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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

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Any review of the latest installment in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, really needs to answer only one question: is it good… enough? Author J.K. Rowling has built up enough of a following with her previous five books that it is a fair bet that anything short of a total disaster will sell millions of copies over the next few weeks, and fans that stayed put through the bloated (but thrilling!) 870 pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will surely flock to give Half-Blood Prince a chance.

I was lucky enough to get my copy the minute (well, nearly) it was available, and read it in a marathon speed-reading session that now culminates in the review you are reading. My entire aim this time out has been to be one of the first people to review the book in the United States, and hopefully I now will be. It hurts (oh it hurts! so tired…) but it sure hurts good. (I suppose all those all-nighters I pulled back in college are finally paying off in the real world (unlike, I may add, my actual degree)). For the sake of you who have not yet turned the last page, I will refrain from any major plot spoilers. However, readers who wish to remain totally ignorant of everything however inconsequential or cryptic would do better to read the book itself instead. I will only say this: Horcruxes!

So: Is it good enough?

Oh. My. God.

Each volume in the Harry Potter series has grown progressively darker as the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort draws nearer, and Rowling does little to reverse that trend in the new book. In fact, she ups the ante considerably. As much as I hate to draw pat connections like this, Rowling’s treatment of the war between Voldemort and his Death Eaters and the rest of the wizarding world is unavoidably coming to resemble, yes, the War on Terror™: people die in random attacks; the Ministry of Magic releases useless pamphlets about protecting yourself against hexes; and people engage in endless discussions about whether they know anyone in the obit section today. But whatever I say, you’re still not going to believe me on this point until you read the book for yourself.

What’s striking is that Rowling handles these points of comparison admirably well, raising doubt as to whether the parallels were intentional or whether it’s just hard these days to read a novel about an evil cabal set loose on society without coming to those conclusions. Either way, what was once a wondrous world full of Fizzing Whizbees and cutesy pointed hats has become a dark and treacherous place where murderers hide in plain sight and bad things happen to innocent people. Whereas Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’s dementors occasionally cast a shadow over the story, and Books 4 and 5 regularly featured acts of cruelty, now that same pall hangs over the whole novel. That’s not to say that Half-Blood Prince is an unrelenting slog from bloodsoaked battle to bloodsoaked battle, but the hints of peril that have been growing since Book 2 now fully dominate the scenery.

This change has happened organically as Rowling’s protagonists have grown from naive 11-year-olds to teenagers wrestling with maturity, responsibility, and hormones. Many critics (notably Slate’s Chris Suellentrop) have complained that in past volumes Harry has gotten away with murder (figuratively speaking), making him less a sympathetic character than an overprivileged brat. But now cheating in class and sneaking around at night are no longer larks, and the burdens that Rowling gives Harry to shoulder more than make up for his special treatment. In Half-Blood Prince, actions now have real consequences.

Now that the main characters are fully adolescent (16 years old in this volume), the interpersonal relationships have become much thornier than they were in past novels; gone are the halcyon days of butterbeer and wizard chess. Even more than in Book 5, Rowling spends a great deal of Half-Blood Prince deepening the relationships between Harry and those around him: Hermione, Ron and Ginny Weasly, Hagrid, Snape, Malfoy, Dumbledore, and others. There are still plenty of cute touches and light moments, but even they have other sides to them: Professor Trelawney, outraged that she must share teaching duties with a centaur, has taken to raiding the kitchen’s sherry stock; the Weasley twins have opened their joke shop, but some of their products aren’t necessarily all that funny sometimes.

Although the nominal plot of the book concerns Harry’s search for the “half-blood prince,” the real action takes place in two arenas. The first is Harry’s growing awareness of his part in the fight against Voldemort, and his struggles with the reality that he must be on guard at all times. This leads him to make decisions that sometimes hurt his closest friends and allies, and ultimately decides the course of the plot. Second, someone at Hogwarts wants someone else dead, but nobody knows who.

The major themes of this story are duty, obligation, and loyalty. The very first chapter upsets what we think we know about some major players and which side they are on, and throughout the book loyalties are tested and alliances formed, all against the backdrop of Voldemort’s growing power and the swelling ranks of the Death Eaters. The second half of the book gives Rowling an opportunity to show off the depth of the world she has created, as characters that started out as cute little cutouts now share in pain, elation, rage, grief, and shame. If this series ever was really for children, it has now grown into fully realized and emotionally complicated material suitable for adolescents not much younger than the characters themselves.

At nearly 300 pages shorter than the just-previous release, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince is tighter, and its impact more profound, than the last two books. However, Rowling could still use an editor to clean up some of her messier sentences and paragraphs. Since this installment turns more on inner struggles and subtle (though frantic) infighting than the past volumes, some of the talkier parts do lose focus somewhat. Rowling still has not managed to make everything pull together fully within the bounds of the single installment, leaving some plot threads (as well as characters like Remus Lupin and Tonks) to hover around the margins too long. But these are forgiveable sins, considering that Rowling has finally managed to hang her rapidly growing tale on a few key unifying themes. Everything that has happened from Books 1 through 5 has been tied into the main plot and the entire train is picking up speed. By the end of Half-Blood Prince the story is hurtling forward from astounding revelation to astounding revelation, some of which you sort of saw coming, some of which you really, really didn’t.

So, yes. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is good enough, and then a great deal better than that. While she still needs an editor like Ted Kennedy needs a 40-day chip, Rowling only raises the stakes in what has become one of the biggest phenomena in publishing since the invention of moveable type. She has admirably constructed a penultimate chapter that sets the table for the final showdown we’ve all been waiting for since the first book, and leaves the action at just the right point to have her millions of fans clamoring for the final installment.

If you have been waiting for this for months, rest assured: this is the series’ The Empire Strikes Back. The stakes are even higher and the surprises bigger than you imagine, and despite the usual problems of editing and focus, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince delivers the goods. But… whatever happened to Grimmauld Place?

Thank you ladies and gentlemen; and now, to bed.


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  • harsh sodhi

    the book is good….. very very dark and quite scary at times. rowling does well to transform young children of the first four books into pre-mature adults.this edition is essentially a conclusion of the mood introduced in the 5th book.while the 5th book was transition phase this one is the result.a dark cloud hangs through out the book and it actually tugs at the heartm,unlike the time when sirius black was killed.
    not light reading beware1

  • ummm..

    i want to read the book so badly now but i have to wait for it to come in the mail

  • it’s just hard these days to read a novel about an evil cabal set loose on society

    If you can’t read without hearing echoes of reality, it isn’t literature. I would say, based on my own reading of the previous 5, and your review of HP6, that Half-Blood Prince may have entered the realm of literature.

  • karen

    man that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! but i really wanna know who diesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss man this is intence!!!!

  • K-rod


    Professor Dumbledore dies…

  • Karen: read the book. If you eat the dessert first, the sauerkraut tastes really nasty….

  • bethy

    i sobbed through the entire last chapter…i could barely read it through my tears…my family now thinks i am nuts!
    that was the best book yet!!! so many unexcected twists!


    I have to admit I have always less than hated for professor snape. perhaps I was feeling sorry for him. I was definitely shocked at what he did. but I’m still clinging onto the possibility that he may still be on the good side. I know he entered the contract with narcissa, I know he killed dumbledore. but might he not have been under the imperius curse or something similar? snape’s always been a question mark for harry, the only thing we’re absolutely positive about is that he is a superb occlumens with acting skills to rival alan rickman.

  • marcus129

    bethy, so did i, but with the last 3 chapters. lord, that was the most heartwrenching 3 chapters that i have ever read in my life. i read it twice in 14 hours, and i still cant believe he’s dead. Now, let’s make it 3 readings.

  • ashlynn

    OH MY GOD.

    I read all day.

    I finished.

    I sobbed like hagrid.

    I NEED THE LAST BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marcus129


    when i first read the 2nd chapter, i was cussing snape out in my head. now, the only thing that i want to do is rip his guts out through his nose. if lestrange had killed Dumbledore, that wouldn’t have been so bad.

  • Michigan Jones

    Warning! Plot spoiler ahead, me hearties….

    [Edited] is murdered by fanatics after he and Gwen Stefani pay for a room in one of those seedy “by the hour” joints in Brooklyn. Drug dealers gun him down because he didn’t have the scratch for them. Don’t worry, Muggles…word is that his ghost is going to come back to kick some serious booty in Episode 7…Harry Potter and the Guns of the Navarrone. Harry is a Marshall in the Third Reich who must choose between his love for Hermoine and his duty to Der Fuehrer. Happy reading!

  • S.R.C




    i new in the end dumbledore had to die…

    but still

    i was crying so hard threw the last 3 chapters

    i havtn cried like tat since i was 7


    he’s sooooo evil, HOW COULD HE DO IT :'(

    dumbledore shouldnt have givin him a 2nd chance :'(

    no matter all the reasoning

    snape is evil n twisted n dumbledore was my favorite caracther


  • Angry Reader


    i hope dumbledore comes back as a ghost and rips snapes evil heart out of his body

    can ghosts do that??

  • Plot Ruiner


    i cant believe it

    actauly i can

    i just dont want to

    Snape kills Dumbldore

  • Its not fair


    i wish i had the last book now






    i wish i never read these books

    i cant put them down



    stupid snape killed dumbledore


  • bhw

    About spoilers:

    We can’t catch them all. If you’re worried about having the plot spoiled, then you should probably read the book before joining discussions like this one.

  • princey

    So who is the half blood prince then?

  • Dragon-Lord

    all i can say is WOW J.K has done a astounding job with this book not only with the plot twists but all also one of the bigest upsets i have read in any of the previous 5 books i was on tenter hooks through out the whole book not wanting to put it down and wanting to find out everything i could

    i read this book in what i belive is a record time for me i started at 6.30am this morning and finished it by 12pm

  • This isn’t a spoiler per say, since Rowling announced it herself: the half blood prince ISN’T Harry or Voldemort. The former part of that statement makes sense-can’t have Harry coming up against himself, now can we?

  • Helen

    I have just read it and it was amazing. I thought the plot was so much tighter than the last book although there were a few weak points….


    Did anybody else think that the reason Dumbledore totally trusted Snape was a bit weak?? Because Snape was sorry that he’d heard the prophecy and that Lily and James were killed. It seems a very weak point to hang the whole plot round.

  • bobfreddyfrankjoanne

    i hate snape and i think voldemort should kill him and harry should kill voldemort and then ron should marry hermione and potter should uh kill duddley and his aunt & uncle. i havent read the 6th book yet but j.k wrote it so i no its gonna be good!i love u j.k!

  • Drat, and here I hoped I was alone in managing about 100 pages per hour.

    Anyone else having major eye pains? I COULD NOT STOP. This one has definitely taken PoA’s place as my favorite in the series. Tragically, I’d already read a spoiler that WASN’T LABELED, and by chapter 2 I knew it was correct (damned spoilers!!), but the book still kept me enthralled.

    Helluva read.

  • praeceptor historicus

    you are all reacting emotionally to Snape. You shouldn’t. Dumbledore was nobodies fool, and was almost omnicient at times. You can bet that he thought of everything. I’ll bet my retirement fund that He had an arangement with Snape about “killing” him and not allowing anyone else to do it. And I’ll also bet that Snape made an Unbreakable promise with Dumbledore regarding all of this years before. And lastly, DD VERY importantly says in the book that Voldemort was foolish to think that no one else knew about splitting the soul. You can BET that DD himself has done the very same thing in order to be “reserected”.

  • Nancy

    So please spoil the plot for me: WHO is the half blood prince? I won’t be able to get to this book myself til probably after the next movie comes out, at the rate I’m going in my private life. & I hate suspense anyway. Thanks

  • Spoiler Below…You Have Been Warned, Muggles!!!

    One word can sum up Harry Potter nad the Half-Blood Prince: WOW. I think that is all I can say. Wow.

    After zipping through the book like a fire through a dry forest ( I read the book in 4 HOURS 50 MINUTES!! New record… For me!)

    J.K. Rowling has seamlessly weaved a story of such intelligence and wonder with an almost stereotypical story fact: Only the main character can kill the bad guy (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars {The old ones}, Guardians of Ga’Hoole, The Pendragon Adventure, Artemis Fowl, etc., etc., etc., etc.).

    We really need more genius storytellers like J.K. Rowling. Cheers for my new love…a story that is scary, fascintaing, unputdownable, a touch funny, and pure amazing…Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!

  • Nancy

    *sigh* I’m sorry, but I can’t find a spoiler of any kind in that. WHO is the half blood prince. Just name a name & don’t play games, please. Thanks. I’m too tired to try hunting for hints at this point.

  • Felicia

    OMG it was awesome. I read it in 4 and a half hours. I was so enthralled by this book. Jk weaves an astounding tale. I am on tenterhooks for the next one to come out.

    I think it is funny how Snape is the “Half-blood Prince”, like Voldemort is.

    I was so sad when Dumbledore died, Snape was an evil son of a gun. I don’t think Snape is workin for the good side or the bad side, but fir himself.

  • Steph

    I am still not decided on if I like the book or not…dunno. But to the person who wants to know who the HBP is………

    Snape. No kidding.

  • Nancy

    Thank you, thank you…you have saved me from a total brain-cell blowout.

    I think there’s more to Snape than meets the eye. I’m probably wrong, but I agree totally w/comment 24: Dumbledore has never been anybody’s fool, and altho older than dirt, he can still think rings around most of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Snape turns out to be a sort of very deep double agent against Voldemort & Co. It’s the sort of intrigue he seems to enjoy & excell at.

  • Nancy

    One ‘l’ in ‘excel’. Sorry. Told you I was worn out.

  • bambi


  • Nancy


    Snape. See #s 28 & 29.

  • Megrims

    I loved the book. I thought your review was spot on, particularly the comparison to The Empire Strikes Back. That’s exactly what I think.

  • Nobody

    Why do people keep asking who the darned half-blood prince is? He’s been mentioned several times in postings throughout the forum. So there.

  • SPOILER****

    i knew dumbledore would have to die, but i never saw snape actually doing the deed himself. Once the HBP was established as a potionsmaker i had thought of snape and slughorn both, but for some reason i thought them both to be purebloods so i dismissed the fact. I liked the mentioning of the open warfare against voldemort, however i still feel that we really don’t have a very clear idea how the course of the war is going. In the beginning remember Fudge telling the Prime Minister about the dementors’ breeding and the giant damage, but throughout the rest of the book giants or dementors posed no threat (although i loved the threat of the new werewolf villain). I was suprised in myself to find that i was almost as sad about the ending of harry’s romance with ginny as i was about dumbledore’s death, but i think Rowling has us where she wants us…. expecting the 7th and final book.

    P.S. Dumbledore wouldn’t split his soul that requires murder, he is gone for good.

  • o and by the way…you heard it here first….Wormtail will save Harry’s life in the next one.

  • me

    SPOILER ** * **

    SPOILER ** * **

    SPOILER ** * **

    SPOILER ** * **

    SPOILER ** * **

    so harry wont be going back to hogwarts next year…and neither will ron and hermione. i wonder if harry and ginny will get back together in the end. wow i so hope he kills snape and voldemort next book. if he doesnt itll be sooo AWFUL

  • Thank god, now I don’t have to read the book.


  • me

    oh god itll be like another 3 years before the next book. this is AWFUL! i neeeeeed the next book!!

  • Plus, I hear the next book is going to be 30,000 pages long.


  • Yup, so nice of folks to put spoilers in the first clause of the first sentence of their comment, so it will show up on every Blogcritics page.

    That way those of us who haven’t read the books yet don’t even have to visit the Harry Potter topics at all to have every conceivable suprise ruined for us.

  • Naruku

    I have’t read the book, but how could Snape do that???????????Dumbledore sooooo rocked, for an old as rocks themselves guy.

  • Spoilers – that’s why everyone wants to get the book at midnight and hole up away from the world until they’ve finished it…

    Keeping away from spoilers if you haven’t read HP6 yet would really only require staying off the ‘Net.

    And we can no more do that than the jerks who just gotta tell the kickers could hold their tongues.

  • nobody

    Woe is you.

  • Just wait’ll I finish my incantation, “nobody” (if that’s even your real name). Your Internet anonymity will not protect you from reaping the whirlwind you have sown with your spoileraceous mockery.

    Once I finish researching the appropriate spell of vengeance, it’ll be you who is the one… er… woeing.

    About a great many things.

  • Craig

    Spoiler and speculation about book 7

    This was a very quick read for me, and it was reminiscent of part 2 of a trilogy (part one being OOTP). To tell the truth, Snape being the Half-Blood Prince, and Dumbledore dying by his hand really wasn’t all that surprising to me.

    As for book 7, I can see that being an epic similar to The Return of the King… we have three groups now, going off to do their thing : 1) Harry, Ron and Hermione, searching for the Horcruoix ala Frodo, 2) The Order of the Phoenix as Aragorns army, and 3) The rest of the DA (perhaps lead by Neivelle and Luna)… I’d hate to think that they basically become fodder. On the other side we have the Dark Forces united under Voldemort, and the Grey forces associated with the Ministry of Magic. Seems to me that they’ll have to plow through the grey to get to the black.

    It seems to me that Dumbledore doesn’t seem to be the type to make himself a ghost — those his picture in the administrator’s office might have some choice words for Harry. Harry may also get Dumbledore’s Pensieve, and may be able to have conversations with him via that means as well. But I don’t think he’ll ‘come back’.

    I predict that Snape and Dumbledore will have had an arrangement about his death, and that he is still working for ‘Dumbledore’ (his cause, at least)… perhaps Dumbledore knew he was dying, and made such an arrangement with him. And I think Wormtail will also turn against the Dark Lord. I think the real conflict here will be Malfoy… will he renounce the Dark Lord, or stay by him? Either one could happen.

    And, while the story probably will revolve around the trio’s ultimate battle with Voldemort, I could also see the situation whre Harry rallies the wizarding world to battle against the death eaters:

    “Don’t you see? He cannot know love and thus despises it. And it’s only a matter of time before he decides to take vengeance on anyone who ever dared to love a parent, a spouse or a child. He is insane, and can only exist in a world filled with himself.”

  • hi


    I loved this book!! Even though I sobbed throughout the last 100 pages of it…

  • sHayEM101

    PLOT SPOILER…(kind of)

    If Dumbledore dies who is gonna be the new headmaster of Hogsward?… And even if it is professor McGonagald, dont you all think that she is kinda getting (old)? I was pretty awed about Snape being the HBP. I think in the next book J.K. Rowling should let Snape escape so she can write a eight book about how Harry has to risk his own life to kill Snape.

  • Mubaki

    I take it I’m definitely one of the few who less-than-hates snape?


    the only thing we know for sure about snape is that he is a very good occlumens, and possibly an even better actor.
    I have formulated several theories on snape’s murdering that would fool the outer eye (trelawney tribute heh):
    1. it wasn’t really snape at all, but narcissa who killed dumbledore. remember that draco had stocks of polyjuice on hand. hermione and luna didn’t follow snape after he ran out of his office, they don’t know for sure where he went. also, the snape advancing on dumbledore was described to have an expression of pure hatred. what has dumbledore ever done to snape to deserve this? and lastly, “snape” shielded draco as they were leaving hogwarts grounds.
    2. snape was forced magically to act the way he did because of his unbreakable vow to narcissa.
    3. imperius curse

    I also like another explanation above about dumbledore having his own horcruxes, but remember that you have to split your own soul by doing evil to manage it. whatever came from dumbledore’s death, I think one thing we can be certain of is that there’s a lot more to it than harry is currently seeing.

  • sHayEM101

    Oh yeah… “craig”, dude you gotta stop lieing. Everybody knows that you, like the rest of us you were freaking out when you read that Snape killed Dumbledore.(bad job)

    But I did like your theory about book seven and how you used the lord of the rings to go along with your theory.(good job)

  • Mubaki

    hey does anyone know of any major/really good harry potter forums?

  • Nobody

    I believe you’re kinda on one.

  • Mubaki

    well I mean like, where there are forums and different rooms for different topics and stuff. I started posting here cause all the other ones are shut down for the weekend or whatever until people can finish their books.

  • Nobody

    Has anybody noticed that comments are subtly changing from **PLOT SPOILERS* to people saying “I love this book!” as more and more readers finish ye olde sixthe booke?

  • luna

    Somebody post another thingydoodlebobber or i’ll hex you.

  • nobody

    I noticed that too. We all must bravely wait for multi-topic forums.

  • Mubaki


    well, once I got over the shock of dumbledore, the next thing I wanted to do was complain about harry and ginny. heh sorry. I’m not sure why but I suspect that I never stopped seeing her as a child, anyways this has always been the pair that I was least supportive of. I was hoping for harry/luna, to tell the truth. but I suppose she is a bit too much to handle sometimes.
    but yeah, as far as HBP romance goes, I liked the adult couples very much: remus and tonks (two of my favorite characters YAY) and bill and fleur. I was so scared fleur was going to leave bill in the end, but I laughed out loud when she said “I think I am good looking enough for both of us!”
    p.s. cho is still my favorite character, and I guess she’s out of the story now 🙁

  • chewy


    I was stunned that Snape killed Dumbledore. I do not think that he was acting under the Imperius Curse, nor was he a Polyjuiced person (he would have wards on his study that a Polyjuicer might not know). IF Snape is acting on the side of the “good” then, why did he have such a plain look of hatred on his face when he killed Dumbledore?

    Also, in order to cast a working Unforgivable you have to MEAN it. Obviously Snape meant to kill Dumbledore.

    I agree that Snape’s reason for gaining D’s (that’s my abbrev for Dumbledore now) trust is pretty skeptical and really, really weak. However, trusting people too much might have been D’s weakness, like Voldemort’s weakness was underestimating love.

    At first read, I was really rooting for D to not be dead, b/c we never really saw his body underneath the velvet funeral cloak and D told Malfoy that he could fake his death and hide him. However, after seeing D’s portrait in the Headmaster office, I think that would be highly unlikely.

    All in all, I’m upset at being lulled into a false sense of security with Snape. I actually wanted him to be “good.” Overall, though I’m really stunned that he is indeed not.

    Yet, we still have one more book to go… so who knows.

  • laina

    I wonder who is Harry’s love interest. Could you guys spill the beans once more?

  • Linda

    That is right…wormtail owes Harry for showing him mercy and not letting Lupin and Sirius kill him, forgot that.

