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Book Review: Global Deception by Joseph A. Klein

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Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom by Joseph A. Klein was a very intriguing read. All the conspiracy theorists will love reading this book because it proves everything they say is correct. All the new world order people who read this book will hate having their hidden agendas exposed. Everyone else will need to watch the events around us and at least be more skeptical of how and why the United Nations operates.

Joseph Klein lays out the plans and schemes used by the UN and its allies to make themselves look as if they do not have an agenda while continuing that agenda unabated. The UN creates or has supporters create Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). These organizations are then free to do as they please and do not have to live under the same rules as government organizations. It’s a globalist dream scenario. You get full access, UN status authority, and no accountability.

The evidence Klein presents is very compelling. It covers many topics including the Kyoto Treaty, humanitarian aid based on GDP, etc. He includes 17 pages of reference notes at the end of the book so you can further research his findings.

This book puts on full display the need to reform the UN before the United States and every other country in the word loses its sovereignty to a globalist government unaccountable to the voters and citizens of their country. Thankfully, Klein ends the book with suggestions on how the voters in the US can help keep the UN from gaining authority over our Constitution.

I would recommend anyone interested in the politics of the US to read this book. Whether you believe the facts as presented in the book, you will be better equipped to discern for yourself future actions and events undertaken by the UN.

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