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Book Review: Food Flavors: Chemical, Sensory and Technological Properties, Edited by Henryk Jelen

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“Flavor is one of the main sensory attributes of crucial importance for consumers’ acceptance of food,” states the Preface of Food Flavors. “Therefore, it attracts the attention of not only food technologists but also psychologists and neurophysiologists.” The chapters address areas such as: Smell, Taste, Flavor; Flavors from Amino Acids; Flavor Suppression and Enhancement; Legislation; Red Meat Flavor, Essential Oils and Spices, Food Taints and much more. Each chapter spotlights on: introduction, aroma, flavor, examples of flavors, and analytical approaches.

A good example is of my favorite herb, Basil, in the chapter “Essential Oils and Spices.” It is explained the herb is native to tropical regions of Asia and Pacific Islands and cultivated as a culinary herb in Europe. (Canada and the United States are not mentioned but I assume that’s because the contributor is from Poland and only focused on Europe.) “Essential oil is isolated from leaves, stems, and flowers with a low yield of about 0.1%. Fourteen tons of the oil is annually produced in Comoros, Madagascar, and France.” As well, the data gives major components and use. All chapters give similar data as related to the topic.

Each contributor is an expert in his or her field, including chemists, professors, and researchers from all over the world. The data is concise and informative, giving references for further study or research. Due to the nature of the content, the information is geared toward those in the food industry, nutritionists and health practitioners to help them better understand components and properties of foods. Food Flavors is a well compiled and addresses the major foods. Recommended.

(Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views)

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