    I cried my eyeballs out when Dumbledore died, Malfoy has alway been such a weenie…no surprise he didn’t have the guts…

    Dumbledore was very anxious to get to Snape I think because it is part of his plan. Just like Voldemort has followers who don’t know everyting…so does Dumbldore…he is just too smart.

  • laina

    Ok, I got who is his love interes…

    If Snape was protecting Malfoy maybe Malfoy senior saved Snapes life and he is in debt!

    But didnt DD save him first? bliney…

  • arnab

    holy crap that was an awesome book i couldnt put it down. but i think harry will return to hogwarts despite wat he said, not sure y though. u noe how dumbledore dies he might have a horcrux coz he killed grimwald or wat eva..

  • a

    I have a problem with inacurate spoilers…. SNAPE IS NOT THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. He claims to be, but unless the ghostwriter who wrote this messed up, it is revealed that it is snapes MOTHER (maiden name of prince) that is the half blood prince…. anyone who think j.k is a good writer after this book, well i pity you.

  • NAGL

    HPatHBP rox my soxs!!!!

  • Wilderness

    Snape IS the Half-Blood prince. I know there is a lot to be said for reading quickly, but make sure you read it accurately too!

    I have to say I am on the side of Snape:not guilty. However, I doubt he was acting under an imperius curse. Harry managed to rebuff these in his fourth year. Snape is an incredibly powerful wizard who would know exactly what one felt like, and would no doubt be able to shield himself from one. I agree that Dumbledore’s pleading was not to beg Snape not to kill him, but to kill him before anyone else did. I also agree that the reasons given for Dumbledore trusting Snape were very weak, and not up to scrutiny.

    One thought: as Snape came out of the building, he realised that Dumbledore was going to die anyway (if, not necessarily by his hand). He therefore killed him, bringing himself closer to Voldemort, learning more plans for the Order (if they believe him). If he had not done it, he would have comprimised his situation as a spy.

    One more: what use do pictures have? They seem fairly intelligent to me, and it has often be said that Dumbledore discussed matters with the potraits of the old headteachers. What is there to stop Harry (or anybody else) talking to Dumbledore’s portrait for help or information etc etc.?

  • Sara

    to a. comment number 64.


    You obviously haven’t read the book. At the very end when Snape and Malfoy are running away and Harry is trying to stop them, Snape tells Harry the he is the Half-Blood Prince. Hermione clarified it by telling us that Snapes’ mthers’ maiden name was Prince and that his father was a muggle. You should try reading the book before you post about stuff that’s not true.

    I don’t believe Dumbledore made a Horcrux. When he was explaining to Harry about them, he said something about them being evil and committing horrible crimes or something like that…well, something along those lines. Dumbledore would never kill a person…or persons for the hell of it like Voldemort. I think in a few reviews people stated that because Dumbledore killed Grindlwald,(give me a break…i’m a horrible speller…dunno how to spell it) he would automatically have a Horcrux. That can’t be true because Voldemort has only seven and I’m pretty sure he has murdered more than seven people in his lifetime. hmm. I know there was more I was going to say but i just blanked. blah. I stayed up really late finishing it and now it’s waaay past by bedtime.

    Hope this was helpful to someone.

  • Sara


    I’ve just rememberd what i forgot. When Dumbledore and Harry were looking at the memory the Harry had to recieve from Slughorn, they lern about the Hrocrux’s/ Slughorn also stated towards the end that in order to make one, you need a spell. Dumbledore most likely didn’t know the spell because it seems like not even he knew what a Horcrux was before watching the memory.

  • Megan


    Could Dumbledore have known that Snape made that Vow? Dumbledore has repeatedly proven that he truly loves his students and he has never seemed the type to beg or plead for his life. Yet in the scene in which Snape appears, Dumbledore appears to be “pleading” before he’s hit with the Avada Kedavra. Perhaps he was really pleading with Snape *to* kill him rather than expose Draco as “weak” and sentence him to death at Voldemorts hand? Just a theory, although it may be my stupid optimism coming into play. 🙂 Any ideas?

  • Steve


    It’s possible that destroying someone elses horcrux enables Dumbledore to create his own. In those last chapters he doesn’t seem 100% (and don’t forget the withered right arm). Snape is undoubtedly a goody; he had to kill Dumbledore because he was tied in with an unbreakable vow which had aided his position with the death eaters. Dumbledore was concerned about Malfoy and had not Snape done the deed it was possible Malfoy might still have, and as a result been lost to the dark side.
    There’s something sus about that locket. Who else could have got to it. Perhaps a switch by Dumbledore?
    Still JKR’s at the helm and she can move the goal posts how she likes in seven!

  • Scott

    Hmmm HBP was a great book no doubt but 4 is still my fav.


    Is it me or is harry still completely useless at duelling? Coz when he fought snape he got whooped. And on a different thread, if snape can block spells why cant voldy.
    Still very happy harry’s goin voldy hunting….. had to happen eventually.
    And about DD dying it was something that had to happen………. the mentor passing on to show that the succesor is ready.

  • steve

    By the way; like comment 66, especially about pictures. That’s the trouble with magic, oh what a tangled web!

  • jann

    Who is REB?

  • Geoffrey


    Okay, just as a theory…

    Isn’t it possible, given all of the emphasis put on non-verbal communication and spells in this novel, just before Dumbledore’s death and the entire time Snape was on the roof that he and Dumbledore were indeed conversing using ligilimency? Being so talented they wouldn’t really need anything more…you don’t really need your wand to use ligilimency I don’t think. It’s a brain thang. Or perhaps not and it was all planned. Or perhaps not and nothing was planned and Snape’s a jerk-off. This however seems like such an unlikely and frankly unintellegent move on Rowling’s part that I’d rather believe one of the first two theories were true.

  • Scott

    Do you mean R.A.B. ?

  • jann

    Yes RAB! Whoever it is will be big in the next book. They are already on the trail of Voldies soul. I thought only DD had thought of that?

  • Scott

    Whoa thats a good thought…. someone else is already tracking down Voldy maybe whoever it is will team up with the trio to find the remaining horocruxes

  • macgooner

    remember hagrid overhearing dd and snape arguing in the forest. DD was telling snape he had promised to do something that he didn’t want to do.
    DD was telling snape to kill him. He needs snape close to voldemort to help harry in the final battle.

  • Fitzy

    We never did hear what happened to DD’s hand remember he said “It is a thrilling tale and i wish to do it justice” all we ever found out was that it was something to do with the sytheryn artifact (the ring). I wonder if it was from destroying the soul inside? or was it the protective measures around the ring?

  • Scott

    Macgooner has got a good point…. i might look that up when i read it again

  • mo

    thanks for all the spoilers!cant wait to get the book on thursday!!!

  • Mo

    Concerning RAB: His/Her note twice mentioned the possibility that s/he will be dead soon after taking the Horcux. So it seems unlikely that this person will be around to help Harry. Altho it would make a good surprise.
    I couldn’t figure out why Harry wasn’t more interested in the identity of RAB. Also, if he won’t talk to McGonagall, are there no adults left in whom Harry will confide? In book 7 will it be three 17 year olds against the world?
    After the whole bit about ‘if one student wants to come Hogwarts will be open to that student’ I have a hard time believing Hogwarts will be closed next year however, I think it’s smart to wager that the trio will not be traditional students.
    And about Dumbledore’s portrait. He’ll be around to help out. Maybe Harry could keep a portrait in his pocket. 😀 And why haven’t they had a portrait made of Sirius or Harry’s parents? Then he could ALWAYS talk to them! hmmm complicated… JK has not given a good explanation for this.
    OK, I’m done. 🙂 for now

  • monkeys111

    RAB is regalus black and he was killed by voldy for deserting shortly after he destroyed the horcrux


  • Mo

    mmmmm interesting theory!

  • Becki

    WOW!!!dis woz da best book ive ever read!!!i read it in 16hrs which is a new personal record!!!i cudnt believe it when snape kiled dumbledore!!i nearly fell of my bed!!i cudnt believe dat dumbledore died for nufin! it was so sad when harry actually cried at his funeral! can any of u remember if harry’s eva cried before? i woz cryin all the way through DD’s funeral and when harry and ginny broke up!!i woz really enjoyin da harry and ginny romance. It shudve started sooner and they totaly have to get back together in the next book after voldys been thrashed! ron and hermione totaly have to hook up to in da next book coz they so like eachother! im liking the theory dat regulus black mite b R.A.B, i neva thought of dat. apparently, lily’s past will play a big part in da 7th book and so will lupin. jkr has beein buildin up 2 da 7th book so well and now all the pieces r in place, its time for harry ron and hermione to kick sum death eater butt!!! bring it on!!! cant wait!!!

  • The defeat of Hitler by Dumbledore is the cause for his slaying by Wesley Snipes. Snipes, indebted to Der Fuehrer for allowing him to make Passenger 57, slays Dumbledore in a public pay-toilet at London’s Heathrow Airport. He asks Dumbledore if he plays roulette to which Dumbledore answers “On Occasion.” Snipes replies, “Always bet on black” before decapitating him with his katana of unflinching might. The Japanese steel decapitates the good professor and his head drops to the cold table. His eyes glaze over and Harry Potter, who is the Mulatto Prince, vows vengance on Nino Brown.

  • starlight

    if harry doesn’t go back to hogwarts, i hope that it’s some kind of ploy to squeeze an 8th book out of the series seeing as how the book is supposed to follow harry until he completes his schooling. another thing is that dumbledore said that he’d prefer death over a horcrux, so i doubt he did it. now i was confused because they said they were looking for snape in the last two chapters but shortly after he had done the deed, jk wrote a short paragraph that made it sound as though buckbeak had killed snape

  • Mickey

    Hello kids …looks like I am the only person here never to have read any Harry Potter book….and totally unaffected by all the hype and hoopla 😉

  • nobody

    I feel woeful for you.

  • someone

    listen, i love the theory of rab being reglas black and i didnt think of it but its good. plus there should be more than seven books because she killed dumbledor so thathe could write more. Unless she makes the book more the one year long. Also, i tink there is more to harry and dumbledors relationship, because he cried when harry said he was his man through and through. I also saw the ron-hermione thing from book 1 and the harry-ginny thing from book 2.However, in the 5th bok i though i saw harry and luna mabey, but no. I stayed up all night reading the book, i couldn put it down. i didnt cry when dumbledor died but i almost did. Tonks and lupin i didnt see coming and i thought she was under the imperious curse for the longest time. Dumbledor may have been pleading for snape TO kil him, and tat was made easier for him when he made the unbreakable vow. But u have to really mean it for an unbreakable curse to work. I was alo really creeped out with the inferi. I kept seeing them in my rom, and one umped up and touched me ut it was just my cousin ( whose 5 yrs old) coing to wake me up. It wa dar so i couldnt see and he was weraing white. It really pissed me off wen dumbledor died for nothing, and what happened to grimwauld pkace by the way. Srry, that was all realy jumping around, and i hafta go but ponder wa ive said by.

  • Mubaki

    my first thought upon seeing RAB was rabastan lestrange, but those aren’t even his real initials, I dunno why thought of it. my second thought was regulus black but to me he’s always come across as a sort of idiot I guess; plus remember sirius saying that regulus believed his parents’ pureblood-mania. I don’t know his middle name either so it doesn’t seem very likely for RAB to be regulus black.

    all my likely suspects so far are death eaters for some reason. do you guys think this RAB is a death-eater turned good, or just a good person?

  • sancho panza

    There will be no 8th book because, as we have learned…

    7 is a magical number.

    7 horcruxes.
    7 books.

    ps – i like the reg. black theory.

  • natalie

    I’m really pissed off at snape!! I knew he was going to kill dumbledore though when malfoy couldn’t, because of the unbreakable vow. I still don’t like that dumbledore put so much trust in him. also I was suprised by how powersul snape seemed in the last couple of chapters, for some reason I always considered him to be a lot weaker. I think that its a good idea and all that snape killed dumbledore on his word, but I don’t really think that’s right. I don’t think dd would of left harry at such a crucial time on purpose. I personally think snape left dd because he could tell that dumbledore was getting weaker. all throughout the book it was brought up that dd had a hurt hand and couldnot react and do magic as well anymore. also I’m pretty sure now dd mention that snape first saw his hand or something before he died.also I think that Snape likes power, and I think he switch to the death eaters because he thought that they were going to win the war.

    I also feel real bad for malfoy, eventhough harry hates him. I always thought that malfoy would come to Harry’s side eventually, and the fact that malfoy cracked and was not able to kill dd make me thing that he will more. I always kinda liked malfoy.

    also there is not going to be a 8th book jk said so. i wish there would be. 🙁

    GREAT BOOK, I LOVE IT — guess I’m going to have to read a couple more times though to find out who rab is, I really have no clue and I read the other five at least 7 times.

  • Christine

    Wow that book was great!!

    Also, there is a very good chance that Dumbledore did create a horcruxe. Dumbledore was the head of the Order of the Pheonix and as such he was a part of the previous fight against Voldemort. A person in such a position most likley did end up killing someone even if it was for the greater good.

  • scott

    Ok lets get this straight Dumbledore does not have a horcrux….. When Voldy got hit with a rebounced avada kedavra there was no body left…. simple

  • steph


    regulus black was the very first person i thought of when i saw RAB. it is most likely a death eater becasue the note is adressed to the dark lord and death eaters are the only ones who call him that. and we know regulus panicked about something he was being asked to do and tried to back out. so i think regulus is our best bet. and i think it was really cool that he died so that it would be easier for someone to defeat voldemort once and for all. well i guess we wont know for sure until book 7. and i still cant believe snape killed dumbledore, alhtough i should have expected it from back in the 2nd chapter when he made the unbreakable vow. i guess i wanted to believe that snape would rather die by breaking the vow than kill dumbledore, but then i remembered what phineas nigellus said about slytherins, that they would always choose to save themselves. but i am siding on the theory that dumbledore wanted snape to kill him, because his reason for trusting snape seemed far too weak. again, i guess we’ll just have to wait a few more years…

  • steph

    oh yeah and adding to the comment above, i dont think dumbledore would have created a horcrux, he said himself that he would rather choose death. and about the pictures, i believe JKR answered a question on her website once that concerned portraits of dead people, ill have to look it up again, but i dont think dumbledore will be able to talk with harry about killing voldemort through his picture. good idea though.

  • Nav

    why did DD hve 2 die…i still can’t believe it…like itz DD…hez da greatest wizards of all time…he can’t b dead itz not possible…god…im so mad at jk first she killz of sirius now DD…who next? nd stupid snape…didn’t like him from da beginin…he shod die dat stupid aaaahhh….i refuse 2 believe dat DD dead like com on hez DD like he can’t die…he jus can’t :'(

  • Fitzy

    Something that really makes me laugh is the fact that Trelawney is an alcholic now

  • nav

    MORE SPOILERS***********


    First of all:

    Rest In Peace Albus Dumbledore.

    We loved you.

    Snape kills Dumbledore but he had to do it. Dumbledore knew he made the unbreakable vow, and valued Snapes life above his own.

    “Please…Severus” Dumbledore was not pleading for his life but for Snape to gather the courage to do it. Then Snape explodes when Harry calls him a coward. He was not being a coward. Harry didn’t get it.

    Why? Because Snape, by killing Dumbledore, becomes Voldy’s closest ally and most trusted DE. Which makes him Harry’s greatest weapon to find and destroy Voldemort.

    This book was all about showing us how great a wizard Snape really is, and boy, the guy is a great wizard. I think we have only seen the beginning of what Snape can do.

    A dark but great book. Maybe my favorite (GOF was my previous favorite).

    The last book will be a doozy and I can see it being a very long one, longer than OOTP.

    I was happy that Rowling gave Dumbledore a proper sendoff. And no, I don’t think he will come back. Why?

    “To the well organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

    It’s too bad he had to go, so much knowledge left with him.

  • nav

    Oh, and something else I have a theory on – Snape must also have made an unbreakable vow with Dumbledore, whether it was to obey him always, or to help Harry. Something along those lines.

    I love that JK explained Voldemort’s upbringing and how he is “immortal” and what now needs to be done.

    It sets the stage for the last book.

    I hate to say it, because Dumbledore was my favorite, but he had to go. The story has to get darker before the hero pulls it out at the end, and this had to happen.

    I was also impressed that there was no stupidity in this book. Harry was mature and made mature decisions in this book, and so did most of his colleagues. With this book, JK has finally stopped pandering to all the kiddies that should be reading about “Babar” or “Arthur” instead.

    Wow. What a great book. Just enough to leave me salivating for the final chapter. Man, the wait is already excruciating.

  • greg

    i gess it was a good book but the only problem i see is for the next book. harry couldnt even inflict damage on SNAPE!! i noe snape is powerful but voldemort is much more powerful so i dont see harry beating voldy. JKR shuldve made harry stronger coz he cant get THAT much stronger in order to kill voldy. i noe this isnt relative but hey…

    i dont think snape killed dumbly on dumbly orders!!i mean cmon it was obvious from the 4th book that he was still in tuch with the DE!! KARKAROF!! if karkaroff trusted snape into to confiding into him then surely…

    personally i think this book isnt that great but it is just… ok.

  • Mo

    Let’s all remember when Hagrid overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing in the woods (pg 405 & 406) Snape said he didn’t want to do it anymore and Dumbledore said that he’d agreed to do it and that was all there was to it.

    Dumbledore knew about Draco’s plot to kill him all year, he also knew about Snape’s Unbreakable Vow. DD spent the entire year preparing Harry to go on alone. He was PREPARING TO DIE!

    I agree that he wasn’t pleading for his life but rather trying to give Snape the courage to kill him. He also wanted to save Draco from performing an Unforgivable Curse and falling forever into the dark side.

    Also, as icing on the cake, The Half Blood Prince (SNAPE) did nothing but HELP Harry ALL YEAR. If it wasn’t for SNAPE then Harry would never have made the potion to win the Felix Felicis potion. Without the Felix Felicis he would never have gotten the memory from Slughorn, and his friends never would have survived the attacks of the Death Eaters. Not to mention that Harry also saved Ron with the Prince’s help.

    JK would never let a bad person help Harry. The sides of good and evil are clearly too drawn.

    questions? Comments? 🙂

  • hbp

    Good book. Much more darker than its predecessors. JK used great dramatic irony by revealing that Snape was not on our side very early in the book. I think the real reason Dumbledore trusted Snape is a lot stronger than the explanation given. Or JK was not up to her usual standards.

  • The Theory

    Hmmm… I think that this book was nowhere near as dark as the past two. The only thing that would be considered dark would be the death at the end– but seriously! One death a dark book does not make. Especially considering we all knew it had to happen. It was surprising, sure… I figured it’d happen in book 7… but still.

    There was no where near the tension in this books as the past two. Indeed it felt like a romp through the good ol’ days of books one through three.

    All of the above isn’t a criticism. I’m just saying…

  • A. Vermeersch

    ummm…….. I remember the initials R.A.B. from another book anyone have and idea what other minor character this may be or is it most likely someone who was minisculey mentioned and she will bring into the book

    besides the the book was beyond greatness

  • This is an official review of Harry Potter and The Half-Breed Prince. Rowling has done it again in spectacular style. Her wiz-bang theatrics combined with her taut prosody make for a roller-coaster ride of spills, thrills, chills, and (gasp!) eco-terrorism. It seems as if our girl Hermoine has grown up. Once a faithful girlfriend to Harry and his schoolchum Mortimer, Hermoine has grown into a girl with right-wing beliefs, a pair of smoking six-guns, and fabulous pumps worthy of Paris Hilton at her most extravagent. I could never have expected that brutal shoot-out scene when Hermoine kicks down the door to a secret meeting of Islamic Extremists and blasts away, giving the terrorists a hot dose of .45 caliber justice. Take that, Osama! After this, she loads up the Colt pistols, boards a plane to Pakistan, and rings in Ramadan in a whole new way. After this, she visits Washington D.C. and encourages the powers that be to eschew that communist Kyoto treaty and she stokes the fires of a coal-burning factory with some old-growth Redwood. Now that’s what I call unilateral action!

  • PnkFeatherZombi

    dumbldore says since voldemort applies for the defence against the dark arts job (2cnd time) hogwarts has never had a DADA teacher for more than one year. im sure quirrel had been there ages.

    really confused. anyone explain for me??

  • Querida

    hmmm..i read it from 11 to 3…excellent read..but why did he have to dump her? i mean..he cant do this alone. he is going to need her to help him. okay he has hermione and ron in the end, but he knows he loves her. i mean if hes willing to break her heart then have her be in danger, but have his best friends be exposed to danger..then something needs to happen.
    its probably not making any sense, but idk. i cant wait for two years…two more years until the end

  • JK Rollin’

    To sum up the most coherent and concise theories and the important developments:

    *Snape is the Half-Blood Prince and his involvement in Dumbledore’s death may or may not reveal him to be good or evil despite it’s severity. Chances are, however, that the act of killing Dumbledore was concious and un-influenced by magic from Death Eaters (other than the Unbreakable Vow made in chapter 2, though technically he could have died rather than fulfil the vow).

    *Dumbledore’s death is the final step in Harry’s preparation to begin his quest to weaken and destroy Voldemort, a step painstakingly planned and nutured by Dumbledore himself with nothing less than heroic sacrifice and selflessness.

    *Wormtail is going to do something very, very important next book.

    *Regulus Black is most likely the person referred to by the initials “RAB”; he was a Death Eater, he was destroyed with surprising expedience even for a traitor hinting at something special about him (knowledge of the Horcruxes perhaps?), and the first and last name match up.

    *Dumbledore is dead, no questions about it, Dumbledore never wished to learn about, create, or use a Horcrux himself under any circumstances. Recurring evidence of Dumbledore stating that he despises the Dark Arts and especially Horcruxes (enough to ban all traces of knowledge of them from his own school) seem to make this pretty clear. Sorry.

    *A lot of people are anxiously anticipating the last book.

  • JK Rollin’

    Oh and is this a plothole? (sorry I might have misread)

    Why werent Kreacher and Dobby following Malfoy the night of Dumbledore’s death?

    The last time Harry sees them and the last time the book mentions them, he orders them to continue following Malfoy…considering how he doesnt order them otherwise (or so it seems)wouldn’t they have been bound to continue watching over Malfoy and thereby have alerted Harry or anyone of the culmination of Malfoy’s misdeeds?

