves more than a few lines. Then theres the fact that the epilouge creates way more questions than it answers. I mean a epilouges are there to satisfy readers who want to see on the pages of the book, in writing, what happens to the charecters, right? I mean, i can imagine what happens to the charectars in my head and that allows me more freedom as to what happens to the charectars, but it good to SEE that the charectars are okay or not. Still, i don’t J.K. Rowling though. It was mostly the fault of impatient fans that were ranting and sending letters and emails and what not for Rowling to hurry up with the story, so she was a bit rushed, but she did great considering the rushed nature and stress of deadlines, huh. It still think, the book is extremely sad and a great ending to the harry potter series though!

  • Sgt. Beef

    Ok firstly, here is a plot glitch that i found. -Before i say this just let me note that i am a grat fan of the harry potter series and i did enjoy this book.
    Ok so Ron deffinately should not have been able to speak parseltongue. Only the heir of slytherin (and harry) can speak it. If just anyone could speak it, well everone would speak it then.
    I agree also with many of the above reviews that said it was rushed and that there was a lot of loose ends. This was because J.K. was working to a dead line. Imagine if she had have had as much time as she had wanted to complete it. It would have benn so much more comprehensive amd just better in general.

  • hpf

    i loved the earlier parts. They had something new to offer each time, were gripping and tough to put down. The narrative in each was smooth flowing.Prisoner of Azkaban was my personal favorite. However the moment Albus Dumbledore left the scene (there was no need for it at all)
    i said goodbye. And hey! Richard Harris played a true Dumbledore, the guy playing the role now is almost a washout. HP lost the charm completely with Dumbledore’s exit.

  • sally

    So I know this is late but ive read the book like 15 times and I just got how voldemort died, for lack of a better word, the spell sort of just back fired? which i found extremely pathetic i mean come on! harry says expelliarmus and voldemorts wand comes to him? but isnt the wand unbeatable? i was hoping for something really dramatic, like a slow mo type thing of voldemorts death but the way he died was just completely stupid and rushed. I think that a lot of parts of the book were like that. Also, Ron being able to speak parseltongue- then anyone could speak it if they wanted to,and that completetly took away from the whole heir of syltherin thing. The one thing that I hated most about the book was the happy ending, the whole “they all ived happily ever after thing”. I literally wanted to get up and kill somebody, and I still do! That was the biggest mistake. This series is supposed to be dark and for Harry to live, that made the book just like every other and it made it a children’s tale, a very long bedtime story. Along with that I HATED the epilogue, it just wasn’t believable. I also hated the Harry/Ginny match-up. I mean, what was that? It was completely random. I can’t imagine them together, something’s just not right about them. I also HATE Ron/Hermione together, for me it was the worst, but I already knew it was coming, but why would Hermione go for him, he’s just a little child and I think that he was pretty much a pointless charcter except for giving us some laughs earlier in the series. I didn’t get the King’s Cross chapter either,even after reading it thousands of times. I was also hoping for Harry to be performing some really good magic, or soemthing like that, but really Harry wasn’t that powerful at all. He didn’t really do anything to prove himself as an amazing wizard, although I don’t think he really thought that himself.
    I think I’ve been mean enough, even though there are a couple more things.
    There are things I actually did like about the book though but i don’t really fell like going into them.Here’s one:Snape. He easily became one of my favourites.
    So overall I have been harsh but that’s my personal view and I think that the book could have better.It isn’t the best book of the series but it was good, except for the epilogue, which I’m going to add again, I HATED. I wish it was Harry/Hermione but knew it was going to be Ron/Hermione, like i already said.
    I’m done.

  • Chicka

    I feel sorry for you Sally, you must have had a pretty bad time HATING, and HATING and HATING so much! As for me, I LOVED everything, and so was way better off.

  • Chicka

    To Sgt Beef- Ron was a great mimic, and he had been there when Harry opened the Chamber of secrets in the 2nd part. He could not SPEAK parseltongue, obviously. He merely mimicked the sounds Harry made with great accuracy.

  • Sarah

    Hello everyone.

    Having been an avid Potterholic for 8 years, I hate to say I was quite disappointed with the 7th book. While it wasn’t the worst, I think this particular book will not be lifted from my book shelf in a hurry.

    There were many things that will forever remain with me, that were written in the DH, particularly, the revelation of Snape’s loyalty. I found the fantasy to be an easy going read. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of to many twists, which I think this book had a lot of.

    As for the deaths, I understand why so many were killed. This is a war and the people that Harry cared for were going to die. Perhaps all these deaths empowered Harry to calmly walk to his destiny.

    Fair play to Neville, finally becoming the hero. I found Hermione’s role to be… well… lame. She just cast some charms and carried around a bag. I will say I expected Ron’s courage to waver, and it did. Harry really, really annoyed me in this book.

    Disappointed with the epilogue. It left more questions than answers.

    But in all, it was an intense and captivating read. I don’t think it was brilliant, but it was alright.


  • leAh!!!

    this is the best book i loved it!!! i love harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wols

    best book of the series with no plot glichtes

  • Anony

    Best Book Ever. Period


    I totally agree w/ you chika and Anony!!! I LOVED this book!!! I didn’t get up once the day I got it until I finished it. Thanks!

