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Book Review: Getting Married and Other Mistakes by Barbara Slate

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Do you hear your inner voice when it sends you messages? Do you follow your inner voice? This is a book like no other I have ever read. It is written in a comic book format. But the content of the book is serious and thought-provoking.

Getting Married and Other Mistakes is a book every woman will relate to. The story is about Jo, who struggles with female guilt and wants to achieve emancipation from the throes of her obsessive mother. Most of her life, she followed her mother’s advice. She also married a man who her mother thought would be great for her. Her mother’s advice was anything but right, as she drove her right into Mr. Wrong’s arms. Her first husband was abusive and lacked integrity. One day she just had to leave him to give her two children and herself a chance at a better life.

This led to some soul-searching, especially after she divorced her first husband and was left to bring up her two daughters on her own. Jo went on a search for herself. She found a counselor who asked her a lot of questions about her self-esteem and about her inner voice. Jo knew nothing about her inner voice. So, she went on a mission to find it. She had silenced her own voice most of her life. But now, she was listening to it in earnest. At first, she heard nothing. Her voice merely whispered to her in such low tones that she couldn’t understand anything. But one day, she finally heard her voice. Finally, she was able to follow her own inner voice and lead her own life.

Most women will relate to Jo’s plight. Many mother-daughter relationships are anything but healthy. This is not to say that mothers don’t try their best. But unless they allow their daughters to develop their own identity and sense of self, problems will arise and they will make some really bad decisions as a result. Sometimes the most loving thing a mother can do is to back up and let her daughters develop their own inner voices.

I absolutely love Barbara Slate’s book. I wish this book had been available when I was younger. We all deserve to honor our voices and to let them dictate our lives. After reading this book, readers will start honoring their own inner voices. And they will be able to take back their lives.

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