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Book Review: God Made Food and God Made My Body by Michael Vander Klipp

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It’s never too early to point your children toward God as creator by using examples found in the world around them. The God Made… series of tiny board books is a sweet and irresistible introduction that does just that by introducing first words to toddlers while sharing God’s role as creator with them.

Weighing in at 14 pages each and measuring approximately 5” x 4” these little books with an integral rainbow handle are perfect for small hands – sometimes smaller is better, particularly for young children. Each page features a bright photograph on a white background accompanied by the text “God made” along with the name of the object shown.

In God Made Food a variety of fruits, vegetables, egg and dairy products are represented.

    “God made milk.”
    “God made beans.”
    “God made strawberries.”

The simple repetitive text accompanied by the bright, crisp photographs is an ideal aid to object recognition.

Likewise in God Made My Body a cast of multi-cultural babies present a variety of fun positions and expressions to illustrate the body part spoken of.

“God made my arms,” is accompanied with a chubby baby lifting his arms in what seems to be praise to the Lord.

“God made my tongue,” features a sweet little girl sticking her tongue out.

It’s well known that board books featuring pictures of babies are favourites of the 0–2 year-old set, and that has certainly proved true with my own children. My 4 month old had such a look of concentration on her face when my husband read God Made My Body to her.

Adding to the appeal of the series for parents of faith is the inclusion of a section of scripture at the end of each book that supports God’s work of creation in the areas focused on in each title. A relevant verse or two is given in the NIrV, a popular Bible version for young children. Not many board books can boast the inclusion of scripture!

After reading these to my own children I can say with some certainty that these little books will be received with joy from infants to 5-year-olds and possibly beyond once reading skills develop. My baby listened raptly and then tried to gum the book, my 2-year-old pointed to pictures and discussed the illustrations and my 5-year-old ‘read’ the book to her little sisters, guided by the refrain of “God made” paired with the photograph.

There are many board books introducing collections of first words to the tiniest of readers. What makes these titles indispensable for parents introducing their little ones to the wonders of the world is the emphasis upon God’s creation of the universe; something that I’ve never found in similarly styled titles.

My little girls are looking forward to completing their collection with God Made Animals and God Made The World. At only $3.99 for each book, I’m also putting these on my shopping list for all of the toddlers and babies I know. The children in your life are sure to be delighted if you do the same.

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