  • binderella71

    Great book
    i think dumbledore and snape have work together on his death so that snape can go back to spy on voldemort and not be called a traitor. i’m not sure how they have done it but i don’t think dumbledore is really dead, they just need voldemort to think he is.????

  • hbpfan

    Yeah…what happened to Kreacher and Dobby keeping an eye on Malfoy????

  • The Theory

    I understood it to be that after they reported back to Harry he learned what he needed to and thus they weren’t needed anymore.

  • hbpfan

    But Harry never told the house elves specifically to stop tailing Malfoy right?

    Sorry…just trying to find ways to have made Dumbledore’s death avoidable.

  • JK Rollin’

    Dumbledore is dead, there’s really no way around it; his death was probably planned by Snape and himself, but ultimately I’m afraid that anyone who denies that Dumbledore is gone(and neccesarily so) is in denial.

  • Steve

    There’s no way to know whether DD is dead or not until the next book is available. JKR can take the plot where she likes. Horcruxes may be too “black” but there’s nothing to stop her devising a “white” equivalent if DD’s presence is needed. Myself, I think he’ll be back because too many questions have been left hanging.

  • Potterfan97814382

    Harry murdered Dumbledore disguised as Snape. This is going to be the BOMBSHELL J.K. is going to drop in the first few chapters of the next book.

  • The Theory

    hah! that would be hilarias. You should write the parody of this book..

  • Querida

    y did dumbledore stop harry from leavin? was he afraid that he would be alone? and how wouldnt he be able to keep a dada teacher if quirrel was there for more than im sure a year?

  • adidasnow20

    ok i think RAB is two peoples initials, as in someone and someone, a being and not a middle name cuz it took two people to get the horcruxes DD and harry. he said one person couldn’t do it well thats what i think

  • Marnie

    Very clever idea–that someone wanted to be killed at the end of the book and therefore the person who killed him was only following his orders. Perhaps Harry wouldn’t have had the passion and determination to be single minded about finishing off Voldemort if this did not happen. He has been told exactly how to do it. (Seven parts) Perhaps that someone who died was already dying anyway-and he has a portrait he can still communicate from to possibly teach Harry more.
    One thing I had hoped to see(but did NOT) in this book was a chance for Harry to express his regret to Snape for his father James’s behavior. Even if Snape doesn’t accept Harry’s remorse for James’s unkindness, it will be a great credit to Harry’s character that he took courage and offered it.

  • Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I think that snape had to kill Dumbledore even though he didnt plan on it. Remember the unbreakable vow with Narrcisa? He probably thought he could talk malfoy out of being a death eater. And then when she added in the part were he had to take up malfoys duty if he doesent finish it well i dont think snape had expected that and he had to say yes or they would know he wasnt loyal to Voldemort. When malfoy didnt kill dumbledore snape then had to kill him ore snape himself wouldave died cause of the vow. I myself would have just died i wouldnt turn on him.

  • spoiler!!!

    The horehux that harry and dumbledore sake out i think dumbledore sat it up. I think that dumbledore sat it up to teach harry how voldemort sets up traps so he can reconize them in the future and was showing him what measures of secrurity voldemort puts on his stuff (inwhich i think isnt that good for a advanced wizard although its pretty sick)
    Also I think he did this whole thing with the locket cause he knew the right track but was afraid that he wouldnt live to tell harry. So he did all this to put harry in and inform him if the worse happened. Also it gave harry more strenght to hurry and find these relics and destroy them quickly. But although of these suspicions of mine i still cant wait to find out who or what rab means! I also want to know what the dursleys are going to say with ron and hermione staying with harry! And what about bill did yall forget bout him what is he going to turn into? And him and fluer marrying? Think of there kids little veela\werewolves they can use there charm to lure kids and then ….. ill stop there. I dont mean to be harse but u know u have to consider what is goin on!

  • bobbster

    It really hurt to read the last three chapters. It sucked that Dumbledore died. I thought he would last at least up until the end of the seventh book. It really sucked that harry had to end his relationship with Ginny. I hope it’s only until harry finally kills voldemort. I thought they made a great couple. I admit that I had heard that harry would find some romance in this book, I just thought it might of been hermione. I didn’t think ginny until harry kept talking about going out with ginny and worried if ron would kill him. it was a great book that even though I thought it would be longer seeing that the books got bigger with every release. that could of answered the question to harry’s relationship with ginny. it will a funny thing to read the seventh even though he won’t be in school.

  • Querida

    for number twenty one..it cant be two people cause the person spoke in a singular pov..he would have made it clear that there were two of them speaking…i cant wait for two more years…number seven will be the best one and i just cant wait..

  • sam

    u guys are real wusses!! hu cries wen a FICTIONAL CHARACTER DIES!!! the book was average… anyways people are stupid to believe that snape and dumbledore planned his death dumbly is great and everything but he dead get over it!! dumbly wuldnt ditch harry just to protect malfoy. and dont give me crap about snape being a spy dumbly wuld be more useful than a spy… plus if snape was a spy for dumbly how is he gonna convince the order without being cursed as soon as they see him??!! use ur brains people… JKR has now made it impossible for harry to kill voldy he IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH… GEEZ

  • claire

    Snape is not evil or a coward I love him!
    Dumbledore pleaded for Snape to kill him, to save Malfoy from Voldemort and to make sure Snape’s cover was not blown.
    The reason Harry gave at the end of the book for D trusting S is obviously rubbish I don’t think it is the real reason, it will all come out in the next book when Harry is discovered to be one of Voldemort’s horcruxes and has to be killed.

  • weasley admirer

    loveee the book best yet apart from some of the plot.

  • librarian

    For those of you worried that Hp is not strong enough to tackle V remember he has not had his 17th birthday yet, when wizards come of age. Who knows what may be revealed then?

  • Samuel Gatling

    It is clear that the butchery of innocents will continue until J.K. Rowling comes out and issues a definitive statement on the Iraq situation. All Americans put 100% faith in the opinions of celebrities regarding Foreign Policy. Unless her next book is going to be entitled “Harry Potter and The Jihadists From Afghanistan,” Rowling owes it to us to condemn terrorism in all forms.

  • binderella71


    dumbledore was too smart for snape to fool him. and besides he must have had a good reason to have him at the school where he had been so close to harry for five years there is much more to this i just don’t think it all adds up( his death i mean) it just seems weird..but i hadn’t thought of the portrait theory that works also ..maybe the order is in on the plan??? and just because some people cried at the end ( myself included and i’m 34)dosn’t mean we are wusess i read the whole book in a day nad a half because i got so involved these books sweep me away to another world and even though this sounds stupid i feel like i know them all,, like the are friends so it’s sad when someone dies (or maybe not????)so please don’t mock us wusess (be kind)LOL 🙂

  • Louis

    I have considered Regulus Black as being R.A.B. for a while, and I think that he probably is. Despite the initials, the Story Sirius tells about him in OotP fits perfectly with the contents of the note. I had thought about Harry being the sixth Horcrux too, although I reall hope that this isn’t the case. As far as Harry and Ginny… wake up Harry! During his last conversation with Dumbledore before setting off for the cave, Dumbledore couldn’t have been more obvious with his ‘love is your secret weapon’ speech. The question is, who’s love? Harr’y love for Ginny? His love for his best friends? Some people even think Snape’s alleged love for Lily Evans. Possibly all of these? Nevertheless, I am of the impression that it will be important for Harry to reunite with Ginny BEFORE defeating Voldemort.

  • SPOILERS*********************

    Sorry – I’m afraid Dumbledore is really dead.

  • SFC Ski

    Too many asterisks.

  • SWH


    Yeah, I definitely believe Snape is still good. Dumbledore called Snape’s name while occlumenting what he wanted Snape to do. Remember he called his name twice so Snape even hesitated. Dumbledore is dead thats for sure. But, Snape and, possibly Draco, will fight on Harry’s side. I just wished they give him a secret weapon. I mean Love is all good and stuff but he’s going to have to kill not write poetry

    Oh yeah RAB is Sirius’s Brother

  • ali

    how on earth could harry be a horcrux?? voldemort has never been near him right after murdering someone. the only exception is after he killed harrys parents and why would he want to turn him into one if he planned to kill him in a few seconds anyway??

  • This book review has been selected for Advance.net. You’ll be able to find this and other Blog Critics reviews at such places as Cleveland.com’s Book Reviews column.

  • Jenny

    Okay I honestly believe that harry is a horcrux. When he was speaking with dumbldore he asked if a living thing could be one, and yes they can. Also i’m not sure if voldemort would have been strong enought but after trying to kill harry, if he realized that this boy would not be killed and would be protected greatly why not hide a horcrux in him that would be protected. remember that he didn’t care that one of his horcrux was distroyed.

    But a flaw in my hypothesis is that the prophecy said, ” . . .and either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives. . .” But in order for voldemort to survive wouldn’t harry have to live?

    Either way at the end of the novel i have to face it that Harry will most likely die. Most great heros in mythology die tragic but heroic, and honerable deaths.

  • Becki

    Yer i agree but it cud still go either way from here. I hope Harry doesn’t die though coz after everyfin he’s been through he deserves a happy long life after this don’t you think??? Anyway, wot did you lots think of the Harry-Ginny relationship coz i personaly thought it was great and they totaly have to get back together in the next book!!!

  • Jenny

    I always hoped that harry and ginny would get together and was very disappointed when harry broke up with her to protect her.

  • Hira Khan

    Well wat can 1 say about harry potter and the half blood prince except wow has jkr has got 1 hell of an imagination!!! hu saw ne of dat cumin not i, i tell u!! iv read alot in to it and i reckon snape was defnetly the the best character coz hes so mysterious!!

  • Armand Courouleau

    An emotional read. A reality that no matter how much courage, honor, and integrity stands up to EVIL, we are all vunerable to it. Even as Evil demands respect through oppression and fear, there is still bravory that will fight it wherever it trys to hide.

    I am still trying to delve into the thoughts of Dumbledorf and Snape. Something just does not fell right about what transpired at the end of this novel.

  • katie

    Everyone is trying to figure out who the character RAB is. Everyone also seems to keep suggesting Regulus Black, however, it has been stated time and time again that he is dead. The person that I believe RAB is was killed at the very beginning of the book, as the note inside the fake horcrux said said the person would be soon after it was found. I think RAB could possibly Amelia Bones. Does she have a name before amelia? I think it seems a likely thing for JK Rowling to do… anyone agree?

  • I personaly hope the r4elationship between harry and ginney turns out like peter parker and mj in spiderman.

  • I think that also there might be 6 horcuxs instead of 7 cause he might have been saving the last one for the murder of harry but as u can see his plans were kind of messed up lol!

  • Snapes sucks


  • KD

    I definately agree with Mo (comment #103) and Nav (comment #100) that Dumbledore had ordered Snape to kill him (sacrifice, really).
    Remember how good an Occlumens Snape is, and how he told Harry in OotP that he can hide the memories that contradict things he’s telling Voldemort? I would bet Dumbledore is a greater Legilimens that even Voldemort (seeing as how Dumbledore continually pointed out numerous holes in Voldemorts plots and thinkings), and however good both Vold. and DD are at telling if someone’s lying to them, DD would be better.
    So… Snape is still a double agent for both sides, but DD is aware of all his work for the other side. I doubt DD would be hoodwinked by Severus Snape! C’mon, there’s got to be concrete reasons why DD trusts him so deeply that Rowling has not yet revealed.

  • christopher

    fucking hell u guys are nerds!! give it a freakin rest u fucking sluts

  • David

    Couple points. First, I always thought RAB was one of two people: Amelia Bones, or “Mr. Borgin” whose first name is never given (and would be familiar with the locket and w/Tom Riddle).

    Second, Dumbledore and Snape worked together. Dumbledore makes Snape Professor of DADA — why? B/c if he still tought potions, Harry can’t get into the class (Snape requires an Outstanding on the O.W.L. for 6th year potions), Potter doesn’t get Snape’s old potions book, etc. It’s all part of a master plan.

    Third, some people mention that Dumbledore is dead and now can talk to Harry from his portrait. The more important thing is, former headmasters can move between their own portraits in different places. Dumbledore must have a million portraits. This would give him access and knowledge that is completely invaluable. Dumbledore knew this.

  • Sara

    I just finished reading the book about 15 minutes ago…I am STILL crying. I freaking hate you Snape! I never liked you…but now I REALLY loathe you. Oh Dumbledore…you trusted so much. I cried through pretty much the last 3 chapters of the book, it was rather difficult to see the pages through all of my tears….And I SO hoped that Sirius would come back…I dunno, maybe some crazy twist where he didnt die, just fell into another dimension or something? But NOOOOOO J. K. Rowling feels the need to kill off someone ELSE that I love. ::so stressed::

  • siobhan

    I can’t believe anyone would even suggest that JKR has any political message within the Harry Potter series, much less the War against Terror. I am confident that she would be appalled at that suggestion. She is sending a message about lots of human conflicts, none in particular. This type of thing HAS happened before – World War II…anyone?

    I absolutely loved the book btw. I thought it was a work of pure genius.

  • Sanuel Gatling

    Rowling’s manifesto is indisputably about the terrorist strife at home and abroad. Everyone in this tale is a symbol for something else. Dumbledore stood for the concept of justice and freedom. Now that he has been murdered by the Islamic Abdul-al Snape who is a Pakistani Mullah, the world is in disarray. It is up to Harry and his common-law wife Hermoine to stop Snape, go find Osama, and bring this madness to an end. I look foward to book 7, “Harry Potter and The Whores from Kabul.”

  • Jim

    My guess: Snape, while once a protege of Dumbledore’s, is now a real peer. In fact, I’d say Snape is the more powerful of the two (not just because he killed him).

    The two are running the Order of the Phoenix, and Snape must now focus his energies on finding the remaining Horcruxes. There is NO WAY that bumbling goofball Harry is going to find them, let alone have the talent to destroy them (hmm, Dumbledore destroys the ring – losing use of an arm and needing Snape’s help – Harry would be dead if he tried).

    Harry may have to kill Voldemort, but Snape is the one pulling together all the strings. Snape, with his Occlumens and as a *powerful* double-agent, is much more crucial to the end-game than Dumbledore. Both Snape and Dumbledore both realized this at Dumbledore’s end – Snape’s Unbreakable Vow simply served double-duty as a plot device to sympathize with Harry’s hatred of the most brilliant wizard ever (jeez Harry, go study for once).

  • Sara

    well some people asked for it…and I think you probably found it somewhere already but just incase…

    the SPOILER on who is the Half Blood Prince…

    Snape is the Half Blood Prince. So there is just for the people who left comments asking incase you havent found it yet.

  • Sara

    oh..and here is just a theory…but RAB…is there any chance that perhaps it could be Sirius’ younger brother Regulus Black? I dont know if we ever got his middle name..but it could be an A…I mean he was a death eater…and he did want out…so there is a slight possiblity it could be him!

  • Becki

    ok, ive got a theory but im not sure what you guys will think…………… what if Dumbledore was a Horcrux??? and he wanted to be killed but not before he had shown Harry how to defeat Voldemort?? Dumbledore did say that living things could be Horcruxes. It was just an idea so please dont go biting my head off if you think its a crap idea!!!

  • Jim

    Yes, yes. Dumbledore is a Horcrux, but a Horcrux for Snape, who is a master of the Dark Arts. The Dumbledore Horcrux trusts Snape implicitly because they share the same soul, and thus the hesitation on both ends when the Dumbledore Horcrux is destroyed.

    I like it. Snape is so powerful he has to break into two awesome wizards. He’s the man.

  • G.Oren

    On R.A.B. – I agree with the post in 144 and some others – Amelia Bones strangely disappeared at the start of the book – perhaps Lord V reclaiming his Horcrux. Or a masquerade.
    On Snape – really a stumper. Is he the obvious Judas betrayer or was there some understanding between DD and Snape – remember the argument reported by Hagrid. Perhaps DD, knowing of the Death Eater plan from Snape and knowing of his own imminent demise from his injury is pressing a reluctant Snape to play his part in the theatrical saving of Draco’s soul and the ultimate bamboozling of Lord V. Certainly DD goes to great pains to make sure that HP is both concealed from the view of others and unable to respond until DD’s death in the tower showdown. Snape does not attack any of the good guys in his escape. Snape does not attack HP and indeed seems to be trying to improve HP’s dueling technique before his escape. He is, above all, angered by HP calling him a coward, whereas Snape has probably run more risks for the OP than any other member, but to continue to be useful he cannot reveal himself in open conflict with the Death Eaters. Snape, the accomplished legilimens and occlumens has been an enigma since the first book, his disdain saved for HP’s “arrogance and laziness”.
    On the other hand, Snape’s occlumency lessons in OP seemed tailor-made to increase HP’s exposure to Lord V’s suggestions and not to help HP resist. The problem for the double-agent, if he has not turned against the OP, is how to reapproach the good guys – someone else must know of the true nature of the goings on with DD or Snape will ultimately have to convince someone else in order to spring any kind of trap on Lord V.
    If Snape has truly turned to the dark side, then he has become nothing but a boring twit still nursing an adolescent hatred – then HP’s dispatching him in book 7 will be a nice warmup for the finishing off of Lord V.

  • binderella71

    with regards to post 149 christopher ..there is no need to speak to people that way or use lanuage like that if you don’t like what your reading leave the site and don’t read the posts this is a great site for people who love the books to throw their ideas and theory’s around not to have a foul mouth person like you put them down

    post 153 sanuel gatling…. this is not a political forum so please don’t throw your own political beliefs on to others ..this site is about a fantasy book that many people love and not some master plan of terroists what the hell are you on about harry and his common law wife hermione… mate get a grip or get out of the forum… are you sure your not related to luna lovegood fair dinkum you are a tosser IT’S A BOOK for godsake can anyone tell me where there is another posting site dedicated to the book where one dosn’t have to put up with lunatics like these two????

  • steve

    Good post #159. If the end of HBP is just as it appears with no hidden twist revealed in the next book JKR must be slipping. Think of all the loose ends that haven’t been tidied up.
    Snape virtually has to be a goody otherwise what’s the point of half the book; so Harry can say “told you so” at the end? As for whether DD’s dead or not, could go either way. Better if he’s not as he’ll leave a big hole in the plot. Sirius wasn’t too bad, he’d never really become a central figure but DD has been there from the start

  • Vern Halen

    Wow – lots of comments here, and I didn’t have time to read them all. Did anyone mention that Dumbledore’s pet was a phoenix? Maybe that’s a clue that somehow Dumbledore himself will come back refreshed from his own death. And Snape knew this, making it necessary to kill him.

  • dan

    Ok, here is the way it is. Snape is good. We all know Dumbledore is smarter than Voldemort, so Snape probably had some sort of arrangement with Dumbledore to kill him. And Dumbledore WANTED Harry to see him killed…otherwise why would he have used his last strength to freeze Harry in place? Dumbledore wants everybody to THINK Snape is bad, just like you all are! The other Horcrux???? It’s HARRY!!!!! Voldemore wasn’t trying to kill Harry, he was trying to use him as a Horcrux. This way, Harry has to die in order for Voldemort to die. It’s a very logical conclusion….

  • I wish you all could have heard the blood curdling scream that came from my kid last week when I told him what happens to between Snape and Dumbledorf according to what it said on RMS’s site.

    He seems to hate me now for some reason. I mean, even more than usual. Should I feel bad?

  • dumbleluver

    hey what if voldemort put the letter in the locket to keep anyone from destroying it, thinking it was a fake? i mean, the guy DOES plan ahead, so whats not to say that he thought of a way to keep the person who might find it from blowing it up….just a thought…think about it…

  • Brian

    What an evil dude that Snape is. To be honest, I expected Dumbledore to die in book 5.

    Here’s a crazy thought, what was more important to dumbledore. To live and continue the fight against Voldemort. Or prearrange snape to kill him so that snape can now be voldemorts most trusted and closest advisor.

    I know this is far fetched but I can’t help bbut wonder if there is more here than meets the eye.

  • dude

    Awww…This book is so sad but I would’ve been happier if Voldemort had killed Dumbledore though. In this book I kind of felt sorry for Malfoy…It was really weird to when Hermione was acting really dumb in borgin and burkes but I can let these things go because Rowlings HBP was great

  • Da Mom

    Remember, Old Voldy is close to nobody. He can’t have a trusted advisor, as he trusts no one. Snape did as he was told, by Dumbledore. He didn’t want to do it, but he had to for the entire wizarding world (even the dark wizards)to know he was dead. Now, nobody will be looking for him, giving a false sense of security. He must have a reason to trust Snape. I really think it is all part of a plan.Just wait…Harry must to the next step without Dumbledores help. Just read it, carefully.

  • Julia

    Dumbledore drank the horcrux! Remember at the black lake? Dumbledore forced Harry to make sure that DD drank every drop of the green liquid. DD then begged for Snape to come to his office and begged Snape to kill him. It was all planned. DD made sure that HP was unable to rescue DD. Vordy’s horcrux was inside DD’s body. I am convinced
    DD has his own horcrux. I believe that DD killed the large spider (Aragog?) in the Forbidden forest in order to split his own soul for his horcrux. Your thoughts?

  • scott

    I just really think that if DD was ever going to come back why would JKR write the funeral?? A fitting end to a character

  • siobhan

    post # 169 is the most sensible of all. It makes complete sense.

  • Becki

    Nah, i agree with post 170. The funeral seamed to make DD’s death official and sorry people but he aint comin back.

  • alex

    if the 6th is as dark, imagine the 7th! really i was at a loss for words for about half an hour after having finnished the book. Well, from what we get:

    —- SPOILER —–

    in the 7th: draco will be nice,
    a wedding (duh)
    snape dead (lets hope)
    voldemort dead (?) — JKR should make one book for every horcrux
    ginny, neville, luna will help harry against the strugle against the evil lord

  • alex

    cant he use the portrait for help either?

  • PlotSpoiler

    In Book 7, “Harry Potter and The Rapist From Alpha Centauri,” Harry and Hermoine (Potter’s lover and confidant) defeat a team of rapists from beyond the stars. Those who attempt to penetrate Hogwarts with their insidious behaviour will pay with their heads and Harry will make millions atone in blood.

  • coop

    Okay okay. I can’t resist putting in my two cents… There have been some great theories here with a few nasty comments from some warped people but on the whole pretty cool.