  • joseph

    books gay very gay

  • demon

    all sucks

  • Nicole


  • kakarot

    i really loved the book
    i would say you are really very very good
    you have given answers to the mysteries which once u told in the first book
    i really love the book everything making sense and elaborating
    i love the book and the writer

  • becky morris

    i think hp and the deathly hallows was a good book yeah it had a different setting then the other books but i did enjoy reading the books
    i love j.k rowlings mistery to the book

  • david gn

    I liked the book what I didnt like was that JK R didnt write much about how was life right after voldemort died.. i would have been great to see how everything was now that there was peace and everything…instead she jumps 11 years…. and i dont believe about “leave the blanks to your imagination.” If i wanted to use m imagination i would’ve stopped reading from the 5th book.. good book but the ending is just dissapointing for me

  • peyton kerns

    it is a very good book I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peyton kerns

    it was very sad when dobby died.

  • Camilla

    Arg, all you guys, pointing out the negative stuff about J.K Rowlings fantastic books are insane. She’s doing real art, and it’s my opinon that NO books comparres to her. I cried each time a character died in the last book, specially when it was Dobby, poor little elf. She has given us a whole new WORLD, and those who are negative, this is for you: Im looking forward to read your books. Of course you can do better than J.K? Yeah, right. Your dreaming.
    You may now laugh of my bad english. Im danish, so forgive my mistakes.

    xoxo – Camilla. Who loves Harry Potter.

  • Balder D. Ash

    you know what? i would really REALLY want to read something (a short story, a poem, heck, maybe even a book) that some of those fellows up there had written themselves. maybe they have better ideas, more creative imaginations, more originality, more time to write it, and/or no pressures whatsoever…

    the next i really REALLY want to read comments and/or reviews about their work. and see their faces’ reaction over those cruel, biased, (and often childish) retorts.

    i beg those people. grow up.

    okay… rushed you say? hey, you’re not there when she wrote it. have it ever occurred to you people what pressures she has to endure writing this one? come on! not to mention time constraints, to say the least.

    predictable? what work isn’t??! in the earlier books i even predicted that the character in the story whose supposed to know how to predict (prof. trelawney) really don’t know how to predict at all! and i’m not complaining! because life’s like that in real life, oftentimes it truly is predictable, if you really look close enough.

    disappointing ending? what.., do you really want the protagonist to die in the end? isn’t it obvious from the start that this is a feel-good, happy-ever-after story? come on people. some of you are just plain morbid.

    rotten epilogue? well, maybe. but who cares, its finished, right? maybe YOU could have written a better after-story. but of course, you couldn’t have, could you?

    maybe you should write your own book and see what happens. good luck.

  • Rosie

    I read DH before some days and i have a doubt.. I hope someone clears it for me.

    Regulus Black drinks the potion in the basin in which Voldemort had put Locket Horcrux and replaces it with the fake one. The basin then must have become empty. After that when Dumbledore turns up with Harry, it’s full of potion again! Don’t say that it filled itself by magic, because in the Chapter ‘sacking of Severus Snape’, when Voldymort goes to check whether the horcrux is safe or not, he finds empty basin!!!!???? Didn’t it fill itself again like it did when Regulus drank the potion? How come???

  • Draco

    Hi guys! I have a doubt in my mind since when I read DH. In the cellar in the Malfoy Manor, Dobby rescues Luna, Dean and Ollivander by taking them alongwith him. Luna says that the cellar is completely escape-free still Dobby can take humans with him. Why not, Kreacher Disapperates in the cave hiding Horcrux, alongwith Regulus then? He could have saved his master’s life then. The cave was also Apperation-proof, but still Kreacher could Disaaperate using Elfish magic.

  • balder d. ash

    unlike human wizards/witches, house-elves can apperate and disapperate anywhere even in apperation-proof places (like hogwarts, for example).

    as for the question about kreacher and regulus, ask the author for her reasons why she didn’t think of what you thought. peace.

  • Draco

    Thanks! but still unsatisfied!!

  • Draco

    Now that I have got answer of one of the doubt, I would like to ask about the Taboo thing. In chapter ‘silver doe’, Ron says that “using you-know-who’s name BREAKS protective enchantments”. But Harry utters name of Voldemort in Hogwarts even after Mcganagall and other teachers set up protective charms on Hogwarts(Battle of Hogwarts)! Why doesn’t they break then?

  • abc

    Can anyone tell me why Dumbledore wanted Harry to know about the Deathly hallows? What was Harry supposed to do with them?

  • Drew

    Harry was the owner of the Deathly Hallows. You should have paid attention when she mentioned that in the book. Anyway I thought the book was okay. As for the plot glitches havn’t found any. Also it did have a few spelling grammers. Another reason I liked the book, and had emotions toward it, was the chapter The Princes Tale. It was sad to know that James Potter had treated Snape so bad and that when Snape snapped he called his love of his life a mudblood. It also suprised me to find out that Snape’s patronous was the same as Lily’s, a doe, and that Harry never really got to befriend him. Finally, I started to like Prof. Snape, Harry, Dumbledore, and Kreacher more after this book.

  • abc

    see, Harry had the two hallows because of Dumbledore’s will. Dumbledore’s intention was to make Snape the master of the Elder Wand.(however the plan failed, that’s not a problem..) How was Harry supposed to win alligiance of the Elder Wand from Snape? How would Harry obtain that wand ? by breaking open dumbledore’s tomb?

