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Book Review: Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty

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Jessica Darling is back and all grown-up, well, almost grown-up. The fourth book in the Jessica Darling series finds her living With Hope (as well as Manda and her 'boifriend'). She's trying to adjust to life away from Marcus, who is now a 23-year old college student at Princeton. Jessica baby-sits for her niece, but feels like a mooch that her sister takes pity on and wonders if she’ll ever find a “real” job.

The entire Fourth Comings takes place in the course of a week. It starts off with a proposal from Marcus and follows Jessica through the tumultuous events and feelings that follow. Jessica is no longer sure that Marcus is "the one." A revelation from Hope, her best friend, about a history with Marcus that Jessica was unaware of stirs up even more uncertainty.

As Jessica thinks through the pros and cons of her relationship with Marcus, she finds that she doesn't know him — or herself — as well as she thought she did. She finds advice in some of the most unlikely persons and places, one of which is Royalle G. Biv, a drag queen.

Megan McCafferty pens another poignant chapter in the chaos that is Jessica's life. The main difference between this and the previous three books in the series is that Fourth Comings is written for an adult audience. While it will be an adjustment for her younger readers, fans who have been following her work and growing up alongside Jessica will be pleased. McCafferty is a brilliant writer who captures the confusion and commotion that define the beginnings of adulthood.

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