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Book Review: Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story by Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Scott E. Williams

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan bookEven if you aren’t a professional wrestling fan, you will probably recognize Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He’s the guy with the goofy grin, carrying a 2-by-4 to the ring. His patriotic attitude and enthusiasm made him a favorite among fans everywhere.

In Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story, Duggan and co-author Scott E. Williams describe the life and times of this wrestling superstar.

Born in upstate New York, Duggan firmly believed he was destined for football. After playing for Southern Methodist University, he landed a spot with the Atlanta Falcons, but a knee injury forced him to leave the team after one season.

Uncertain of his future, Duggan foundered before finding his true calling. Chance encounters with the Von Erichs and others led to him to the world of professional wrestling.

Longtime fans will appreciate reading stories involving Bruiser Brody, Gino Hernandez, Curt Hennig, and Jay Strongbow. Since Duggan’s career spans decades, he also talks about Edge, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit and even Mickey Rourke. Even casual fans will enjoy this blend of gossip and commentary.

Unlike other pro wrestling memoirs, Duggan’s book lacks bitterness or anger. But he is also unafraid of telling the truth about people, experiences, and even his personal tragedies.

Duggan realizes he’s had an unusual life, filled with occasionally hilarious misadventures. Professional wrestling memoirs should make readers feel as though they’ve met the personality. With Duggan’s book, you also get the sense you met the man.

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