  • abc

    I’m the great fan of JK and liked all her books including DH, all the same I think it has some problems for example see comment no 563 and 564??
    Can you answer them? and can you help me understand the above question?

  • Dobby’s knobs

    It’s been interesting reading all of the different opinions of HPDH. I have a problem with people who attack negative critiques with the retort that “why don’t you try to write a hugely successful novel and face this level of criticism”. I think that’s somewhat besides the point. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Despite negative criticisms, no one can deny the overwhelming success and popularity of the series and the work that JKR put into writing these books.

    I really liked the series, and definitely enjoyed HPDH. However, I was a bit disappointed and have some issues with the final installment.

    First, on a writing basis, I think we can all agree that she’s no James Joyce. This is a book intended for children and adults, and thus, the bar does not need to be that high. Given that, I think the writing style in this installment was a bit more prosaic than in previous installments.

    Certainly what disappointed me most was the lack of character development that occurred for the three main characters – Harry, Ron, Hermione. Especially since she let the plot drag on while they were camping, I don’t feel like she used those opportunities to best round out these characters. I did, however, enjoy the insights into Dumbledore, Snape, and Kreacher’s characters.

    Pacing was also a problem with this book. Like I mentioned she drags on for 400 pages, and the primary action occurs in the last third of the book. They get rid of the last four horcruxes within a twenty-four hour period and in the last 200 pages of the entire book. Within the first 400 pages, again there are long bouts of inaction followed by sudden inconsequential life-threatening situations. JKR is quite susceptible to dues ex machina. Like many other people on this thread have noted, how is it that these young and relatively inexperienced wizards are able to get out of these impossible situations over and over again; Gringotts, the Malfoys, etc.? Felix felicis anyone? It just didn’t seem likely given the parameters she had created for the magical world.

    Moreover, it was really irritating that so many discoveries and important plot developments were made accidentally. For example, Harry would never have been the master of the elder wand if he had not said “Voldemort”, the taboo, and been captured by the snatchers and taken to the Malfoy’s. Dumbledore’s lack of a guiding role crippled the plot in that way. There is no way that Dumbledore could have forseen that and actually expected (revealed in “King’s Cross”) Harry to unite the hallows.

    I agree with all those who thought the epilogue was inadequate and cliche.

    Finally, there were too many loopholes that JKR created. I think with proper editing a lot of these would be resolved, though some might require a completely new rewrite:

    1. How could Dumbledore win an unbeatable wand from Grindelwald?

    2. How is that if Harry forcibly takes Draco’s hawthorn wand, it necessarily means that he becomes master of the elder wand? They’re two different wands. Draco disarmed the elder wand from Dumbledore -> Harry wrests Draco’s hawthorn wand from his grip => Harry is master of the elder wand? Does this mean that if anyone is disarmed, his wand suddenly changes allegiance? and that ALL wands you control are subject to change allegiance if you are disarmed of any ONE of those wands? If so, there are so many instances of being disarmed and the disarmed wands still work for the original owners.

    3. There are some discrepancies about what Dumbledore’s intentions were regarding the elder wand. In the chapter, “Kings Cross” Dumbledore tells Harry that the wand should have been Snape’s. However, in the following chapter, “The Flaw in the Plan” Harry tells Voldemort that the wand’s power should have died along with Dumbledore because he was never defeated.

    4. Why is it that the taboo for the name “Voldemort” does not work when the trio are in Grimmauld Place? They mention the name several times, and the protective charms are not broken.

    It’s a fun read, but it’s definitely not a seminal work of literature. Anyway, I don’t think that anyone, including myself, would’ve have been so vocal about our opinions and for so long since the books came out, if we all didn’t really care about the story created.

  • Draco

    Dobby’s knob, dumbledore’s plan was to make ‘Snape’ the master of the Elder Wand. (I dunno why because if Dumbledore wanted Harry to gain Elder Wand and reunite Hallows..How was Harry supposed to gain alligiance of that Wand?? .. let it be..)

    Dumbledore thought that killing is necessary for gaining the alligiance of Elder Wand, exactly like Voldemort did.

    Harry says —“If all had gone as planned, the Wand’s powers would have died with him.”
    Now this is Harry’s interpretation. Even if by planning his own death, Dumbledore wanted to pass it to Snape, his plan would have failed for sure with destruction of powers of EW.., because ‘Snape did not kill him. Dumbledore PLANNED his death.’

    Do I make sense??

  • Draco

    Grimmauld place is protected with Fidelius charm which works differently than other. The trio is tracked when they utter ‘Voldemort’ and Death Eaters come around the place but still protection does not break(can’t enter!!).

    Problem lies elsewhere, in Hogwarts, Harry requests teachers to put the protections to stop Voldemort for sometime. After they put the protections,(Sacking of Severus Snape) Harry again utters ‘Voldemort’.. Why doesn’t the protection break then?

  • Dobby’s knobs

    Draco – Why would Dumbledore think that the only way to gain the allegiance of the elder wand was through killing? He, himself, attained the EW by beating Grindelwald whom he had not killed. Grindelwald was later imprisoned in Nurmengard and killed by Voldemort. I see what you’re saying though about Harry’s own interpretation. That could be the case, but the fact that we’re so unsure about this whole ordeal is telling of how unclear JKR wrote this bit. I still think it’s rather shady that Harry could be master of the EW by disarming Draco of a totally different wand. I think the implications of that are too huge. Anyways, I think you’re right about the fidelius charm protecting Grimmauld Place from the taboo. But it’s still problematic with Hogwarts.

