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Book Review: French Girl Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

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French Girl Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes is the latest knitting book loaded with gorgeous patterns from the people at Interweave Press. The nearly 20 patterns within were all inspired by different aspects of French life and history.

“Satine” is an airy fan-lace tunic with scalloped edges. “Sophia” is a dense lace cardigan with cabled edges. “Anjou” has a bit of a Stevie Nicks quality about it: lacy handkerchief segments at the sleeves and hem give it a witchy-feel. It ties at one hip. “Paloma” has a simple feather-and-fan lace pattern, cap sleeves, and a boatneck that is threaded with delicate ribbon and ties in the back for an added feminine flounce. “Nadine” is an earthy tunic with lace insets on either side. “Wrenna” is a chunky-knit cardigan that closes with criss-crossed laces instead of buttons. “Stella” is a large, breezy jacket with extra-long belled sleeves and an uneven hem.

“Cybele” is classified as a tank top, but it is really more of a vest. It laces widely down the front, and the back closes irregularly – like the top halves are pinned together, with the bottom halves free in the breeze. “Ondine” is a short, boho skirt with a large off-center slit in the front. Sadly, the chosen yarn makes it resemble a burlap sack. “Delphine” is a delightfully delicate lacy tank top. “Niobe” is a lightweight mohair pullover with unexpected panels of lace set into the sleeves and near the hem. “Celeste” is another airy piece – a long mohair bed jacket, edged in diamond lace. Perfect for an evening out, it will take you from the dinner table to the bedroom. “Simone” is a sweater with a cowl neck large enough to pull over your shoulders, belled sleeves, and triangle lace panels at either side.

“Viola” is one of my favorites, a dainty button-front cardigan with cap sleeves and knit mohair ruffles at the sleeve edge and neckline, offering a romantic detail. “Martine” is a short-sleeved hooded pullover that feels out of place in a book full of lace and ruffles. It is sturdy, solid, and mostly unshaped. “Louisa” gets right back to the femininity with a leafy lace pattern tunic and cap sleeves. “Bijou” is a cardigan that harkens back to the mod 1960s with a cropped shape and blue-and-white graphic pattern.

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  • Paula Hurley

    I simply loved the new French Girl Knits book! It had innovative and creative designs that truly make me want to knit each and every one of them. I get so tired of seeing the same old patterns with very little creativity added to them and then called “New” designs. Ms. Griffin-Grimes really adds a personal blend of functionality and divine design to her patterns! Thanks so much, Paula