    A. Absolutely I think that Snape is on the good guys side. He has always received the raw end of the deal and it will come out in the end that he was always working for the good side. Besides, he’s got the following going for him: Dumbledore, the Order of the Pheonix, the argument in the forest, teaching Harry at the very end and finally pulling someone off of Harry that was giving him the Crucius curse. He hates being called coward because he is the least coward of anyone.

    B. I also believe that Wormtongue will play a crucial role in the next book as well as a cool fight between Lupin and Greyback.

    C. The RAB theory about being Sirius’ brother seems to be the best theory to me.

    D. I too don’t see Harry to be a wizard capable of defeating Voldemort. He usually escapes from dumb luck. He couldn’t even remember that Dumbledore had told him that fire repels the Inferius when they were in the cave. He will either have to get really smart quickly or have LOTS of help and Felix potion.

    E. I immediately thought Harry might be carrying a Horcrux when he found out about them but now feel that would be a bit too messy for this story. Harry has to win in the end. “The boy who lived…”

    F. Something I haven’t seen here and hope to hear some feedback on… Why was Mundungus even mentioned? I think that he has one or two of the horcruxes or maybe sold them as junk.. He did steal stuff from the black place and was caught by Harry and Ron with a goblet (although it supposedly had the Black insignia on it rather than Hufflepuff and was described as being golden too). Just a thought.

    Pretty good book but not my favorite of the series so far. I think that was #4.

  • coop

    SPOILER****G. Uhhh.. One more. I think Snape will sacrifice his life for Harry at some point in the next book. That’s all.

  • bob

    Massive spoiler below

    u fools!!!!!!!!!!!

    do u really think that snape just killed dumbledore for no reason?

    Dumbledore has never been afraid of death and he even says so, this a part of the plot waiting to be completed in the seventh edition

  • bob

    it’s me again,with another plot spoiler so turn away if u dont wanna c

    wha do u think RAB is? On another site some people suggested it was Regulus black. Because the note writer was a death eater because he called him the dark lord, which only death eaters do! Also regulus black would fit the initials, as his uncle was called alfred so his full name could be Regulus Alfred Black… RAB! Also because in the fifth book sirius says voldermort had regulus killed , that could be why

  • gh


    dont read the first sentence on pg 596

  • gh

    youll be happy you didn’t

  • Kathy Bates

    If JKR’s car slid off an icy mountain road I’d save her life….but I still might be tempted to break her ankles!

  • binderella71

    post 169 JULIA …… very interesting i think you may have hit the nail on the head with your theory.. DD is the greatest wizard ever and he would have forseen what Voldy had planned. if the horcrux is what DD drank it makes sense that he wanted to be killed one less for harry to destroy he also would have known that harry would never have killed him. i really think snape was working for the good side and that he and DD had it all worked out.

    also jk would have had to write the funeral in how could she not .. for DD’S plan to work everyone HAD to belive he is dead .I think DD may have a white horcrux a good one as someone else has already mentioned … i hope we don’t have to wait two years until the next book

  • I hope Rowling changes her mind about the length of the series. Seven books will not be enough.

    Stick a “Hogwart’s: A History” in between, or the further adventures after. Let’s watch Harry juggle a family and the Dark Arts job.

    I liked book six, most assuredly a part one.

    Funny thing, I am not convinced that Dumbledore is dead, or at least dead dead.

    What if Dumbledore felt he could sacrice himself for a greater end; In an another form Helping Harry Whack Voldemort.

    Is it the Obi-won move, with a hint of the White Rider. (Mithrandir)

    I think that Dumbledore has had all this planned. What Snape did was to aide Albus.

    Snape’s actions can be explained in one way or another. And I think in the end he will be cleared and shown to be an aide to Dumbledore in this.

  • One more thing…

    I wonder how important the things that Mundungus stole from Number Twelve Grimmauld Place really were?

    If it was Regulus who took the Horcrux what better place to hide it than #12? He would know quite well the protections the house already had.

  • crzyimmortal

    Spoiler below, thought i think if you got this far you already know whats happened.

    The problem with Dumbledore splitting his soul, well al least to me is that you have to murder someone. Granted, Dumbledore has probably murdered some people before like Death Eaters and such, but what I thought was that it was like what Lestrange said to Harry in the 5th. To proform and unforgivable curse, you need to mean to cause harm and to perform a Horcrux, you probably have to enjoy or want to murder.Dumbledore has done it in self-defense and that may not neccesairly split the soul. Only enjoying and releshing a murder would cause your soul to splitt. At least thats my interpretation of it. I think Dumbledore is gone forever. Tradegy.

  • Took five hours, a wee bit longer than expected, but fighting through uncontrollable sobbing during the last 100 pages slowed me down a bit. Closed the book and exclaimed, “Oh my god” to an empty room. It’s been about 20 minutes, and still… oh my god. It’s going to take me a bit to come down, and then, I will sleep. Then my weekend project begins: Starting again from Sorceror’s Stone onward. Cheers to JKR: Book Six is bloody excellent (or rather, bloody *and* excellent).

    What a read: I am among those who couldn’t put the damn thing down. While indeed JKR’s prose could use more editing, Book Six was much more tightly written than her previous installments. And HP is growing up and learning about the consequences of his actions. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m just wild about Harry. But given his past pettiness, his willingness to cheat from time to time (though NEVER in Quidditch), his pigheadedness, and his lack of focus, I have had my doubts throughout that he would be up to the Herculean tasks that lay before him. Those doubts are gone; HP is ready to take on Voldemort — and to become a man. Can not WAIT for Book Seven…

    Theories (spoilers included):

    Not only is Dumbledore dead, he’s really most sincerely dead. My heart shattered after Sirius was killed; DD’s murder was just unbearable. Hard as it is to believe, Snape, nasty old git that he is, really is fighting for good — he just did what he had to do, what he promised Dumbledore he would do. (Snape being the Half-Blood Prince was easy to figure out — too easy, perhaps.) RAB may be Regulus; hadn’t thought about that, but it makes sense, and if that is true, the real locket Horcrux has to be at Grimmauld Place. That will be the one Harry seeks first and once found, that success will give young Potter the confidence he needs to locate the others. HP will have Ginny in the end, and Wormtail will end up on the good side. Percy will make up with his parents. Bill and Fleur will have a double ceremony with Remus and Tonks. Neville and Luna will fall in love. Ron, Hermione, and Harry — despite saying they won’t return to Hogwarts — will end up with their wizarding credentials and multiple honors. The Dursleys will finally move beyond their one-dimensionality and show some humanity. And the prophecy says Sybil Trelawney will end up in AA.

  • G.Oren

    I have a hard time believing that HP is a Horcrux for Lord V, remember Lord V tried to possess HP at the end of OP and couldn’t because of the “love” inside HP; but there is no telling how this will rap up.

    After rereading the last 50 pages of HBP several more times, I’m beginning to wonder whether Snape might not develop into a Saruman type character – trying perhaps to gain some advantage for himself and best Lord V by aiding HP to corner him. Snape is clearly the most complicated main character in the series, never quite turning out to be what he appears, he obviously harbors some unfulfilled ambition and secrets unknown to us as yet. The intricate loyalties of the Death Eaters and the isolation of Lord V means there is as much opportunity for intrigue in that camp as there is among the opposing forces for good.

    As to the fall of Dumbledore, I don’t think we’ll see a phoenix type rising of him. He may be able to provide some wisdom and guidance from his portrait and perhaps through more arcane ways, but I don’t think we will see him again as a direct combatant, again maybe I’m wrong. Whatever understanding he had with Snape was either fulfilled or Snape deceived him from the start. The issue of how Snape is dealt with by JKR and how HP responds will be more interesting than any other facet of the next book. I have to admit I’ve always rather admired Snape he represents both great competence (except when bitten in the first book) and a sobering realism – a sort of grit that HP needs more of. Wouldn’t it be something if Snape is not a Judas or a Saruman and somehow manages to rise above any petty adolescent resentment he still holds for HP’s dad and becomes a capable mentor to HP – albeit a rather prickly one. I had hoped that would happen in OP with HP’s occlumency lessons, but it was never there – either with Snape or with HP. I will be disappointed if HP’s antipathy toward Snape turns out to be completely warranted, that is, as we grow older we should learn to have more understanding for others and less certainty in our categorical denials of the possible goodness in others. HP needs to learn that lesson – Snape’s example could be the point of departure for that lesson. Again, we’ll see if JKR is up to pulling off a more multi-layered morality tale than the simplistic Light vs Dark; HP vs Lord V. Our first inkling will come with how JKR deals with Lord V’s treatment of Snape and Snape’s response and who becomes the leader of the OP – it appears clear that HP will go off with Hermione and Ron to seek the hoarcruix(s)? How all the other players are placed will tell us much more.

  • foosbaby

    there is something fishy about this snape killing dumbledore arc. IF snape really did kill him because he was deceiving dumbledore from the start then this leaves the following:

    albus dumbledore, the greatest wizard of present time and arguably of all times spent the last few seconds of his life pleading at snape’s feet AFTER being disarmed by DRACO (!!!?!).

    please. this is clearly not the end of dumbledore.

    secondly, IF snape really is evil and finally has joined up with voldemort, his story is pretty much finished. he has revealed his true colors. he has killed the greatest wizard. what’s more to do for him? seriously. what? nothing can compare to killing dumbledore IF he really is on voldemort’s side (assuming that harry potter must face voldemort himself). even if he dusts off the entire remaining members of the order of the phoenix, it doesn’t add up to taking out dumbledore.

    yet…WHY DID ROWLING LET HIM ESCAPE? clearly there is much more than meets the eye.

    if there really is no mystery behind snape-killing-dumbledore then dumbledore died a pathetic death and snape will inevitably just be hunted down and slaughtered by harry potter. if this is the case, jk rowling has really dropped the ball.

    ok. so maybe i am biased because snape and dumbledore are both the 2 most mysterious and complex characters in this series as well as my two favorite characters. but i truly believe they deserve a better end.

    many more thoughts spinning through my head, but i doubt anyone here’s wants to read an essay. 🙂

  • foosbaby

    reply to post 158. just cause i couldn’t resist. (all the other posts are fascinating too).

    interesting about this horcrux as a person theme that keeps popping up. i personally don’t believe anyone is anyone else’s horcrux, but who knows. it’s a neat thought. as for post 158, it seems more likely that snape is dumbledore’s horcrux rather than the other way around (hence explaining the unwavering trust and the ability for dumbledore to “die” but maybe not truly be gone. we’ll see in book 7).

    again, who knows? interesting thought.

  • grimgar

    What about the chance of DD returning as a ghost? It wouldn’t be in line with all the things DD has said about death and that he’s not afraid of dying, but maybe HP will need a guide in the next book.

    Another option is DD’s brother. He’s been mentioned a couple of times in previous books, so maybe he’ll come to HP’s aid.

    I liked part 6 better than 4 and 5. all the dark things set aside, this book is funnier than 2 through 5. This part has paved the way for part 7, you could argue that this book didn’t finish properly as there are too many loose ends left. I expect(hope) part 7 to be well over 1,000 pages!

  • katy

    First of all…. AWESOME!!

    I’m just thinking about how Dumbledore always told Harry that those you lose never leave you. Sirius’ll probably come back and help Harry somehow… I also think that Harry might run into Dumbledore’s brother who might help him. If Snape is really with Voldemort (which I disagree with) then he won’t show his true colors until the end. I think that the gnomes in the garden might also play a role in helping Harry (they always mention them). Fawkes is obviously going to aid Harry as well… either way… I NEED TO READ THAT LAST BOOK.

    We’re all going to be disappointed whent it comes out though, because it’ll be the end of the series of Harry Potter. But we must all have closure.

  • I liked the 6th book of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
    Harry starts his new year at Hogwarts. Proffesor Dumbledore starts telling him the history of Lord Voldermort. Proffesor Dumbledore tells him that Lord Voldermort has made Horcruxs of himself. Meantime Harry finds that Draco is doing something fishy. In the end they try to get one of Voldermort’s horcruxs but instead they face through many dangers to find out that the horcruxs they find is fake and is now in hold of R.A.B. When they get back from this deadly adventure, they find out that Death Eaters are in the castle, Dumbledore dies and Snape kills him in the last few pages, or does he. I think that Dumbledore still might not be dead. I still hate Draco
    Malfoy for letting Death Eaters enter Hogarts. And at last I feel soory for Harry because he has now lost his parents, his godfather, and now his headmaster which guided him in all his actions. I know that now there is no chance that Snape will live, because as they mentioned next year Harry will go looking for Lord Voldermort, and Snape.
    P.S. We never know that Dumbledore is really dead.

  • I forgot to tell you that Snape is the Half Blood Prince, and don’t worry I know for sure that his death bed is ready for him.
    P.S Look above and my first article is right there.

  • STINKING SPOILERS**** ***** **** **** ****** ****** ***** *****
    Have to agree that Snape killed DD because DD drank the Horcrux. Remember that when DD said “Severus…” it was so creepy that it gave Harry a chill. I think at that moment that DD had died and Voldy’s piece of soul was speaking. Snape’s hateful expression would then not have been toward DD, but toward that piece of Voldy’s soul.

    Also, I think Harry has a bit of Voldemort in him, too. Remember, Harry also speaks Parselmouth. But Voldemort can’t get to it so easily because when he does, he sees all the good that’s in Harry (the love that DD speaks about) and can’t stand it. In the second book, I think that’s why he was burned when he tried to take back part of his soul.

    However, if Harry kills himself to save mankind, will be very disappointed. The world can’t keep relying on some savior to step up and do for everyone what they could all do themselves if they so choose. That mentality just makes people weak and leaves them in a permanent state of childhood, always relying on someone else to save the day.

  • crzyimmortal


    Comment 186, definetely argee with you about Trelawney ending up in AA. Good Job.

    Even though alot of people say Snape is good and Dumbledore arranged some argeement about dying, my question is why??? Did he kno it was a fake Horcrux, and he is in the middle of a job of trying to destroy all the horcruxes, why would he want some one killing him. Thats kinda dumb. I really think Dumbledore is gone, and Snape may be good, but unlikely. Wormtales stories has to go on, because in book 3, jk specifically mentions that he owes harry a favor, or rather dumbledore says that.

  • Da Mom

    Snape was trying to tell Harrysomething important at the end…”You have to learn to keep your mind shut” Occlumens can read him way too easily. Dumbledore will return, and Snapes story will come out. DD was wiser than letting anyone get over on him. That whole murder tableau was just “off” somehow.

  • omg omg omg
    i haven’t gotten the book yet, but now i want it even more!!!
    thanks for all the spoilers!!!
    i want the 7th book soo badly
    anyone willing to reveal the ENTIRE plot and other stuff?
    DD dies 🙁 omg y did snape kill him???

  • yammering_away

    surely there is a very good reason why dumbledore wasted his lasted spell SILENTLY stunning potter rather than disarming malfoy or stunning malfoy. clearly he wanted potter to see the sequence of events that followed.

    if snape is evil, i’ll cut off my right hand and eat it.

    although the thought is interesting and snape is a cool character, i am sorely disappointed that the long awaited for identity of the half blood prince is none other than severus snape and his school day alias. but i can live with it since now snape is more a mystery than ever.

    unfortunately, regardless of which side snape is really one, i think this seals his fate. he’s a dead man in book 7. killing people for whatever reason will reap it’s consequences. this is a children’s series after all.

  • LeeLee

    I’m not going to list this as a spoiler because hey, if they didn’t want spoilers they wouldn’t have read this far..

    anyway, some people are saying that there’s a plot hole when it comes to Dobby and Kreature. Maybe someone has already addressed this but.. The elves couldnt follow Malfoy into the RoR so they would have no idea what he was plotting. By the time the DE’s emerged from the RoR it would have been too late to alert anyone. Not only that, they were specifically told to only report to Harry when he was alone or with Hermione and Ron. Harry was in the cave with Dumbles when this all happened. They would have had no way to warn him.

    I totally think that R.A.B. is Regulus. Remember the locket that couldn’t be opened they found in Grimmauld when they were cleaning up last year?

    I also think that Snape had orders to kill Dumbles just like Harry was told to continue no matter what happened and to follow ANY instruction that was given to him. I don’t think Dumbles will be back as he was before, but there’s something fishy about that hand. Hand of Glory, perhaps?

  • LeeLee

    OH and Dumbles wouldnt have stunned Harry, a powerful wizard dispite his age, when he knew that he (Dumbles) would soon be facing the DEs. He had to die and he was not going to let Harry try to prevent it.

  • john

    I think that harry himself is a hocrux, I mean, voldemort probably did it without trying to. That is the reason why he has some of his powers and stuff. I hope this will not happen because then harry will kill himself… If this does not happen I think, but hope not, that they will kill each other: Harry destroying all of the hocrux’s except for one(himself) and harry kills voldemort as voldemort kills him and by killing harry he destroys his last hocrux. huh, I should write the book

  • Leonardo Lima

    If you guys think a little bit about how proud of himself Dumbledore was, becomes extremely easy that he would never be pleading for his life (page 595)! He would never beg for his life, this would mean him loosing all his dignity!
    And in the moment J.K. writes “Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore” she grants herself the explanation. Surely Dumbledore gave Snape order to finish him through Legillimency.
    And further down when Snape says to Potter “No Unforgivable Curses from you, Potter”(page 602), makes clear that Snape didn’t want Harry to become unpure, he had to remain with his heart pure to face the evil on 7th book.

    Thanks for the attention guys!
    Just think about all I said!


  • Steve

    Just a couple of comments…what is the connection between Voldemort’s ‘magpie-like’ tendencies and Professor Slughorn’s??? Is it just because they are both Slytherins or is there something more to it?? Also, did anyone notice in the book that Dumbledore mentioned some of his personal preferences (e.g. raspeberry jam), in case he was being impersonated by a Death Eater, and Mr. & Mrs. Weasley also gave some personal info for the same reason (e.g. Mr. Weasley calls his wife Mollywobbles?). I can’t help wondering if perhaps, at least one, if not all three characters will be impersonated by Death Eaters in book 7.

  • Da Mom

    Harry is NOT a horcrux. The horcruxes must be destroyed to kill Voldy. On page 406, Hagrid describes an argument between Snape and Dumbledore. Read it..it is very enlightening. Snape is on DD’s side.

  • Steve

    I can’t see Harry or DD being a Horcrux because at the end of OOTP Voldemort was doing his best to kill both of them. I wondered whether DD had a horcrux but if you think about any fight the OTP members have been in they always use disabling spells never killing spells so there’s a good chance they’ve never killed anyone. They parcel them up and send them off to be guarded by the dementors, well they did. I wonder who’s doing the guarding now? Did they say, I can’t recall?

  • sonja joslyn

    I love the book. I just cant beleave that domboldor dies, I was out raged, he is a great person)if he was real. I just can not look at snape the same any more, even tho I have never liked him. Im just as a big fan as my kids are and now when we watch the movies )at least once a day)I yell at snape every time he comes on the screen.lol.. I even cried when he p.d.died in the book.

    I love these books because it’s a world unlike any other and it takes me away for a few hours a day. Some were I can be with out worries, the same for my kids,I read to them a chapter out of the first book every night, and it takes them away from the troubbles in our own lives for a mer few hour, but thats great. We love you for these books J.K. When things got bad for us, you took us away. Thank you with all of our hearts. If in some way I could explain to you how you have helped my family, I would tell you but I would take hours apon hours. So for now just Thanks will do.

    Sonja and boys,
    The Joslyn Family.

  • Tom


    The whole book i was expecting DD to die so I wasnt really sad when he did, because i had excepted it before it even happened. In a way that left me unsatisfied because I didn’t get to experience the emotions other people did when they read the book. I liked the fact that Ginny and Harry were in a relationship more than when Harry and Cho were. What really bothered me was when he broke up with her so she wouldnt be in danger, yet he brings his best two friends with him to find the most powerful wizard alive? Stupid.

  • crzyimmortal

    I dont get about the Half-Blood Prince. Remember when Lupin asked Harry to check the date of the book to see when the guy was in Hogwarts. Well, it was fifty years old and Harry is disappointed because he says none of his fathers or his fathers friends were at Hogwarts fifty years ago. How then, can it be snape. Snape and James Potter were in the same year because on the 5th book, they were both taking there OWLS together. So, how can James potter not be at school fifty years ago, but Snape can when they are the same age.

  • I know I’m the only one, but I can’t get into the Harry Potter thing. JK Rowling is the wealthiest author in human history and there’s something not quite right about that. I’m doing my part by not having spent a single cent or read a single page of any of her work or the movies based on it.

    How can adults read this stuff?

  • jd

    I think that bk7 will focus on HP’s struggle with Hate and Love, and that finally his human side, the side that holds his emotions will come though. He will need to choose between killing LV or loving him. he will choose compassion over hatered, which will in turn result in the the end of LV.

    its all turning out to be a bit like the first ( last ) three star wars to me.

  • Jim

    Reply to 209. Good catch on the timeline regarding the Half-Blood Prince. Likely that Snape’s mother (whose surname is Prince) was the book’s original owner.

  • Aisha

    First of i cant beleive dumbldore trusted Snape in the first place it was like duh! he’s evil yet he still trusted him, gosh i was balling so bad i cant believe myself not just that i was at Barned & Noble from 6:00 till 12:17 when i recieved the book my feet were killing three thousand people showed up to a minicule book store and expected to fit in it was like a mini mob lol, well gosh so he’s dead and Siruis cant be dead they hardly mention him and gosh i dont understand Harry Dumping Ginny, cuz why, “he’s afriad she will get hurt” gosh im so sad and angrey this sucks i been reading the books since i was in 5th grade and now im a sophmore in college im like ahhhh i cant take this any longer i shouldent have start reading them.

  • whatever

    #209 and #212
    The only date he could find was the date it was PUBLISHED. He just assumed that the HBP owned the book when it was published.
    Snape already said that he was the HBP. The only reason they brought his mother into it at all is because there are no “Prince”‘s in the Wizarding World, and Prince was her maiden name.

  • snapeisinnocent

    Snape was poor. Most likely he borrowed the text book from his professor at the time which would explain the diff in the date and why he had to give the book back to the school.