  • Draco

    Think it in this way- dumbledore thought that if he lets Snape kill him, Snape would be master of EW. but this would never have happened, DD’s plan was bound to fail, because DD had PLANNED his own death.. that means, he had remained undefeated until the very end and hence Wand’d powers would have died(natural death of owner causes EW power to die, Harry says it at the end to DD). here though death of DD was not natural, but he died UNDEFEATED.

    and yes, i was wrong in saying that ‘Dumbledore thought that killing is necessary for gaining the alligiance of Elder Wand’. I eat my words!!

    Hope this doubt is now clear.

  • Draco

    Dobby’s knob,earlier you asked if anyone is disarmed, his wand suddenly changes allegiance.yes, Wand changes the alligiance, that’s what I think.

    There are so many examples of disarming in the series, I agree.. See, wand which has been disarmed by it’s master may BEND it’s alligiance to the one who disarms(overpowers). but the best wand for a person is the wand which CHOOSES the him or her.

    Now after Draco had disarmed DD, EW would still have worked for DD, but not well. (Just like Bellatrix’s worked for Hermione, Blackthorn wand worked for Harry). This is because, EW did not CHOOSE Dumbledore WILLINGLY. It BENT it’s alligiance when DD defeated Grindelwald. It bent it alligiance to Draco, as it’s master DD was defeated by Draco.

    Then Harry took Draco’s that is, EW’S MASTER’S wand FORCIBLY, that made Harry the master of EW as previous master(Draco) is overpowered.

    You know why Harry did not take the EW at the end? This is a very wise decision. That shows he understands Wandlore! A reason behind it can be that Phoenix Wand which CHOSE Harry is the best one for him. (Wand chooses the wizard. EW didn’t choose Harry, Harry won it. The affinity between PW and Harry is undoubtedly greater than that between EW and Harry.

    What do you think?

  • Yaser

    Truely, it’s surely one of the most magical book after the Lord of the Rings.

  • bob

    i would just like to say for Jac that if you can truely sit there and say you didnt enjoy the 7th book and the 5th is one of your favorites i find it hard to believe that you have ever really read any of the books. Book 5 was by far the least enjoyable….

  • kartik

    this book is great i enjoyed it

  • honus

    in harry potter & the sorcerers stone it says gryffindor has 312 points and slytherin has 472 points so shouldn’t they be tied?

  • anonamous

    i enjoyed the book and am currently reading it for a second time and nearly finished i think jk has done a great job with the series and would like to see more of her great work with maybe a eighth book but if she doesnt she should start something with teddy remus lupin(lupin and tonks’ son) like him goin to live with harry at the weasly or maybe at his own place with ginny since his parents are dead and i dislike anyone who thinks this last book sux

    yours faithfully anonamous

  • anonamous

    hey its me again


  • You Know… Its Me

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows RULES!!! thats right! it R-U-L-E-S RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enough said… Bye bye

  • Logan

    There are some people here who, if I may say it without being ignorant, seem to not get what J.K. Rowling was trying to do. To address the complaints about her ‘tainting’ Dumbledore…. Dumbledore was human, and I thought it was brilliant to finally point that out. He was still a brilliant wizard, but he had his flaws, and this makes Harry just seem so much cooler because he didn’t fall pray to the temptations that Dumbledore did, even though he was tempted. And I don’t know why people say it feels rushed. Maybe it just seems that way because Harry, Ron, and Hermione weren’t at school in this one, so the subject matter often felt different and unfamiliar. I mean, do you really expect a series to end with the same-old-same-old? I found it satisfying that Rowling changed it up a bit. I have no clue why anyone says that it feels rushed. EVERYTHING, almost, was explained in the book. She took the time to lay it all out, for us to see all the puzzle pieces, and that was awesome. How did it feel rushed, exactly?
    I’m not saying the book doesn’t have its flaws. I admit that I found myself, once or twice, thinking “Well why would Voldemort make all these mistakes if he was so intelligent and formidable?” But I think that’s the point, really. He is great at magic, definitely, and he is capable of terrible things. But I think Rowling wanted us to see in this book that he wasn’t really all that smart after all. He was horribly ignorant and he never took the time to consider that he might be making a mistake. He was too arrogant to see flaws in anything he did, and that, ultimately, was the difference between him and Dumbledore, and which made Dumbledore, in Harry’s words, “a greater man”. He didn’t seem all that clever or exacting towards the end of this novel, but I think that was J.K.’s intention.
    One complaint I do have, however, is the disappointment that comes with going from right after the battle with Voldemort to when Harry is an adult with children. What happens in between? I thought that it would have been better if Rowling had just ended the book with Harry as a teenager so that we could just come up with our own future for Harry, but maybe that’s just my opinion. The epilogue did have its moments though, such as Harry’s son being named Albus Severus and his fears of being in Slytherin. That’s another thing I thought was brilliant in this book: the story of Snape. That was one of the best parts of this book I think, that Severus turned out to be one of the most tragic characters in the whole story, and that after everything he’s done, we feel incredibly sorry for him by the end.
    Bravo, J.K.

