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Book Review: Grandpa for Sale by Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum

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Grandpa for Sale, by Dotti Enderle and Vicki Sansum, is a delightful children's book about the dilemma one young girl faces when she has to deal with a tough customer in an antiques store.

When Lizzie is left by herself one day while her mother runs a quick errand, nobody thinks anything of it. After all, Grandpa is there. He may be asleep on a settee, but an antiques store is simple to run. The items are clearly marked with price tags, and all Lizzie has to do is add them up. She is old enough to be able to run a cash register and hand the customer change if necessary.

However, Lizzie is not quite prepared for Mrs. Larchmont when she enters the store. The woman is dressed as though she could afford to buy everything without making a dent in her wallet. Adding to the persona is her miniature poodle, Giselle, who matches the pink purse serving as her pet carrier.

Anyone reading this book will be enthralled at how much detail is in the illustrations. The colors are rich, and there is a whimsy which brings a smile to one's face. The reader will instantly be transported to the shop without leaving home.

When Mrs. Larchmont catches sight of Grandpa, she just has to have him! Lizzie is offered increasing sums of money to let him go out the door. Despite her age, Lizzie knows the money could fulfill some of her most fantastic dreams. But she quickly realizes not having Grandpa around to help her dreams come true would not be a good thing.

Mrs. Larchmont is surprised to see Lizzie's reluctance to sell her grandpa. She tells her everyone has a price. There is a resolve in Lizzie, however, which is hard to beat.

On the back cover is a letter to Mrs. Larchmont and Giselle from another antique store, promising to find them a grandpa. Considering how valued these are, the letter writer does not promise to find one with a quick snap of the fingers. It could take years to fulfill her wish.

This book is a good mix of material written for children with a lesson for any age.

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