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Book Review: God Is Your Matchmaker by Stephanie Herzog

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The market today is filled with tons of books catered to Christian dating. How to fix your relationship, what Bible studies to do as a couple, the art of courting, but what about the singles? What are they supposed to do, just wait forever? Are we waiting and dating correctly? Is there another way? Perhaps Stephanie Herzog’s is a book that can help.

In God is Your Matchmaker, Stephanie Herzog discusses the issues singles face and combines them with wisdom from her own love story with her husband David. God is Your Matchmaker stands out from the other Christian dating books because it is heavily based on the truths of the Bible. It is also unique in that Herzog shares her own personal story of going from single to married throughout the context of the book. Herzog discusses her views on dating being a set-up for divorce, lies singles believe, and the dangers of counterfeit bonding. She also goes into extensive detail to explain singleness as a preparation period:  most singles are not ready to handle a full-time relationship, and therefore they should use that time to prepare for both marriage and a closer relationship with God.

God is Your Matchmaker is highly rated on many review sites, and is often recommended for all singles to read. The deep truths presented make for an eye-opening experience that convicts and changes the hearts of the readers. Herzog presents a biblical view on dating and marriage that is not commonly practiced, not because of disgust, but because of ignorance. Therefore, her book is one way of raising awareness to the situation.

Herzog gives practical advice for people who are sitting around just waiting for their love story to happen magically. She confronts this fairy tale by revealing the treasures single life has that are waiting to be explored. Herzog’s personal story shows the reader a real-life example of how a love story under God’s control looks, talks, and acts. This is an excellent benefit to the knowledge given in the book.

At first look, some people may think the book is a little too extreme. Herzog openly explains how the dating ways of the world are wrong and are causing all sorts of damages in our people. She then truthfully confronts the church for not informing its people of a better way of dating. This sad but true reality is supported with both her personal love story, and biblical insight. However, the intense confrontation initially causes some people to immediately draw back when reading the book. Fortunately, most come back around and give the book praise for how it opens minds.

God is Your Matchmaker is an excellent book for any single man or woman who is unsure of the purpose of their wait. It is comforting, compelling, and captivating, piercing the hearts of the reader with God’s biblical truths. The book is a quick read, packed with wisdom and knowledge in every sentence. For more information visit www.destinyimage.com.

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