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Book Review: Feel Younger Now!: You Can Do It! by Donald McGrath

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It’s common knowledge that we should eat nutritiously and exercise regularly in order to live healthier and fitter lives. While a significant number of individuals have well-meaning intentions to make these habits a reality, for far too many the best-made plans aren’t always followed to fruition. Due to hectic schedules and a plethora of commitments, the time, focus and energy we should be devoting to improving and enhancing our own health and fitness are being diverted into a multitude of other areas. To remedy this situation, a blueprint for success that everyone can adopt and adhere to for the duration is needed.

In his newest book, Feel Younger Now! You Can Do It! Donald McGrath, Ph.D., introduces a plan to make this happen. Combining information he gleaned from researching, interviewing, and working with over 50 athletes over 50 years of age for his book Dream It, Live It! Love It! along with effective strategies that he developed through his group coaching program, Project Wow, McGrath has put together a workable formula that is simple to understand and easy to perform.

Based on the notion that it takes 21 days for a new activity to become a habit, McGrath instructs his readers to learn, practice and ultimately maintain seven new sets of routines that will ultimately become regular habits. The first one is performed for three weeks and only after it is engrained into daily life should the next one be added to the format. This continues in sequence until all have been integrated into everyday life.

The seven practices which need to be followed in this exact order are: Habit #1: Tapping into Your PLAY Instinct; Habit #2: Getting Better Sleep; Habits #3 and #4: Getting Regular and Vigorous Exercise; Habits #5 and #6: Eating the Right Foods in the Right Amounts and Habit #7: Making a Habit of Building Habits. McGrath provides excellent explanations and examples on how to incorporate each skill into daily life through personal stories and anecdotes, practical advice and accepted scientific methodology.

To help his readers stay on track and keep up with the program, McGrath offer a plethora of additional information and resources. Included in the “bonus gifts” are a free audio book download of the audio version of McGrath’s book Dream It, Live It, Love It: Beyond Well, Beyond 50; opportunities to email him at his website for continued communication; free download of a recipe booklet on healthy and tasty recipes; the opportunity to save on tuition for an upcoming Project Wow and free access to program materials and training videos online for his 21 Days 7 Habits training program.

Written in an easy-to-understand style, filled with a sensible and doable approach to diet and exercise guidelines and enhanced with continuing support, Feel Younger Now! is a book definitely worth reading.


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