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Book Review – Google+ For Photographers By Colby Brown

Back before he wrote the book Google+ for Photographers, photographer Colby Brown had already written an online book of sorts about Google+ called “Google+: The Survival Guide for a Photographers Paradise.” This was back in what I call the “Wild West Days” when Google had just opened it up for the beta period and it was by invite only (I got access around July 3rd, 2011 – about 6 days in), and everyone who wasn’t there pre-beta was still trying to figure out how this thing worked.

By the middle of July, Colby Brown had put together the Survival Guide and it was beginning to make its rounds. There was an update on July 24th and 31st and version 2.1 was released around September 21st. I know for myself, this provided a lot of insight that would have had to come through trial and error and certainly sped up my learning curve, so I was eager to see how this matured into book form.

The goal of Google+ For Photographers is to provide you with everything that you need to know to work with the Google + platform and best utilize the network and help you build a following and establish an online presence as a photographer. Google+ for Photographers is 240 pages in length and is contained in nine chapters.

Chapter 1 – “Why Google+ Works for Photographers” begins with the fact with all of the other online venues for photographers why should you consider Google+? The author begins by explaining what Google+ plus is and what makes it different for photographers. In this chapter you will begin to understand the core concepts of Google+ and how it will benefit you as a photographer. How the aesthetics make it to your advantage and how it benefits how your images are presented to the community at large. Also discussed are photographer’s rights and how they affect you as a photographer.

Chapter 2 – “Building an Online Presence” is all about using the Internet to get your name established as a photographer. This can be just to meet people of like mind or to build a business. The problem is, most people have a hard time understanding how to build an online following. This chapter provides the fundamental aspects of building your brand and using social marketing to carry out your own network strategy. Topics include content, what to focus on, engaging in the environment, the quality of your followers, and building a strategy to accomplish your goals.

Chapter 3 – “Getting Started with Google+” now takes on the practical aspect of signing up, creating a profile, and in general how to approach Google+ so as to fit your needs. Here you will take a step-by-step approach to getting started with Google+. You will examine the primary parts such as pages, privacy, laying out your profile, circles, albums, hangouts, as well as the other core features of Google+.

Chapter 4 – “Working with Circles to Stay Organized” looks at the fact that because life is dynamic and is in a constant flux of change, your social life will be no different. On Google+, circles are the method that is used to control and manage this change. Here you will learn all about circles, how they work, how to use them to organize your contacts, how to work with them, share them, and much more.

Chapter 5 – “Learning How to Interact on Google+” is all about connecting and interacting within the Google+ universe. In this chapter you will learn more about circles, how to filter your stream, the best ways to interact with posts, the use of the 1+ button, how to deal with spam as well as searching for content, and the difference between blocking and ignoring someone.

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