  • spire


    i actually liked this book the least in comparison to previous books… but i’m still anticipating book 7,. anyway, i love dumbledore… but reading about his death seemed (seems) unreal to me. as some others have commented, i have no doubt that there was some pre-arrangement btwn snape and dumbledore in regards to dumbledore’s death at the hands of snape. surely, such a powerful wizard who had taken so many precautions over the decades wouldn’t have slipped up now. i have no doubt that dumbledore will be resurrected in book 7. here’s my thinking:

    1) dumbledore knew something would happen with malfoy and snape or had prearranged something, hence he “froze” harry so that harry would not attack or rescue him… or interrupt his plan. why else would we do so? there is no explanation given as to why he would freeze harry, esp since harry was already hidden by his invisibility cloak.
    2) there is such an emphasis on phoenixes throughout the books… and in book 6’s last chapter, we hear fawkes singing his lament. dumbledore had such a special connection with fawkes… surely, like the phoenix, he will somehow be resurrected.
    3) with fantasy novels such as these, J.K. Rowlings can whip out any magic rules and spells as needed. perhaps there is some secret magic that counteracts Avada Kedarva… that will be revealed later? or perhaps dumbledore has a horcrux himself to keep him alive?
    4) while snape, malfoy, and the other death-eaters flee, they (the death-eaters) attempt to kill harry… but snape steps in, telling them that harry is reserved for voldemart… given that voldemort is now “in the flesh” (the purpose of keeping harry alive to-date is now fulfilled) and that the prophecy reveals only one could live, i don’t see how voldemort could be upset that someone killed harry. yes it could be he has an ego and that he wants to kill harry himself… but as revealed in the previous book, he gloats how he realizes he can now physically harm harry and that harry is not in any way more powerful than he is.
    5) the reason given for dumbledore to trust snape so deeply is WEAK… there more be more to it.

    my two cents…

  • Colleen

    Do not read this if you do not want to spoil the ending.

    It’s just not possible that Dumbledore created a horcrux. They are evil and he CERTAINLY cannot have used Fawkes as his “kill”. It would also warp his soul. I do have a feeling that there is more to the seen with Snape killing Dumbledore than what was said, but we’ll have to wait for the 7th book. Anyway, even though I was pretty teary when I was reading the end, I’m glad JK Rowling didn’t have Dumbledore jump out of the coffin all alive, because that would have been lame. Anyhow, it was one of the best books yet.

  • Steve

    209,212 and 214 comments on the book dates are interesting. Either JKR is nodding or there’s more to this HBP thing than meets the eye. I was expecting the HBP to be Tom Riddle, the only problem with that being the book bit has been done b4. As you say Snape was poor, but who owned the book first? So much in this book involved the Potions book but in the end it mattered little. Really, great swathes of book could have been cut out and the ending wouldn’t have altered much. I mean what’s the point of the HBP. Harrys using Snapes old book, so what? To me this says that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Possibly the book is a horcrux, hidden away in a school cupboard for safety. I agree with everyone who says the endings a bit sus.
    As for comment 210, Bill Gates is worth more than JKR but you’re using a computer??!!

  • amy

    Dumbledore is killed by snape
    if i know very well how j.k thinks and i think she wanted us to think of Snape to be in the dark side. when you read the book carefully, befor snape killed dumbledore you could see that the both communicated. i think dumbledore wanted snape to kill him so he won’t blow his cover.

  • john

    Response to comment 205

    That is why Hary is going to have to die in book 7!!!!!!!!!

  • and_swirls

    on dumbledore and horcruxes. has it ever occured to anyone that dumbledore may not be as goody goody as he seems? i always thought there was something suspicious about a jolly old man with a beard who apparently is the strongest being on earth.

    okokok. i was just kidding. lol.

    some people have commented on how weak harry potter is and how he could possibly take down voldemort in the present state that he is in. well. honestly folks, voldemort is the lamest bad guy i have ever met. he’s already faced potter, what, like 6 times now? and LOST every single one. he constantly overestimates his feeble abilities and underestimates his opponents. he also makes an excessive amount of miscalculations and oversights. if potter were any stronger, voldemort would have been incinerated in book 1 and the series would be over.

  • Maddy

    Awesome to say the least , but sad Albus had to die in the hands of snape he deserved better, anyway this sets the scene perfectly for El Classico- HARRY Vs VOLDEMORT

  • Jeff H

    Can someone do me a massive favour an go to this website (another HBP Blog) and get the email address for a person called Hooked-on-Phoenix. My server is blocking the site and I cant manage to get back into it’

    The link is: http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/07/17/011055.php

    any help would be appreciated

  • binderella71

    hi jeff H i tried to but it wouldn’t let me either sorry

  • binderella71

    on page 583 hagrid walks in and says to
    mcgonagall “I’ve done it, professor moved him….was this done before Fawkes’s song or about that time ….they have healing powers ..Are they srong enough to bring someone back from the dead???????did anyone buy the book about magical creatures? do they have that power,, i just can’t belive he’s gone there must be someway to bring himm back

    lupin also states that “snape was a highly accomplished occlumens” i think DD told him to kill him because there was a way for him to come back???????

  • foosbaby

    there is constant mention that draco looks more tired than normal (maybe just the stress of biting off more than he can chew and the fear of being slaughtered with his family by voldemort)…but any possibility that maybe he’s been turned into a werewolf?

    just a curious notion.

  • MG

    How can people say that Harry will die? Just the thought of it is terrible! Of course Harry is not going to die, it would be the lamest ending to the entire series. If he does die I will be mad cuz its like here we have 7 books and POW he just DIES?! 7 books all just leading up to that? I personally think harry will defeat voldemort and he will do it ALONE. DD is dead, why would JK write the funeral if it wasnt so? Also, I do believe that Snape is on DD’s side, but i am confused why then would he make the unbreakable vow with Narcissa? this is definitely my favorite book in the series.

  • Chris

    RAB is either Borkin or Burke!

    It’s so obvious. One of them knew Voldemort had a horcrux and they did fire him. It makes perfect sense, better then regalus black anyway.

  • Karen

    OK…so the half blood prince is SNAPE

  • Scott

    Dumblebore is re-born as Harry Potter. Harry is Dumbledore’s man after all.

  • yamering_away

    book was ok. except that the ending which was weak (though not including dumbledore’s death, which i think has alot of potential to be a great solved mystery that answers many questions in book 7…because if it isn’t, then dumbledore died the most pathetic death imaginable)…as i was saying, the ending was not quite up to snuff. it was forced, rushed, and the long awaited for half blood prince basically got 1 sentence devoted to his identity revealing. “i am the half blood prince.” woohoo. big whoop. and then it was glossed over. yes. i understand that in the wake of dumbledore’s death and all that, no one should really care who the hell the half blood prince is…but the whole damned book was CALLED the half blood prince. the way snape’s identity as this was revealed was just lame. like the title was just a selling or hype-inducing gimmic.

    also, i found that most of book 6 served the only purpose of paving the way for a fantastic book 7. while this is not an all together bad characteristic in a book that is part of a series, a GOOD book that is part of a series should be able to “stand alone” as well as prepare you for the next one. i found book 1-5 nice compact little stories with good plots that encorporated bits and pieces of an ever growing mystery. book 6 was just a stringing together of questions and images that functioned like a preface to book 7.

    just my thoughts. i did still enjoyed the read so, no, this is not a raining down on jk rowling. just think it’s not her best piece.

  • Dennis Roland Jover

    Im from the Philippines and I just finished reading HP6. Nice review though, but a bit hanging the spoilers. Kind of sad with Dumbledore dead, always thought he would be the one to catch or kill Voldermort… But as I realized, that would steal the stage from Harry. I think this book is more of a Pre-Book 7 than a Book 6. It already laid down the cards and positioned everything for the final salvo on the 7th book. Nice writing, praises due for Rowling. Never been this excited during the HP series, (except Book 5, maybe). Very much looking forward for seventh and final installment of the series. Thanks!

  • iheartdraco

    I think draco is a vampire.
    She discribed him the same way as she’s described a vampire and he’s been avoiding the day games.

  • sayutee

    I am from Bangladesh and just finished reading the book. Its nice indeed, and i must say i liked it more than the fifth part (Order of the phoenix). But really felt sad at Dumbledore’s Death, especially by Snape, after all, i found Dumbledore a man of reasons and he trusted Snape. however, i must say the book is good. I am really looking forward to the next one. Thanks.

  • Is Potter popular in Bangladesh? What do people think of the books and the cultural references?

  • necromancer

    I just finished reading the BK!! Amazing… I felt really sad after reading abt DD’s death! It was very sudden and was …erm… weird!! So i think there is more to it than wat meets the eye!
    I agree wid most ppl tht snape is gud… there is something totally mysterious abt him! Unlike most of the characters, he not white or black… he is gray!
    I have tons of unanswered ques 🙁 can write a freakin Questionaire on tht 😛
    Y are there repeated references to tonks’ fatigued appearance?
    The significane of Bellatrix’s presence in the opening chap gives rise to more ques! Wat happened to DD’s hand? Coz if i remember correctly, Snape said said something bout DD’s reactions being slow and as a result getting seriously injured by Voldemort, the burn injury is the only injury tht DD had, but he got tht wen he was trying to get the slytherin horcrux…
    Questions questions

  • after some thinking, i’ve come to the following conclusions:
    -i really do think snape isn’t evil. my first reason is that the reason dumbledore gives harry in explanation for dumbledore’s trust to snape (he said he was sorry for his actions) is very weak. also, harry is horrid at occulumency, and voldemort could very well be reading his every thought, having discovered this connection in book 5, so in conclusion dumbledore dont reveal his true reasons for trusting snape because they probably are really good ones, and if voldemort learned of them, he wouldn’t trust snape much longer. another reason i think snape is still good is because of how badly he was freaking out at harry for calling him coward during the flee of the death eaters… i mean, how would you feel if the person you were risking everything to save sat there and called you a coward? and he had to kill dumbledore… one because he was under an unbreakable vow, two because otherwise it would be him against 4 death eaters, and three because dumbledore knew that snape killing dumbledore would be the ultimate action to get snape fully in voldemort’s trust, and so dumbledore begs snape to kill him. only that’s arguable, since his words were “severus, please”… but it wouldn’t make sense if his last words were really a desperate plea. i mean, it’s dumbledore. also, there are many occasions in which he helped out harry and the order when he dont necessarily have to help them just in order to keep his good guy cover. the final reason is just because i dont think it would be very much like jkr to have snape turn out evil. all of us have hated snape ever since he first is mentioned, and so it would be too elementary to have him really turning out to be evil. oh, and to post 192, written by katy… what he meant by those you lose never leave you doesn’t mean that they’ll always bodily come back… it means that they are always there in your heart.
    -dumbledore is dead. he just is. hagrid carried his dead body to the mystical white tomb, which magically enclosed his body inside, to rest under the tree by the lake forever in peace. the merpeople sing, and the centaurs shoot off their bows in honor of the passing of the great wizard they respected. even dumbledore’s phoenix laments in eerily beautiful song over the grounds. harry’s binding spell was lifted, dumbledore’s picture appears in the headmasters’ office. harry knows his mission now, and is ready to head out, for the first time, alone. dumbledore’s dead.
    -and harry isn’t a horcrux, because why then is voldemort trying to kill him?
    -and some people have mentioned mundungus.. yeah, it is odd he was randomly mentioned, so i do think he sold the real slytherin’s locket, which was originally stolen by regulus and placed by him in number twelve, grimmauld place.
    -the prophesy makes no sense. “the dark lord will mark him as his equal”… so then how can one kill the other? and “neither can live while the other survives” well aren’t they both living now? plus, dont anyone find it odd that if the prophecy had never been told, then the events foretold in the prophecy would never have happened?
    – and i think harry dies in book 7. otherwise, why are there only seven books? its not because there’s 7 years at hogwarts, since harry isnt even going back next year. and it would take more than one book to unveil the true snape, have harry destroy the remaining horcruxes, ultimatly destroy voldemort, and not to mention all of the other random side plots. also, harry isnt that good of a wizard compared to voldemort, and he has always survived because of luck or dumbledore, or the fact that he lives in the place where his mother’s blood is – and he wont anymore when he comes of age. plus, the books are getting progressively darker. i love harry, but he’s dead.

  • binderella71

    Have found a site wich has a lot of good theory’s check it out….


    also in the very first book the first chapter DD tell’s mcgonagall ” i trust hagrid with my life” hagrid is the one who move’s his body and then falwkes starts to sing AND he is the one that carries DD’S “BODY” to the white alter ……

  • whatever

    Tonks was depressed cause she was in love with Lupin. when they got together her hair was pink again.

  • I checked that website out, but most of the theories concerning “Dumbledore is not Dead” are highly unethical.
    1) After pointing out that instead of simply falling down after being hit with Avada Kedavra, Dumbledore flew off of the tower, the author of the website states, “Perhaps his spell was different because even though those were the words Snape said, he didn’t perform the killing curse at all. Remember all the importance this book gave to “nonverbal” spells? Perhaps Snape said Avada Kedavra, but the curse he was really thinking, the nonverbal one, was a different curse, one that only made it appear that Dumbledore was dead. Even the title of the chapter this all takes place in is suspicious, “The Lightning Struck Tower”. Even though this is the name of the ominous tarot card that Trelawney was worried about back on page 543/507 in Chapter 25, is it possible that J.K. is hinting here that the spell was not Avada Kedavra, just some green lightning sparks for show?” Dumbledore didn’t simply fall down after being hit, since he is such a powerful wizard, and it really wouldn’t be fitting. The chapter’s title has nothing to do with the killing of Dumledore, it simply foreshadows the bad comings of the chapter, and so it would have nothing to do with the word “lightening” referring to “green lightening sparks just for show”. And Snape really did perform Avada Kedavra. Remaining loyal to Dumbledore and The Unbreakable Vow (because if he hadn’t actually performed Avada Kedavra, he would be dead), Snape had to as part of his duty. He would not let Dumbledore down.
    2) Also mentioned is the fact that you have to “mean” the Unforgivable Curses (as earlier stated by Bellatrix), and that Snape didn’t really “mean” the Curse, so it didn’t really work. Well, the body everyone discovers is dead, and if you read my previous post, you’ll see the rest of my evidence for Dumbledore being dead.
    3) The website also claims that Fawkes, as he sang, cured Dumbledore from death (or half death, which of course didn’t happen, as the spell used was in fact, as earlier explained, Avada Kedavra). However, though the phoenix does have powerful healing powers, it does not necessarily have revival powers.
    4) The issue of Dumbledore’s wand is also brought up. In the book, we read of its flying out of Dumbledore’s hand, but then never being mentioned again. And so the author expresses their opinion that a wand belonging to one sp powerful could wind up in the wrong hands… however, lets go back to the first book, when Harry is trying out wands…. only one works, the rest dont work at all…. so why would it matter if Dumbledore’s wand got into the wrong hands, since the “wrong hands” wouldn’t be able to use it. It is implied by the author of dumbledoreisnotdead that this signifies the fact that Dumbledore may still need it, since it is not necessarily destroyed, but there are too many facts pointing to Dumbledore’s death for the wand to still be necessary.
    5) Finally, the subject of the funeral…. the site mentions that though Dumbledore’s body is carried up to the tomb, it is covered and therefore is probably not the body. It is out of decency that the body is covered, as just carrying the body to the tomb without covering it would be flippant and unceremonious. Also, “White smoke spiraled into the air and made strange shapes: Harry thought, for one heart stopping moment, that he saw a phoenix fly joyfully into the blue, but next second the fire had vanished.” this was indicated as being potentially Dumbledore’s soul, but if so, notice the phrase “joyfully into the blue”, a phrase which, if anything, further proves he is dead. The Phoenix is, if nothing else, kind of a symbol of Dumbledore, and therefore its going “into the blue” symbolizes Dumbledore’s passing on into eternal peace.
    6) The comment made by Binerella71…. Dumbledore’s reassuring McGonagall “I trust hagrid with my life” is just to anchor the idea in the reader’s mind that Hagrid is in fact a good guy, (which, wouldn’t it be interesting if he wasn’t?) since this was in fact at the beginning, when readers are first mentally forming characters. It is not, however, tied to Hagrid’s carrying the dead body of Dumbledore. There is no life in the body mentioned at the funeral.

    and, doesn’t anyone else find Tonks and Lupin a really random and weird couple?

  • binderella71

    i think winky used haryy’s wand at the world quiditch cup (i think it’s been a while since i read it) so the theroy that only one wizard to the one wand can’t be right as neville also had his dad’s old wand…. i’m not saying that any of the theory’s on the webb site DD is not dead are true or correct i just thought it was a good site that i wanted to share with others potterphile’s having trouble coming to terms with DD’S death

  • LDK

    that DD is not dead website has some interesting things to say but some of it just doesnt.

    “Harry’s own assumption that the Freezing Charm was done by Dumbledore is supported by the fact the curse lifted when Dumbledore left the tower minutes later.”

    If the spell was simply broken by Dumbledore leaving the tower, then Harry should have become unfrozen at the beginning of the book when Malfoy left the train.

    but what’s REALLY interesting is this.

    “IMPORTANT REVELATION! We’ve just learned, and can confirm, that the UK edition of HBP does NOT include the line “He cannot kill you if you are already dead.” Did J.K. include that line originally, and then decide she had gone too far and made the clue too transparent and obvious? Is it possible she decided to remove it, but the line got accidentally included in the American edition anyway?”

    The Canadian version is different from the american version too. It says nothing about “he cannot kill you if you are already dead.”

    I wonder what else is different?

  • LDK

    Sorry. That comment is on page 552 in HBP.

  • i think the phrase “he cannot kill you if you are already dead” was included in the american version and not in the other versions for the same reason that the american version of the first book was titled “the sorcerer’s stone” instead of, as in the other versions, “the philosopher’s stone”…. which is slightly insulting to the americans…. its like they would be more interested in the book if it said something mystical like “sorcerer”, instead of “philosopher.” so maybe that phrase was included in the american version because that makes the statement jkr is trying to say more obvious to the americans? i mean, i’m not trying to be offensive – but think about it.

  • Alice

    I reckon Dumbledore knew all about Snape’s unbreakable promise to help Malfoy kill him. In fact I reckon it was his idea and that he ordered Snape to make the promise and that should the time come, Snape MUST carry it out the promise. Dumbledore almost seemed to be expecting it – why else did he paralyse Harry?

    Dumbledore took the gamble of his life in order for Snape to become Voldemorts most trusted servant so that he is in a position to either kill Vodemort himself or help Harry kill Voldemort once the horcruxes have been destroyed.

    Wouldn’t be suprised if there was a prophecy relating to Dumbledore’s death so he knew it would be Snape that killed him, hence his acceptance of it.

  • Emilee

    I feel that this book was okay.. not good but not bad. I think that she was seriously setting up for the next book. And I do think that RAB is Sirius’s brother… The idea of Snape killing DD to get on Voldies good side is intresting.. especially because he thinks no one saw him do it… remember, no one knows that harry saw it. And I also think that Draco is going to become good in the 7th because of what DD told him (new identites, hiding, good, safe, ect.)

  • Anthony Grande

    Harry is going to destroy six of the seven horcruxes, including Voldermort, then he will realize that he himself is the final horcrux and then he will have to kill himself ending the Harry Potter saga.

    It makes a lot of sense that he is a living horcrux: he became a horcrux when his parents were murdered, he can talk speak parseltongue, he can see Voldermort is doing, his scar hurts when Voldermort is happy, and the reason why he has the scar is because Voldermorts soul entered his brain right there. It all fits together. I can’t believe no one else thought of it before, not even Dumbledore.

  • foosbaby

    although harry being a horcrux or his scar being one is an interesting thought, the real question remains… WHY would voldemort do this?? it doesn’t really make sense.

  • Nedved

    *Warning, speculations of book 7*

    Not that it’s a bad thing, but I think J.K. will inevitabely fall prey to some old cliches present in other books of great caliber. Just like the end of Return of the King, it comes down to the heroic trio heading off to save the world. Harry is the leader Aragorn, the one facing fears he’s avoided his whole life. Ron is Gimli, comic relief and sometimes helpful. And Hermione is Legolas, calm, knowledgable, rational.

    And in the end, all their strength is not enough; Harry is no match for Voldemort, just as Aragorns assualt on the black gate is no match. It is all a desperate attempt to create one opportunity. So who’s going to parralel Gollum? It could be Wormtail, Snape, or maybe Draco. Because of Harry’s actions, one of them will suddenly change sides. Another cliche will take place, one much like the end of Star Wars: Imagine Voldemort (The Emperor) overpowering Harry(Luke), trapping him on the ground with the Cruciatus curse (Force Lightning), and Snape (Vader) remebering that James once saved him (remebering that he is Luke’s Father). In the final moments, we come down to a singularity, one point in time, when a choice is made between good and evil. This one second choice has been the foundation of almost any good vs. evil literature ever written, and I think Rowling will add a significant contribution to this collection.

    CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOK 7, I’D KILL FOR IT!(figuratively).

  • Liz

    I love all the Harry Potter novels and to this I add the latest. I agree though that it has become infinitely darker with each successive book, but while “good” takes a beating in this novel, in the end “good” will prevail over “evil”. I sobbed endlessly to lose Dumbledore and then I sobbed for Harry since he lost his last support in losing Dumbledore. There is however a burning light of strength and growing maturity in Harry as he distances himself from Ginny to protect her. I believe that true love will prevail and that she will be his ultimate life partner since she possesses similar qualities as Harry. Is there any way to lighten the next book, impossible, not with the impending duel between Harry and Voldemort. I too long to see Harry have Snape at his mercy, but I want to see him reaffirm his intrinsic goodness by letting Snape live only to be killed by Voldemort himself. Life goes on, but for those of us who love Harry Potter and all his exploits, life will never be the same again. J.K.Rowling deserves every cent she has earned, she’s a genius who has irrevocably placed her stamp on history through her creative genius. Long Live Harry Potter!! Long live love, duty, loyalty and Good.
    PS: What is going to happen to Hogwarts?? Will it reopen??

  • I think Hogwarts will reopen, but Harry is not going to return to the school, his refuge for six years – but instead will go out alone to fufill his destiny; be it to kill… or to be killed.

  • is dumbledore able to create a horcrux when he destroyed voldemorts gorcrux in the slytherin ring?

