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Book Review: God In My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir by George Foreman

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Society, no matter what its generational age, will remember George Foreman, also known as Big George, for his unique public life. Mr. Foreman is no closed book; his life — ups, downs, and accomplishments — have been preserved for the benefit of future young people through television and the printed word. Born without a silver spoon, Mr. Foreman completed his financial, spiritual, and athletic journeys with all eyes on him. “I’m probably one of those few people in the world," he says, "who has gone from rags to riches to rags and back to riches again. Having grown up in extreme poverty, I became a millionaire, and then went bankrupt. Now I’m better off than ever.”

God In My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir, written with Ken Abraham, is the revelation of the deepest part of George Foreman’s inner spirit. It delves into the influence of his poverty-stricken childhood, the development of his boxing career, and the life he lived before accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior. Recounting his death experience and Christian conversion, Mr. Foreman continues his life’s story about what he’s chosen to achieve with the second chance at life.

He attributes his success to his new-found faith in God, and strives to live each day as a positive Christian role model for all to witness. Today, Mr. Foreman is an ordained minister and the pastor of The Church of Lord Jesus Christ in Houston where he preaches twice a week. As a benefactor, he founded and funds the George Foreman Youth Center, putting his money into a project that helps kids both physically and emotionally.

God In My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir opens the hearts and minds of readers through the honesty of George Foreman. Though he’s stunned the world with his success in sports and business, he states, “Too many people are reaching for the stars and forgetting about the church. Don’t let any opportunity lead you away from serving God. That’s a price that’s too high to pay.” Spoken like a man who has been there and done that, Pastor Foreman offers positive lifestyle-reinforcing “Tips From George’s Corner” at the end of each chapter. Unlike many in the spotlight, Pastor George has written openly about the mistakes he’s made and how he’s changed his life for the better. His goal is to not just have God in his corner, but to help others see that God can be the support system everyone needs.

Recently, my family endured several hits in life. They eventually happen to us all – illness, death, financial destruction, accidents. It was during this time that my husband and I read together God In My Corner. Laughing at Mr. Foreman’s humor and thinking, ‘He’s right about life,’ it helped us persevere through some of the darkest days we’ve had. Refreshing, motivating, and positive – a second chance in life, like George Foreman, is what we all need.

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