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Book Review: From This Moment On by Shania Twain

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When we think of a Canadian singer and songwriter, we may assume that the person comes from great riches and has a wonderful and supportive background in order to help her to excel. Sadly, Shania Twain’s life has been anything but. She came from a pain-filled background that was filled with tragedies of every kind. However, regardless, she has not only strove to be the best that she can be, but has achieved excellence.  This makes her truly an honourable and respectable person.

From This Moment On is a moving compilation of all of Shania Twain’s pain, hardship, suffering, and abuse as she witnessed and experienced it herself. Most people would be hardened by all of this suffering and abuse. But Shania is nothing like this. She has a steadfast strength of character that is rarely seen in famous and successful people. Yet, she is a loving and wonderful person who produces the most spellbinding songs. When she sings, she transforms one into another realm of reality, one that is truly enriching and inspiring.

Shania Twain is a music legend and mother. Recently, she has been in the spotlight because of her painful, public divorce and subsequent marriage to one of her most cherished friends. Her life is wonderful now in that I think she has finally found her soul mate.

I would encourage everyone who loves Shania Twain’s songs and music to read Shania’s memoir for inspiration and motivation to become their best against all odds. The underlying message of From This Moment On is that everyone can do whatever they set their mind and heart to do. They just have to have the guts and courage to keep pursuing their dreams and to keep dreaming.  Without dreams, there is no living.

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