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Book Review: God*Stories: Explorations into the Gospel of God by Andrew Wilson

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"Sometimes our gospel is just too small. If we’re not careful, we can take a story about Jesus rescuing creation, and reduce it into a story about me." — Andrew Wilson

God*Stories: Explorations in the Gospel of God by Andrew Wilson is a book for the new believer with a mind to discover the many beautiful biblical accounts in an exceptional way. It is also a book for the seasoned believer and provides a fresh, innovative view.

As a series of reflections on God as revealed in the bible from beginning to end, GodStories especially embellishes these accounts with current illustrations and references displaying reverence and an awe for the mighty works of our glorious God.

Andrew Wilson writes God's gospel, His 'Good News' offering them in a five act play, consisting of:

• Creation and Fall
• Israel and History
• Poets and Prophets
• Jesus and Rescue
• Restoration and Hope

"It’s an epic love story," says Wilson, "that starts with betrayal and ends with a wedding, but it’s also a thriller where the hero fights to save the world against impossible odds. It’s massive. It’s a sweeping drama of GodStories from start to finish."

Biblical events are described using current relevant topics and several different Bible versions (ESV, NASB, KJV, NKJV, and the NIV) creating a very easy to read, conversational style.

Another point I find interesting is, when Wilson described his purpose in writing GodStories, he refers to the "story beneath the story" and relates it to popular movies. Here he provides a connection to the reader using examples from the entertainment industry, popular social media, and ideas on culture.

Intermittently listed are sections called "Coffee Breaks." These sections include a wealth of additional areas to study, read, learn, listen and view other resources.

In these Coffee Break sections, the reader will find recommended reading from great minds (Hudson Taylor, George Whitfield, Elisabeth Elliot, Roy Hattersley, John Piper, and Max Turner); Prayers; Poems; Dramas that can viewed on youtube.com; Hymns; and references to the powerful preachers from the past.

I found GodStories a wonderful read. I recommend it highly as a personal resource or a gift to a new or seasoned believer.

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