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Book Review: Godology by Christian George

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In our busy materialistic world, where God is often pushed to the background, if you are seeking a book that will restate your beliefs in Christian thinking, Godology is the book for you. It will reconfirm many of your ideas about the Almighty, and about your immortal soul as well. Its author feels that the twenty-first century is entering a new Age of Faith, leaving behind the Age of Reason.

In the earliest pages of Godology, author Christian George states that after googling “God” and finding 564,000,000 results, he “came to the conclusion that everyone has an opinion about God.” But to attempt any real study of the Deity, a mystery far too dense to penetrate, you need to examine his being by allowing God's written words in the Bible to light your way.


Godology begins this examination by having you consider God’s unity. Clearly, the New Testament tells that Jesus sent fort his apostles to baptize “in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. If God is one, how could Jesus give such a confusing command?

The point is that Jesus knew exactly what he meant. He said “in the name of” because he meant precisely — one unified named person. He did not say “in the names of,” or even “in the beings of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.”

Legend claims that Saint Patrick had demonstrated the oneness of the Holy Trinity by comparing God’s being to a three-leafed clover. There are three separate clover leaves joined at the base in one single plant. If you hold each petal between your fingers, you know you are not holding three plants — just one.

Godology asks you to think of yourself standing in the center of three mirrors placed triangularly around you. Now you would see yourself exactly as you are while remaining one functioning human being in the center. Like God, you are one single mind composed of three clearly separate functions: will, memory, intellect.

Many times over from a Biblical point of view, Godology’s ensuing chapters discuss what can be known about God’s positive qualities: creativity, holiness, love, wisdom, mystery, eternality. These are explained in laymen’s terms as I have attempted to explain the Holy Trinity above.

But the book talks about other qualities of God, which to us might seem troublesome. But since we cannot begin to fathom the mind of the Almighty, we must accept them if we accept the Bible as His revealed Word. These are: God’s Vulnerability, His Jealousy. Yet, in a very realistic way, God’s Patience somehow seems to balance these two.

I would recommend this book to readers of Faith who are seeking to reassert their beliefs in what they’ve learned about God from reading their Bibles. It might seem comforting in today’s modernistic world to read Godology to reaffirm the foundation of your Faith from an authoritative source. Author Christian George is a PhD student at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland.

Godology is extremely easy to read. Its explanations using biblical quotes are powerful and clearly stated. At times, they might not seem as palatable as a Christian believer would want, but, in the end, author George feels they will lead you to a closer union with God.

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