  • david

    he might be able to that is a good point i dont no

  • david

    he might be able to that is a good point i dont no

  • i dont think dumbleodre would create a horcrux even if he could… they are descibed as a very twisted and sinister thing of the dark arts, plus, didn’t it seem like he looked down upon them when harry and dumbledore were discussiong horcruxes? i mean, they rip your soul into pieces…. that doesn’t sound very much like dumbledore.

  • snapefan

    i, too, am disappointed that snape was the half blood prince. i like snape and all, but him in this role just doesn’t seem like a good fit to take on all the hype and such surrounding the title character of this book. his identity revealing left alot wanting. ah well. maybe it’s because i bet my life’s savings that the half blood prince was godrich gryffindor. hehehe.

  • Jim

    Don’t you see? Snape is the main focus of the books. He likely caused Voldemort’s initial undoing, and he continues to plot against him.

    Harry Potter is but a distraction for the young readers. His adolescent drama, while entertaining, is merely a storytelling mechanism to show off some of the world’s most powerful wizards (i.e. Snape, Riddle, Dumbledore).

    Ultimately, it is a way of telling a bigger story through a mediocre youth. That Rowling uses a no-brain, coat-tail riding, loser of a kid as an outlet to tell Snape’s glorious story is nothing more than another slap in the face to this great wizard.

  • Jim

    Don’t you see? Snape is the main focus of the books. He likely caused Voldemort’s initial undoing, and he continues to plot against him.

    Harry Potter is but a distraction for the young readers. His adolescent drama, while entertaining, is merely a storytelling mechanism to show off some of the world’s most powerful wizards (i.e. Snape, Riddle, Dumbledore).

    Ultimately, it is a way of telling a bigger story through a mediocre youth. That Rowling uses a no-brain, coat-tail riding, loser of a kid as an outlet to tell Snape’s glorious story is nothing more than another slap in the face to this great wizard.

  • Jim

    Don’t you see? Snape is the main focus of the books. He likely caused Voldemort’s initial undoing, and he continues to plot against him.

    Harry Potter is but a distraction for the young readers. His adolescent drama, while entertaining, is merely a storytelling mechanism to show off some of the world’s most powerful wizards (i.e. Snape, Riddle, Dumbledore).

    Ultimately, it is a way of telling a bigger story through a mediocre youth. That Rowling uses a no-brain, coat-tail riding, loser of a kid as an outlet to tell Snape’s glorious story is nothing more than another slap in the face to this great wizard.

  • snape fan

    reply to the last post

    i fully agree that snape is a kick ass wizard and harry leaves a lot wanting. i only commented that this whole half blood prince thing didn’t do justice to either snape or the half blood prince. 🙂

    truth be told…voldemort doesn’t come off as all that powerful or clever. good thing too otherwise there is no chance in heck harry will survive even kamikaze style against him in book 7. to me, dumbledore and snape have been pulling all the strings since even before book 1 began.

  • h_p_fan

    in my opinion i’m pretty sure the voluntary killing of dd by snape and the hateful look in snapes eyes does’nt
    add up .Also we are forgetting that memory of snape’s in OOTP which Harry seea during the legilemency lessons about snape crying while seeing his father shouting at hui mother and him alone in his bedroom and the one where a girl laughs at him trying to get on a broomstick . also the two things that angered him the most were that harry was copying his spells and being called a coward . If you ask me Snape needs an appointment with a psychatrist

  • Ashley

    Plot spoiler

    This book was really such a great book but it definetly didn’t have a satisfying ending! Poor Dumbledore! I still can’t believe he died! I disagree with J.K. Rowling to make Dumbledore die. And of course like all the others I hate Snape now! Imagine he had a look of HATE on his face! He really is very cruel I never really knew he was on the bad side. And why did Dumbledore even trust him?! Boy I really hope He and Sirius come back to life or something in the 7th book and I hope Snape and Voldemort get killed and are never seen again and i just know Snape isn’t under a spell!

  • Chill out Harry fans, Snape is friggin on the good side. you guys think Dumbledore’s really gonna trust Snape just by what Harry thinks about Snape grieving over giving VD the tip? Dumbledore’s soft but not an idiot. There’s gotta be more to the reasoning. harry doesn’t even seem that important in the story, he’s just taggin along everyone else basically.But i liked the books, very interesting.

  • Cameron

    I was tlking to a friend she had figured out that RAB is regalus black or however u soell it because in the 5th book remember how harry ron ginny and hermione found the music box in that cupboard that put them to sleep they also found a locket that none of them could open ( we believe this is the horcrux) and that would be a safe place for him to keep it considering the death eaters cant find the place

  • Cameron

    is anyone still reading this or posting or am i too late to talk to anyone
    P.S. check out dumbledoreisnotdead.com

  • binderella71

    hi Cameron i still check the site everday but i think the novelty has worn off a bit for most people…i am reading the H.B.P for the third time since i got my copy and i’m still findi9ng things i missed the first two times i read it.. I can’t recall about the locket and the music box so i am going to re-read the OoTP this week.good theory though.. i posted about the DD is not dead web site a while back i found it VERY interesting….I personaly don’t think snape is bad and i don’t think he really killed DD .. J.K wrote way too much about non verbal spells in this book for it not to have a very important part in the next book… i think snape said a non verbal spell to make it look like DD is dead so he can go and be with Voldy and still be helping out the OoTP.keep posting and i will check for your thoughts tomorrow

  • Fay

    oh my gosh!! just as with all the other books she’s written, jk rules the literary world!! such imagination, such intelligence, such brilliance!! i’ll never be able to get enough…i didnt mean to, but i finished number 6 much too quickly!! now, i’m jonesing for number 7…and i hope that the directors of the movies NEVER EVEN THINK about casting anyone else to replace the characters. nobody else could do it…regardless of the fact the actors were almost unheard of, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe are practically household words now…and JK Rowling, herself will always hold a very special place in my heart for the wonderful books she’s written. thank you from the bottom of my heart ms rowling…youre the best!!

  • h_p_fan

    what about the fact that the book was publisfed 50 years earlier which was the time tom riddle was at school . and what about that conversation dumbeldore had with snape which hagrid overheard.

  • Hp reader


    sry dunno if this has been mentioned; havent read all of them

    R.A.B. is regulas black (siriuses bro) and the horcrux is the heavy locket harry and comp. found while cleaning the black reisdence.

    Snape loved lily and thats y he felt so bad about turning them in and y he changed 2 the good side after they died

  • Damian

    I cant believe im tellin u this but in the 7th book (NOW WARNING BIG SHOCK AND SPOILER) Harry potter will die and take voldemort with him sry 2 say he wont be with ginny, he blocks a death curse from voldemort who was aiming at hermione if u have ne related questions i try 2 answer as best as i can damianpulcini@hotmail.com

    P.S Harry potter is the best and stop bad mouthing snape he kicks ass

  • unkown

    knowing of alot of the comments above, i think that J.k. Rowling was very wise on how the events happened to make you lean just a little bit closer to you book and flip that 1 page over and over until you finished the book. what really concernes me is that at the end of the book (not really a spoiler but your warned) is how dumbledore only trusts snape because of how he feels sorry for james and lilys “anounimouse” tip off death. J.K. should have not let the plot hang on that excuse, am i right?

  • uknown

    otherwise, i think rowling did a great job and i hope she comes out with the final book that raps the series up!!!!!

  • I think that there must be another way to split your
    soul, because DD said that Voldemort was foolish to think that he was the only one who knew of “splitting his soul” not exactly using horcruxes. I still think DD gonna come back.
    Also, Harry is going to go back to Hogwarts, because there has to be another Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Anyway, jk anounced that harry was going back to hogwarts in Entertainment Magazine. The question is how? I think that DD and Sirius are going to come back and tell harry that he must attend.

  • javed

    well guys, i already knew that jk will let Harry be alone and his supporters and helpers will not be with him, when he will face his match. After all He is the boy who has to face it. Remember, when first Voldy cursed him with avada kedavera he lived, and how again he would be able to kill harry with the same curse? harry will survive. Anyways but i wonder how harry is fit for match of voldy? He cant even fight snape yet. He dont like to use curses. He has good inside him. Story is more critical at this point and it is difficult to imagine that harry will be able to destroy voldy. But jk had to kill characters in it bcoz a writer wants feelings more than appreciations from readers.
    Anyways bad news was that dumbledore died. He was greatest wizard ofcourse. If Quirell was able to wave his hand and tighten harry into ropes than y we cant expect more great things from Dumbledore. But alas, jk was just wanted to do it. Lets hope that 7th book will be great and would be able to justify positions of all characters in that.

  • ashley

    It was so horrible that dumbledore had died from snapes hands…..but wat if dumbledore had asked snape to kill him? i mean they can read each others minds can they not? what if there was something else behind dumbledores pleading….what if dumbledore had a reason behind his pleading?? i mean dumbledore is a great wizard….they can do things without their wands as well…i mean harry said it himself….so i dunno..:S

  • links

    Almost everyone is going with the ‘Snape was ordered by Dumbledore to kill him’ him theory or something similar. Which makes a good bit of sense, because at the end Dumbledore is talking to Malfoy and makes it obvious he knew of most of his plan all year long and never acted on it. Also, after apparating back to Hogsmeade, Harry was saying that he will get Dumbledore to Madame Pomfrey yet he kept saying he needs Severus Snape or something like that.

  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance

    I am not sure that harry is a horcrux.

    The transfer of part of Voldy’s soul in the creation of a Horcrux has got to be a completely planned event.

    We have always heard that Voldey forgot about the kind of magic harry’s mom’s sacrifice evoked. Maybe sacrifice for love will be a big part of the end.

    Why would Voldy transfer part of his soul to someone whom he knew he had to kill? Or who would be his equal?

    The love theme is also a part of this. It has been heavily hinted all along. Perhaps it provides some sort of magical protection for harry if he feels good about (loves?) voldermort when they finally meet. Harry sympathizes with him. Pities even?

    Harry never did ask Dumbledore what kind of jam was his favorite…

  • Ok, the plot is there, and we got at couple of years to do guess-work on the next book. But …
    Am I the only, with a clear feeling, that the 6. (and the 5. for the matter) book wasn’t done by J.K. Rowling?
    I mean, she did the plot – years ago, before starting book 1, but the latest books differ in writingstyle, giving me the suspicion of a ghostwriter.
    I find the story of HBP perfect, but the book a mere listing of events instead of a true story like that of GoF. And there are simple mistakes, like that of firstyears applying for the quidditch-team, that I trust J.K. wouldn’t make.

  • You will think I am the Master after you read this blog! 😉
    Read chapter one again, and then again, and note how passively that Snape answers questions. He does NOT know what the ladies are talking about, but instead he makes open-ended statements that LEAD the woman to telling him that Malfoy is going to kill someone, or else Malfoy DIES. Snape tells all this to dUMMBELDORE, that’s what they were yelling about in the forest,,,but THEY THINK it means kill POTTER! Read chapter one again and you will see that they nEVER talk about who Malfoy is going to kill? They never say Dumbledore! But Snape and dUMBLEDORE THINK IT MEANS POTTER!

    When Snape has Dumbledore cornered, and the Death Eaters are watching, they are both shocked and stunned that the deal is that Dumbledore needs to die. Snape thought that he was protecting POTTER from Dumbeldore, and snape was going to die for Potter, but instead he has to kill the leader of the rebellion, Dumbledore,,,,and he takes partricualr offence at Potter calling him coward. He was going to DIE for Potter….also note that with Dumbledore dead, which is a big surprise to snape, and potter, and dumbledore.,,,any PLAN that they had is out the window. Dumbledore and Snape thought that Malfoy was afcter Potter, and they would intercept the attempted murder. In reality, The assassinatiaon target was Dumbledore, and now Snape is all alone as the spy in the Dark Lord’s Tower. feel free to email and discusss!

  • snapefan

    to post 279

    it is an interesting thought that is atleast original 🙂

    but, i still think that dumbledore was the target and snape/dumbledore knew about that and thus planned dumbledore’s staged death scene (his death itself may or may not be real, but the whole thing was a set up). i think this for many reasons which i won’t bore everyone with, but one point i can add also refering back to chapter something close to 1 in the conversation between snape and narcissa… when narcissa begs snape to protect her son, snape clearly states that he thinks voldemort wanted HIM (snape) to do it in the end anyways. clearly voldemort did NOT expect draco to carry out this so called plot to kill dumbledore. draco is weak and not nearly clever enough. he evidently wasn’t evil enough in the end either. volemort would have to be a fool to expect anything to come of this order IF draco were the target. i think this draco-kill-dumbledore scheme was just voldemort’s excuse to test SNAPE’s loyalty. so dumbledore and snape hatched the plot to orchestrate dumbeldore’s death. the only other option would be to blow snape’s cover.

    that’s my thought.

  • sergio


    DD is dead and we now he was not afraid of it he always said that voldy was wrong thinking dead is the worst you can do to someone(ootp) and “After all, to the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.” I think is obvious that DD portrait will help Harry just like the others portraits help DD thats why DD does not care to die he know he would be able to help Harry and maybe tell us the trut about Snape…I think he is good and was on DD order to kill him just take a look at this…”Snape gazed for a moment at Dumbledore, and there was revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face. “Severus… Please…” (HBP pg 595) and this “You…you can’t stop, Professor,” said Harry. “You’ve got to keep drinking, remember? You told me you had to keep drinking. Here…” Hating himself, repulsed by what he was doing, Harry forced the goblet back toward Dumbledore’s mouth…(HBP pg 571). In that passage the reader is supposed to believe that Snape hates Dumbledore and feels revulsion for him but to help us understand the real meaning of Snape’s feelings of revulsion and hatred, J.K. used almost the exact same words for what Harry was feeling just one chapter previous.AboutHogwarts I think it will be open but just somes students will be there because parents are to afraid but I think Ron,Ginni,Hermione,Neville,Luna maybe all Weasley and Harry will be there and all the teachers will be training Harry he need a lot of training before he can face Voldy Snape try to teach him one last lesone after killing DD but I think Harry did not realize maybe even DD portrait teach Harry and halp him in his Horcruxes quest…I think R.A.B. is maybe Regulus Black and the locked is the one Harry saw in 12 Grimmauld Place.DD wand is missing the last time we saw it is when Malfoy disarm DD and we know Harry and Voldy’s wand can not fight maybe Harry will use DD wand when the times comes interesting..??

    P.S. sorry for my english…

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    Y? are you from a country that doesn’t speak english?

  • To post 280,,,thanks for comment. I still think that by reading that conversation between Snape and Narcissa, and Bela,etc,,,that you see that Snape did not know about this plot, but very carefully took his time to ask leading questions that would reveal the plot to him, except for crucial detail of who Malfoy needed to kill. I think safe to assume that we readers, and Snape, thought the plot was the natural Draco kill Potter. I think that Snape was on the spot, in a corner when he took the unbreakable oath that he believed was going to ensure Potter’s safety. The “DONT CALL ME A COWARD” line is a very defensive thing to say, and i think reveals that Snape offended by a remarl the person he is actually protecting. I look forward to reading more ideas, and tell me if you see that mtg in chapter differently if you take viewpoint that Snape bluffing the whole time. cheers!

  • James M

    First R.A.B. is Regulas Black. Because Hermione said the note sounded like it came from someone who knew Voldemort and he sure did. Plus Regulus’s name is brought up several times in this book to remind us Sirius indeed does have a brother. Right here’s my views on Snape……..

    Origionally when I first finished reading the book I didn’t have a doubt that Snape was a death eater and in fact dumbledore was pleading for his life. But now…………..
    I dunno. After reading over everything you guys think. Maybe Snape isn’t so evil. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. But Snape did say that dumbledore took too much for granted and if you do read the second chapter again it doesn’t actually prove that he knew anything of “the plan” and may of just weedled the information out of the sisters with intelligence and cunning. I have to say that if this is true he’s a fucking awesome lier and fair play to him. But also there are other things that support this view like when Narcissa asked him to commit himself to the unbreakable vow there were a few seconds silence and his expression was blank and “unreadable.” Also one reason why I was convinced of Snapes guilt prieviously was because before he killed Dumbledore there were “lines of revulsion and hatred etched in the harsh lines of his face.” But like some legend said in a comment above, it was very similar to the words used by Rowling. when Harry was pouring the drink down Dumbledores throat, like “revulsion” and “hatred.” Maybe Harry and Snape are similar in the fact that they both actually are repulsed by causing Dumbldore harm and in any case if Snape wasn’t a death eater and was in fact really a spy for the order and trusted Dumbledore, of course he would be repulsed by what he was doing and would of course have hated himself for doing it. His expression at this point proves nothing. Whichever side he was on wouldn’t he look the same? Hell I would. Plus, when Harry confronts Snape towards the end of the book when Harry calls him a coward and looks at Snapes expression it said in words, “as though he was in as much pain as the dog stuck in the burning house behind them.” Why would he feel hurt and in pain? true, he may hate Harry for everything his father did to him in his youth and so hate Harry but he may still feel upset that he could not tell Harry the truth. Of how he was risking his life for Harry every day. I think the truth being that Snape had to kill Dumbledore on his orders because he was going to die anyway. Why? after taking Marvolos ring and destroying it. I don’t think that a blackened hand was all Dumbledore got even though he says it was. So Snape knew he was going to die and was in a corner when Cissy asked the favour of the vow. Dumbldore had retrieved the ring by this time anyway and had seen snape afterwords as it was Snapes “timely action” that stopped him dying immediately. And then he had the blackened hand when retrieving Harry from Privet Drive. Of course he didn’t know she was going to ask him this but thought that he may as well do it anyway. He may of agreed to do it anyway beforehand. And finally, dumbledore trusts Snape. Snape and dumbledore knew his fate and planned their steps. Snape was asked by dumbledore to kill him and he agreed. Resulting in an arguement of how he took it for granted that he should kill him and didn’t want to. Hagrid also said he sounded “overworked.” Can’t blame him. And then there’s the fact that dumbldore told Harry everything about horcruxes before he died so that he could go on and kill him. As Harry so rightly said towards the end “that’s what he’d want me to do.” I dunno. Maybe i’m looking to much into this. We’re just gonna have that long wait until the next book to find out guys (sigh.)

    Sorry to drone on. Had to get that off my chest. I think i’m on to something. The HBP feels like it’s missing something important and leaves a lot of question unanswered and on Jks website she says she planned this one out from every angle and if i’m right (possibly) she’d need need to because that’s genius. Tell me what you think.


  • daz

    i cant believe what snape did but i fink he’s a good guy really and as for the harry and ginny thing i always wanted him to get with cho chang they would have been perfect as they could have gotten along on the cedric thing that wud be so good if they got 2gether in the 7th book and dumbledore will help somehow in the future

  • James M

    I know you’ve all made your own adaptations to the last book already but heres mine. Tell me what you think.

    “You think Harry Potter, that you and your little friends have enough magical talent to kill me?”
    “You think you are stronger than I?”
    Though Harry did not like to admit it. It was perfectly true. He had led them to their death. But he was not going to let Voldemort criticise and mock him before killing him. He was going to fight to the death like his father. He was going to die trying.
    “Maybe Tom, but once again you fail to comprehend that love is the most powerful form of magic.”
    At this Voldemort laughed. A high, cold, cruel, heartless and mocking laugh that made the hairs on the back of Harrys neck stand on end. He felt Neville shudder beside him.
    “Dumbledore has taught you well Harry Potter, but he died before finishing the job, leaving you quite alone. There are no parents here to save you. No Aurors, no members of your pathetic order. Just you and your little friends”. He inclined his head towards Ginny with a leering smile upon his face. Ginny did not flinch but stared back into those scarlet eyes.
    Snape howver was not laughing or jeering and neither, Harry realised with an element of surprise, was Wormtail. Snape in fact looked slightly afraid.
    “To battle then little Harry.”
    “To battle Tom”
    Everyone raised their wands simultaniusly. Snape, Bellatrix, Wormtail and Voldemort, Luna, Cho, Neville, Ron and Hermione and Ginny.

    Someone continue the story. I’m getting bored. Pretty good though hu?

  • binderella71

    can anyone please tell me on what page did hermione ,ron and harry found the locket in book six… i have re read the book twice since the HBP come out and can’t find it anywhere…..I’m thinking as there are different versions of the HPB in print maybe it’s not in my copy of the OOTF.The British and American version sound as though they have Big differences can anyone tell me what version Australia got

  • david

    they found it in the 5th book oh and by the way we will win at the cricket i am english

  • david

    they found it in the 5th book oh and by the way we will win at the cricket i am english

  • daz

    i reckon that in the 7thbook harry will get with cho chang and they’ll fall deeply in love causing cho to help harry and the others face lord voldermort as she would rather harry die with her and after a long time they are face to face with lord voldermort and some of his deatheaters and harry, cho, ron, hermione, ginny, luna and neville who i think will play a pretty big part in the book and luna is attacked by lestrange as lord voldermort orders her to and then harry notices a look of dread on snapes face then harry shouts no as voldermort starts laughing and cast a spell at cho who is right next to harry and harry gets in the way of it causing his death and cho dives to the floor crying trying to wake harry up and hermione starts crying then neville steps forward cast a spell on peter pettigrew who seemed like he had something else on his mind and was sweaty and looked nervous and falls to the floor suddenly brought back to his sence then ron and ginny cast a spell on lestrange nocking her unconcious then voldermort who had never even noticed cho said so you must be harry’s girlfriend and just how deos it feel that after all he’s done his life ends thanks to the great power of lord voldermort the most powerful wizard of all time then hermione said with tears running down her face in an angry voice what about your ancesters what about salazar slytherin he was brought down by godric grythindor the most powerful wizard of all time he must be someones ancestor and i no who evry one who was concious gasped apart from voldermort who said my power is to great now then hermione said so is dumbledores you see his name was changed at birth to stop him being tracked down and yes you might have killed him but his powers are more greater than that of life and death then harry seemed to have come back to life cho crying hugged him sobbing even harder then snape said its true he has great power he told me before i killed him as i was ordered to i no you were it was my orders said voldermort then a voice said no it was mine and to evryones shock it was dumbledore alive then he said i told you the power of love is so great that cho here brought harry back to life as there has never been a stronger love then theirs and was even powerful enough to bring us back to end the reign of lord voldermort the last decendent of salazar slytherin voldermort looking for the first time in his life completely strucken with fear said what do you mean we then the vioce of sirius black said i told you you would have to kill me and that you did but thanks to someone who has become a dear friend we knew of your plans then voldermort looking around to see who it could be saw severus snape with a huge grin on his face you said voldermort you but why we could have ruled the world why said severus because it was on your orders that dumbledore must die and i couldt stand for that you had to be taken down then all he herd was snape cast a spell on lestrange who was gaining concoiusness then lucious malfoy came through the door sirius had nocked him unconciousron had got pettigrew along with ginny then all you heard was dumbledore yell like a giant and voldermort who had tried to block a blood red beam of light that came from dumbledore wand but to no avail screamed in pain and died

    that all i could think for the 7th book and would be exelent if it could happen

  • binderella71

    post 289*****what cricket?????? are the aussie’s playing you pommy’s .sorry i’m not into cricket good luck to your players though hope the do well. Don’t really care if our guys get beaten LOL..thanks for the info i found the locket chapter last night,but it didn’t have the initals R.A.B that i could find……….

    ican’t wait another two years to find out how the story will finish i hope that J.K releases the next book quicker than the last one……

  • with karate ill kik ur ass


    you will loose at cricket just like england always do, im scotish.