  • yay!

    i loved this book, i really enjoyed it! im so glad harry did not die, that would have been awful! im glad lots of the main charchters died, it shows that there was a war! i thought there were plenty of twists, im glad we got to know a lot more about dumbledore! i really loved the book!
    however the epilogue could definetly have been better, i would have loved to know what happened to all the other charchters, such as goerge, how he is without fred!
    but i have to say i did love the book! jk rowling is a genious!!

  • theorell

    know what? i finish reading the last book in 2 months?! and im starting it all over again!! the ending was a bit predictable but in whole, its very good!!! the fact that many of the characters are died is a more like tragedy style of writing were protagonist dies. its sad but its okay. thanks J.K. Rowling

  • Bob

    I was extremely satisfied with the book and the ending was truly amazing

  • #12

    Best book no question.

  • Fox1990

    my favourite part of the book was snape’s memories… i had never imagined him loving lily. when he was younger he was from a pretty troubled background – not from the best part of town and his parents constantly arguing, even if he had been truly bad we could understand why.
    i can’t get over how much i dislike james, harry’s father! after reading this book i actually think i hate him!!
    but what reduced me to tears was when snape realised that dumbledore meant for harry to die! i couldn’t believe it… dumbledore, the one who we would have sworn was pure good personified had prepared harry, unknowingly, for death. and i loved snape’s “lead a pig for slaughter” comment, it was so appropriate.
    one thing i wasn’t too sure of was when dumbledore asks snape if he had grown fond of the boy afterall… was snape saying he had, or was it truly all for lily?
    and the silver doe…
    what i hated was how harry watched snape die and believed he was evil, when snape had been on his side all along… 🙁
    thank goodness he took the memory eh?!
    and i just read on a comment here about when snape told harry to look at him when he was dying he just wanted to see lily’s eyes again… i hadn’t thought of that… it’s so beautiful!
    why was his love unrequited?? so sad…
    after this book the only person i feel i truly care about is snape… yes even with his greasy hair!!

    and as a sidenote i felt so sorry for petunia, wanting to be a witch(so cute how she wrote to dumbledore) and now totally understand her extreme dislike of harry.

    and though i agree with everyone about the epilogue being extremely odd i must say i did love the lline when harry tells albus severus about the bravest man he knew being in slytherin!
    because when you think about it it was snape in constant danger, if voldemort had ever realised…. and then having to live with all the “good people” hating him for having “killed” dumbledore.

    i really enjoyed this book, thought it was a fitting end to the series… but i do want another book explaining what happened directly after voldemort’s death!, i want to see newspaper headlines, the rebuilding of the community, etc!

  • Jack

    What spelling errors? and what plot glitches? this book is the best in the series, by far. Every chapter is enjoyable. Even the Dursley one …

    Please stop attacking the book. Because, believe it or not, the only book which has sold more copies than this, is the Holy Bible.

    Impressive? very.

  • Meg

    I personally loved the final harry potter novel and thought it was by far the best in the series. some may say it was predictable and quite rushed at the end, i disagree. The adventure that harry, ron and hermione endure was completely unexpected with brilliant twists! i doubt very much that any of you could have predicted the deal with severus snape.iam embarrassed to say that could not stop crying when i believed that harry was going to die,it was unbelievably brilliant how j.k rowling made the chapter ‘the forest again’ so emotional yet nail biting! i am so sad now that there are no more harry potter book to look forward to but i do hope that j.k rowling is planning another novel. :D:D

  • Samrat

    It matches my lifestory!

  • Mithiran

    I didn’t see any errors in the book. Where were they?

  • Manisha

    I think the book was GREAT! Some parts were a bit predictable, but not when when Harry finds out about Snape. Voldemort could of played a better role as a baddie though.
    Overall: 9/10

  • Its interesting to me, and an example of the quality of the series as a whole, that people are still chatting about my review. I stand by what I said , it was by far the weakest of the series.

  • Tiegan

    I loved the book as much as I loved the others, however I was so shocked when I read about the people who died – (Dobbie, Fred,lupin.) The ending was the best part!

  • christine

    all I have to say is that I thought the book was great!

    really good read. can’t understand how others don’t like it.

    i liked the happy ending. yes maybe a bit predictable but still really enjoyable.
    i would defiantly recommend it to others.

  • Rebecca

    I also thought that the book was rushed, as in K.K Rolwings previous books there was always a build up to when Voldemort would come, however in this one,it didn’t have as much as a build up. But it did have someone intersesting parts.

  • Rebecca

    I aslo thought that this book was rushed. As in J,K Rowlings previous books there was always a spectacular build up to voldemorts appearance, however in this one there wasn’t. But I did love it and can not wait for the final movie.

  • donnie

    ..the book was ok.. but i enjoyed HP 5 more… love the ending by the way!

  • harley

    the last book was very diapointing with voldmort a strong wizard harry kills hime with only a disarming spell not well done

  • 7

    you are wrong in my opinion this was by far the best HP book

  • Splcier

    This was one of teh best books in the series! The ending is something that i think no other book, movie, game or story ever made could live up two. The ending of this book (the last 5 chapters) was amazing and really did tie up every last end. I couldent have asked for a better final book to the HP series.

