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Book Review: Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller

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There are many leadership books out there. But none of them can compare to this book. Great Leaders Grow is about how to become a great leader. Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s principles of leadership cannot be learned once and for all. Instead, readers are invited to embark on this all-important process of becoming a leader. And the process will be never-ending throughout their lives.

Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller’s account of leadership applies to business executives and all human beings. According to the authors, organizations and people who are truly alive grow. To grow we must first gain knowledge about ourselves, others, and our industry. Secondly, to grow we must reach out to others by teaching and sharing information with others and by asking questions. Third, to grow, we must open our world to new opportunities and experiences. Fourth, we must walk towards wisdom which can be achieved by evaluating ourselves and our organization and by getting honest feedback from others. To gain wisdom requires a lot of time. But it is one of most important principles of leadership.

Great Leaders Grow is a book for our times. There are many individuals who achieve a position of leadership, and then have a difficult time growing in their role. It takes a lot of effort, discipline, and time to become a leader. But it doesn’t happen on its own. The leader must be proactive and look for opportunities for growth. Only then will the individual become a great leader, and (s)he will be able to build a great organization that is based on the same leadership principles.

Great Leaders Grow is one of the most motivating and thought-provoking books that I read all year. I could not put this book down until I read it and then re-read it. Being a philosopher, I know how important it is to always be growing and to examine our lives often to see if they are fulfilling. I invite every reader to learn the authors’ four principles of leadership and live by them.

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