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Book Review: Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy by John Mese and Dawn Kelsey

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Remember road trips? You know, back before you had children – when you and your friends would jump in the car and take off for a weekend? I had almost forgotten what fun road trips can be. Then I came across Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy.

Flippy, a silly looking tadpole, is headed off on a road trip with his friends, Halimagator, Crawdaddy, Toadpole, Eartha and Duke. They're driving across the country to discover all the hidden treasures of our wonderful land. They pack their bags, load the car and take off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Their first stop is Dixieland where they check out their cousins' Dixieland band. Then they head west to check out the Grand Canyon, "Las Flippy," and "Flippywood." After taking in a game of "Las Flippy Cards" and win the "Best Flippy" award, they head on down the road to the beach.

Flippy and friends then decide to head north. They see the "Space Flippy" and then it's time to visit a farm and give camping a try. All of these adventures and that's only the first half of the book!

This cute book makes exploring the United States fun. The rhyming makes it easy to read great even for new readers to practice on. The illustrations are bright and engaging and just goofy enough to keep kids reading.

It was so much fun to share Flippy with my kids. As we read along, I shared with them which of the places I had been to, along with some stories from my road trips. We giggled, laughed, and talked about where we'd like to travel as a family. If you're looking for a new way to connect with you kids, Flippy Goes on a Road Trippy is a good place to start.

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