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Book Review: Forever’s Promise by Joya Fields

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Joya Fields kicks off her latest release, Forever’s Promise,  with a bang and hydraulically propels the action forward from the first page, never once coming up for air.

This is a good ambition for any author, but Fields not only achieves this but excels and kicks ass at it. Fields is a prodigious storyteller and this little novella is so deep it reads more like a full-length novel than a short story.

Forever’s Promise is taunt, tense, magical, and absolutely impossible to put down.

Forced to face their apparently imminent deaths when a discontented client opens fire at their office, co-workers and college friends Shelby and Russ make a pact while seeking refuge under a desk: if Russ perishes, she’ll take care of his six year-old daughter Annabelle; if Shelby dies, he’ll look after her terminally ill father.

Annabelle needs a mom; Shelby’s dad will blissfully pass away if she weds. After they escape their hostage crisis, a marriage of convenience appears like the solution, and they embrace a speedy ceremony, proposing an existence of detached chambers and mutual tasks with companionship; no love.

As Shelby and Russ spend time together, however, their bond deepens and their emotions become much more than either imagined.

But when hardship hammers into their world, their recently discovered affection is challenged.

Fields’ depiction of Annabelle is flawlessly written and not tossed in for filler.

Brava Ms. Fields for handling her scenes with brilliance and panache!

Forever’s Promise is a powerful, delightful, heartwarming winner guaranteed to bring Fields a whole new legion of fans.

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