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Book Review: Gaia’s Gift by Fran Orenstein

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Would you like to be transported to the long and warm days on the coast of Florida? If you do, Fran Orenstein’s inspirational novel is for you. In addition to the wonderful backdrop of the novel, you will also discover that good things, as well as bad, can happen in a heartbeat and can change your life forever. No one can change these situations, but the way we respond can make our lives better or worse, depending on the choices we make.

Gaia’s Gift is about Rachel, a lady who experiences a lot of devastation in a very short period of time. At the beginning of the story, her life is perfect. She has a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a thriving business. They had a lot of great times on the boat on the coast of Florida where the thunder storms can be very dangerous. Once while on their boat, one such terrible storm changes Rachel’s life forever. Her husband and daughter die and she is the sole survivor.

At first, she was furious with Gaia, the goddess of the earth, for allowing something like this to happen. Why would she allow her life to end in this way? Why didn’t Gaia take her life too? How can she go on feeling like she does? But then one day when Rachel least expects it Gaia brings her a great gift. Could Rachel find true love again? Can her life be recreated so that she can at least be content?

I loved Gaia’s Gift from beginning to end. I felt transported to the beauty and the dangers of the Florida coast. I could just feel being on that boat the day when everything changed for Rachel. There are times I cried with Rachel for all the suffering she endured. Then, later on, I was elated for Rachel when her life evolved and became happier and more meaningful again. What a great and inspirational book for anyone who is going through hardships and experiencing sudden deaths. No wonder Fran Orenstein is an award-winning author!

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