  • harshita

    i liked the book it was quite interesting and iam haapy hadgrid did not die neither did ron or hermoine nice….

  • angel

    hey….. the last series is awesome. its end is fantastic and its really very dark and interesting… i read tht 607 pages in just 7 days… i cant wait to watch last movie..

  • angel

    and dan in tht movie looks too hot and handsome snd cute i ve ever saw him… i love daniel very much… u r best daniel

  • Psyche

    As much as I despise the epilogue, I overall loved this book. I just finished reading it. It is so richly detailed and imaginative and I love the fact that it’s fast paced and gets to the good stuff pretty quickly.

    One of the only things I have hated about the series is Harry’s romance with Ginny. I think it’s the worst decision JKR could have made and one of the many reasons I dislike the epilogue. So I am relieved it overall didn’t get too much focus in the final book. But that “birthday” kiss? Ugh.

    I don’t think the book is perfect, so I think the critical reviews posted here are reasonable. However, one criticism I don’t really get is that it’s “rushed.” The book (I have the Canadian/UK version) is 600 pages long and every event seems to be significant to the story(That’s why it’s being split into two movies). And like I said, I’m glad it dived into the action early, and I’d rather it didn’t have long drawn out scenes for the sake of JKR “taking her time.”

    And for those think she should do a full rw-write, I don’t think it’s reasonable at all. The book seems to have satisfied the majority of the fanbase and even those her have been critical think it’s decent overall. You can’t please everyone. Hence, I don’t think it warrants a re-write no matter how much you hate it. The only thing most people seem to dislike is the epilogue.

  • Harry Potter

    Outside of the Bible, this fiction book shows the greatest moral standard of any book I have ever read. I consider it an honor to have taken part in the Harry Potter series over the last decade. Instead of throwing my disappointments, I would like to express my love for the greatest book series ever written.

  • venesia

    i liked the whole book actualy . it was very well written . but i do wish he could have died so he could be with his losses. other than that i thought it was a great book .

  • emma

    pple – ok i know we all feel harry shld have died, but that doesn’t change the fact this was an AMAZING book.

    I found it was very pacy, very interesting, emotional and hard to put down

    And come on – the way she crafted snape’s personality and history was brilliant

    Plus – she was going to kill off harry, but based on response from the parents, she had to sugar coat the ending as parents were concerned about the dark vitality.

  • gaurav

    Bathilda’s Secret ,Malfoy Manor,The Battle of Hogwarts and the Silver Doe were the best chapters in the book.

  • Andrea lewis

    I loved the book I think it was her best sereis but here best book was the fourth book “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” but I did love her last book. I think she is worth more than the queen of England.

  • Anna

    I love this book but felt very disappointed with the ending. As a few others have said, I really want to know what happened the next day, week, month, year . . . and disliked that JKR didn’t write that for us but just jumped ahead 19 years. She promised us a book for each year of Harry’s Hogwarts schooling, so why not send Harry and friends back to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year and write that book for us. Please???? I think a happy, fun year at Hogwarts would be most enjoyable!

  • missy

    I am enjoing the book

  • sana

    wow very nice ending

  • BuhbeeIX

    the last book was inexplicably great… although i still haven’t moved on with the death of fred weasly… i was kind of fell in love with him… but all in all, it’s good… only rowling could’ve done something like that…

  • Pedro

    personaly i think it was the best book in series and about the being rushhed thing yea but tehn would it be much of a book to take up 50 pages to experience it i mean things dont happen slowly in life they usualy come by real fast. like say for example… you get punched in the face you punch back a big fight starts it gets broken up you dont need 4 pages to explain that only about 1 or 3 but if its somthin big then you need to wright a bit faster. like in a movie itd be anti- climactic if it took 1 minute for someone to die when as wee al know avada kedevra kills in a mater of seconds, becuse if it took one minute the villian would laugh and get killed in the one minute the dieing one has left id make no sence but if it goes by fast then you realy experience what it like for harry i mean it not like oh i just got you i got you back its got yea omg he gotme back damn ahhhh shti noooo. then you take it slowly like please… dont die… if you die now….. who will protecet me…. . and if you dont have the fast you cant have the slow moments and truly experience what hes going through.. so in my opinion this is the best book in the series.

  • francinee

    I thought the book was very well done, and the only problem i found was the rush ending, but even so the book did have to end. Regardless the book was extremely well done and I was very pleased with how it all turned out. Every peice of the past books was finally put together in the best of ways, there were no plot glitches and its very easy to find spelling mistakes in many other books.
    perfect way to en the series.

  • Harebo kid

    Aside from the epilogue which is wrong in soo many different ways, the book itself is a good read, having just finished reading the whole series to my 8 yr old daughter even she seemed surprised at the epilogue, when she makes comments like; ‘But Ginny is just a fan girl and everything harry hates’ really puts into perspective a large number of things about the last 2 books and ideas that were never really developed or should have been developed but were ignored. Please look at the book as to the end of voldemort and it reads great leaving tantalising ideas to let conjecture flow around the many rabid fans. Why put the epilogue (excuse me c***ilogue) in at all it makes no sense to where characters were in the story at the end of the true narrative. JK has shown herself to be a great writer for 5 out of the 7 books but in my opinion lost things a lot in book 6 and put on a real show for book 7 up till the end excluding that final chapter. If stopped before that 19 years later failing of a finish it would leave for far more excitation and possibilities.
    Plots that seemed to start then stop:-
    Amortentia potion from book 6 where was that going ( Hary dosed ) book seven:- spending time with Hermione in the tent pretending to be a couple while in godrics hollow, weasleys not coming into their minds and 2 teenagers left alone in v emotional circumstances (we all know what happens in these situations)
    these are just 2 things that drove me insane.