  • daz

    first off england probably will win the cricket cuz there the best even tho i dnt like cricket and secondly i thought this was a harry potter fourum so lets get back to talking about it

    i reckon that harry and ginny together was the worst mistake in the book (all of you will probably dissagree)i think harry should have got with cho chang there isnt enough about her so what if she isnt a main character they should make her a more important one then as you may have noticed i like cho’s character and thats because it would be good to involve her in harrry’s love life aswell as ginny then lord voldermort takes them both and harry must choose cho the love of his life or ginny an ex girlfriend that he’s not really interested in anymore but is his best mates lil sister now that would be good in the 7th book but i just really want more of cho and harry

  • As quickly as we all have figured out that Snape and Dumbloedoore in cahoots together till tragic ending,,,don’t you think there is something we are overlooking? I tell you that Snape and DD did NOT trhink that DD was the target of Malfoys mission,,,hence, why DD had to tell Snale “please,,,” to give him the hint that “altough this is NOT what we planned my friend, you musyt follow thru!~” think about this for moment,,,Snale tells the evil sisters thsat he know all about the plan.,,,then WHY when he sees Malfoy is questioning about what the plan exactly IS? If he knew the plan., and was either in on it with Malfoy,,,he would NOT be adviding Malfoy. Why did DD order potter to od the invis cloak, and then HIDE him with that spell in the corner,,,because he thought he was saving Potter, the intended victim so tye thought of Malfoy. Hence we do not know if DD insinuating to Snape, please protect me because we are in a jam,,,or if he is saying,,,kill me and go on with the plan…and good luck! the reason that Snape made the defense against dark arts teahcer is becuase snale and dd know that Potter will be under threat soon,,,,and needs to protect himself,,,remember that snale named teacher of defencive aRTS ONLY AFTER he would lhave likely shared anything with DD. DD put Snape on that job to really teach Potter. think again a bout chapter two with the insight that Snale does not know the “plan” and then you nsee how he would have mis-guessed and mis-stepped no matter what he thought it was originally.

  • Steve

    Been reading the last few postings…though I agree with the comments that are pro Cho/Harry, I’m afraid JKR has made it quite obvious that the 7th book is gonna be Harry/Ginny, I doubt Cho will make an appearance, as she (and perhaps Harry, though I hope not, but it appears JKR has decided it) will have left Hogwarts in book 7, not sure how they could meet up. Put it this way, at least Harry will have good in-laws if he marries Ginny lol..assuming of course, they survive (I think they will, but they will certainly be doubt about it at some point in book 7 methinks). I suspect Death Eaters will impersonate at least one of the Weasleys, and perhaps Dumbledore too in book 7.

  • Steve

    re. everybody’s adaptations of the end of book 7, I’m sure JKR can come up with something better than anything I could..so I’m not even going to try lol.

  • daz

    i reckon that jkr should get harry n cho 2geva by gettin 1 or both of cho’s parents 1 of voldermorts victims then cho vows to avenge her parents death thus meating harry ron & hermione on her journeys and her and harry grow closer & closer to each other in time falling in love and then come to meet voldermort
    the rest is in comment’s 290 & 293 i so want harry and cho 2 get together i would even pay jkr money to do it or something but as i dont have a job thts not likely to happen lol

  • narcissus

    far-fetched, far-fetched and far-fetched still!!!! not likely to happen.. potter needs someone who’s more driven and decisive. who would support his weak minds… more talented than just lucky. llok at hermione and weasely. ron is mediocare while hermione is smart and talented..

  • kristen

    I don’t think snape ia a bad guy. Why would Dumbledore bad snape when he has never done it before to anyone. I think he was begging snape to kill him. Remember when hagrid told harry that Dumbledore and snape were fighting, I think its because Dumbledore knew snape was going to kill him and snape didn’t want to. Thats why Dumbledore was telling harry to get him to snape.

  • narcissus

    re 299

    i totally agree….. that’s why there was revulsion and hatred on snape’s face when he did it. he didn’t want to kill him AB made him do that.. to save Draco’s and keep Snape’s cover and better look after potter. J.K. is like that, she wants us to hate snape now only to appreciate him at the end… i wont even be surprised if snape’ll be killed in trying to save harry in the last book

  • daz

    the idea of harry and cho may seem far fetched but you have to admit it could help as cho might have pretty powerful relatives that join the order due to cho’s parent/parents dying making the order more powerful and whatever anyone says i sooooo want harry n cho to get bak 2geva

  • I think that snape had to do it to get in deeper in the enemies lines. plus he now has no part in the oath cos malfo’s task is over. And maybe if Dumbledore had to die its best to choose a head of time who…..it will be still in snapes wand…..and this way snape might be close to help harry in book 7. And what of R.A.B. he must of been close to dumbledore cos he was on the track the same as dumbledore, and the necklace was not as large as the one he say in the pensive and it didn’t have S one it. What of all the loose ends, enslavement of the house elves, the giants, and what of Neville? he is a pureblood maybe he will be a late bloomer and very powerful, and what of Dumbledore, did he use a Hor……for himself? What of his phoenix? Why leave Hogwarts? ‘The only place Tom wnated to be where he felt at home????? Snape was and is a very very powerful multi talented wizard who aquired his skills the hard way learing them yr after yr…..Reminds me of harmonie!!! have a great day all

  • Angie

    I think it’s so sad how Dumbledore dies, but I agree that there is more than meets the eye. Dumbledore must have had a deeper, and stronger reason to trust Snape, afterall he was the wisest and most intelligent wizard ever! But I still HATE Snape!! I so want to punch his ugly face for making me cry. As for Ginny and Harry’s romance… it’s not over.I truly believe that there will be more than just this next book coming up. I think there will be several books as Harry finds more Horcruxes.I cant wait!!!

  • eriqo

    remember when he said something to the tune that since he is very wise, his mistakes tend to bigger. perhaps it was his big mistake to trust snape.

  • Read something similar to this,,,remember when DD was drinking the liquid out of the bird-bath? what the world was that Gibberish he was talking!!!!???? Sounded like bad flashbacks,,,any ideas. Personally I bet that in classic literature style, everyone dies in book seven,,,but JKRR Rowling will come out with Pre-Quels about Snape, Potter St, S Black,,,etc and so on,,,the kid stuff will be over by then,,,your thoughts please,,,

  • Okay,,,obviously very interested in HBP this week,,,did anyone else find it odd the lack of OUTRAGE at Snape’s betrayal of DD? I mean those other profs who were part of the Order, and also completely trusted Snape, to the other profs who prolly took solace in such a powerful wizard on their side to protect Hogwarts,,,everyone just seemed to scrathc their head at Snape’s betrayal? I didnt hear revenge, or addtl fear that Snape has turned on them, and can use his inside knowledge of Hogwarts to the destruction of Hogwarts. Second thoughts?

  • Hp reader

    re.comment 306

    i think the teachers/order didnt react overly badly 2 snapes betryal cuz they knew he was not worth plotting revenge about; they had more important things 2 do. although, notice how lupin almost breaks down, harry said he never saw him look so sad n stuff.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    does any 1 find it weird that lupin is wwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy older than tonks.

  • eriqo

    re comment 308:
    love is blind

    re comment 306:
    hagrid cried like a mother f….(remember the funeral)

  • Angie

    I think there is a hidden meaning to what Dumbledore was saying as he was drinking the poison to get to the locket. There is something we are not catching. Although I don’t think Dumbledore is alive. I think the purpose of his death was to get Harry to realize that he is on his own when it comes to the war against Voldemort and that it is up to him with the help of Ron and Hermione to destroy him for good.

  • daz

    i really hope there is a big war between the normal wizarding communit n the death eaters and voldy to make it more interesting and harry gets badly injured at the start of the book nearly dead making his aunt cry n visit him n tells him a spell that can kill voldy which she was told by lily before she died n cho also finds out a few good spells from her grandparent that they tell her incase voldy gets her like he got her parents n harry will help her as they are both 2geva

    wee i hope tht happens or sumfin along those lines it would be so cool n harry n cho tht is the best fing tht could happen

    harry n cho plz get 2geva plz

  • GoDlyBraiN



    for starters i want to say that i read the book 2 hours after it came out and i absolutely loved it, i stumbled on this posts today and read em all but there are somethings i dont get…

    all that has happened so far MUST happen to be able to make book 7 possible. Harry can Never be the save the day hero if he’s still the “pet” of the demigod-wizard who loves him dumbledore. To come to a conclusion in the series albus had to die in this book.

    As for something i read on this forum about snape protecting his role as i spy… Would it make sense to sacrifice the by far strongest player in ur team to have some insights in the other team.. ofc not . Snape has gone bad and hes gonne pay for it.(i hope)

    last but not least has it occured to some1 that harry might not actually survive the next book. “neither can live while the other one lives might mean” might mean that Harry will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy dumbledore. Look at it, he’ll be reunited with his parents, ron is free to live long and prosper with hermy and harry will be the most celebrated hero ever in the wizarding world…


  • GoDlyBraiN

    destroy voldemort ofc i mean, shouldnt type so hastly srry for that..

  • i killed voldermort lol

    hi ya people. the real question i’m wondering about is who is r.a.b? anyways i hate snape!!!! i was just a bout trust him until i read the 2nd chapter ,still j.k really knows how to suprise you! i’d also like to say romance in the book really heats up well thats all!(the only problem now is waiting 4 the next book)

  • with karate ill kik ur ass


    snapr rules, u shouldnt hate him, yes he is ab bit of a dik but i think in the end i bet hes good.

  • joe beech

    Is Cho Chang goin to be in the 7th book? Harry has to end up with her at the end!

  • foosbaby

    if harry ends up with cho chang i’ll cry. lol. their relationship if you can even call it that was pretty pathetic. i’m not a ginny fan either. but after the lupin tonks shock i can accept anything. maybe snape and sprout will be the next surprise. hahahaha. soooo kidding.

  • Steve

    Speaking of relationships, wouldn’t it be funny if Filch DID end up with Madam Pince as was suggested in the book?? lol.
    As far as Harry is concerned, hard for me to see him being a good match with anyone in the books, same with Hermione (though of course, JK has determined it’s gonna be Harry & Ginny, Ron & Hermione).

  • yoohoo

    how in the heck does ANYONE see much romance in these books?” the CHO thing,,,come on,,,whoever that charastcer is,,,she is not relevant!
    i think thew beauty of the b0ooks is that the PLOT is now what are the adults up to? THE adults ruled this one.

  • narcissus

    something to consider….
    r.a.b. was not alone when he took the locket… AD said himself that he couldn’t have make it alone.. i bet it was snape.. snape, after all, knew about horcruxes and he wasn’t supposed to because the dark lord doesn’t reveal that even to his deatheaters… AD and SS knew about them..
    also, potter must be related to gryffindor…AB said to harry ” your blood is worth than mine”…. and the potters hid themselves at godfric hollow…..

  • Fitzy69er@hotmail.com

    What happens if magical power is transfered between wizards when they are killed or die. Just say (and im going out on a limb here) that when dumbledore killed grindlewalt he absorbed magical power from him. I know you could say that dumbledore was already brilliant at magic when at school “did things with a wand i’ve never seen”. but maybe when he defeated grindlewalt he just got more powerful. This could also be why voldemort is so strong, coz he murders heaps of powerful witches and wizards (e.g.amelia bones). Anyway take this in mind.

    When Snape killed DD suddenly he was better at duelling than i ever noticed, he was parrying unforgiveable curses (aren’t they unblockable to) he was definatley stronger. Did he absorb some of DD’s power when he murdered him? (yes he did murder him although on dd’s orders i don’t know)

    Maybe. So what happens if harry kills snape before going Voldy hunting. Maybe all the combined power of Dumbledore, Grindlewalt and snape go to Harry. The boy who can now fight. I am just looking at the story and thinking that harry will never stand a chance against Voldy unless he evolves into a more powerful wizard, and this could be a way…

    It would really be a shame if harry somehow defeates the most powerful dark wizard of all time through fluke. That would make me cry….. and i havent cried throught the books yet

  • snapefan

    to post 321

    i agree on the fluke comment

    harry potter has not proven to be good anything that requires more talent than tying his shoelaces. i would also cry if this series ended because of a fluke.

    the only consolation is that although lord V is supposed to be the greatest dark wizard ever, he is proving to be a complete moron who can’t keep himself from making atleast 1 if not many more miscalculations and mistakes each and every book.

    it looks like the one who will lose the final showdown between harry potter and voldemort will not be the one who makes the first mistake, but the one that makes the first FATAL mistake. lol

    tk god there are characters like dumbledore and snape that are actually intelligent.

  • eriqo

    Also to post 321:

    If all you wrote about power is true, where does the love come in? What we are told in the books is that Harry has something that the dark lord doesn’t-love.

  • Fitzy69er@hotmail.com

    To eriqo post 323:

    Im not saying that what i have said is correct or true but just a theory.

    But as for the love issue, i got the impression that harry’s love stopped him becoming corrupted by power “You are protected in short, by your ability to love!” said dd loudly “the only protection that can possibly work against the lure of power like voldemorts” and it goes on to say thats why harry thwarted him in book 1.

    So love, to my way of thinking, is just a protection. Not a means to an end.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    do u no think that maybe the 7th book will be later on in his life , l.ike wen he is training to be an auror or wen he is an auror, coz then he wont kill him on a fluke and i think ur righth bout the power thing coz that would be total ace if he killed V and then he got all of v’s powers and he was the most powerful wizard. happy endings, dont u just lov em.

  • s.c

    how obut this for a the first two chapters

    A Happy Privet Drive
    Mr and Mrs Dursley of number four privet drive were happy to say that they were perfectly normal ten months of the year no faults in their family nothing strange or mysterious thank you very much. However in late June an extra member o f their family returns home his name Harry Potter.
    But this year was different to all the rest. Late in the evening Harry walked down Privet Drive with a wide smile on his face he turned to the Dursley’s door and knocked nobody answered two more hands joined Harry’s on the face of the door one ginger freckled the other smooth a women’s hand with nail vanish on.
    Harry knew the exact expression that he would see on uncle Vernon’s face as he opened the door first surprise but quickly changing to purple with anger “ WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE” he shouted showering Harry in spit. Usually this would scare Harry enough to make a run for it but he casually took out his wand. “ This is Ron” pointing his wand at Ron “ He’s part of the wizard family that came here three years ago to take me to the Quidditch world cup”. As uncle Vernon heard these words he looked as though he had been shot, he opened his mouth to protest but Harry continued “ and this is Hermione Granger you’ve never met her. And down the road there are Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks who think that we can’t see them kissing” Harry chuckled for that also applied for Ron and Hermione who had been sneaking kisses ever since they got off the Hogwarts express and went to Diagon alley. “ They will be leaving when we are inside and these two” indicating Ron and Hermione “ will stay until my seventeenth birthday when we will all leave. Now we all have to read a trunk load of books literally” pointing to a fourth trunk so if you don’t mind.” Harry wasn’t scared of his uncle anymore he coolly walk upstairs whilst levitating his and the forth trunk Ron and Hermione followed.
    Harry Ron and Hermione had planed what they were to do in the three weeks they had at the Dursley’s. After Dumbledore’s funereal they went back to the room of requirement and took all the books they thought could help them fight the death eaters they also went to Diagon alley after a augment with Mrs weasley and Hermione’s Mum and Dad. Harry stayed out of both of these but heard his name being mentioned a lot along with deatheaters, he who must not be named and what would I do if you died. At Diagon alley they went into nearly every shop and bought any book that they would need. In the next three weeks they learnt occumelcy very well harry finding it easier being relaxed with Ron and Hermione compared to snape. Learning advanced anti-jinxes and counter-curses. Ron produced a patronus quicker than Hermione but she had to teach him how to disapparate and apparate. Hermione bewitched Harry’s room into the size of a classroom with a kitchen as Aunt petunia was refusing to make food for the three of them saying that they didn’t have enough but between the three of them Harry told that they would eat half of what Dudley eats himself. Bill and Fleurs wedding was two days after Harrys birthday told a letter from Mrs Weasley coming with a large cake and three invitations. In Harry’s bedroom they had 3 caldrons bubbling away one contained veritaserum, another polyjuice potion and another draught of the living death. Harry pleaded with Hermione not to use the half blood prince’s tips this time but Hermione refused saying that it had much better effects and they wanted it as good as they can get it.
    Three days before Harry’s birthday they practised completely non verbal jinxes from Illegal Powerful Jinxes Hogwarts Couldn’t Teach You. From a strange book Hermione didn’t agree with That same day the prophet came with the Headline.

    Five dark wizards have escaped from Azkaban including Malfoy, Rookwood, Dolohov, Crabbe, Goyle. All known for associating with He who must not be named, imprisoned after caught in the department of mysteries a year ago. These men are believed to be returing straight away to their Dark Lord but rumours tell of how Malfoy is not in you know whos good books after what happened. But after Malfoys son Draco let over fifteen deatheaters into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry leading to the tragic death of Albus Dubbledore the darklord may have forgiven there family.

    Harry stopped reading Ron and Hermione expected him to shout. He said nothing pointing his wand at a pillow on the other side of the room a jet of red light with yellow sparks shot from Harrys wand the pillow almost straight away burnt into flames then blew up. The explosion was somehow controlled no noise and the flames didn’t even hit the roof both Hermione and Ron had there wands out encircling the explosion with a whispery green vapour from the end of the wand. Smiles broke through their faces, “we are getting bloody good” said Ron enthusiastically the other two laughed. The next two days was spent returning Harry’s room back to normal and packing their trunks the fourth trunk had seven large compartments all filled with books, potions and Dark detectors (Harry got the idea from Mad eye Moody’s trunk)
    Mr Malfoy’s Problem
    It was Harry’s birthday when aunt Petunia came in to Harry’s room with a tray filled with bacon, eggs and toast. She strode to his bed and laid down the tray and a long envelope. Harry opened the envelope to find what he least expected.
    “It was your mother’s it came the night you came the note said not to give this to you until your seventeenth birthday” She said quietly sitting down in the nearest chair avoiding Harry’s eyes. Harry was holding a elegant smooth midnight blue wand.
    “Thanks I think,” Harry muttered still looking at the wand that once belonged to Lily Evans. Aunt Petunia moved towards the door “ Aunt Petunia” She looked round “ Really I mean it thank you for letting me stay here and everything. We will be going this afternoon and you’ll never have to see me again.”
    “I wish we took better care of you whilst you were here. Ill tell Vernon and Dudley that you said bye”
    Harry Ron and Hermione stepped out the front door and never looked back Harry had a wonderful feeling that he would not have to return here ever again. He looked up to the crisp blue sky only to see three owls heading there way. One landed on Harry’s arm a letter from Hogwarts read…


    Harry Potter requires.
    Advanced potion Making. (Which you should already have)
    Advanced charms and beyond by Chris Moorey
    Defence against the Darkest of Arts by Hillary Etarick
    Transfiguration year seven.
    The Standard book of spells Grade 7.

    Students may also bring an owl OR cat OR toad.

    Head Teacher Professor Mcgonagall.

    Parents are reminded that if they do not wish to send their children to hogwarts they do not have to but we strongly recommend in times like this education is the key to success.

    p.s You are still expected to fulfil your duties of Quidditch team captain.

    Harry stopped reading looking up at Ron and Hermione who were looking in surprise.
    “I can’t believe they are reopening after all that happened I bet not a lot of people will go” Ron said still looking at the letter “I would have been head boy” he said then looking dreamily.
    “And I Head Girl oh well shall we walk on” she noticed Harry’s guilty looks and didn’t want to make a big deal. Harry was the one who they were following giving up all their time for him. Ron caught on and started to walk on without saying anything. At the end of privet drive there was a rustle in the bushes.
    “Potter” came a mans voice he stepped out form the bush reveiling himself to be none other than Lucious Malfoy. Harry was quicker than Ron and Hermione and Mr Malfoy was flying backwards whilst his wand flew into the air caught by Harry. All three of them advanced and pointed directly at his chest with all three wands.
    “Wait please I need your help” said Malfoy now kneeling and pleading “Its my son he does belong with the dark lord He shouldn’t be with him you must pity him …”
    “He caused Dumbledore’s death” Hermione blurted out hate shot across her face “ He let death eaters into Hogwarts”
    “ He had no choice The Dark Lord would have killed him and all his family…”
    “I could hardly recognise by brother after Greyback was through with him” Ron came into the conversation.
    “Look please if you meet him give him a choice to come into hiding with me and his mother please just give a choice? He’s not evil he’s not a killer take pity him” Mr Malfoy was close to crying.
    “Why should we!” Ron close to shouting. “ Why pity Malfoy. He doesn’t deserve”
    “He was the one who was supposed to kill Dumbledore but he didn’t He’s not a killer tell them” looking at Harry. Harry said nothing.
    “Malfoy wasn’t going to kill him?” Hermione asked all eyes were on Harry. He hadn’t told anyone about how Malfoy lowered his wand before more death eaters came, he thought that this might take away his anger with malfoy but he couldn’t help feeling pity for Malfoy after the position he was in with Voldemort. Harry nodded looking at Ron and Hermione a loud bang and Mr Malfoy was gone.
    “ Do you think it was a trick?” Hermione asked looking uncertainly at Harry.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    good ideas. bad gramar but alround it was well done:)

  • binderella71

    hey that was very good i enjoyed reading it ……

    but i just can’t see Malfoy begging have for anything , not even Draco’s life he would do any thing for the dark lord.

    the way i see it Draco himself will seek Harry out and ask for his help, maybe Harry will hide him at OFTP headquarters???