    So in summation i say re read the series as its extreamly entertaining ( dont watch the films as they will drive you mad with plot holes) and also tear the epilogue out of your copies as it seems to detract from a great read


    Someone please help me, on page 743, the first line “The true master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy”.

    How is this true? Did he take the wand from Dumbledore (in the grave)? No.
    Did he take the wand from Voldermort? No.
    How did Harry know the Elder wand chose Draco?


  • preeti


  • gunjan

    samrat, HOW THE HELL DOES THE HP SERIES MATCH UR LIFE STORY???????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jordan

    when harry almost died at the end, and he was talking to dumboldor, who or what was the baby under the chair


    AMAZING BOOK! a tad too short if you ask me, (jk, i just wish it could’ve been longer….)
    But still. I can’t get over the death of my three fav characters, Tonks, Fred, and Lupin. But whatever. It was good. She had enough deaths to keep you reading, along with the plot…. And what she wrote on the inside flap was genius!
    And now we enter Harry Potter’s seventh year, the final installment in the Harry Potter series.
    Or something like that. Okay, And, before I go, I HAVE TO SAY my fav line in the book.
    Its by MRS. WEASLEY!!!!!!!!!!!
    “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!” Mrs. Weasley said to Bellatrix.
    LOL. I was cheering and texting all my friends this line while laughing my head off, even though it was 11:00 at night.

  • Tanzee

    You are all making this book sound like it shouldn’t be read… I haven’t read it yet I’m still making my way through the Philosopher’s Stone and I REALLY love it, course the movies sort of ruin my fun but it’s alright 🙂 You guys make me not want to read it? Should I? On the subject of the movies by the way they SUCK!! Well compared to the book the FIRST on sucks!! Leaves out a lot!!

  • Alex

    This book, in my opinion, was the best of all. Not only because it was the last one, and tied everything up smoothly as was expected; but because of the range of emotions experienced throughout the read. J.K. Rowling did a brilliant job of defining each character’s roles and struggles within the story, it made us as the readers feel as though we were right there with them. I don’t feel like there was any unnecessary plots/deaths/characters…it’s just how the story goes! All in all a great way to finish the amazing tale of Harry Potter…was a PRIVILLAGE to read : )

  • CJ

    The ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is very sad as Fred dies.But I like the book and the movie.I have read every books of harry potter. I wish J K Rowling will write more books of Harry Potter

  • Malibu

    I have read all the Harry Potter books and have been a great HP book fan (not the movies) but I might say that although the seventh books has certain seperate scenes which were good and dramatic like the Godric Hollows scene etc but the ending was rather disappointing. Not because it was happy, even Lord of the rings was an overall happy ending but the thing to make a book have a good ending is to give it a sentimental touch regardless of a ahappy ending. And I felt there was this lack of the reality of life and the kings cross station was somewhat highly unlikely Rowlings style. And esp the way Voldemort dies is so unreal. It seems she did this to satisfy the audience and her own favourite chapter ending is lying somewhere inide her secret cupboard. 🙂 i dont blame her. 😀

  • Malibu

    I so agree with whats been commented by the person under the name of Logan on May 12. Its true that Snape turned out one of the most courageous characters. And his part is really ineresting but then again the kings cross was a little difficult to accept to see them all married with their kids and all. Id say it wud be preferable to see the trio still in their teens and to highlight more of their friendship and loyalty towards each other, but thats just my opinion many may disagree.

  • Malibu

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH the comment made by the person under the title “Dumbledore is Human” especially when he/she says: “though I think Harry should have died . . . she was building so brilliantly to his death.” you know I think deep down inside jk rowling prob wanted to kill him but you see you never know there are some fans out there who fall so deep in love with their protagonists that they might as well have killed Rowling for doing that!! (chuckles)

  • vivek

    i love the book and roaling. The last book leaves u with tears and it was all unpredicatble .

  • Rosie

    There were NO plot glitches! And spelling errors, maybe a few, but you tell me, if you were reading a 759 page book wouldn’t you make spelling errors? I think that if you felt this book was a bit rushed, you didn’t understand the intenseness of it or the fact that Harry and friends felt rushed throughout their whole adventure. J.K Rowling clears everything up.

    And for those confused by the deaths, it is war. It was rushed at the end to show how sudden and crazy and how unreal it all was. Harry also didn’t die, only the horcrux was destroyed because the whole story had to do with wandlore and wand alliegiances and the choices of Harry vs. the choices of Voldemort. The epilouge was put in so that you would know what happened to everyone.

    But then, it was bound to be that some people would not understand. In order for something to be loved, someone else has to loath it. I guess I owe it to those who did not enjoy this book that I LOVED it beyond anything.

  • merinda

    I have to strain the fact that harry potter series is the most entertaining novels to hit the planet.i have been readimg and following up on this marvelous series from day 1.i have read every novel in the harry potter series.NO!! i did not read it just once… i have read every novel more than three times.i am most dissapointed to let this magical land go as this being the final book has literally brought tears to my eyes,but,not as much tears as the death of dumbledor had caused.i literally cried for days and every time i came to an understanding i could not accept what i had read and beleive me i had to read it all over again>
    honestly the book has changed my life.it has been magical and given me a world i could escape to..
    harry potter has become a part of my life within the boundries of my imagination…i like to thank the author..she is truly an innoventive and aspiring women with the ability to go beyond imagination…truly magnificent…
    you are an inspiration.. my only wish is one day i could be able to give others the sense of pleasurable reading and to take your imagination to the extreme…
    honestly feels like i know hogwarts and the characters on a personal basis….
    thank you.

  • Lucky

    So why is the Deathly Hallows one of the most popular books in the twentieth century? Almost all the strong fans would feel that this is the novel that summarizes the friendship, mystery, and humour of the whole series, and not only because it is the epic finale.
    It teaches not only about courage, bravery, friendship, loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, change, pressure, and coping with a number of surprises and shocks, but also brings laughter on a gloomy day, gripping excitement in the most boring hours of life, and thoughtfulness to the most ignorant mind.
    You will cry with Hermione as Ron runs away, roar with laughter with Harry as Ron fights for Hermione’s love, bite your nails with fear as Voldemort searches for the Elder Wand, gasp with amazement as you realize the truth of Severus Snape, and fight with all of the students and teachers of Hogwarts as they defend Harry, their friends, their families, and their lives in the final Battle of Hogwarts.
    Not only that, but you will always find something to relate to your own life in this challenging, more than 600 page tale. If this isn’t enough to make you flip the book that is so much more than ink on yellowed parchment, it also brings knowledge and skills to the most, and least, abled writer.
    Sure, some critics may say that the last book seems a bit “rushed” or “hurried”, or that JK leapt too quickly to the ending, or that the plot is “glitched” and even some may say that the ending is too “happy” or “predictable.” But experienced readers will tell you that the reason the story seems “rushed” is because they didn’t thoroughly read the books before it- the ending may come fast, but if you look at books 1-6, the Deathly Hallows seems reasonably paced, fitting perfectly in line with the speed of all the books and the plot overall. And why shouldn’t the ending be happy? We have followed Harry, Ron, and Hermione through 7 years, surely the end of their adventures should be a bright “cherry on top” of all their adventures? The plot is not, in a sense, predictable. We tend to confuse the term “predictable” with the characteristic of a “logical, well thought out story”, that leaves us in understanding, so we think, in a way, it is “predictable.” However there are many surprises, and those surprises are, what we think, leaves the 7th book one of the best.

  • asad

    the book is very nice
    and i like it very much………

  • Jennn

    It was a good , book i think the plot about the possesion of the elder wand was confusing for many people as people thought that voldemort was in possesion(power wise)of the wand when he wasn’t, but i agree with others, it was a good book no glitches, it might have beena good screen play story but the film , if you have read the book, it terrible, so much missed out, it truley is disgraceful, but then again i am only 13

  • harry potter

    this book was by far the best in the series.
    i just loved it.this was the best ending i can think of.one thing i didn’t like was the death of remus lupin and his wife tonks.it was a good book and i advice everyone who is a harry potter fan to read it.

  • tommy


  • Daniel Redcliff

    bla…bla…bla idon’t care this was oneof the most intresting book ever read in my life the movies are too good and series are too great………

  • mixcfgjhb

    if harry has three children, what happened in between? ooh la la…

  • mememe

    cant they make another book when his children grow up?

  • Talluhla

    I think that this book was the best of the lot becuase, yes it was slightley obvious what would happen, but i bet you there was at meast one time where you were completley unshure of what would happen next, i belive that J.K Rowling has but loads of clues in the previous books, so if you were foling all of them then yes you are bound to know what will happen, and as for some people being annoyed that it was a happy ending, why?? you ahve had all this stuff happing before and now something great happend to end the books, i personaly thing that it was one of the greatest books ever!

  • Kim Weasley

    I thought the book was good, though I thought it was very depressing. I was deeply desturbed about Fred dieying and am still crying alittle because he was my favorite Weasley

  • Kim Weasley

    I thought the book was good, though I thought it was very depressing. I was deeply desturbed about Fred dieying and am still crying alittle because he was my favorite Weasley

  • Joel

    I thought it was a good novel but not as awesome as the half blood prince…thats my opinion.

  • Judy

    I’m about five years late leaving my review, but I have to say I’m astonished at what others have said. The Deathly Hallows is in my top five fiction books EVER. It has everything a great novel needs; compelling characters, the perfect villain, and non stop action. I love the way the author subtly references Nazi Germany, placing the Muggles in the same position that the Jews were in. Its best if you read the book a few times…that’s when one can really appreciate the fact that JK Rowling is a master at fantasy fiction. This series has the best world building I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot. Loved, loved, loved this book. Wish I could read the whole series again for the first time. Sigh.

  • fag central

    harry potter is dumb

  • dickhead

    harry thinks he is the boss but he is just a dumb kid

  • Judy obviously people are moved one way or other by that series considering there have been 650 comments on my review of the book. I stand by what I said of course.