  • Daniel

    Okay, I don’t think anyone else said this ’cause I read every single one but, here goes.

    Snape made an unbreakable vow to Dumbledore to always be on the good side and help Harry and the Order.

    P.S. I like the Reg. Black and the “Snape using a non-verbal spell” on Dumbledore theories.

  • Daniel

    Which is, by the way, Dumbledores solid reason for trusting Snape.

    (In relation to my post above.)

  • Daniel

    Sorry that I keepadding on the my earlier posts but I keep forgetting things. Dumbledore is dead (in contrast to my first post about the nonvb. spell). It was just an interesting idea.

  • Daniel

    Another theory.

    What if Dumbledore had a death eater under the imperius cures and either transfigured him or have him drink polyjuice potion to look like Dumbledore. That could explain the pleading when he was fighting it off and also saying that he was sorry for what he did and that it was bad when he drank the poison in the cave. AND why snape had a “look of pure hatred” when he killed him. Your comments please on this and my other posts.

  • binderella71

    i like the idea of the unbreakable vow theory ..hadn’t thought of that before ..but how would that work having two unbreakable vow that contradict each other ???? ideas anyone??

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    maybe that was y snape looked like he hated himself because he had to stay on the good side but had to kill him. maybe it doesnt do anything coz there kinda differernt spells. the unbreakable vow that he made with dumbledoore is kinda ever lasting since u can stay on the good side till u die but u can only kill some 1 once so i supose he can have 2 unbreakable vow.

  • Daniel

    Remember when Harry tried crucio on Bellatrix in Bk.5? He did it wrong, not enough hatred she had said, that’s why, instead of the regular crucio when you just take the pain, she got BLASTED back. Remember in any book when Voldemort killed someone, it was a quiet death, and no blasting? Well when Snape did it, DUMBLEDORE GOT BLASTED. He wasn’t doing it wholeheartedly, that’s why it was wrong just like Harry’s was. And the problem with him dying for not fulfulling the vow to Bellatrix, if everyong THOUGHT, dumbledore was dead, than that would be good enough. Comments please.

  • Daniel

    Him, the one dying for the vow to Bellatrix—being Snape, as pertaining to my above post, sorry for not making that clear.

  • Mel


    In the end of the last book, when Dumbledore’s funeral was happening, the author mentioned people who went to it BUT why didn’t Ablus’s brother show up??? The author mentioned him twice in other books but didn’t tell us if he was deceased. So why didn’t he come???


    I believe that R.A.B is Regulus Black. Regulus could of faked his own death like Peter Petegrew. He could of been in hidding but, then came out of hiding because of the death of his brother Sirius Black. Reg. was once a deatheater and would know of the horcruxes. Therefore, he would of took the locket from A.D.’s pocket. He would of left the letter that was in A.D.’s pocket.

  • s.c

    I believe that Dumbledore and proffeser Slughorn swaped places the night of Dumbledores murder as if you read it cafully Slughorn always says “oho” throughout the book and Dumbledore has never said it until the night he died on page 526 in the cave.

    I know its a long shot but Dumbledore was my fav charactor so i Don’t want him to be dead

  • narcissus

    re post 337

    he was mentioned, atually…… the barman from hogsmeade, it says……

    re post 338
    sometimes we just have to accept it…. it was necessary for him to go. he’s dead.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    he’ll still be there in portrait

  • daz

    i dnt fink it was really DD tht died as he neva wud of begged for his life it’s sum sort of trick on dumbledore n i reckon DD’s brother will end up being a big character or he may already be a big character as being a dumbledore would probably give him great powers one being tranfigurating n he might have transfigured into a person thts bin in the books all along we just havnt known it ne way i think cho cud be a powerful wizard n help harry they shud get 2geva

    cho n harry are da best

  • snapefan

    to post 338

    interesting thought. i’ll have to reread the entire book to see about these “o ho” things. lol. i still hope the old swap places with someone else trick is not used again (it was already done in book 4) and even if it was a swap, someone still died then. and i really want snape to be absolved (he may still have to die, but i hope that there are circumstances that redeem him). killing the wrong man only makes him look like a fool on top of being a killer. lol

    just curious (probably of no significance whatsoever) but it’s funny that petunia and dudley are described as very blond in book 1, but the actors are brunettes.

  • Steve

    Yes, re. comment 342 about the Longbottoms, I also found that curious…I deliberately watched the first film before reading any of the books, and I’m glad I did, it would have been quite distracting having a mental picture from the books that was nothing like the actors on the screen in the earlier movies…I must confess I am disappointed with the photos I have seen of Mad Eye Moody’s eye in the GoF film already lol, I thought his magical eye could have been an amazing special effect in the actor’s head but instead it looks like this cheap fake eye in a tiny pair of eyeglasses. Oh, well…

  • binderella71

    Can anyone tell me what happened to peeves in the movies???? i remember before the first one(movie) came out there was talk that Rik Mayal (Drop Dead Fred, The Young Ones) was going to play the part of peeves..I think he would have been FANTASTIC playing peeves. Peeves to my way of thinking has an important place in the books so why didn’t the film makers put him in the movies???

  • yammering_away

    i want to know where peeves is too. we know that he would atleast make a great scene in book 5/movie 5 but since movie 1-3 don’t have him, are they just cutting him out completely?

  • Femme Teriyaki

    In all honesty? I hated the book. It was a huge disappointment to me. I felt that the plot was sloppy; it seemed so last minute and God knows she had enough time. It didn’t feel like a part of the series. I was cheered by the part about Horcruxes–I thought that had its own bit of brilliance to it, but my happiness at that part was short lived as the book sunk even lower than it had begun. It left me wondering why the book was even called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Half-Blood Prince plot seems like something JKR forgot about until the last few chapters. “Oh right! Must write in title plot!” The entire thing seemed like a huge afterthought. It didn’t match up to the standards of the previous books at all.

    As for the ships, I have no idea what’s going on there. Ginny is an enormously under-developed character. I think she’s more developed in fanfiction than she is in the books! I don’t believe that Harry should end up with a character who has been so neglected; that he ignored for 4 years. How can JKR suddenly expect us to believe that after 4 years of not realizing she was alive, suddenly Ginny is the light of his life? Most of the relationships that were thrown together in this book were laughable and cliched.

    The book didn’t seem “dark” to me in the way that OOTP did; it seemed like it was trying to be dark and coming off like a badly done parody. I kept waiting for the book to be recalled as a publisher’s mistake, but unfortunately I had no such luck. I hate the fact that I wasted my money on this book. In HBP (which should stand for Half-Baked Plot, by the way), JK Rowling seems out of ideas and sick of writing the series–at least sick enough of it that she doesn’t put her whole effort into it. My opinion? I’d rather have a big fat nothing than a load of crap wasting space on my bookshelf.

  • wjmc

    i didn’t hate the book, but i do agree with most of the above (post 346). the ending was rushed, the “half blood prince” thing was glossed over thus making the whole concept very much like a cheap book selling and hype inducing gimick, and the relationships were ridiculous (quite frankly, the relationships in all the harry potters are cheesy).

    but… the mysterious and highly staged death scene at the end as well as the intriguing intro to the concept of horcruxes paves the road for a fantastic book 7 (too bad that’s ALL book 6 does). and i sure as hell don’t read harry potter for the romance. so i can skim over those parts and save myself the agony. lol. the biggest selling point for me is that FINALLY harry potter does NOT face voldemort and beat him AGAIN. that was getting tiresome.

    thus, although i was disappointed, i still give this book the thumbs up. if book 7 is worse then i will cry.

  • eriqo

    comment 347.

    All we can do is cross our fingers and hope book 7 doesn’t dissapoint. There really isn’t much to expect anyway. I’m sure one of the ideas on HP we have here is bound to be correct.

  • Da Mom

    Actually, I think the HBP is a very important plot detail. It is the opening of Snapes story. He is a half blood, and therefore, not good enough for the Death Eaters. This will be integral to book 7. The disappearances of Ollivant and other characters may be a ruse as well. They may be in some sort of protective custody. As for Ginny, she has been in love with Harry forever. He finally noticed her..not contrived at all. Reread the books, ALL of them. In fact, all of the points were addressed or about to be.

  • I think comment 338 is brilliant idea,,,why did Rowling introduce some new character, formerly unknown into the picture? I mean wouldn’t Snape have known all about Horcruxes too? Furthermore, who would have known the young Voldemort better? Dumbledore, or Slughorn? I am going to re-read and keep my eye on Slughorn. Being the passive victim of a drunken mind-trick doesn’t seem significant enough.

  • with karate ill kik ur ass

    peaves was not used because they didnt really need him in the other book plots amd it would be too diffeicult to do him even with the CG and they alredy had another ghost (nearly headless nik) and they have filch to go tell on harry anyway.

  • Mel

    I don’t think dumbledore is dead!
    Every other time we’ve seen the Avada Kedavra performed, the victim simply falls over dead.However, in Half-Blood Prince, when Snape curses Dumbledore with the same spell, Dumbledore violently flies up and away from the tower.WHY would this application of the Avada Kedavra be so different from every other time we’ve seen it?

  • keepharrypotterkissfree

    to 349

    you can reread all the books as many times as you like…it still comes up the same. ginny liked harry obviously but to harry, ginny was invisible. then KABAM. in book 6 he gets jealous if she so much as looks at another man including her brothers. sheesh. like we are supposed to believe that.

  • crosscountry

    This is getting more evil book by book and we are gonna have every important character dead by 7th book

  • gangster


    spoiler…. kinf of….

    love relation between hermione and ron looks sort of stupid……

    i loved the friendship between the three

  • nrcissus

    it was the ginny-all-of-a-sudden a big character i dont like…. but everything was a get-ready theme for book 7….. i agree with comm 349…
    jk hinted on ginny-harry thing..

  • jon

    i think those who ever wrote the first 2 chapters of the next book in comment 326 should write another two enjoyed reading them.

  • daz

    the nxt book has gotta be betta thn this 1 this 1 was pretty crap but i’d like to see the movie which probly wont cum out til bout 2010 which is ages away

  • binderella71

    i agree with coment 357! maybe 327 S.C coul write 2 or 3 chapter every week, something to tide us over until the next book comes out……

  • Steve

    Yeah, I didn’t buy the Harry/Ginny relationship either. Hard to believe, after Goblet comes out in Nov., we’ll be looking for the 5th film and the last book next (probably both in 2007). Then maybe film 6 in 2008, and the last one in 2010. I wonder if sometime in the next decade, after the last movie, if they’ll do a word for word TV series based on the books, quite alot of material there for one.

  • binderella71

    just foun the at this link, if link doesn’t work copy and paste it …

    and tell me your thoughts about it…..

    Peter Humphreys for BBC Newsround. – Who did Fawkes previously belong to and will he play a vital role in the next book?
    JK Rowling: I am not going to answer about the role in the next books, which probably gives you a big clue, and he has never been owned by anyone but Dumbledore. You will notice that when Harry goes back in the Pensieve in this book, Fawkes is never there, and �� no, I am sorry, not in this book, I take that back. When Harry has previously seen the study with a different headmaster he saw it with Dippet and Fawkes was not there then. Fawkes is Dumbledore’s possession, not a Hogwarts possession.

  • s.c


    The Burrow
    Over the next few days Harry couldn’t stop thinking about Mr malfoy’s problem part of him wanted to believe malfoy and help Draco if they met this part of him kept remembering the time on top of the tower where he saw him lower his wand. The other part of him saying Draco practically killed Dumbledore even if he didn’t cast the spell this part kept remembering everything the malfoys had ever done this part of him was the one he chose to believe for now.
    After taking the nightbus straight to the weasley’s house and spending two days in the garden practising the spells they had learnt over the last three weeks Harry still had not seen Ginny. He thought she was avoiding him but they had left on good terms or had they had Ginny been really upset and just put on a brave face. The sad thing was every time Harry pictured him and all his friends somehow celebrating at the end of You know who Ginny wasn’t there but somehow Cho was Harry decided to ignore this image and say to himself that it meant nothing.
    Harry woke up late at night his mouth dry he got up quietly stepping over a snoring Ron. He got to the kitchen believing he would find it dark and empty instead he found candle burning and a red headed girl sitting at the table with a glass of water.
    “ Hi Ginny” Harry said ginny shot up knocking the glass of water over.
    “ Bloody hell harry,” she said with her hand on her chest in shock “ you frightened me to death”.
    “ Sorry” Harry said awkwardly waving his wand at the broken glass “ reaparo” the glass pieced itself back together perfectly.
    “ Why is this so awkward” she said gazing right into Harry’s eyes.
    “I don’t know. Look I’m only here for a couple of weeks why don’t we just be friends again” he said.
    “ Deal” she agreed. They ended up having a good talk about the summer they had both had. Ginny talked about how she had got four outstanding four exceeds expectations and two acceptable in her owls and had been made a prefect as one prefect wouldn’t be returning this year and in Harry’s absent she had been made Quidditch captain. She looked at Harry in oar as he told her what they had covered in the last three weeks she laughed when she heard about Ron’s apparating mistakes.
    As Harry’s head hit the pillow he was asleep but In no time at all he was being shaken awake by Ron who was saying that all his brothers had come home and they were going to have a four on four quidditch game. Harry jumped at the chance to play against Charlie who was quite a quidditch player he had been told. Harry, George, Bill and Hermione played against Charlie, Fred, Ron and Ginny. The game ending in Harry, Charlie and Ginny all pulling out of 150 foot dive Harry clutching the snitch just before Ginny’s and Charlie’s outstretched hands.
    After quidditch they all sat down to eat one of Mrs weasley’s extravagant lunches lasting for what seemed hours. Mr weasley talked about the ministry and how hard this next year could be. Bill talked about the wedding and how much it was costing him. Charlie had been persuaded to join the ministry to help out by his dad. Fred and George were now easily the richest people other than Harry sitting at the table talked about how they will struggle without the usual amount of Hogwarts students at there shop but with their new line of curse in a purse they would still make a profit. Ginny told them how only half the students would be returning and how she would find it hard picking a descent team. Then the table’s attention turned in the direction of Harry Ron and Hermione who hadn’t officially announced their plans but everyone knew exactly what they were planning to do.
    “Well let’s get the dishes in” Mrs weasley breaking the silence everyone jump up and took the dishes in quickly.
    Fred and George naively wanted to test Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s new skills by duelling with them in the garden.
    “Because there is only two of us we are aloud to use anything found in our shop.” George said.
    “Except love potions or our army of attacking chocolate frogs. That could be very nasty they tend to go for the eyes ” Fred added pretending to claw at his eyes.
    “On three” Ginny shouted as they were starting on other ends of the gardens “ Three, two, one” Fred and George ran throwing a load of objects at the three of them. Sooner or later smoke filled the entire garden from Fred and George’s instant darkness powders on flashes of light could be seen where Harry, Ron and Hermione were stood. The smoke cleared to find Fred and George looking at an empty space.
    “What the were the are they” George said Fred next to him both felt taps on their shoulders turning to smug looking Harry, Hermione and Ron who with effortless flicks of their wand turned Fred and George into frogs with little ginger hair on their heads. Ron burst out laughing. Hermione flicked again turning both of them Into themselves again. Ron and Harry hadn’t had enough and at the same time said “ Dancito” straight away Fred and George started dancing.
    “What’s happening” Fred said in a worried voice. Ron was on the floor with laughter Harry laughed as hard as he had ever had in a long-time even Hermione let out a giggle.

  • Erin

    i think harry is a horcrux. i think inside harry is a younger dumbledore. like he said in the 6th book ” i am dumbledores man through and through” dumbledore is always with harry even that jerk snape killed him

  • Erin

    i think harry is a horcrux. i think inside harry is a younger dumbledore. like he said in the 6th book ” i am dumbledores man through and through” dumbledore is always with harry even that jerk snape killed him

  • binderella71

    very good S.C keep them coming…:)

  • Kara

    to comment 64

    Snape is half Prince and half Snape
    mom=Prince dad=Snape
    so hes half of her name!

  • Fitzy

    To 366

    yeah true….. he should be named th haf blod prnc

    half a name (in, sorts)

  • comment 364.. that theory has been disproved several times, read the comments. and as to the “chapters”… they make no sense and have horrid grammer. go play outside or something … having a life is a good thing. honestly.

  • binderella71

    come on lane , bit harsh don’t you think ,,,At least S.C is having a go ,

  • s.c

    man lane you cut right to my heart i think im going to go and cry into my mum’s arms. Did it ever occur to that i may have just be having a laugh with these ” chapters ” somthing to do in between my quite full life. Plus how can you talk about having a life you come on to a website just to disprove peoples ideas and have a go at others i don’t no about you but to me thats just sad so really Lane why don’t just go fuck yourself.

  • S.C.,
    I know what you mean,,,the chapters are a fine diversion. I prefer unraveling these books like a mystery, but I am sorry that dude “lane” feels that way.
    Now,,,I am interested if anyone has more THEORIES!
    Let’s solve what happened? Any clues from the previous books that resolve why relatively little mourning for DD’s death? Did Snape know about the plot all along, or was he “leading” the questions in chapter 2 of Half-Blood?
    Help me in my busy life and give me something to think about! 😉

  • S.C.,
    I know what you mean,,,the chapters are a fine diversion. I prefer unraveling these books like a mystery, but I am sorry that dude “lane” feels that way.
    Now,,,I am interested if anyone has more THEORIES!
    Let’s solve what happened? Any clues from the previous books that resolve why relatively little mourning for DD’s death? Did Snape know about the plot all along, or was he “leading” the questions in chapter 2 of Half-Blood?
    Help me in my busy life and give me something to think about! 😉

  • binderella71

    S.C keep em coming i loved them …. don’t worry about that lane wanker he’ll probably never post here again he’s just trolling

    i thought they were really good ,like you said something to do to pass the time ……WELL DONE

  • Reggie

    -bows before s.c-

    Aside: Harry is not Gryffindors heir.
    According to this

    MA: That sort of shuts down [harry as the] Heir of Gryffindor [theories], as well.

    JKR: [Pause.] Yeah. Well – yeah.

    So i was thinking maybe…Neville…well his same birthday as Harry’s has to count For something.

  • potterwritter

    i agree with nope. snape couldnt have done it

  • i am

    dumbledore is the heir to gryfindor which means aborath (his brother) is to

  • potterfan

    re. 338 dumbledore dosnt say oho he says aha. but your idea might be true

  • potterfan

    re 338 and 377
    he does say oho but he says it on 563 not 526



  • ramsey

    i totally agree with comment 322 very interesting

    can somebody tell me what the hand of glory is PLEASE!!! thanx

  • Jenna27

    plot spoiler

    I hate that sanpe killed him. I would rather have You know who kill him it is a honor acctruly to be killed by him- not that its good but an honor because dumbledor is so stroung maybe he come as a ghost to hogwarts or some how come back alive i wish siris was alive i like him to

  • Emma

    I wish that dumbledor was not killed by snape but by someone else like voldemort not that it’s ok he died but still it would have been better. I wish that sirius was still alive too.

  • The book was a combination of mystery,suspence,love,comedy and ofcourse magic! Although it had a sad ending but I enjoyed reading it. I hate Snape like anything and wished Harry had killed him under his invisibility cloak. I was also deadly shocked when I read the papa describing dumbledore’s death and read it again and again as I couldnt believe it. Now Harry is alone with his 3 friends as he has no guardian nor Godfather. Its his fight! but he should remember he has the power of love with Voldemort dosent have & its voldemort’s one of the drawbacks.All the best Harry! Well I always wished that your loved ones were alive.

  • Fi$h

    I gota theory.I knew tht jk was tired of doing these books and was thinking about killing off harry, so I was thinking tht when in the 5th book i think it was dumbledore sed tht wen voldy tried to kill harry he transfered sum of his power to harry.Because he had killed so many times, maybe he transfered part of his soul into harry by accident without knowing.So maybe in the seventh book harry will have to die to kill voldemort.That might work out.I also think tht it was regulus black tht stole the horcrux in the 6 book.

  • Nancy

    Dumbledore was already dying from the ring.

    Snape was able to delay the death from the ring but not stop it. So Snape and Dumbledore plotted together to make it look like Snape was a murderer and loyal to Voldermort so he can best help Harry at the final battle.

    It was Dumbledore(transformed to look like Snape) who took the vow with Narcessa not Snape. That is why his hand twitched, she was sqeezing too hard on his injured hand.

    All through the book there are references to a creature inside Harrys chest. I think that is a big clue for what happen to Dumbledore when he drank the potion. Dumbledore drank a Horcrux. Snape didn’t kill Dumbledore, he killed the Horcrux inside Dumbledore’s chest.

    Dumbledore died from the hex on the ring.

  • Talia

    your awessome

  • Katie

    Snape’s my fav. I cried my heart out reading the last bit! :’-(

  • i think the book was the best and the last one is goig to better from the begining it was great and i am stayn until the end and now that i have said that i now have read all the books including the deathly hollows its awsome but i am here to comment HP6 so i didnt like that snape had to kill dumbledore i was about to kill my self i was cryn for the last 3 chapters in my bed in the middle of the night and the book accidently got a drop of my tears in it and i was so sad i wanted to read the last one so bad and now i did and all i can say to readers that havent read it is that its great but i thought it was going to be different but its awsome everyone should read it and it also says some bad words in the end i was like haha u’ll now what i am talkin about when u read it i wanted to read the epiloge so bad but i waited and then read now i understand everything has a rason and i think snape is the best wizard i heard of well harry ron and hermonie too and all them ppl but snape did something that made me change my ming about him and its something that i think was wonderful well ppl that read the book will understan if u read this thnx for reading =)

  • La Paisa

    Hey whatz up j.k.rowling that i want u to know that u write some good books and if u could continue the harry potter books just one more books that tells us about harry and childrens that he has in the book

  • rameehsa

    it rox i have read the whole series and its rad man and now i cant wait for my letter from hogwarts though im muggle born so i want hagrid to come and tell me that i m a witch and guess what i have got a scar on my forehead too